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I lose a bet with a friend, and that begins our sexual exploration.

It was July in Michigan, and at that time of year most people did one of two things: leave for somewhere else more fun, or basically live by Lake Michigan and Comerica Park. I had been back from France for about a month, and my family was going to go to Detroit for a Tigers game.

As was typical for Michigan in the summer, it was nearly 90 degrees and very humid. My brother was a bit of a pussy about the heat, so at the last minute he decided to stay home. Now that we had an extra ticket, my mom asked me if I could find a friend to take with us. I was trying to decide who to bring, as I already went with some friends to a Tigers game earlier in the year. Then I remembered Mike. He's 15, originally from Arizona, and a huge Diamondbacks fan--something that I give him shit for all the time. He's also really cute, with pale skin, golden blonde hair, and watery blue eyes. Thinking that this would give me an excuse to be around him for an afternoon, I grabbed my cell phone and sent him a text.

"hey u wanna go to tigers game with me?"
"yeah lemme ask my mom"

A few minutes later, my phone buzzed and I read his text.

"she said yes pick me up at my house"

I texted back saying that we would, and gave my mom directions on how to get to Mike's house. Before jumping in the car, I ran upstairs to my room and rummaged through my drawers, hoping to find some extra Tigers stuff that Mike could wear. Luckily, I had an extra Joel Zumaya tee-shirt and hat, so I grabbed those and headed out to the car. My dad turned the A/C on and we pulled out of the garage. In a few minutes, we pulled up in front of Mike's house. He opened the front door, waved goodbye to his mom, and ran out to our car. He got in and buckled his seat belt and we were on our way to Detroit. After we had been on the highway for about fifteen minutes, I pulled out the shirt and hat.

"You can't go to Comerica without some Tigers stuff. Wear these," I said, secretly hoping that he would change shirts right next to me in the car.

"Dude, the Tigers suck ass," he said. "I'm not wearing that."

"C'mon, please?' I pleaded. I guess that did the trick, because he reached over and took the shirt and hat. I waited to see if he would change right then, and sure enough, he did.

I watched intently as he crossed his arms and grabbed the bottom his his navy blue Hollister tee-shirt and pulled it off above his head. I glanced quickly at him while he was shirtless and, just as I suspected, he was thin but with a very faint six pack. What really caught my eye and turned me on was a strip of his red boxers that was visible above his shorts. I was snapped back to reality as he pulled the Zumaya shirt down and refastened his seat belt.

"It's pretty big on me," commented Mike. "You must really be fat."

I shook that comment off and asked my Mom to turn on the radio, slouching back in the seat as AC/DC's Shoot to Thrill came on. In a few hours, we exited the highway and drove towards Comerica Park. We found a parking lot and walked towards the ballpark. We all got our tickets out and after we passed through the gates, my mom stopped us and began to lecture.

"Alright, your dad and I are going to find our seats, you guys can do whatever you want, but you have to be at the seats by the first pitch," she said. Mike and I nodded our heads, and my mom and dad headed off towards our seats in section 126.

"I gotta piss," said Mike. "I'm gonna find the bathroom."

"Me too," I said, and we both looked around for the sign. We found it, and I followed Mike in. He stepped in front of a urinal by the door and I took one a couple down from his and unzipped my shorts. There were no dividers between the urinals and there was just one other person in the bathroom so I could see Mike's penis out of the corner of me eye. It was pale, just like the rest of his skin, and there was a little blonde bush above it. The thrill of sneakily watching him piss started making me hard, so I turned away and finished my business. We both walked out of the bathroom, and seeing that there was still an hour before the first pitch, we wandered off towards the first base line to try to get some autographs.

"Hey Henry why don't we try to guess the score?" asked Mike.

"You mean like a bet?" I asked.

"Yeah, exactly," he said.

"What does the loser have to do?" I asked again.

"Jerk the winner off!" Mike answered with a smile. I wasn't really sure about this, but if he was suggesting it, I really didn't have a problem with losing.

"6-4 Tampa Bay," I guessed realistically, as the Tigers had been slumping, hoping to get Mike to jerk me off.

"3-2 Detroit," guessed Mike, smiling.

Justin Verlander throwing a first pitch fastball for a strike, and the game was underway. I forgot all about watching Mike piss as the innings past by. Before I knew it, Jose Valverde struck out the side in the ninth to nail down the save, the game was over. I looked up the the big scoreboard in left field, and my eyes widened as I saw the score: 3-2 Detroit. I lost, but at that time I really didn't feel like I did. I didn't know exactly what was going to happen, but I knew somehow his penis was going to end up in my hand, and hopefully much more. I caught his eye, and he was beaming. I faked a look of disgust and hung my head, hoping he wouldn't see my excitement. My mom had another lecture for us, this time telling us to be back at the car in fifteen minutes. My heart sank, knowing that there wouldn't be time for anything until we got back home.

