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My experience with my white girl and BBC
I have always had a fantasy of seeing pretty white girls wearing nothing but high heels while having sex with black men. I had a very pretty white girlfriend named Dawn with French descent from Vermont. Her skin was pale white but beautiful. I’d never seen a girl so sexy with such white skin. She let me take pictures of her wearing nothing but white panties, a white bra and sexy white high heel pumps. I would kiss the top of her pretty feet in those white high heels. Her skin was so soft and white. If she wasn’t around I would jerk off to those pictures. If I was angry with her, she would get in a tight skirt, tight top and high heels and entice me to make love to her. It worked every single time and I soon forgot what I was angry about. I had many times thought, “I would love to see her in high heels with that sexy, beautiful white body getting fucked by a Big Dark Black Man.”

Dawn knew my insecurities about Black Men, so she always tried to ease my mind about it and tell me size didn’t matter or some other well intentioned lie. Very soon after the thought of my fantasy, I worked up the nerve to tell Dawn about it. It went so well, far better than I could have imagined. I figured it would take me weeks to ask her if she would fuck my Black friend Mark but she was very responsive, so I went for it and popped the question. She smiled and I could tell just by looking at her, that she loved the idea. She said yes and that very night, my Black friend Mark was headed for our house. I could tell Dawn really wanted to do this. And she was the loyal type too. She definitely was not the kind to cheat but I guess she thought if I was there and it was consensual then it would be fine and it was. And I think the thought of her having a Black Man was too much for her to ignore. She never got this excited about having sex with me. She was trying to hide her eagerness from me, in fear that I would become jealous but it was written all over her sweet pretty white face, she wanted this. It might have made me jealous but this was a dream come true and I just had to witness this. She made sure she looked so fine for this Black Man. She wanted to blow his mind and mine too. But I was already blown away and swimming in ecstasy. Mark had arrived and He loved the way she was dressed in a frilly black lace body suit with black high heels and so did I. My mouth was watering and I had never seen her look so sexy. Her long straight dirty blonde hair, frosted, her innocent pretty white face, her sexy legs, those black high heels, her big round ass, her big titties and her soft pretty little pussy revealed only by a small amount of hair peeking out from her clothing, had me so excited and she knew it. She was so gorgeous. This na? little white girl from Vermont was built and going to have a real man fuck her.

Dawn had told me earlier that nothing was going to change and that this would be no different than any other time she had sex with me. Once again, she was nurturing my insecurity. She had hardly known any Black Men until she went to college but now she was going experience ecstasy that only a Black Man can give to a pretty little white girl. Mark commented on how sexy she was and asked where I had bought the clothing and shoes. Little did I know that one day I would dress like that with high heels on and I would gladly suck his Big Black Cock just like my pretty Dawn did. After Mark looked over my beautiful babe and smiled he began unbuckling His belt and Dawn helped to hasten the process. She unzipped him and He began to drop his jeans and boxers as Dawn tugged on them too and began to get to her knees. He sat down with that Dark Dick staring right at my girl’s mouth. It’s like it gravitated to her lips. She quickly grabbed His Cock, felt it and jerked it a few times to become familiar with it but soon placed it in her mouth with no hesitation. He was already hard and I was already jerking off. She looked so good while she was sucking His Big Black Dick. Mark moaned as she relented for a moment to comment on the large size of Mark’s Cock. Then she wrapped her pretty pink lips around His Hard Black Cock again. A string of cum followed on her lips as she raised her head for a moment and then went down quickly on His Dick again. He moaned louder and told her how good she was at sucking his cock and then told her how pretty she looked doing it. She is very good at giving head and she loves to get it all and swallow it.

Mark then took her into the bedroom and I followed with anticipation, where she continued sucking His Cock. I was in total ecstasy and so was Dawn. She had removed her body suit but put her black high heels back on. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. The contrast of her milky white skin next to his Dark Black skin was amazing. I watched Him insert His Very Dark Black Muscle with bulging veins into her pink little pussy while her sexy milky white legs laid in the air. I savored the view of her lily white frame underneath Mark’s Chocolate Body with His Potent Love Muscle reaching parts of her pussy I never could. She wailed and moaned as He thrust His Man-hood into her. The look on her face while He was fucking Her was incredible. At one point she began squirming around as if it was somewhat uncomfortable for her. I didn’t want to see her in pain, so I asked Mark to take it easy. Dawn replied loudly and immediately, “No Mark! Keep fucking me.” She told me later that she couldn’t believe how good it felt. She couldn’t even masturbate that good and she couldn’t stop cumming even if she had tried, but why would she? She said, she started squirming because the sex was too good and she tried to stop her mind from thinking of it because it was torture. She said He just kept thrusting His Dick in her over-sensitized cunt until she finally surpassed the torture and went to the next level of pleasure and had an orgasm that was so good, she thought her mind and her pussy would explode. He made her cum over and over and I did too as I watched intently. After he satisfied her like she had never been satisfied before, he came in her pretty tight white pussy. He rose up somewhat as if He had conquered another white girl and boy, which He had. But Dawn pulled Him back and wouldn’t let Him go.

