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All fantasy, I hope you enjoy!
My Masters Puppet

Chapter 1: A Costly Mistake

I slept comfortably in my empty bed only to be disturbed by a pounding on the front door. The veracity of the knocking startled me, it took a minute to focus the sunlight from the window was blinding. It was a reminder of my sadness, that I’m wasting a perfectly good day moping around. I must of fell asleep after I took a shower, I was still wearing my bath robe and my hair was still damp.

I stood up adjusting my robe making sure nothing was exposed and worked my way down the hall to the front door. I looked through the peephole and seen an officer on my front step. My heart sank as I opened the door.

“Hello? Can I help you?”
“There has been an accident ma’am, are you Sarah O’Neil?”
“Oh no, what’s wrong…” I said with panic in my voice
“Where was you’re husband going ma’am?”
“He was on his way to the airport; he had business to attend in California”
“For how long?”
“Two weeks, is he okay?”
“Yes ma’am, but I need to discuss something with you”
“Sure come on in” I said as the feeling of nausea passed.
“What is it, officer?”
“Do you want to see your husband again, Sarah?”
“What? Um, yes? I don’t….”
“Well then you better do exactly as you’re told.”

He grabbed my arm, confused I tried to break away. He was too strong, I couldn’t get away.
“Stop!” he demanded, as he laid a backhand across my cheek. I was dazed and fell limply to the floor. He pulled on my loosened robe, exposing my nude body. I laid on my back covering myself up the best I could.
“What’s going on here officer? What are you doing?”
He flung the plastic badge onto my stomach and let out a chuckle. I never asked for ID and I didn’t see a police car out front. Fear consumed my body as I struggled to cover up.
“Look what I have here; it looks like I have myself one hell of a blonde bombshell. I’m going to enjoy those blue eyes looking up at me as you suck my cock”
“Fuck you! Get out of my house!” my voice cracked in fear
“You’re far from being in control, in fact you’re going to do whatever I tell you over the next couple of weeks or I’m going to kill you and your faggot husband.”
With that said he grabbed my ankle and pulled me towards him. I made a futile attempt to kick him off of me but my blows just bounced off his body. He crushed me under his weight forcing both my arms above my head pinning me down with one of his paw like hands. Both my wrists were secured easily with his hand, they were rough, the felt like a piece of leather around my wrists. He wiggled his hip between mine, I curled my legs around his waist trying to push him off, but I had no luck. With is other hand he reached behind my shoulder pulling down on my long blonde hair forcing my chin up. I watched him lower his head onto my exposed body as he bit into my right nipple. I bucked in pain but I was completely immobilized. He tormented my nipple with his teeth, oh how much I hated him. He moved to the left nipple with the same intent, this time I didn’t waste my energy to move. I tried to block out the pain put he didn’t stop until I cried out. He was a sadistic animal and I was his prey. From between my breasts I felt his tongue leave a trail of saliva up my neck, over my chin, perched at my lips. I clamped my jaw shut making sure that he couldn’t force its way in. With a smile from ear to ear he pulled my hair as far back as my neck would allow, when I tried to yell he got what he wanted. I didn’t even dare bite down. He shoved his tongue as far down my throat as he could, embracing my tongue, then the roof of my mouth. I tasted his foul breath as he maneuvered his tongue as far down my throat as he could. He was enjoying his power over me as I tried not to throw up.
I assumed he was bored of humiliating me, he released my hair and slowly pulled on his belt buckle, frantically I struggled but I made no progress, he was just too strong. He popped the button on his pants releasing his cock, which was already rock hard. He had no underwear on which just assured the fact that it was a premeditated assault. But, how did he know my husband was gone or even my name?
He shifted his hips to position himself to enter me, I watched as I caught a glimpse of manhood, it was huge, easily double the size of my husbands in girth and a couple inches on length, my husband is no slouch in that department but he put him to shame. My body went numb knowing what was about to happen to me.
I begged my attacker to stop as the tears where now free flowing. I was barely able to handle the anticipation of being raped, I was on the verge of passing out. He stared down at me his dark eyes pierced right through me, causing me to look away. His appearance and black skin easily intimidated me. I could see a smile a merge from his face from the corner of my eyes, revealing all of his pearly whites. I looked down at his thighs that my legs rested on; they were black as night and as thick as my body is wide. He was very muscular, his arms were stretching the opening of the T shirt he wore, and his chest completely filled the uniform. As had completely kicked off his slacks and wasted no time getting intimate. I felt the head of his penis put pressure on the outer lips of my pussy. With both legs I anchored my feet on his hips and pushed, but he did not move.
