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“Wake up, sleepyhead!” yelled my mom from downstairs in the kitchen, “Breakfast is almost ready!”

I rolled over and kicked the sheets off of me and sat up on the edge of my bed. Great, I thought to myself, another boring day of school. I got up and headed to the bathroom, relieving myself then standing in the mirror, waiting for the shower to warm up a bit. I looked over my 5’11’’ muscled build and smiled. I finally looked how I wanted after a long couple years. I used to be weak, chubby, had braces, and horrible acne but after the braces came off and some of the acne cleared up I decided to start working out a bit more and it was worth it. I also had a decent size penis for my age, almost 7 inches, and I kept shaved after an awkward and embarrassing moment in the gym change room one day. I had medium length dirty blond hair and deep blue-green-grey eyes.

I got in the shower and soaped up, shampooed, and rinsed off. Thoughts about the school slut Veronica entered my mind and I slowly started to stroke myself. I was stopped short when I heard my mom’s voice yelling to hurry up or I’d be late. So I stopped then got out, dried off and got dressed then headed downstairs. I grabbed a piece of toast on my way out and ran for the bus. I got to the stop just as the last person was getting on, just in time.

On the bus I dropped down on the only empty seat, next to Carl. Carl was kind of my friend, we were both nice to each other and respected our differences but weren’t close or anything. So I rode the way to school in silence.

When I got off, I went to my locker and got my books out. As I was putting the lock on, Veronica - the hottest girl I knew - walked by and just looked at me in disgust before saying, “Nerd!” just loud enough that everyone else could hear. It got some laughs out of the giant idiot seniors but most of my actual friends just walked by. It’s not that I am nerdy or geeky in any other way, but I get some of the highest grades in the province, maybe even the country. But that wouldn’t be worrisome to me unless some bitchy slut had to remind you everyday.

And that’s what Veronica was unfortunately, a bitchy slut. She had long curly blonde hair and deep brown eyes, a great sense of fashion, big D breasts, a nice round ass, and was only a junior at age 14 like me. She was by far the hottest girl in the school but nobody truly liked her. All the guys would get her to have sex with them and some would actually care but either way she’d just dump them then tell all their secrets to everyone. She hated on everyone who didn’t like her, saying all the guys had small dicks, and the girls were whores. Yeah, total bitch, not my style.

I headed to my first period math class, probably the only good time I had at school. Our teacher, Ms McNeil, was horrible at actually teaching us anything but let us have fun a lot. She would come in with a headache - more like a hangover - everyday and tell us to do whatever we want but just stay quiet. Also in that class was probably my best friend Marianna Cho, and a bunch of druggies that actually lit up in class. Me and Mari were the only ones who didn’t get high or just leave. So we just sat and talked about anything that came up, usually school and homework because Mari was smart but still wanted to bring her grades up some more. Which is why that day she surprised me.

“So uh, Josh, can I talk to you about something?” she said tentatively.

“Sure, you can talk to me about anything,” I said, bringing out a smile from her.

“Well, it’s just a rumor, and it might be wrong, and it’s kinda stupid…”

“It’s okay you can say it, I won‘t be offended by anything,” I said cheerfully.

“Okay, well I heard yesterday from some of the other mean girls in my last period class that Veronica was going to ask you out, just so she could dump you and humiliate you. Now, I understand she’s really hot and you like her but please don’t do this, I don’t want to see you get hurt,” she explained rushing out the last part quickly as if she didn’t want to say it.

“It’s fine I don’t like her anyway, really, I won’t say yes,” I told her, adding the last part after she looked at me doubtfully. I guess she had the right to be doubtful though, any guy Veronica wanted she got. I don’t think she’d ever been rejected. Yet..

So after that we went on talking about other stuff, coming back to school topics and then on planning the next time we could get together for me to give her more tutoring, free - unlike usual other kids I tutored - because I actually liked hanging out with Marianna.

“So I’ll come by your house around 7:30 tonight?” I asked just to make sure.

“Yeah that’ll be great, but oh yeah I should tell you it will only be us there. My parents are actually going on a long holiday for their honeymoon. It’s their twentieth anniversary so they wanted it be special and last longer. They’ll be gone for two weeks. You okay with that?”

“Yeah I’m fine, why wouldn’t I be?” I responded.

“Oh I don’t know, I guess I was being stupid..”

