THE COAT CLOSET DOOR OPENED with a forceful swing. Light attacked the darkness within the tight room and cornered the shadows. A sturdy arm flung through the selection of coats and draped strong fingers on the shoulders of the varyingly textured and coloured materials. The hand twitched, snatched the black and white sports jacket like a feral predator and ripped it off its hanger. A man in his early forties with an average yet compact build, Alan Pecker had married at a very young age and was an owner of a gym. Even at his age, he still had much of his good looks he had when he was half his current age. Perhaps it was good genes or the fact that he was quite the health fanatic and took very good care of himself. He needed to do so to make an example of himself and generate interest of his clients in both motivation and otherwise.
“I’ll be back in about two hours,” The man said to his son, who was still in front of the television. Harry simply grunted, his eyes never leaving the screen and his fingers dancing on the surface of the analog pad controller. The eighteen year old boy was a leaner image of his father except for the pointed nose he had inherited from his mother. Harry, unlike hid father, was not much into rough sports and gyms. He preferred rollerblading and swimming and was good at both. He was also more interested in computers and video games than he did weights.
“Are you even listening to me?” His father shouted from the front door, ready to leave at any moment. “Harry, will you stop playing that game for a second and answer me. My god, boy! You are too damned old for such a thing!”
“It’s Buffy, Dad. It’s not for kids and I am not one either. Now, just go already.”
“If the gym calls, tell Kate that I will be there soon.” And with that, the door slammed and the only sound around the house came only from the television.
Thirty minutes passed and the phone rang. Harry was still transfixed on game. He waited until the second ring before he pushed the ‘pause’ button. He fought his way to the right side of the sofa, to the small table where the cordless phone was, and answered.
“Harry? It’s me.”
“Dad?” Harry replied in recognition of the voice.
“Yeah, I need you to do something for me right now. This is urgent, I need you to go to my bedroom and find the invoice number of the gym equipment I bought. I think it’s on a piece of paper in one of my other pants.”
“What’s wrong?”
“The damned deliver guys brought the wrong ones and now I have to confirm with the suppliers.” The next words that were heard were a jumbled grumble of curses his father muttered. “Just call me back when you find it, OK?” His father hung up.
Harry sighed and fell back onto the couch. Why must his father call him just as he was about to win the game? Then again, he must do this or else his dad will be angry when he comes back. Anyway, he needed money for that new game he had been eyeing. After a tiresome groan, he got on his feet and climbed the stairs to his dad’s bedroom.
Harry rarely went into his dad’s room, not since his mother divorced his father ten years ago and died the next year in a car accident, leaving him with his father. Not that the man was not a good parent, His father had the more active role in his up bringing even though their interest were so different. Directly in front of him was the bed, large yet lonely. To the left was the window with the vermilion light of dusk slowly fading. To the right was his dad’s closet.
Harry hesitantly opened the closet. He felt a little disgust going through his dad’s clothing. It was different than doing the laundry. It felt more personal somehow. Hastily, he dug deeply into every pocket of every pant that hung on white plastic hangers. Then, he felt the paper. Harry pulled it out of the faded blue jeans and unfolded it. It was the one. He ran to the side of the bed, lifted the phone on the side table and made the call to his dad’s cell.
“Thanks, kid. I owe you. I’ll bring back pizza for dinner, OK?” With that last reply, his dad hung up. Harry grinned at the piece of paper, folded it back, and placed it under the phone. His eyes soon went to the still open closet door. He walked toward it casually but stopped when he noticed something at the bottom of the closet. It was a big box, covered in a thick layer of dust. He squatted and swiped the tip of his index finger and found covered entirely in the dust. It must have been there for a very long time, probably even before his mom left his dad.