“Oh God no” I cried out sobbing uncontrollably.
“Please.. please… I’m not on anything…..” The fear of what could happen was overwhelming. My pleads fell on deaf ears as he simply wiggled my feet free and again resumed position between my legs. He pushed himself slowly into my dry canal. The pain was immense as I felt the ridges of his swollen head enter me. The walls of my vagina clamped down on him as if I was squeezing him in my hand. I thought to myself that there was no way he wasn’t going to do permanent damage to my already abused body with that massive dick and me being dry. With a slight thrust he was anchored inside me another 2 inches. I felt the veins in his shaft pushing on the inside of me. He slowly backed out and methodically started to rape me, slowly stretching me out.
“Please use a condom… please” I begged but again I didn’t get a response.
The thought of him bare inside me was crushing. I closed my eyes in disbelief, I was hoping that this was a nightmare and I was going to wake up, but it wasn’t a nightmare. In fact it got much worse.
I felt the blood rush into my face as I started to blush. My body started to betray me, lubricating his cock, helping him invade my canal. With each little thrust he penetrated me deeper and deeper until finally I felt his sack slap between the cheeks of my ass crack. I forced my eyes opened and glanced at my attacker, he had his eyes closed enjoying the tightness of my body. I felt him throb his penis inside me. He looked down and immediately closed my eyes again as my rape continued. I couldn’t stop crying and sobbing, I could not believe this was happening to me. The only thing keeping me from shaking apart was the weight pinning me to the ground.
He started to take long hard strokes completely removing himself from my body, and then roughly entering me. After a few minutes he started to pick up his pace causing me to bite down on my lower lip. The constant stimulation of my pussy and the pressure of his body on top of me trapping me, I became lost in the stimulation and rhythm. I tried so hard not to give him any satisfaction of my abuse but the contact was just too much. It started with a quiet uncontrollable moan, but soon followed by another and another. Within a matter of minutes I was moaning with each one of his thrusts. After a couple more minutes I found myself rocking my hips in rhythm with his thrusts while my legs wrapped around his waist pushing him as deep as I could. I was ashamed how easily I given in. I not only let down myself but my husband as well. Beads of sweat started to form on my body as I absorbed each thrust fucking him as hard as he was fucking me.
It was too late to stop, I have lost control of my body and couldn’t get it back, like some outside force took control of me. I felt an orgasm building and it was going to be intense. I tried to fight it off but the more I fought the more the intensity grew until I finally exploded on his cock. It was so intense that my body became limp and I stopped breathing. My toes curled in pleasure as I enjoyed the ripples flowing through my body. As the orgasm subsided I felt my muscles around his shaft still convulsing in pleasure. I clamped down on him not being able to move, I didn’t realize that he had stopped to let me enjoy it, or perhaps he enjoyed the milking sensation I gave him. The orgasm seemed to last forever as whatever fight I had left in me, left with the last ripple of esctasy.
It didn’t take him long to notice my surrender and let go of my arms. I left them above my head as he scooped up my legs onto his shoulders. He moved to his knees from the military position still inside of me. Now our bodies were perpendicular allowing him to get deeper inside of me. He resumed fucking me, as I panted heavily as each thrust felt like ecstasy in my heightened sexual state. I watched my tits bounce up and down with each motion.
“Good girl” he whispered to me. His hands roamed my body, squeezing both of my tits in his hands twisting the sore nipples. I had no fight left in me. The tears that briefly stopped flowing, came back as he made me feel like a whore. My mind wanted him to stop, but my body wanted to keep going. My arms were free, I could attempt to fight and I wanted to but they would not listen to me. I wanted to stop enjoying my assault, but once again I couldn’t. He started to grunt, pounding me harder and harder. The sweat was pouring off of him, from the top of his brow and it darkened his shirt. With each thrust getting me closer and closer to another orgasm. All I could think about is selfishly hoping that he wouldn’t cum before I did. The fear of him filling my insides with his sperm disappeared as my body worked in unison with his racing to have another orgasm. I used my arms to push onto his cock. I rotated my hips in a circle adding to my own stimulation, each time rubbing my clit on his body. Satisfied, I felt my orgasm spread through out my body with the same intensity as the first. My spasms put my rapist over the top as well as I felt the warm of his body fluid fill my cavity. He continued to fuck me as the contents of my drench pussy leaked down the crack of my ass. He became limp and stopped, pushing me off him like a piece of trash. I got to my knees and started to crawl away like a hurt animal.
“Where do you think your going, princess?”