Before heading out to the car, Mike and I made another stop at the bathroom. This time, I picked the urinal right next to Mike. He gave me a strange look, but I took out my penis, watching him do the same right next to me. There was something so elegant about the way he gripped his penis and it really started to turn me on. I was just imaging it in my hands and in my mouth, his cum splashing all over me. Then I looked down and saw that my penis was rock hard. As I zipped up and tucked my penis away, I could have sworn that Mike was looking at me, but I turned back around just in time to see him tuck his penis back inside his basketball shorts. We headed out to the car among a crowd of happy Tigers fans, many of them drunk, and got in the car and headed home. I must have dozed off as in no time at all we arrived back at Mike's house.

"Hey, Sue," Mike asked my mom, "can Henry spend the night at my house?"

"Yes, if he wants to," she replied, lookign at me.

"Yeah, of course," I said, nodding my head.

"Sweet!" Mike said grinning, and we ran up to the front door.

The house was dark inside so I followed Mike close behind as he walked up the stairs to his room. He turned the lights on and shut and locked the door behind us, grinning the entire time.

"It looks like you have to jerk me off," he said, standing proudly in the middle of the room. I shrugged my shoulders.

"What if I don't?" I asked, trying to make it appear as if I really didn't want to.

"Oh, you're going to, or I'm gonna tell everyone at work how you were watching me piss."

"What?" I exclaimed, shocked that he had seen me looking. "I wasn't..."

"I don't care," Mike said. "Either way, I'm gonna tell them." I breathed a sigh of relief; he hadn't seen me looking.

"Fine," I said. "Let's get this over with."

"That's the spirit!" he said, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and dropping them around his ankles.

He was wearing a pair of red plaid boxers and they slid up his pale, hairless legs as he stepped out of his shorts, and I could see a small outline of his penis. Then he pulled off the Zumaya tee-shirt and threw it on the floor next to his shorts.

"You do the next part," said Mike smiling as he thrust his hips towards me.

I rolled my eyes, crouched down on the floor, and grabbed the waistband, hesitating to see what Mike would do next. He just raised his eyebrows and smiled, so I tugged his boxers down to his feet where he kicked them off on the floor. I looked back up at him and saw his penis right in front of my face. It looked to be about five inches, just like mine, but he was also cut. It was thin and pale with a small pink head that glistened with a small amount of pre cum. There was that little blonde bush above the base of his penis, and a very light about of hair on his testicles. I reached out and cupped his balls, gently massaging them before I spit in my hand and grabbed his still-flaccid penis. I began to slowly jerk him up and down, and Mike let out a very satisfied grown as his penis hardened. The feeling of his penis in my had turned me on, and a very obvious bulge formed in my shorts. I picked up speed, and he started to thrust into my hand, matching my motions. I must have gotten caught up in the moment because I took Mike's penis in my mouth and started rolling my tongue all around his head. Then I lowered my head on his penis, taking more and more of it in my mouth before my gag reflex kicked. I could feel his penis start to tense up, and I knew me must be about to cum. But he gave me no warning, and ropes of salty, sticky semen shot into my mouth. I coughed most of it back up because the taste didn't really agree with me, with most of it landing on my Tigers jersey. Mike sat down on the edge of his bed trying to catch his breath while I sat back in horror at what I had just done.

"That was awesome!" said Mike, exhausted at what was probably the biggest cum in his life.

"Yeah, maybe for you," I said.

"Hey, why did you suck it?" he asked after what seemed like forever. I could feel myself getting red and I hung my head and my boner had all but subsided in shame as I tried to think of an excuse.

"I, uh, I thought you would have done the same for me if I won," I said, know my excuse sounded lame as hell.

"Whatever, dude, I don't suck dick," Mike said laughing.

I began to really worry about if Mike would say anything to his friends about this, and if they would all laugh at me and call me a fag throughout my senior year. I felt something hit the back of my head. It was a sleeping bag, and I unrolled it and slid in as Mike stepped back into his boxers and climbed into bed. I couldn't get to sleep with the taste of Mike's cum still lingering in my mouth and fear of what would happen tomorrow swimming in my head.

Part Two: Needless to say, Mike invites some friends over and much sexual explorations ensue.

Note: All comments are great, but tell me if you would read and sequels and/or give suggestions for future stories.


2010-08-26 14:06:57
Hi all, this is mrhenry209 in my alternate account, I got locked out of mrhenry209 for whatever reason so until that gets fixed I'll post my stories under this username.

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2010-08-21 22:30:19
Part 2 please and thankyou...

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2010-08-19 11:36:57
please write part 2!!!

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2010-08-17 22:20:38
Very refreshing change of pace from almost stories in here, almost believable. I kind of wish it resulted in more than just a blowjob. Please write part two soon!

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2010-08-17 22:20:31
Very refreshing change of pace from almost stories in here, almost believable. I kind of wish it resulted in more than just a blowjob. Please write part two soon!

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