Young boy is harassed by sister.
"Get to bed, it's school tomorrow"
My father was very strict about watching television late, especially on school nights. My
brothers and I headed to the bathroom to brush our teeth. We were a large family with five
boys and only one sister. My sister, Lisa, was now turning fourteen. I had just finished
fourth grade and was a good student. My sister, in order to adapt to the harsh
reality of having so many brothers, developed a tough tomboy pose. Whenever my brothers
were beating up some boys in the neighbourhood, and some girls would jump into the fight
she would be called upon to do her bit. She was quite strong. In fact, sometimes she used
to beat me around somewhat. What could I do ? I was a prepubescent, skinny boy and a late
developer to boot.

Since our parents bred like rabbits there weren't enough bedrooms in the house. I was
unfortunate enough to have to share one with my sister. It was very irritating. She had
recently become inexplicably shy about her body. In our family nudity was never an issue.
Everyone saw everone else naked all the time. Even when we bathed anyone just waltzed
right in. It wasn't sexual. A consequence of over population I suppose. But my sister was
becoming very private and she put up a dividing curtain in our little room.

It was a cold night. I lay in bed and was keen to fall asleep since I had a big history
exam the next day. Most unexpectedly, I heard a faint wheezing near my ear. It was coming
from a green hosepipe. It ran from my bed to my sister's which was about fifteen feet
away, behind the curtain. I don't remember why it was there. I think I was talking to my
brother through it earlier in the day. We were experimenting, I guess. Now I could
clearly hear that my sister was blowing through it. I put my mouth on the pipe to speak
but felt my cheeks puff up with her breath. It wasn't very pleasant so I blew hard into
the pipe in an effort for her to stop. For a moment, our breaths were balanced out, then I
exhaled sharply. She removed her mouth from the pipe. In victory, I hooted down pipe.
I removed my mouth from it, she yodled back at me. A conversation started with me
whispering down the wipe "Go to sleep, I'm tired." She replied in a strangely soft voice
that I had never heard before "I can't sleep." My curiosity was vaguely aroused "Why can't
you sleep ?" I whispered back. "'cos" she replied. "'cos what ?" was my quick retort. She
kept repeating that stupid word and I kept replying with my equally inane response.
Eventually, thoroughly annoyed, I told her to shut up and fall asleep.

As I was just starting to slumber off when the blowing on the pipe started again. Angrily, I
grabbed the pipe and said "What ?" The reply came quickly this time "My froggy is
itching." After a moment she repeated it again "My froggy is itching." Totally confused, I responded "Do you have a froggy ?" She said in that strange husky voice "I can't sleep until it's
scratched." Half in consciousness, I replied "So scratch it." She replied "I want you to
scratch it for me." It felt like torture. She wouldn't let me sleep until I had "scratched
her froggy." I said "How do I do that ?" I didn't have any sexual experience at that
stage, so was totally oblivious to the opposite sex, especially horny young girls who had
just hit puberty.

"Come over here."
After a few minutes of negotiations, I crawled from under the warm blanket and slowly
walked over the cold tiled floor. Moving the curtain aside, I saw my sister laying under
her green blanket. Only her head protruded. I stood next to her and said "I'm cold and I
want to sleep." Immediately she lifted her blanket with one hand and said "Jump in". I was
grateful. I lay next to her. She was wearing a night shirt and some panties, I was wearing
my pyjama shorts and top. Due to the close proximity of our bodies we soon started
building up heat. It actually was better than sleeping alone in that freezing room. I
turned my back to her and grabbed the blanket. It spun tightly.

She quietly spoke "Turn around, you're pulling off the blanket." I slowly rolled around.
Then she took my arm and placed it across her middle. I was starting to doze off again,
when she took my hand and placed it on her chest. I thought she was getting quite muscular
in the pectorals, since it seemed that her chest was no longer flat like mine. The last
time I had seen her chest was a year ago. Slowly a thought crept into my consciousness. It was
the type of instinctual haziness that was involuntary and on the edges of conscious
thought. Little did I know that I was becoming aroused. I had had erections before, but
those were usually when I woke up in the morning. Never had I actually masturbated and the
fact that I hadn't seen any porn ever made me oblivious to the existence of the male
ejaculatory fluid. Since I was only ten, I hadn't had any wet dreams either.

My sister whispered for me to touch her. I stroked her chest, curious about the female
anatomy. I was laying on my right side and her left arm pressed against my right arm. She
had much softer skin than me. Through her nightie I could feel the small mounds of her
breasts. She didn't really have breasts though. They were more like enlarged nipples, but
she didn't have nipples either. Not the solid type that you would find on grown women
anyway. You could grope them and massage them, but you couldn't roll them with your finger
tips. Just enough for someone to confidently declare that this wasn't a boy. My tiny
little pecker stood like a little soldier at attention. When I rubbed against her thigh,
she whispered "What's that ?" I was embarrassed and quickly moved away. One thing that I
had noticed from watching my older brothers in the bath, was that I really needed to hit
puberty. I was embarassed about its tiny proportions. My oldest brother had allayed my fears by
saying that it was only hormones and everybody went through it and eventually I would too.