“Hey cheer up, you are not stupid, you’re one of the smartest girls I know,” I said, trying to bring her mood up. Apparently it worked because I got a huge smile out her. She had a great smile, in fact she had a great body too. Then I thought, what the hell? She’s my best friend, nothing more, nothing less. I tried to stop thinking of it and luckily the bell rang and we left to go to our other classes, which pretty much sucked. Even worse was Veronica was in all of them. Oddly though, today she was being nice and said sorry for calling me a nerd earlier. I just kind of walked away awkwardly. A couple times in class she would wink at me and I would pretend not to notice but end up taking a glance at her huge breasts. Almost too big for her 5’2’’ body. Almost.

At the end of the day I got on the bus early and sat at the very back. I was shocked when Veronica sat down next to me.

“Hey, um I’m free tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie or something.” She looked at me with an innocent cute face and pulled her arms together and pushed out her boobs a bit more with little subtlety. I was about to say yes when I remembered Marianna. It was a tough choice, study with a best friend, or fuck this drop-dead gorgeous goddess.

“Well I’m flattered, really, but I’m busy tonight, sorry.” Realizing the angry look in her and some of her senior “friends” guys faces, I decided to get off a stop early. I practically ran out the door and didn’t’ dare look back.

Once I was home I got out of my sweaty clothes that I was running in and got into something cleaner for studying later. I worked on some of my ISUs and a few smaller projects before my mom called me down for dinner. As I got down I chuckled that we were having ribs after putting on a clean white shirt but oh well, I still got ribs.

“You must be hungry,” my mom said between bites, “Or are you eager to get over to Marianna?” with a bit of mock in her voice.

“What are you talking about mom?”

“Don’t think I don’t see it, she’s the only person you talk about anymore and you’re over at her house or she’s here almost every day. Just please tell me that you’re being safe,” she finished, a bit more serious at the end. Wow, she thought me and Mari were dating! And that we were doing a bit more I guess.

“Mom, we’re best friends, you know that,” I told her trying to end this conversation.

“Okay fine, whatever you say,” my mom said, smiling and probably laughing inside.

After I finished eating I left quickly and walked the rest of the way to Mari’s house. I still couldn’t believe my mom thought that about me and Mari. I guess it’s true she is the person closest to me in my life but still I only thought of her as a friend.

I reached her house and rang the doorbell. She was there almost immediately and led me into the kitchen where she was just starting to eat. I got a can of coke out of the fridge and waited for her. She was having a hot dog and I thought it looked pretty hot the way she ate it when I started to get a hard-on. Shit! Maybe I was thinking of her a bit differently lately. I drank the coke quickly so I could go outside and throw it in the recycling bin in her garage. I came back in after my cock went back to normal size and Marianna was done. She looked at me funnily then giggled a bit before heading up to her room where we usually studied. Oh man, she must have saw it! I stopped thinking about that though and walked up the stairs and into her room. I laid down on her bed next to her and we started. We studied for all of her classes because she had tests coming up in every single one. Even though I was only doing one of the same classes as her I helped out tremendously in all of them.

We finished early and for once she wasn’t worried that we hadn’t done enough. Usually we weren’t even finished when I had to leave so I wasn’t used to this. Thankfully Mari broke the awkward silence quickly.

“So did she do it?” she asked out of nowhere.

“Hmm? What are you talking about?” I said, confused at first.

“Did Veronica ask you out?”

“Oh yeah that,” I started.

“You said yes didn’t you, wow Josh I warned you and I don’t want to see her hurt you,” she interrupted, seeming to care a lot more about me than I thought she did.

“It’s alright, I rejected her,” I said flatly, a little bit upset knowing that I turned Veronica down, but then Marianna smiled at me telling her that. Then noticing I was there and could see her expression she blushed and turned away quickly.

“Uh, I have to take a shower but can you stay here for after please? We don’t get much time to just hang out and talk about stuff that isn’t school-related.”

“Sure, I’ll still be here,” I stated. With that she walked into her bathroom (she had her own and didn’t have to fight with her younger sister, who also wasn’t there that night) and closed the door. I was thinking about everything that was happening so fast. My mom thinking me and Mari were together, Mari caring more about me and not wanting me to go out with Veronica, me thinking so much about her lately. She was quite beautiful though. She had shoulder length black hair, slightly slanted deep blue eyes, perfect perky breasts, tight ass, just a bit shorter than me, thin but not toothpick thin. She was perfect and I really liked her. Maybe even more than a best friend. No, definitely more I was realizing as I was thinking about her.

“Um sorry about this Josh but I left my towel out there, could you please bring it in here?” she shouted, bringing me back to reality. I saw the towel picked it up and almost walked right in but hesitated.

