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Continued from original intro, Scarlet in School.
In Mr. Wilson's strong, yet gentle embrace, Scarlet could not take her mind off of the bulge in his trousers. His dark, rich brown hair and deep, smoldering brown eyes were always extremely enticing to 15-year-old Scarlet. She breathed slowly in his comforting, strong arms as all thoughts of Mike, her violent ex, left her mind.

A million thoughts ran through Mr. Wilson's mind. This young girl was only fifteen years old, but was so sexy. He also felt a great amount of sympathy for her; a beautiful, smart, charming girl like her did not deserve to be treated so horribly. His respect and admiration for her also grew as he thought about how many times she had shown up to class with messy hair and smudged make-up, sometimes even with bruises along her upper arms; he had never thought much about it, but now he discovered that she was being abused by her boyfriend. He made a promise to himself right then and there: he would protect her. No one would ever harm her again. He inhaled her pretty aroma of lavender and apples and rubbed her back.

He drove her home and waited in her living room for her to shower and change into fresh clothes. Scarlet came into her kitchen and was greeted warm pancakes and her sexy teacher at the table. She was overcome with gratitude; Mr. Wilson was so thoughtful and caring.

"You cooked for me?" She smiled at him.

"Well, my mother was an alcoholic, so I pretty much grew up on my own," he admitted, embarassed.

Scarlet said nothing and just hugged him, resting her head on his muscular chest. Mr. Wilson offered to give her some time on her own, but she insisted he stay. They finished the pancakes; he then drove back to school to pick up his work and to give the assistant principal some bullshit excuse as to why he blew off the end of the school day.

The next day, come eigth period, neither Scarlet nor Mr. Wilson could concentrate on the lesson. When the bell rang, the other students all left, Scarlet remaining in her seat, staring at her desk.

She slowly raised her eyes until they met his, both of them saying a thousand words without speaking. Scarlet stood up from her desk and they both approached each other slowly. Finally, he grabbed her pretty face and kissed her deeply. As they connected, their emotions began to flood one another, one emotion in particular the strongest: lust. They suddenly had to have each other.

He ran one hand through her hair, the other squeezing her perfect, round ass. Their lips still locked, she unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. As he reached for the hem of her tank top, she undid his belt and then started on his fly. Soon enough she was in her lace dark blue bra and matching panties, and he was in his navy boxers. Scarlet rubbed his cock through the fabric, Mr. Wilson rubbing her tits. He skillfully removed her bra and admired her perfect breasts. She eyed him with a coy look and got onto her knees.

Scarlet pulled down his boxers and his big, hard cock sprang towards her. She licked from the bottom of the underside of his dick to the head, which she took slowly in her mouth, her tongue swirling around it while she stroked his balls with her hand. She then began bobbing her head up and down his shaft, each time taking more and more into her mouth. Mr. Wilson groaned loudly and she began to deepthroat him while she rubbed her tongue along his cock. The tight pressure of her throat made him cum right down her throat. She sucked it all off and swallowed it all down.

Mr. Wilson pulled her panties off, dying for her wet teenage pussy. He pushed her up on his desk and spread her legs.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked.

"Yes, yes, come on!" she laughed.

He hadn't expected her to stop him, but found it necessary to ask first. After all, he was 34 and she was his 15-year-old student. However, they both knew that the danger and wrongness of their situation only made it sexier.

He slipped his cock into her smoothly and slowly, and stayed still inside her for a moment, adoring the feel of her tight, warm pussy around his large cock. He started thrusting in and out. He moved her long legs to his shoulders and, as she asked for it, began really fucking the shit out of her. Mr. Wilson rubbed his hand in circles on her clit, earning louder moans and screams of pleasure.

"Oh, fuck yeah! Ohh oh Mr. Wilson!" she yelled. "Teach me. lesson!"

With this, he pulled her down and bent her over on his desk, spanking her hard. He fucked her from behind then, his hands on her tits, bent over her sexy body.

Scarlet felt his hot, chiveled chest on her back and rubbed her clit. Then, he hit her g-spot and it was just too much. Euphoric pleasure flooded her muscles and she gripped the desk, silent, not able to say anything. She felt her orgasm coming and, boy, she came hard. She got almost dizzy as she came and didn't notice that Mr. Wilson was too until she felt the hot cum shooting inside her. After a few moments of standing there breathless, they collapsed onto the classroom floor, his arms around her.

He kissed her ear and whispered to her, "I love you."        

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YOU ARE AMAZIN!!! Please please write more :)

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this sucks. I think the person who wrote this is a virgin lol

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this sucks. I think the person who wrote this is a virgin lol

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i really like this story. its sweet and romantic. i hope you keep writing more.

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LIKE stories like this,, also want 1 with a teacher and a boy student,,,

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