Chapter 2: The preparation

I stopped in my tracks, on all fours trying to desperately get away.
“Please, you got what you wanted… now go!” I demanded.
“You don’t get it princess, I’m here to stay. Now continue to be a good girl and come here.”
“Please, no… you don’t have to do this… I won’t tell anyone” I pleaded
“Come here!” he commanded
I slowly stood up, and as I did I felt the contents inside of me ooze down my inner thigh. I could not believe what just happened, I did not know what to do. I was in the hallway with my back facing my tormentor looking into my kitchen. I had a patio door to the back yard about 20 feet away. As I put one foot toward the door he grabbed my arm and flung me into the wall. I bounced off violently, face first, dropping to the floor. I tasted blood as I my lip began to swell.
“Get up” he commanded
I didn’t move fast enough as he pulled me up by my hair. Dragging me behind him by the head he led me into my bedroom and tossed me onto the bed.
“You have a lot to learn bitch”
He flipped me onto my stomach with my legs still on the floor bending me over. He grabbed my wrists putting them behind my back and pinned me down. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!!! He started slapping my ass with his belt as hard as he could. I could feel the hotness of the welts already forming. I’m not sure how many times he lashed me but my legs gave out and he was still going. He continued to work on me, first my ass then my lower back and then my calves resting on the floor.
“When I tell you to do something, you do it. I took it easy on you this time but next time I wont be so nice!”
He took the belt and fastened it to my wrists behind my back. He rubbed my welts and massaged my lower back and buttocks. I felt his finger enter me, exploring my vagina going deeper and deeper. He pulled me off the bed and kneeled me before him. He put that finger to my lips. It was covered in his cum and a mix of my juices. I clenched my lips and turned my head, I knew what he wanted.
“Open” he commanded
“Look at me” and I did
“Open, I’m not telling you again” he said with tug on my hair
I reluctantly unsealed my lips, slightly opening my mouth.
“More”, and I did
“Good, stick out your tongue”, once again I obeyed
He wiped a large glob of his salty sperm on my tongue.
“Now swallow”
I did what I was told, and then he stuck his finger in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked the remaining residue off of his filthy digit. I had to fight off the urge to vomit as the taste filled my mouth.
“Stay on your knees princess, I’ll be right back”
He disappeared into the hallway. Naked and bound, I waited there sobbing. I felt the raised welts on my body, still burning in pain. As he left me here my thoughts went wild, how can I escape? Who will rescue me? Scott will call me and notice something is wrong when I don’t answer and rush home and save me…. The sad fact is that we just moved here and I have no friends or family to check up on me. Did my captor know this? Is he going to kill me? The fear was overwhelming and I could not stop trembling. All these questions that I had… Scott will rescue me, I just have to stay alive long enough, I thought.
He entered my room with a duffle bag. “Get up” I struggled with my arms being bound but I managed to get to my feet. He gave me a little push, and I fell onto my arms on my bed. He slid me up a little, grabbing both ankles and putting my feet on the bed.
“Spread you legs as far as they will go”
“Good, now lift that pretty little ass of yours”
He slid a towel under me from his bag and pulled out shaving cream and a straight razor. I was a little confused because I shave down there regularly, leaving only a stripe of hair. He smeared the cream all over my pubic hair, down my lips and onto my ass crack. It was hot like it was warmed. It felt good on my sore sex. He went into the master bathroom and came out with a bowl of water.
“Don’t move”
He slowly carved the shaving cream off my pubic area. He slowly worked his way around my lips, pulling and tugging them out of the way. It was so erotic and stimulating that I found myself getting wet. I’m sure he intentionally started to tease my clit as he pinched it between his fingers and rolled it. I couldn’t control myself as I started to breath heavy. I felt the blade carefully caress my most sensitive skin as he continued to tug on my clit. My knees closed a little and my toes curled as I orgasmed. He gently continued to rub me as it finally subsided.
“On your knees, face down”
I did what I was told. He added more cream slowly clearing the hair from my crack. I felt his had glide over my crack admiring his work. His hand moved effortlessly over the shaving creams residue. To my surprise his finger stopped at my anal pucker. He massaged my virgin ring, forcing the tip of his finger in. I quickly clenched my cheeks but his knuckle was already in.
“NO PLEASE! DON’T!” I said as I rolled to my side.