“You want me to just, close my eyes or what?”

She giggled then said, “It’s alright the shower door is frosted glass, you can’t see anything.” So I opened the door and walked in to see she was right, I couldn’t see anything specific. I could however see the outline of her naked body in the shower and was instantly turned on. I walked up to the door then she opened it and took the towel. “Thanks,” she said embarrassingly as I walked out and sat on her bed. Luckily I gained control over my rising dick before she came out, dried off and looking like normal.

She sat down on the bed then smiled at me and said, “You wanna play a game?”

“Sure, what kind of game?”

“Truth or dare. I haven’t had time to hang out with my girlfriends and you’re pretty courageous,” she stated, laughing a tiny bit at the end.

“Okay fine, you ask first though.”

“Okay, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I decided, staying safe to start off.

“What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?”

“Uh well I have two answers for that, but one is pretty dirty so I don’t think you’ll want to hear that one..” I started but was interrupted.

“Yeah! If it’s the most embarrassing one then I want to hear it!” she told me, shocking me a little. She never talked openly about anything dirty or rude or like that.

“Oh, well okay then. So two years ago I was visiting my cousin and uh, he taught about well..”

“Masturbating?” she cut in, almost giving me a heart attack with the shock that such a good girl like her would say it that easily - much less know exactly what I meant - but it also made it easier to tell her the rest of the story.

“Yes, so um he taught me about that and I started doing it every now and then. But one time I found this semi-old picture of a really hot girl in a bikini, and I thought it was one of my dad’s old pictures he might have left behind when he left us. Anyway I was masturbating to it when my mom walked in on me,” I was interrupted my Mari laughing but I wasn’t finished yet, “So anyway after she gave me a long and awkward talk saying it was alright to do that in private but not with any porn she took the picture and laughed really hard. Then she told me that was her when she was seventeen.”

After that Mari laughed so hard she was tearing up and kept saying it hurt to laugh this hard. When she finally finished she looked up at me and said, “Oh, that’s alright, it’s not like you knew it was her in the beginning. But that is pretty funny hehe, okay your turn to ask.”

“Okay what was your most embarrassing story?”

“Well I was on my first date, with a guy I dumped right after because of how mean he was, and I had my first period. I was wearing white short shorts so everyone could see it easily. The stupid guy just laughed at me so I slapped him and walked out and got a cab ride home,” she told me shyly. I only laughed a bit so as not to bring back any bad feelings.

“Wow, that’s almost worse than mine,” I said, “Almost. Okay your turn.”

“Truth or dare?”

Feeling adventurous I said, “Dare.”

“Okay I wanted another truth but I guess this’ll do. I dare you to tell me how far you’ve gone with another girl.”

“Kissing, that’s it. Not even making out, just kissing.” Wanting to move on quickly I asked, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Mari was still kind of shy and didn’t want to do too much yet.

“How far have you gone with another guy?”

“Hugging..” she said quietly, obviously embarrassed that she hadn’t done more.

“Hey that’s alright, I only had a couple kisses with my girlfriend last year. You’re pretty, you’ll find a nice handsome guy easily,” I mentioned, feeling quite awkward after saying that. But she seemed much happier, so I was fine.

“Thanks, that means a lot to me. Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” I said confidently, feeling ready for anything about to happen. Just before Mari was going to say something though, the phone rang. Who would be calling at nine in the evening. Shit it was nine! I had to be home in five minutes! I had to leave but didn’t want to be rude so I stayed until Mari hung up the phone. I was confused when she said “I’ll tell him” but she saw my face then told me.

“That was your mom, apparently there was a big car crash on the highway and she has to go to the hospital and will be working right through the night. She didn’t feel safe leaving the house unlocked until you get there and asked if you could stay here tonight. So I told her that was fine,” she said smiling at me. This night was turning out to be great! I was staying over at Marianna’s house through the night that I start liking her and she gets more bold with me. It was like a Hollywood story, except not a bad horror one, good thing too because I absolutely hate horror movies.

“So back to the game Josh, I dare you to stay up with me and have a horror movie marathon.”


So she took out a video and put it into the VCR in her bedroom’s television. I pulled the couch in her room in front of the TV and I lay down on it then realized there wouldn’t be enough room for her to sit down. I was about to get up when she lay down in front of me and pulled my arms around her to hold her tight. I guess she was kind of scared by horrors too. The way we were laying together made my mind run and I felt my cock begin to get bigger and harder, and eventually I had a full hard-on jabbing into her butt! Either she didn’t notice or she didn’t care though, she just went on watching the movie. It was scary as hell but I was a bit distracted to be as scared as usual. Eventually there was a really bad scene and she rolled over so she was facing me and my cock was rubbing up against the front of her pants.

