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Drunk sluts fuck
Millie Adams drank her fifth glass of wine for the night as the music played. Her curvy body grinded against someone else’s and she moaned a little.
The person she was grinding on turned around at her a grinned mischievously.
“Someone’s a horny little slut, huh?” he said, handing his shot of vodka. She smiled at him and moved closer.
“You know it.” Millie said, slowly trailing her fingers to what she wanted; the bulge in his pants.
Michael could do nothing but stifle a moan and he kissed her violently on the lips. Millie moaned and she felt her pussy getting wetter by the moment. She ground up against him, her slim figure making him mad. Her dirty blonde hair cascaded on her D-cup breasts and her emerald green eyes stared at Michael with want.
“Let’s take this to a room.” She purred in his ear. His cock twitched and she smiled devilishly. Michael led Millie up the stairs to a big bedroom with a Jacuzzi in the private bathroom, a mini fridge stocked with all sorts of alcohol, a view of the ocean outside and a huge bed that looked like it was made for fucking.
Not bothering to close the door, the pair leaped onto the bed and began to kiss passionately. Millie rubbed her tiny hands on Michael’s huge hard-on licked her lips.
She moaned as Michael’s hands began to slowly trail down her back until finally, he reached her ass.
“I want your cock buried in my pussy.” She breathed out in his ear.
Of course Michael wanted to comply with her wishes; she was HOT. After all, Millie had long, wavy dirty blonde hair and emerald green eyes. Her olive skinned complexion was perfect and he legs were long and slender. Her breasts were perky, natural and D-cup sized; they fit perfectly with her hourglass figure and big ass.
And Michael wasn’t too bad himself; he had muscles and a 12 pack, and not to mention the fact that his penis was nine inches limp. When it was erect, almost 10 inches long. It was at least 2 inches wide, if not, 3.
Michael tugged her tight, silver mini dress and revealed her amazing shape. While he was working on her, Millie began to pull down his pants, revealing his bulging cock.
“Oh, I like this already.” She said sexily. Michael half laughed, still trying to get her dress off. Meanwhile, Millie had successfully torn off Michael’s clothing and she was kissing his neck.
Finally, Michael got the dress off and began to peel off her sexy thong and bra set.
“You like my panties? You can keep them as a souvenir.” She whispered in his ear. Michael grunted in reply and could feel the precum oozing out of his cock.
Happily, Millie lapped up the hot, sticky cum and Michael groaned as the hot vixen began to lick his cock.
“You like my pretty mouth licking your cock?” she whispered tauntingly, between licks. Michael could only nod; he knew for sure he would cum any second now.
“I’m gonna cum.” He grunted and Millie licked all around his cock. Right before his balls tightened, Millie squeezed them with her delicate little hands and Michael couldn’t hold on any longer.
Feeling his balls tighten, he closed his eyes as his cock spurted the hot sticky stuff. He groaned as he spurted and spurted.
Millie had managed to catch all of the cum and swallowed it immediately. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them around Michael’s limp dick (which ultimately led to another hard-on immediately)
“You gonna titty fuck me baby?” she groaned as he pumped his cock up and down. His penis was well lubricated with cum and slid up and down her breasts fast.
Millie then got up and grabbed a bottle of champagne form the fridge. She unscrewed the top and handed it to Michael.
“I think you know what to do with this.” She whispered sexily.
She posed on the bed in a porn-star way and Michael got the idea.
He poured the fizzy champagne onto Millie’s body. He watched as the beverage slid down her body, and as she lapped up whatever she could reach.
“That feels so goooood.” She moaned, playing with her clit. Michael grunted and crawled on top of Millie she smiled, knowing what was about to happen.
“Wait. I wanna show you something.” she said. She got off the bed and motioned for Michael to stay exactly where he was.
She turned around and bent over, her ass and wet pussy exposed. Michael could feel his cock stiffening and he began to furiously rub it as Millie continued.
She shook her ass and Millie turned her head around to see Michael jacking odd. Smiling she turned around and sauntered toward Michael.
She spread her legs and drawled on Michael’s lap, still facing him.
“I’m gonna give you the world’s best lap dance.” She whispered in his ear.
She sat on his lap and began to shake around. She pushed her breasts against him, and grinded on his hard-on.
Finally, Michael couldn’t take any more and he exploded all over Millie.
Instead of frowning in disgust, she licked her lips and licked whatever was on her face.
Michael’s hard-on was starting to stiffen again as he watched Millie rub the hot cum all over her body.
She rubbed her breasts and nipples slowly and then leaned in for a kiss. Michael lifted her up by her ass and Millie completed his mission by dropping her pussy on his awaiting cock.
Millie moaned and Michael groaned he felt her tight pussy clamp around his cock. It was surprising; for a slut she was pretty tight.
She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms and legs around him as Michael slowly slipped in and out of her pussy. He could feel her tight pussy muscle wrap around his stiff cock and he loved the feeling. Millie meanwhile moaned and moaned as he began to pound faster.
Millie grabbed the champagne bottle and poured the rest of it on them and Michael moaned as he felt the drink slide onto his dick.
Suddenly, Michael began to pound his dick harder and harder. He pushed into her and she screamed with joy as he got faster.
“Yeah! Yeahyeahyeah! Fill my pussy up with your big fat cock! Yeah!” she moaned in his ear.
Suddenly, Michael could feel Millie’s pussy muscle tighten and un-tighten several times; she was orgasming.
She screamed and closed her eyes in pure bliss as she felt herself relax. She shook and kissed Michael long and hard as the last of her orgasm finally passed through her body; but they weren’t finished yet.
Michael continued to softly slip his cock in and out as she relaxed, lying on his shoulders and breathing slowly.
“I’m cummming!” he grunted as he felt his balls tighten again.
Millie moaned in pleasure as she felt his hot sperm pump into her pussy. She was too much out of breath to say anything and she lay on his shoulders, panting from her orgasm.
“Well, you guys sure are loud.” Said a girl. Another girl stood next to her and they were both grinning wildly.

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2010-08-18 18:28:12
HOT, SEXY and plenty of LUST! Good Job! I cant wait for the next chapter!!

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