WHILE CLOSING THE CLOSET, Harry’s curiosity beckoned him. He squatted once more, pulled the box out and opened it. His eyes widen and his jaw dropped in surprise. Inside was a stack of Playgirl magazines and a vibrator shaped like the head of a snake. What would his dad be doing with those items? Harry’s logic tried to configure the puzzle before him. The only explanation he could come up with was that it belonged to his mother. After all, his mother never had sex with his dad for as long as he knew, not a mention, not even a hint. She must need some way to find pleasure and this must be it. That felt a little disgusting. The thought of vagina was bad enough, the thought of his mother’s vagina just made it even more nauseating.
He was about to close the box, but his eyes refused to move from the content within it. The guy in cover of the top magazine was enough to warm his blood. And he had always wanted to try a vibrator. He had seen guys doing it in the porn he had downloaded from the net and it always intrigued him. Moreover the snake design was quite…interesting. Also, no one had used it for over ten years. Why not? Harry walked to his dad’s private bathroom, cleaned the vibrator, just in case, and turned it on by twisting the tail-like switch. It wriggled and quivered wildly.
Harry then took a couple of the magazines, opened them and found several hot, muscular models in rigid yet erotic poses, who were ironically probably gay and were paid to be straight. But still, they made his heart race and his body burn with lust. He began stroking his growing stiff while caressing the vibrator on his cheeks. It made his body tingle and his blood flowed faster down into his hardening dick.
Harry sat on his father’s bed, closed his eyes and moaned softly as he proceeded to run the vibrator slowly down his neck. He could feel the vibration even through the shirt as it went down his firm chest and his tight flat stomach. The lower he went, the hotter he felt. His back arched to the building tension of his muscles. He gently fell upon the soft surface of the mattress. It felt so good. In his mind, he visualized the two gorgeous men from the magazine caressing every part of his body; their burning skin touching his own and casting their fire of passion upon his spirit. When the vibrator finally touched his penis, Harry’s eyes open and soon, came off his pants. The strangely silk-like plastic surface of the vibration felt heavenly upon the soft skin of his dick. He rubbed them together and squeezed a little, moaning harder as he does. He wanted it within him. He rose from the bed, stumbling a little with his khakis still hanging around his ankles. He went into the bathroom again and searched for anything he could use as a lubricant. All he could found was a bottle of baby oil. It would do for now. He needed to do it quickly before the fire within him extinguishes. Without a second thought, he soaked the palm of his right hand with the oil and applied it all over the vibrator.
He returned to the bedroom, fell back on the bed, and spread his legs wide. He gasped when the tip of the vibrator touched his anus. The opening tightened and refused to open. While his left hand held the vibrator, Harry used his oiled right hand to massage his anus. Slowly it relaxed and Harry managed to get a finger in and then, after a couple of minutes, he managed two. It was relax and ready by then.
Harry nearly screamed when the head of the vibrator entered his ass. It was a little painful at first. After all, even though he knew how to do it from the porn he had seen, it was his first time doing it. His breathing became forcefully heavier as he tried to suppress the pain until pleasure replaced it. And it was pleasure indeed, pleasure beyond anything he had felt before. His groaning became faster and louder as the vibrator went deeper into him, then even louder as he pulled it out a little. His every muscle tightened further as he began thrusting and pulling it again, and again, building the sensation until he wanted to holler. Suddenly, at the moment nearing climax, Harry heard the front door opened and a familiar voice. “Harry, I’m home!”

IT WAS HIS DAD AND HIS HEART STOPPED. He panicked. He tried to get the vibrator out but his anus had clenched and refused to let go of it. His hands were also too oily to get a firm grip on the tail of the vibrator. There was no time. Harry quickly rose, pulled up and struggled with his pants, closed and grabbed the magazines, dumped them into the box, and pushed the box back into the closet using his wobbly feet and closed the closet. Harry then walked to the hallway, with his legs squeezed together, just as he heard the footsteps of his father climbing the stairs.
“Hey, kiddo, what are you doing in my room? You forgot something?” His father asked when he saw Harry exiting the room.
“Ha-ha…Yeah…” Harry chuckled nervously. The vibrator was going deeper and he was putting his every will to keep a straight face. The last thing he needed for his dad to find out about this. “I-I-I forgot to shut the closet. S-so why are you back so soon?”
His father raised a brow but decided to disregard his suspicion. “I know I’m a bit early but there’s nothing the suppliers can do till tomorrow. So I’m back, with pizza. Chicken, broccoli, tomatoes, and extra garlic. Just the way you like it.”
“Oh…” Harry squealed. He was losing to the vibrator and his face was already beginning to squirm and grimace. “Is that it? OK, then. I’m off to…um…the bathroom.” “Do you hear that?” His father suddenly asked as he passed the man. “Some kind of buzzing sound, don’t you hear it?”
“Nope…Nothing…I gotta go now” Harry replied, stepping down the stairs and trying not to look back. It was at that very moment, that the muscles of his ass decided to agitate and tighten, forcing the vibrator out of his ass, down the pants and bouncing down the stairs, still vibrating.
Harry froze, he couldn’t move. Cold sweat flowed down his face, neck and back.
“Son…” His dad finally asked grimly with a grimace. “What were you doing with my old vibrator?” "I wanted to feel how it was to have something up my ass,dad" said harry
Then he asked his dad why he did have a vibrator in his CLOSET anyways and his dad said "son the reason i have the vibrator is because im gay and i never wanted u to know "
and harry said to his dad " its alright cuz im gay too"
so then harrys dad came up to harry and started to rub harrys neck and then he and harry went in the room and they started to kiss. harrys dad then told harry to strip and bend over so harry can feel how it is to have a real cock up his ass. harry did what his dad told him too then he felt his dads 8 inch cock start rubbing up and down his ass then he felt the head of his dads cock on his hole. harry then said to his dad" arent u going to put some lotion or suming on ur cock to make it easier to get it in my ass " and is dad said no it shouldnt hurt since u had the vibrator in ur ass. so his dad poked the head of his cock in harrys ass and harry let out a scream. as harrys dad slowly began to fuck harry, harry started to cry cuz he could feel his dads cock up his ass but then harry started going with his dad then harry turned over so he could suck his dad off ........

few weeks went by and now harrys cuzin had come to visit and he too was gay .........


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