“Getting horny now are we?” she said sarcastically. I just looked away, awkward and feeling humiliated right now. Mari saw my expression and said, “I’m sorry Josh, I was just joking, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. It’s just, I really like you, and I didn’t know how you felt about me.”

“I like you too Mari, a lot. You are everything good in my life.” With that I leaned in and kissed her, and it was the most perfect thing in the world. It was a slow romantic kiss but after taking a breath and kissing again it got more intense. We were making out, our tongues ended up in each other’s mouths. My hands stopped running over her back and came to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off to reveal a black bra. She tugged at my shirt and just ripped the buttons and tore it off. We were frenching when she took my hands and put them on top of her boobs. I started fondling them, and I swear I could feel her smile while we kissed. I moved my hands around the back and undid the clasp and her bra fell off.

We broke the kiss and I got my first sight of boobs in the flesh, so to speak. They were small, maybe a B cup but were perky and her nipples were rock hard. I continued to fondle them as we kissed again but my lips moved down further and further. I kissed her neck and pinched her nipples before I moved down more and brought my mouth around one of them and lightly sucked. As I did this I flicked my tongue around her nipple and still kneaded the other breast before switching. I kept going lower until my face was just above her pants and then I unbuttoned and unzipped them then pulled them off. I ran my fingers over the outline of her inner lips, which I could see clearly, because of how wet her pink panties were. I continued to tease her for a while then began to pull them off when I saw the hesitant look on her face.

“Are you sure you want this? Because if this is too fast for you that’s alright I don’t want to rush you.”

“No it’s just I’ve never had an orgasm and I’m nervous but please, keep going I want this. It feels SO damn good.”

With that, I pulled off her underwear and I took in the great scent of her womanhood. It wasn’t gross like I thought it might be, in fact it was really intoxicating. I moved my fingers up and down her slit eliciting moan after moan from her. I guess I was doing good so I went a bit further and pushed a finger inside her. She gasped then said, “Fuck yes! Give me more!”

I slid my finger in and out, going deeper every time. I got far enough in that I felt her hymen and didn’t go any further than that. I kept finger-fucking her and tried to see if she could take two fingers at once. This made her moan even louder and more often. I was speeding up until I couldn’t go any faster without breaking something but she wasn’t at orgasm yet so I did the first thing that came to mind. I moved my fingers around for more room - they were still going at it though - and brought my mouth down to her tight pussy. My first lick was tentative, afraid of how it might taste, but pleased to find out she tasted amazing. I kept licking up and down, side to side, going as deep into her vagina with my tongue as I could, and then it touched her clit and she practically screamed. I assaulted it with my tongue the best I could, almost running out of energy when her breathing went very quick and erratic all of a sudden.

“I think I’m going to cum, Josh.” This gave me a little boost to make the end even better for her and went crazy on her clit and added a third finger. Mari began to quiver, shake, then she arched her back and yelled out. “YES! OH MY GOD FUCK! OHHH! FUCK JOSH YES!” She continued to scream in pleasure as I licked up the juices flowing from her pussy. Fuck she tasted amazing! After a while her orgasm began to die down and I was still licking when she pulled my head up and told me stop. I was afraid I’d done something wrong but she assured me it was alright.

“I just couldn’t take anymore, it was too sensitive,” she got out between her ragged breathing, “That was the most extraordinary feeling I’ve ever had. Thank you so much!”

“No problem, I was glad to do that for you,” I said happily, “You taste great!” That got her to laugh, but I could tell something was wrong by the look on her face. “Are you alright Mari? You look kind of, worried.”

“Well I’m so thankful for what you just did for me, and I like you so much, but I’m still really nervous about this. I know I should do something for you but I’m just still scared.” I was disappointed to here this, knowing I wasn’t going to get a hand job or blow tonight, but there was something else I felt. I loved this girl and began to not mind what I wasn’t getting, caring only that I made her feel good. I felt proud and happy.

“Marianna, if you’re not comfortable doing anything, don’t do it. I did that for you because I wanted to make you feel good and I knew you’d like it. I don’t want to make you feel bad now after all this. If you don’t want to rush into this it’s okay with me. I love you.”

She smiled again and said, “I love you too Josh.”

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