The look of anger frightened me. I thought he was going to kill me at that point. He pulled some sort of whip out of his bag and came to me. I was on my back with my feet the only thing to defend me. The first crack landed between my legs sending tears to my eyes as it felt like my clit was ruptured. I curled my legs up and rolled to my side as he continued to whale on me. Like little paper cuts each crack left a drop of blood.
“Good” he said with a smile
“Back on your knees”
I assumed my position crying. He wasted no time getting back to where he left off. “OOUCH! OUCH!.... OH PLEASE” I cried as I felt each knuckle enter my un-lubricated hole. He pushed it in and out, twisting and turning, if felt my insides turn with each motion. He leaned over and spit on my crack, it relieved some of the pain. First one finger then two he mercilessly forced himself inside me. I tried to relax as the pain just turned to discomfort. Satisfied, he pulled his fingers out and put them to my lips. Oh god, he wanted me to open my mouth. With disgust I opened my mouth, the taste of shit and the horrid smell made me gag. He forced his fingers to my cheeks, tongue down my throat making me gag again and again. Finally the taste and smell subsided as I completed my task licking clean his fingers swallowing the filth fed to me. He went to his duffle bag and removed a couple of items. He attached leather ankle cuffs to each of my ankles, removed his belt and replaced them with wrist cuffs and finally a collar with hoops all around. At this point I was exhausted and out of tears. I laid there motionless and watched as he enslaved me further.
He motioned with his finger to come to him and he led me to the foot of my bed. Both the headboard and footboard were cast iron, with a cast iron canopy. It was a king sized bed that both my husband and I enjoyed. The footboard was just the right height at my hips for me to bend over and have full access to me. I’m sure I was going to regret this. He fasten my ankles to bed frame as far as they would go, my wrist were bound together and stretched across to the top of the bed where he tied it off. He pulled it so tight that I had to take the pressure of the frame digging into my hips by staying on the tip of my toes. My ass was in the air and I was bent over the foot of the bed, exactly what he wanted. He removed a gag and something else from his bag and approached me. He placed the ball gag around my neck and placed it in my mouth. The ball barely fit it was so big, it hurt just leaving my mouth open. He smeared something cold on my anus, I let out a whimper but he continued. He pushed something deep inside of me that was very uncomfortable. I saw him pumping something in his hand as I felt the pressure inside my bowels increase. He pulled a bottle of something out as I realized what was happening. He was going to give me an enema. I twisted and turned as attached the bottle to the device and squeezed it. The cold fluid filled my intestines causing almost instant discomfort. He rubbed some cream on my crack as well that started burning my skin on contact. I bucked as screamed into my gag but he just cleaned up and walked away. I watched as he went from room to room. What is he stealing now too?
I quickly lost focus as the pain grew inside me. I tried to push to relieve myself but I couldn’t. My eyes were dry as I cried from the pain. It felt like there were knives poking and turning inside of me. He came back into the room and I tried to plead with him. “Please I’ll do whatever you want, just untie me”, but all that came out was muffles. He walked behind me and whipped my ass with a damp rag removing some of the fire from my body. He tugged on the enema plug that was expanded inside of me, taunting me with his smile. I peered back at him with my submissive blue eyes. It then he decided to explain the rules.
“You are my property to do with how I see fit, you are a slave and I am your master, and you’ll respond to me in that regards. I have rules for my slaves and they are simple:
1. You will only speak when spoken to and do what I tell you when I tell you. I will train you to service a man like a slave should.
2. You will look sexy everyday, wearing nothing but skirts or dresses with heels no less then 4 inches.
3. You will keep your pussy bald and ass clean shaven. You will keep up with your bleaching of your asshole, the dark ring is dirty and unacceptable. You better keep that pussy tight. - He tossed a set of kegel balls on the bed in front of me.
4. Your makeup and hair get done and kept neat all day including to bed.
5. The evening you best be sexy, I seen your lingerie
6. Every morning I expect you wake me up with a blow job, or you’ll be beaten
7. You are responsible for all the meals and cleaning during the day. If you prepare anything that I don’t like you’ll be beaten.
It is unacceptable to disobey any of my rules. If you do you will pay dearly, do you understand me?”
I nodded with disbelief, but I would of sold my soul to the devil to relieve the cramping in my intestines, maybe I just did.

