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Day dreams.
So, I was feeling really horny this one evening. I wanted a real fuck, but this would have to do. I logged onto the Internet and started to surf some really nasty porn sites... not sure how I would like it, the interracial videos of girls like me begging for monster black cock and taking every inch, the gang-bangs, and even the bestiality sites where they would have sex animals in every way imaginable.
I started feeling my tight wet pussy getting wet... desperate for that fuck. I wanted more of these pics, vids, and stories, they were making me really fucking horny and I wanted to try all of it now. Surfing on, I slipped my hand down my black silk thong, and played gently with my throbbing clit as I pinched my nipples...HARD!
I wanted more, I needed more. The screen turned into a fantasy of me with a black man and his Rottweiler.
I was jogging in the park and had stopped to catch my breath and retie my shoe, as this beautiful black man and his huge dog came down the path.
I was wet with sweat as I bent over trying to get a knot out of my shoe lace. The man stopped to ask if I needed help just as his dog shoved his nose between my legs, causing me to fall.
I hit the ground hard and the dog started to run his rough tongue rapidly between my legs. I had a birds eye view of his doggy cock.
I couldn't believe my ears as the man told the dog, GOOD BOY! Guess they had done this before cause the black man immediately ran his big hands under my sports bra and began pinching my nipples extremely hard causing my pussy to throb more.
I was afraid to scream, I simply lay there in terror as the man ripped my bra and shorts off, giving them both free access to my hot sweaty body. My mind was paralyzed but my body wasn’t. I found myself opening my legs wide and pulling the man to me as I ran my tongue deep in his mouth. I couldn’t believe it as he pulled out his massive black cock. It was as thick as my wrist and a full 13 inches long! He flipped me over on my knees as he settled to the ground in front of me.

He grabbed a fist full of my hair, rammed his cock down my throat, gagging me with that black anaconda.
The dog had stopped lapping at my cunt but I felt his claws on my back, beginning to scratch and tear at my sides. I couldn’t fight it as I couldn’t get enough air around the cock in my mouth.
The man reached back and pulled my ass cheek to the side as I felt the dogs cock searching for my now dripping cunt. I tried to scream as the head of the man’s cock hit the back of my throat at the same time as the dogs fat dick was rammed in my pussy.
The dog slammed his dick to the balls inside me like a jackhammer, stretching my pussy as I moaned around the cock buried in my mouth. I found myself with both hands around the cock in front of me sucking for all I was worth and my ass bobbing counter point to the dogs rapidly expanding dick thrusting inside me.
I begged for more, I needed more!
When the dogs dick popped out of cunt I wanted to cry. The man shoved his cock deep in my mouth again just as I realized to dog wasn’t finished and the head entered my sweet lil asshole(FUCK)!!!!!
The man had grip on my ass I couldn’t break and the dog kept going deeper with every thrust.I started rubbing my clit harder and faster, slipping my fingers inside my hot wet pussy. First 1, then 2, then 4 fingers.
I felt myself building up to an orgasm that I knew was like nothing I’d ever felt before. The man drew me up on top of him and in one powerful push it felt like my hot, swollen cunt was ripped wide open. That fucking black bull filled me with all 13 inches at once. The rottie continued to fuck my ass, trying to shove his knot inside and pour his seed into his lil white bitch. I wanted him to tie with me..

Fuck me you bastard, I screamed !You know I want you both to cum deep inside me!
I look to the side and see two more guys with their dogs, watching and taking pictures with their phones. When they saw that I had noticed them, they walk over for close-ups. Pulling their cocks out and put them in my face.
The man under me tells me suck some dick, every dick I can reach with my mouth.
One guy came instantly in my mouth. I swallowed as he steps back and urges his dog up on my back.
The other guy pulls out of my mouth and forces my head to the side, I’m too far gone to care and open my lips as his dog fucks my mouth.
The black guy under me, penetrates my womb, starts filling me with his seed as the second dog cums in my ass.
He drops off the 3rd dog mounts me and continues to jackhammer my ass.
The guys now stand back in amazement as dogs fuck my ass and mouth while I orgasm continuously.
The dog cums in my mouth and I lick up every drop for the cameras.
I concentrate on the final dog on my back. I realize he’s a Great Dane with much bigger dick then the last dog. My ass and pussy are stretched, loose and swollen from the serious abuse they’ve taken.
The animal inside me has been unlocked and I’m determined to take every inch of the massive Great Dane.
I meet every thrust, slamming myself back on that dick, trying to take that huge knot in my ass.
In an instant there is agony/pleasure like I’ve never felt before, as I tie with the wonderful beast. His huge knot is locked in my ass as I milk the cum from his balls!
I reached into the top draw of my dresser for my rampant rabbit dildo. I needed full satisfaction and i needed it now.
Dreaming of having a black man and his dog gang-bang me over and over.
I plunged the vibrator deep into my neglected little asshole. A wave of pure pleasure shook my whole body as I felt that vibrator through the thin membrane dividing my vibrating ass and fist filled cunt.
I now treat the computer like my favorite fuck buddy. I visit everyday, the nastiest sites I can find. Maybe one day my dream will cum true!!

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2014-11-29 02:41:39
english teachers.... shut the fuck up as for you young jogger.. stick to massive black cocks... you absolutely cant go wrong

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2012-03-08 17:26:37
yea you as a woman knows a period . lets us have a breake from the excitement to get a drink

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2012-03-06 21:58:11
Separate your paragraphs, otherwise i really liked it.

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2010-08-25 05:47:03
u made me i guess that means its good

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2010-08-22 00:08:25
Poorly written. But is a lot of girls dreams. I know it always make my pussy wet just thinking about it.

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