With her left hand she reached over and around my back and pulled me closer saying "Come
closer, I'm cold." I reluctantly moved closer. My tiny warrior poked into her again. It
was so hard, that it pressed into me as well. It was perpendicular. She reached over and
placed her hand on my waist. I held my breath in anticipation. I felt like a stuck pig. I
could not move. As my eyes glazed over her soft young hands slid down around the top of my
pyjamas. She pulled my shirt up and placed her hand on my stomach, the tips of her fingers
touching the top of my shorts. The lump in my throat made me feel as if I was going to
croak. But I didn't make a sound. I don't think either one of us breathed. Her hand
started to slide down. Her finger tips slowly climbed over the ridge of my short's elastic
and went down, over the material. She rubbed over the top of the tent that my shorts had
now formed. I breathed in slowly and hard with a number of short quaking breaths. She
played with her soft hands on and around the tip. My pants were so tight that she could
only touch the tip. She gently nipped it with with two fingers and I felt a warm tingling
course throughout my body. It was paralyzing. I couldn't move. The will to resist had

My hand lay motionless on her chest. I was totally immobile. Trying to savour every moment
of these new sensations. My mind wasn't very clear, but I knew that I did not want it to
stop. Unsatisfied with examining the material of my pyjamas, my sister's hand moved back
up again onto my stomach. This time, as her hand slid down her finger tips dug underneath
the elastic. For a moment I felt my eyes stretch open wide in anticipation. Then she
slowly encircled my tiny member with her hand. She started to squeeze it and stroke it
gently. I couldn't believe how incredibly soft her hands were. I wasn't sure about how
much she knew about male anatomy, but she was very gentle and cupped my testicles before
moving back to my erect appendage. I could hear her exhale slowly and she said two words.
The words that every guy wants to hear come from a girl's mouth: "Touch me."

Of course, being somewhat inexperienced at that stage but not an entire dumbass, I knew
that I had to get my hands inside her panties. I knew that girls wore panties and that
they had a vertical line down the front but no love hose. My left hand slowly slid down
from her chest over her flat tummy and down. It's hard to be shy when a girl is already
squeezing your purple-headed warrior inside your pants. My hand went down and brushed
gently over the material of her nightie. I slowly stroked her love mound through the two
materials of the nightie and panty. I couldn't feel much definition but sis seemed to like it. She stopped her groping massage of my aching member and lay motionless. Taking it in with her eyes closed. I realised then that this was what it meant to "Scratch a girl's froggy."

After a while, the rubbing no longer satisfied her. She jerked her night shirt from under
my probing hand much like someone might pull a carpet from underneath a person's feet. My
hand landed on her panties. My sister had one of those girly panties on. It had a frilly
white ridge and the material was more velvety than silky. Now I could clearly feel the
slit. The whole structure seemed to bulge obscenely outwards. This was new to me.
Educational indeed. She also started to hold my tiny love spear with two fingers and a
thumb. I was an uncircumcised barbarian. She slowly started to move her hand away from my
body and brought it slowly back again. The head of my penis popped out like the insides of
a grape when you squeeze it. It felt strange but disgustingly delicious.

The mutual masturbation carried on for a while, I don't remember exactly how long. I was
too delirious with lust to have operated a stopwatch anyway. Being quite an intelligent
lad, I was blessed with a rather curious and probing mind that was always hungry for new
knowledge. This time, I was the one who became dissatisfied with touching her panty. I had
just learnt all there was to learn about a girl's panties and realising that this type of
event didn't occur often at all, my mind became hellbent on a mission of deeper

My hand slid up onto her stomach, as hers had done to me. Slowly my groping, sweaty little
fingers slid down under the lace edge. I noticed that girly panties weren't half as tight
as those of boys. The elastic was narrow and weaker. My hand moved down. People say silk
is the most sensual of all materials. They obviously have never felt their sisters'
hairless pussies. It was so soft. Its exact dimensions and texture were branded into my
mind for all eternity on that chilly night. I stroked gently over it. She continued to pump my swollen sausage with slow steady beats. My hand explored around her slit, slowly running my finger tips up and down that mysterious crack in her body. As my hand sailed down it met her legs. They were tightly shut together. Like a mole, my fingers tried to probe between her legs, but they wouldn't budge. I continued to probe the slit.

At that stage, I was clueless as to the physics of copulation. She suddenly told me take
off my pants. I said "Why ?" She replied "If you take off your pants, I'll let you lie on
top of me." Still being shy, I said "only if you take off your panties too". She agreed.
We both lay on our backs and pulled our garments off. It was much too cold by then to
actually get out. If your foot stuck out from under the blanket while you slept you would
have woken. Now we were both bottomless, but we both still had our shirts on. I rolled
over and a lay on top of her. I started rubbing my pecker against her mound. Somewhat like
a horny dog. I was trying to probe my sister's pee hole with my love pin. She let me
fuck around for a while. She must have become irritated and reached down with both her hands.