He pulled out a needle from his bag walking behind me. I muttered into the ball trying to get answers on what that was. Was he going to shoot me up with heroin and turn me into a junkie? Oh god no. It was no use struggling just caused the pain bubbling in my bowels got get worse, I had to stop moving.
“Don’t worry princess, this makes sure you won’t get pregnant for the next couple of months. We wouldn’t want that for what I have in store for you.”
He rubbed the top of one of my ass cheeks, jabbing me with the needle. It didn’t hurt or the pain from my intestines was more intense.

He untied my legs and arms, I was still bound at the wrists and I ran to the bathroom. I sat down but I had to wait until he came to help me. The bastard walked slowly to the bathroom as I sat there trembling in pain.
“Thank you, Thank you” I said into my gag.
“Lean forward and touch the floor” I quickly did so.
I felt the some of the pressure go away as he released the valve. He tugged on the enema and in the most humiliating way I relieved myself. I was humiliated and ashamed. He stood over me watch me empty my bowels. The smell was awful and it kept coming out, my insides spasmed in pain, squeezing all of the remaining toxins out. He looked at me as he removed my gag and wrist restrains.
“Get on your knees ass, in the air…”he commanded
He repeated the enema three more times but allowed me to empty the fluid immediately.
“You have an hour to shower, do your hair and make up” He placed a timer on the vanity.
“Understand me, slave?”
“I do….” I said defeated
“I DO WHAT?!” he said snapping
“Master ….” I whispered. The words burned my mouth as I spoke them.
“You learn quick princess, I will leave what I want you to wear for our special occasion on the bed”