Mark smiled and started fucking her again as she cried, “Give me your baby, please!” Mark knew He had hooked her on His Dick. He didn’t even need time to rest, His dick just stayed hard after He came. I was in awe of Him, He was far superior than me and I knew that Dawn knew that too. Each time I came watching them, I had to work my little penis back up again to its full and shameful erect length. It was much easier to get hard again than normal though, under the circumstances. I had pre-cum dripping from the head of my penis every time I managed to get it hard again. Dawn was so beautiful and I thought for sure she was done with me but I couldn’t think about that at the time, I had to jerk off. He made her cum so quickly and made me cum so quickly because I was so turned on. I thought, “How could she not just absolutely love that Big Black Cock in her tight pussy.” And she did love it, all night! My little white penis was raw and sore from jerking off so much. I had nothing left to drain but Mark had so much Dick and so much Cum for Dawn. She just kept sucking His Huge Black Cock until He would cum in her mouth and on her pretty white face and in her pretty hair. She didn’t even know I was there anymore and wouldn’t have cared anyway. I’d never seen her like this.

After this, Dawn did decide she was done with me and any other white boy for the rest of her life. Before she moved out, she wouldn’t allow me to touch her unless it was to kiss her pretty feet while I was on my knees. I respected her too much to violate her, so I honored her no touch policy. She would walk around in nothing but high heels and taunted me every day with her beauty. One time, she walked in on me jerking off while I was thinking about her and Mark together and she called me a little dick bitch. She had nothing on but high heels. She walked to the table in front of me and put her leg’s up. Her sexy high heel shoes inches from my small penis. She said, “I loved sucking Mark’s Big Black Cock and it felt so good in my little pussy. From now on, only a Black Man will have the pleasure of viewing this sweet white body. So you can just sit there and jerk off looking at me but you better not lay a finger on me, got it?!” She laughed as I quickly began jerking off while I was staring at her sexy white body and her legs in those sexy high heels. She kept taunting me and put her thumb and index finger up in measurement, reminding me of the small size of my penis. She continued laughing at me as she stood in front of me and told me how sexy she knew she was and how much I was going to miss having her. She was right, I couldn’t even try to deny it. Thankfully, she left me the pictures I had taken of her and told me to jerk off looking at them and that she knew I would. She was so right. I missed loving her beautiful face and body. I jerk off to her pictures all the time. It turned me on when she teased me because she was just too pretty to resist.

Eventually, after Mark made me His bitch, I was so fortunate enough to see Dawn again and watch Mark fuck her so good. This time, Dawn and I both were dressed in sexy outfits with high heels on and we were both on our knees in front of our Black Master Mark sucking off His Massive Black Cock together. She called me a girl and I agreed. She smiled and was so beautiful as she pointed his cock to her face, gave His Luscious Black Cock a kiss and then pointed His Manly cock at my face. I smiled and wrapped my pink girly lips around my Masters man-hood and did what I and Dawn were meant to do. When Mark came, Dawn and I both tilted are heads back and opened are mouths as He squirted massive amounts of His Cum in both our mouths and all over our faces. Once our master was done, Dawn leaned over and started kissing me. It was the most beautiful kiss we had ever had. Her beauty, my femininity, and Mark’s cum all over our faces as we passionately kissed. Stopping for only split-seconds to back away just a little bit to feel Mark’s cum stretch out from her lips to mine. His Cum clung to our lips and we French kissed while Mark’s Cum swishing around in our mouths. We both swallowed all of his seed it and licked Mark’s cock clean of it. He smiled and said, “You both are my sweet little bitches. I am your Master” We both smiled, agreed and moaned passionately. We are both His devoted bitches now and loving every second of it! When He calls, we answer our master! Now Dawn and I live together again with Mark as well. Every night He puts us in sexual ecstasy! He always fucks us and we suck His Cock.

P.S. This is Dawn. I helped my cuck hubby write this and I can tell you that it is all so true. He knows his place is sucking black cock just like I do. And you white guys would love to watch me suck Mark’s Cock, trust me. If you are ever lucky enough to witness me do it, you’ll soon be jerking off and sucking black cock too!

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2012-01-15 16:30:19
I love this story! My girlfriend dumped me for a black man and I still fantasize about how great it would be if I had the opportunity to serve her new black boyfriend alongside her like in this story. Her new bf is a big, strong, powerful black man and I would only feel right kneeling at his feet, next to the girl that used to love me, sucking on his incredible black cock.


2011-05-11 21:03:13
Very hot, i'll have to introduce my gf to some bbc, and hopefully it turns out the same as this!

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2010-08-19 20:17:57
Fucking niggers why do white girls always go for the nigger dick? Well my girlfriend now she lefted her nigger and his 6 inch nigger cock for me and my 10 all American white meat and she loves it hahahahahahahaha kkk

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2010-08-18 20:06:03
I have always fantasised about sucking a big black cock.Any offers?

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