First Story, Tell Me What You Think
It started out as any normal day of my summer vacation. I had woken up around 10 AM with morning wood, naked and sweaty due to the fact I forgot to turn on the A/C. Being that my parents left me home alone while they went on vacation to Hawaii for the month I didn't bother putting on any clothes and walked straight to the bathroom. For some reason my cock was still hard, so I took out a playboy magazine and quickly beat my meat. After that I used the toilet, then hopped in the shower. I was a normal teenager named Brian, 18 years old, blue eyes, wavey dirty blonde hair, with an athletic build, and 8 inch cock when hard. After I got out the shower, I dried up and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. As I was just about to eat, the door bell rang. Still being naked, I quickly grabbed a robe and answered the door. I opened the door and quickly my boner came back. At the door was my neighbor Kristy. She too was 18, nice model figure, great ass and tits, also with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. We had known each other from the time we were babies and people commonly mistaken us for twins. She stood there wet in her two piece bikini I guess coming from her morning swim and handed me the newspaper the paper boy commonly threw on to her lawn.

Hey Brian! She said. Here's your paper.
Thanks, I still don't understand why that paper boy continuously throws our paper on your lawn.
Give him a break he's only 8 years old, she said laughing.
Nice robe Brian, hot much?
OH, I had just stepped out of the shower when you rang the bell he said.
I was just about to have breakfast. Care to join me?
With out hesitation Kristy quickly stepped in and went to the kitchen.
As she walked by all I could do was stare at her tight ass. I was so hot in the robe but couldn't take it off being that I was still naked and the recent sight of Kristy in her wet bikini gave me a huge boner.

I closed the door and went to the kitchen.

So what would you like, Brian asked.
I'll have the same thing your having. With that said I pulled out two bowls and the poured some cereal into them, but then realized there wasn't any milk. I told Kristy and she said she'd run over to her house for some milk.

Thinking to myself I looked at her tits thinking they would be the perfect place to get milk. As soon as she walked out the door, I ran up stairs and took off the robe quickly beat my meat and as soon as I heard the door open I threw on a pair of basketball shorts and ran down stairs shirt less and boxer-less.

We sat down and ate the cereal and just talked about past memories, moveies, and music. After breakfast we headed into the living room to watch some TV. As I turned on the TV, it came on to the porn dvd I had been watching the night before. I said to myself OH SHIT and quickly tried to turn it off, but Kristy said she wanted to watch it. So I sat down next to her and started it from the beginning. Watching the porn started to get me hard again, as I tried to cover my boner with my hand I also noticed how hard Kristy's tits were, being that she still had on her bikini, now a little dried up. I dozed off for about 10 minutes but when I came to I looked over and saw Kristy with her hand down her bottom fingering herself. I pretended to still be asleep and just peaked at her getting herself worked up. She was trying to control herself but couldn't and let out a huge moan of pleasure as she push her head back and closed her eyes. That just sent me overboard.

Kristy saw me peaking at her and then took her hand and put it in my shorts and started to rub my throbbing cock. She then took her other hand grabbed my hand and made me cup her nice perky tits. I felt like I was in heaven. I then began to let out a moan of my own as she was rubbing my cock. Not being able to take it anymore I picked Kristy up and sat her on my lap and put my hand behind her back and untied her top. With that done, I hugged Kristy closer and harder and began sucking on her tits, bits of milk began to sip into my mouth, then my thought of earlier (breast milk with cereal) flashed back and got me more worked up. I began to suck more and more and harder on her tits as she moaned louder. She then hopped off me and took off her bottom revealing her nice tight pink pussy while I took off my shorts.

When soon got into the 69 position and began to got to work on each other. With her head bobbing up and down on more cock I got harder and stiffer than I'd ever been. She was a pro at giving the blowjob. She spit on my cock and nearly sucked the cum out of my nut sack. As she was doin that, I was working on pussy sending my tongue on a mission I licked and tickled around and then went to work on her clit. At the same time we each said we were going to cum. At that I softly bit her left pussy lip, she then screamed and immediately had her orgasm with her pussy juice flowing into my mouth, and I loved it. With that done I soon shot my load in her mouth, squirt after squirt she sucked it up. She immediately got up and we shared a passionate kiss exchanging her pussy juice and my cum in our mouths. After we swallowed, I layed kristy on the couch, got on top and began sucking her tits again. After that I began to lick up and down her toned body. While doing that, I snuck my cock into her pussy and she let out a loud scream of pleasure. I began thrusting my hips back and forth while I was still sucking on her tits. Still with my cock in her we changed positions. I got on my back and she was riding on top while we kissed. While kissing I began to finger her tight asshole and she began to work faster, sending me over the edge. I soon shot my load straight up pussy, when all of a sudden her pussy tightened and then her juices flowed right out, showering my cock in its glory.

I pulled out, and sat up while she got between my legs and sucked the pussy juice right off my cock. After that she whispered in my ear, and I quickly got hard again. We both stood up, I got behind her, bent her over and began licking her asshole. Once soaked from a saliva, I stuck my cock in her ass as forceful and hard as I can just like she asked. I grabbed her hips and began to push and pull her body on and off my cock. She leaned her head back as we started to kiss and I then began to finger her pussy again. With that being done, I shot a load into her ass, we both collapsed on to the couch.

We layed there breathing hard, trying to catch out breath. We then shared another passionate kiss and then she layed her head on my chest and we fell asleep with my cock still in her ass.

What a morning, I wonder what the afternoon has in stored for us. Hmmm

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2010-11-07 06:03:09
Women's breasts only produce milk if they've had a baby, go back to sex-ed buddy.

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2010-08-20 11:53:35
Not a great story so much. Keep at it tho

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2010-08-19 20:54:27
Sounds more like a juvenile wet dream than fiction.

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2010-08-19 20:51:46
unoriginal and poorly written, but good for a first story =)
Try to make less use of follow-up words like "and then" and "after that" .. i also read "with that being done" a few times i think .. you get my point

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