Chapter 3: The first lesson

I started the shower running to hide my escape as I quickly made to the window in my bathroom. I tried to force it open with no avail. The son of a bitch screwed the window shut. In my misery that’s what he was doing from room to room. Oh no, my home is now my jail. I am going to be forced into being a slave, his slave. Master, are you kidding? For how long? I started to panic. “Okay Sarah, Scott will call soon” I said aloud. “and then he will come home and rescue me.”
With 45 minutes left, I took his shower, blow dried my hair. I stood in front of the mirrored wall in my bathroom. I gazed at my welts on my heart shaped backside as they were still pink. They were easily seen on my fair skin. I was a little bruised along my hips where I laid for seemed like hours across the foot of my bed. I had applied lotion all over my body hopefully relieving some of the pain. It made my skin soft and smells nice, I debated using it. Thinking of what awaited me made my skin crawl. I finished examining my body; as my natural blonde, I was proud of matching stripe of my pubic hair that he removed. Although it had its benefits, my hill was soft and smooth to the touch. He did do an outstanding job leaving not a single hair. It seems that he bleached my anus as well, the skin of my crevice was as fair as the rest of me. The thought of giving my body to this man, this black man sickened me. I have gone to the gym almost everyday since high school to stay in shape. To allow him to use me like an object degusted me. I squeezed my breast thinking on how he will use them for his pleasure, they were more than a handful even for his huge hands. He’s going to surely enjoy tormenting my pale pink nipples. I gazed into the mirror as I applied my eyeliner around my crystal blue eyes. I finished applying lipstick as the realization of the reason why he cleaned my bowels entered my mind.
I put a towel around me and made my way to the bed. I fell to my knees and I started to hyperventilate. My husband and I have been married for only a year but I’ve known him from high school. Scott is 25 and I’m 22, the year he graduated from college we were wed. Right now being we had to relocate I was unemployed, which I wasn’t happy about but I enjoyed not having to work.
I caught my breath and stood up. He laid out what I wore under my wedding dress on our first night together as husband and wife. It was complete, my white corset with garters for the thigh highs, silk G-string, and even the gloves I wore. He finished it off with the white heels I worn and even my crystal tiara. I was not putting that on for him. I tossed in off the bed and waited for him in my towel.
The timer went off and in seconds he entered. Before I could say anything a mild punch landed to my gut collapsing me to my knees.
“This is your position when I enter a room”
He stood me up on my knees, put my hands behind my back and tilted my head down towards the floor. When he was satisfied, he picked me up with ease and tossed me onto the bed. He walked out of the room and re-entered immediately. I was still in pain and I didn’t move. He stormed over to me, pulled my head up by my hair and slapped me across the face. I felt his five fingers linger on my cheek. He stormed out again and in a couple of seconds re-entered. I rushed to the floor looking down with my arms behind me. I didn’t realize my towel was off until he approached me.
“Get up and bend over the bed”
“Put your arms over your head and keep them there”
On the bed he laid a couple of items. There were various paddles, some studded some spiked. The whips were just and fierce, mostly leather but some had studs on the end. The he demonstrated the next few items. “This is a cattle prod” He pushed the button and electricity jumped across the prongs.
“This is what I’m going to use to punish you if you don’t wear what I left for you. I am a generous master and you’ll see this. I am willing to give you a second chance but it will cost you. I am going to demonstrate the pain that each of these will cause with the exception of this last one. You do not want me to use this on you. You lie still and take each lash without crying or moving and you earned your second chance. If not then lets just say you’re in for a long couple of weeks.”
“Okay… master” I squeaked
He grabbed the first item and I clenched the blanket. One by one he assaulted me, each item more painful then its predecessor. The blows landed across my back, legs, and thighs any where there was flesh exposed. There were a total of 12 lashes over my battered body.
“10 minutes” he said as he left the room
I cried sending tears down my cheeks. I stood up then seen the streaks of black down my face ruining my make-up. I panicked rushing to the bathroom cleaning my face fixing my makeup. I had 5 minutes left as I laced up the corset and attached the white stockings. I put on my gloves and tiara but I couldn’t find my panties. I searched all over before I found them hanging off the canopy of the bed. I just pulled them on when the door open. I kneeled before him, feeling a little satisfied.

Chapter 4: The training session I

With his crotch only inches away from my face he said, “Look at me”
I submissively looked up at him eyes wide open. He had to be at least 6’5 and dark as coffee. He was still wearing the uniform that he used to enter my home.
“Unbutton my pants” I started to raise my hands-
“No” he commanded
Still looking up I rose and wit my mouth bit down on the corner of the pant. With a tug the snap popped. I used my tongue to fish out the zipper and placed it between my teeth. “You catch me in the zipper….” He warned
I pulled it way from his body and slowly and gently unzipped him. I put my lips on the crotch of the pants and pulled them loose. He grabbed his member and stroked it as if he were proud of it.
“My cock is 10 inches from the tip to the base. Its two inches in girth.” He said with I smile. My eyes lit up in the exact dimensions of his monster. Not to compare my husband and not that I ever pulled out a tape measure but Scott was easily 7 inches long but looking at his tool in comparison about an inch and a quarter in girth, he’s long and skinny.
He stepped out of his pants and sat on the edge of the bed. He pointed for me to come over and I crawled over to him.
“Go ahead” he said not giving me any other direction.
I didn’t need it as I’m sure I know what he wanted. His penis was dark but a little lighter at the tip. His balls were clean shaved as well as his manhood. I grabbed it with my hand and gently stroked it. It was rock hard with very little bend to it. He slid down off the bed a little spreading his legs. He gave me complete access to his balls, giving me a starting point. There was no smell as what I would expect from this animal. The only smell I detected was that of sex. I grabbed his penis with my silk gloved hand pushing it down to his stomach. My tongue extended to his wrinkled sack, each testicle to big to completely put in my mouth. I reminded myself, “two weeks, Sarah or earlier” as I started to suck on each of them. I lapped my tongue exploring each of his wrinkles and creases. Softly liking the skin between his penis and leg. I ran my tongue up his shaft and around his head putting the tip in my mouth. I massaged his balls with one hand and held his shaft straight with the other as I slowly worked down on him. I was only 6 inches down when my eyes started to tear from gagging. I doubt this was good enough. I think I’m pretty good and giving head and I could tell he was enjoying it.
“Very good princess, but you take him down all the way down. Once you start to gag swallow and push down deeper.”
He sat up giving me a better angle pushing my hand off guiding them behind my back. We weaved his fingers in my blonde hair above my ears, now controlling my strokes. I relaxed my neck as he used my mouth for his pleasure pushing me deeper on deeper. I swallowed hard as he pushed himself down my throat cutting off my air supply. He held my head there longer and longer as I adjusted to his rhythm. He was relentless with his thrusts. “Look at me” he commanded
My blood shot eyes opened and met his as I seen a bubble form from my nose. If felt like he was pulling the contents from my stomach into my throat lubricating it for him. Each thrust deeper and deeper push snot out of my nose and forcing noises I never made before from my mouth. My throat gurgled as he let out a roar, my face was flush up against his pubic stubs. My throat throbbed as he flexed his muscle that was lodged in the tightness of my throat.. I had to fight to keep my arms to my side as I began to get light headed due to lack of air. He didn’t care as he stared at me and slowly remove himself from my mouth. I got one breath in before he started to face fucked me. Each thrust smashed my face to his abdomen. I put my hand on his knees to absorb some of the force but he quickly told me to put them behind my back. I caught half of a breath every now and then keeping me conscience. I was light headed as he pulled his cock to my lips and filled my cheeks with his sperm.
“Don’t swallow it yet! Let me see it.”
I tilted my head back and moved my tongue around like a whore would do. I felt it leak out the corner of my mouth. On command I swallowed his cum. I was then instructed to grab his softened member and squeezed the last drop out with my hand, as it emerged from his hole he forced me to devour it. He was covered in sweat as he laid down on my bed, I stayed like an obedient dog at his feet waiting for my next command.