Her one hand held my penis and using two fingers of her other hand she stretched her labia
apart. I drove hard into her. And alas, my pinky sized prick got stuck after only half an
inch. I don't know who was hurt more: her or me. Anyhow being in an insane fit of lust I
continued to hump hard and fast. The feeling was something like trying to squeeze your
dick into a soda bottle. It just wouldn't go. The fact that I was trying to penetrate her
pee hole also couldn't have helped. After an agonizing amount of time, I gave up. Since my
penis remained perpendicular I couldn't remain in that position. So I slid slightly down
and tried to place it between her legs. She was blocking and I didn't know why. Anyhow I
placed my knee between her legs and dug hard. Her legs parted. I straightened my legs and
lay between her legs. My penis, just below her slit and in between her legs. I was
actually relaxing when I realised that, although I wasn't going to get inside her, this
position was reasonably satisfactory. With the insides of her thighs on the sides and her
mound from above my pecker was being embraced in the lap of luxury. Like a rabid dog, I started humping hard again.

I noticed at some stage that my cock was getting wet. I knew I wasn't peeing so I asked my
sister, "Are you peeing ?" She replied "no". I became worried and curious. I slid down her
young body while try to stay under the blanket. My legs were no longer completely covered. As my nose came to a rest a few inches above her hairless mound, I noticed a musky scent. A smell unknown to me. Compared to the pussies that I later ate, this fresh young one of my
sister's was so fresh it may as well as have been milk and honey. But this, to my regret,
I only realised later. As I lay there on my stomach between my sister's hairless legs
looking down in the dark, under the blanket, at her hairless eager yet inexperienced young
love orifice, I started feeling her off again. As my hands went down and between her legs
I clearly felt that wetness again on my fingertips. I held it to my nose. It wasn't
pungent like pee. Hmm. I flicked my tongue over it. It wasn't salty like blood. Hmm. It
was just weird. Later on I would realise that it resembles sea food. But my sister's
pussy, at that age, had only the slightest tinge of that sea food smell. It was fresh. Fresh
as they come.

"Lick it"
I'm not sure if she said it, but the words sprung into my mind. Leaning down I felt the
slit with my lips. It was silky soft. I kissed it gently and slowly moved along it. The
tip of my tongue poked out and I dug it into the groove. I nodded slowly and the movement
dragged my wet tongue along that rift. I felt like I was suffocating but the intoxicating
feeling was overwhelming. I couldn't stop. Soon the whole area was wet. I could taste her
juices in my mouth. She lifted her legs when I went down to the bottom of the slit. Quite clearly she had no objections to my oral attentions. As her feet floated near my ears, her hands came around the back of her legs and placed themselves on either of the slit. She used them to unashamedly splay herself upon. My tongue probed deeper. I began to notice new structures lurking just within the edges of her crevice. One felt like a floppy piece of skin. It wasn't rubbery but wasn't very smooth either. It was just, I don't know. I still can't describe it. I found a wobbly bit and tried to bite it with my lips. It was too small and I couldn't. But somehow it electrified sis, she removed her hand from behind her legs and placed them firmly on the back of my head. She hissed "Don't stop". She grinded that nib into my face while holding my head in position. She was becoming possessed. I tried as hard I could to obey, but very soon I wasn't able to breathe. With all my force I broke my head free and gasped for air. Angrily I growled "I can't breathe." I stopped and caught my breath. It wasn't easy since I was already under the blanket.

"Come up here"
I crawled up her body as she lay there on her back. I was glad to take in the refreshingly cold
night air. Now my member was again poking into her slit from above. I shifted my whole body sideways and moved my pecker to the side of her waist. After recovering I moved back over her and started humping her pee hole again. I was one indomitable horny young cock. My sister yelped in pain. "Go a bit lower". Slowly I edged down. My penis was again positioned comfortably between her legs. This time her legs were widely parted.

She reached down and told me to lift a bit off her. As I did so, she raised her knees
again and grabbing hold of my pecker with one hand, she spread her out vagina labia with the
other. She told me to come down slowly. Her fingers guided me slowly towards her very
tight orifice. Slowly the tip passed over the floppy skin bit, then a bit down and I felt the
mouth of her vagina. Everything was wet. The mouth of her vagina felt like two oily fingers squeezed together. I pushed. Nothing. I pushed again. Nothing. She grunted "Push harder". Luckily my penis was very small at that age and slowly her inner labia parted, but it was tough going. If I had tried to penetrate her with a man-sized penis I would have been there for a very long
time. So I slipped in but I only got the head in. I started moving it slowly in and out. (This is an involuntary reflex that I've never been able to control.) It felt very tight. I was trying to enjoy myself but it felt just a bit too tight for fun. After a short distance I encountered a solid wall. It was rock solid. Later, I learnt that it is called the hymen, but at that stage all I knew that it was a cul-de-sac to my ambitions. After knocking against it for some painful minutes, I became tired. It was late and the fatigue set in. I withdrew and lay next to my sister. She asked me if I was alright. I replied "ya, I'm just tired now."

I fell asleep holding her. That was the happiest experience of my childhood. The next day my sister was sent to boarding school because the only girl's secondary school available was too far
away to commute every day.

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