A short story about a girl I used to know
A Little College Fun
At 19 and with little sexual experience I was off to college. I attended college in sunny California and it looked to be a hunting ground full of beautiful girls, but none more beautiful then Caroline. Her hair was bottle blonde and fell to her shoulders, with a curvy body and a set of C cups hidden under a blue tight fitting blouse that pushed her nipples hard against the fabric. She wore tight jeans that hugged her round jiggling ass tightly. She stood only 5-6 to 5-8 and peered at the world with almond colored eyes. At first, I did not have the courage to approach but I wanted her so I did the next best thing, I asked others about her to get information.

I asked around campus and found out she had a loose past, giving it up easily in high school but was trying to go straight and start a new image in college. I decided to talk to her at my first opportunity, and when we had our first class together that day I sat next to her waiting to make my move. Sitting together was agonizing wanting to touch her and having to keep my cool. We talked for a while the first day of class, she told me about her life and I told her about mine. She reached out and squeezed my hand during a tender moment in the conversation and I thought for the first time I could have a shot. The class let out, and we were alone in the classroom. It was the end of the day and the rooms were emptying as most students left to go back to the dorms.
We talked for a while longer looking into those almond eyes, while she looked into mine. The sexual energy was electric. I decided it would be me to make the first move. I leaned in to kiss her and to my surprise, she allowed it, leaning in towards me. I was shocked that it was happening and I was excited to see how far I could go.

I leaned back looking at her “How was it for you?" "I told myself I would not run around with boys any more but you're really cute." She leaned in again kissing more deeply this time. When she was done, she learned back and placed her hands on my shoulders. I swallowed hard feeling the moment getting more intense. I smiled at her as her hands went from my shoulders to racing down my chest and then dropped to my thighs. We kissed again this time her hands exploring my crotch and my hands pulling her closer to reach around her back. She whispered in my ear and said, “Go ahead nobody is here." I steadied her body with my left hand and reached my right hand under her shirt raising it slowly reaching her right breast giving it a light squeeze. Keeping my hand on top of her breast, I moved my thumb over her tit making it jump to life.

I pulled my hand back off and looking deep in to her eyes, my hands moving to the buttons of her blouse. She helped me to unbutton her and watched my reaction to seeing her with just her bra on. She got up moving swiftly to close the door and turn the light off before returning to sit next to me. She was beautiful and she knew it, she took off her bra and I took off my shirt. She took down her pants and I took mine off. We both stood in nothing but underwear as she came up to me kissing me softly on the forehead pressing her tits against my face. "I'm not going to fuck you just so you know." I was stunned; I thought she would do me for sure given that we were both almost completely naked. "No offence I just don't fuck guys in class rooms, but if you want to finger me or have me blow you or something that's cool." I nodded and grabbed her arm sitting her on my lap. She moved down to the floor and grabbed my boxers pulling them down to the floor so my erection was in front of her face.

I was concerned about my size having not gotten a ton of feedback from women. Caroline just smiled and gripped the shaft with her hand. I've seen them in all sizes so I'm never really shocked but I always forget how warm they are." "So it's not too small?" "No it's fine, got to be 6 at least I figure I get hot just sucking guys so I'm fine." She started by moving her hand up and down on my cock until it became rock hard. She hummed in anticipation then I pushed my cock against her lips until they opened and she took my whole cock at once. Her mouth was warm and she sucked as if she had done it many times. Her tongue moved first around the tip of my cock, then licking up and down the shaft. She moved her head back to hovering above my cock and kissed the head softly before taking it again. “That feels so good baby, god you're good at this!” She smiled up at me and went back to sucking my shaft again. She was very good, really sucking as hard as she could like she was trying to suck cum out of my dick.

She smiled, moaned, and looked up at me, “now I am going to get you off.” With that took my whole cock deep throat working it up and down vigorously. She worked it faster and faster with every second until I did not think I could hold out anymore. I pushed her head down to hold her in position. She started to gag a little and it felt great, I let her up and she smiled at me waving her finger at me for gagging her. "I'm close to cumming Caroline." She looked up and hummed. She lifted off and started to work my shaft with her hand. She positioned herself to place her tits on my dick. "Tit fuck me Cooper, I love getting tit fucked it makes feel good about my huge tits." I fucked her tits fast until I was moments away from cumming. She could tell and slipped off my cock and opened her mouth wide and taking my dick again the cum blasting her in the back of the mouth. She lifted off and placed my hand on her pussy looking me in the eye, "any time you want this pussy you can have it, I do anal, oral, tongue your ass, anything you want." I kissed her again, "Your body is fucking awesome, I want to fuck you." She kissed my lips dick and put her clothes on. Tomorrow night, my roommate is going to be gone so there will be no one at the house.” Later we did meet up and she gave me the best fuck of my life to that point.

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2010-08-20 23:51:14
Good story but needs a little editting

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