Chapter 5: Final Conquest

He pulled me by my hand onto the bed beside him. His slid his head between my legs and nibbling on my newly shaved skin. My white G-string was soaked with my juices. He could easily see my clit through the now transparent cloth. With one tug he pulled it off of me exploring my pussy with his tongue. He bent my knees up, spreading them as far as they would go. I grabbed the slats on the headboard as the pleasure began to build. His tongue was all over, sucking my clit, deep inside my canal and wildly pushing on the pucker of my ass. I relaxed an allowed him entrance to my anus filling my ring with is tongue. I was so wet and horny I wanted to cum so bad. He moved his way back north flicking my clit with his tongue driving me crazy. Two fingers were introduced into my pussy finger fucking me with great velocity. I felt the nub of his ring finger on my asshole and I pushed hard onto it, sending the plump digit inside of me. All three fingers were fucking me as roughly, each the size of a small dildo. I couldn’t handle it as he continued to fuck me and torment my clit.
“Oh, Oh…. Oh… I’m… I’m… Cu….” That’s all I could muster as a wave of pleasure exploded to every nerve ending in my body. I sucked his fingers as he used the other hand to rub my pussy as the orgasm subsided. I closed my eyes as humiliation consumed my body. I realized what I just did and opened my eyes to see him grinning with satisfaction. At that moment we both knew my body was his, his sexual experience and knowledge of pleasuring confirmed that. He was right it was a special day. I wore this the night I truly gave myself to my husband and now I have given myself to my Master.

I just laid there excited like having sex for the first time in a new relationship. As deranged at it was.

Chapter 6: A Willing Servant

My excitement ended quickly as the ring on my finger began to itch. It was a reminder that I belong to someone else. It sparkled in the sunlight, reminding me again how hard Scott worked to have me. I was ashamed of what I had done and what I was becoming, but what choice did I have? My Master is going to do what he wants with me anyway. When Scott gets back in two weeks everything will be back to normal. Right now I need to concentrate on staying alive by serving my Master.
Half asleep he was quite and content and I should have left him that way but I wanted more, but to show him that I was dedicated to him. I straddled his chest tucking my heels above his head in the 69 position. The corset didn’t give me much flexibility as I put him in my mouth. I was surprised on how quickly it became engorged in blood filling my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his tree trunk thighs and devoured his massive cock. It was easier to get him all the way in, even I was impressed by my prow less.
He responded the way I hoped with a tongue lashing. He slid my knees down allowing him to ream me out. He fucked my ass with his tongue while rubbing my clit with his thumb, it was driving me nuts.
He stat up and I moved as we locked eyes. He led me by the hand bending me over the bed locking my hands behind me. I heard a pop of a bottle and plastic being forced inside my anal pucker. The fluid was cool lubricating my anal passage. I had one hole to give him and he was going to take it. My legs locked as he massaged the walls of my rectum. The first finger was stimulating the second was uncomfortable and the third was unbearable.
“Princess stop moving. If I don’t do this I’m going to tear you in half”
I bit my bottom lip as the pain of the third finger eased as the fourth was introduced.
“Master, Ouch… Please?!”
“I’ve been obedient and I’ll continue to be, please don’t do this to me….” I pleaded
“Enough” He barked
He left me bend over the bed and fetched a few pillows and the gag. I did not resist as I opened my mouth to accept my fate. He placed a pillow at my hips and another under my face.
“Keep your arms above your head or I’ll restrain you” he snarled
He spread the lubricant over his member and some more on my ass. He rubbed the shaft over my asshole in a circular motion. It would have felt good if I wasn’t so afraid. I tensed up as he put pressure on hole. SLAP! “Relax!” If felt the hand print on my already sore behind. My resistance ended as I release what little control I had, allowing him to go further with my anal rape. It felt like he was impaling me with a baseball bat – the fat end. I screamed into the gag, burring my head into the pillow twisting my fists in the comforters. It was torture as he pulled the head of his penis in and out of my chute. I tried to adjust the angle of his entry by swaying my hips but nothing eased the pain. I pushed hard into the bed frame trying to get my anus off his cock but he was anchored inside of me, pushing deeper and deeper into my intestines. My asshole was on fire as he stopped for a second. He was halfway inside of me, it was such a indescribable feeling. Almost like you have to take a shit, as my rectum spasmed under the pressure of his girth it tried to push the invader out with no luck. I was sweating and he was screwing me for a matter of minutes.
The corset I was wearing was soaked with my sweat as his cock finally disappeared into my virgin ass. One again he stopped, enjoying his conquest, pulsating his member inside of me. The pain I felt was barely manageable as my body accommodated my Masters cock. This was only the initial step in my de-virginization.
He spread my cheeks getting full view of my filled asshole. I he slowly began to move in and out I could feel my rectum pull out around his shaft. I could barely fit that monster in my mouth but my ass consumed it wholly. It will never be the same, after these two weeks I’m sure I’ll need diapers. I held my breath as he started taking it to me, faster and faster mercilessly robbing me of my virginity. My closed fists began to bleed as my nails dug into my palms. I just wanted him to finish with me. I rocked my hips trying to stay with his rhythm, I did the best I could to ignore the pain. He body slapped against mine pushing me into the footboard. Harder and harder he violated me, the slaps of our body bouncing off the walls of my room. With a hand full of hair he pulled me back to meet his thrusts, he guided my hips with is other hand. I let out a yelp into my gag. Numbness took over my lower extremities as he pounded me further into submission. He came twice in the past 6 hours and I doubt he was even close to finishing with me.
With one huge thrust he was deep inside my bowels, his balls slapping my pussy lips. He pulled me up by my shoulders, I reached for the rails of the canopy as I stood up. I had to adjust to the new position by arching my back and pushing my chest out. He pulled the lace on my corset throwing it to the side placing both hands on my breast twisting my nipples as he lifted me to the balls of my feet with each deep thrust. He worked my asshole for the next fifteen minutes until he flipped me onto my back. He once again entered my strained canal pinning my flexible legs to the bed. I rubbed my clit as he was able to get even deeper into my ass. Finally with a grunt and a moan he deposited his seed deep inside my intestines. The salty gift stung my stretched out body as the covered the walls of my interior. The worst was finally over, he had taken everything I had to give. He collapsed on top of me rolling over pulling me into his arm. He unbuttoned the top of his uniform exposing his massive chest. He had rock hard abs and not an ounce of fat on him. He released my gag and started caressing my head as I nodded off nothing but stockings and my heels. The final hours of my first day of being a slave evaporated with the sun, I was exhausted. I wondered what tomorrow will bring.

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