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You know who you are. ;)
It was a weird way to meet a guy. Online. Especially on a porn site. Even stranger still, he wasn’t some strange old guy pretending to be twenty-two. He was nearly twenty.

She was amazed when he’d actually offered his phone number so they could talk. She was nervous, even after he told her how young he was, she still expected to be greeted on the phone by some old prick. This, however, wasn’t the case.

He sounded young, sexy. His voice alone was an aphrodisiac. Very seductive.

Why can’t you be in my bedroom right now? she thought. If this is how amazing your voice sounds, I can’t even begin to imagine what you’d be like in bed without wanting to masturbate.

And she did, sort of. His voice was insanely sexy, and while he was talking about something, completely unrelated to sex, and she just laid on her bed, reaching into her panties and rubbing her vulva. Not enough to drive her crazy, though. She didn’t want to moan into his ear while he was talking, but it was tempting.

They didn’t really do anything other than talk like normal people, she was expecting her sister to come home and didn’t want to take the risk her sister hearing her moaning, loudly, into the phone. That would have been embarrassing.

She wanted to talk to him forever, she could already imagine his too-seductive-for-words voice saying dirty things to her, she wished she had the guts to just not care about what her sister was doing and have phone sex with him that very second. But she restrained herself.

They talked, mostly over email- and a few times through texting. Dirty emails for the most part, master/slave role plays. She was the slave of course.

Sometimes, while they were talking, she’d be in front of a laptop, room full of people. It was hard for her to not leave so she could go masturbate. The emails were usually in great detail, graphic detail that made her very wet. She’d go home and try to get off, but she couldn’t be on the computer and masturbate at the same time, so she had a hard time getting off.

She caught a break on night, home alone, horny as hell from their earlier emails. She was home alone.
Is it alright if I call you now? she asked him over email.

He said it was okay.

She felt hyper dialing his number, on an adrenaline rush from the lust for him and knowing she was going to hear his amazing voice.

“Hey,” he answered, already knowing it was her.

“Hey,” she said back, smiling.

For about ten minutes the conversation was normal, like the first time. Then she laid down on her bed. She knew he was laying down too.

“What would you do if I just moaned in your ear right now?” she asked, her tone was joking but she was very curious about his answer. She was rubbing her vulva again, just like the first time they talked.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Get harder.”

She giggled and took a breath. “Oh God!” she moaned, pressing her clit.

“That’s not fair,” he breathed.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned.

“It doesn’t count if you’re not actually masturbating.”

“Maybe I am,” she whispered, she took in a ragged breath as she penetrated herself, one quick dip of her finger into her tight hole, making sure he could hear it.

“Oh really?”

“Oh fuck!” she moaned quietly, trying to tease him. “Yes really,” she breathed.

“What’re you doing?” he asked. His voice had gotten lower, even more attractive before. She was almost positive that even if she wasn’t horny, she could listen to him talk, not even about sex, in that tone and have an orgasm from it.

“Ah, fuck!” she moaned. “I’m teasing myself for you, baby. I’m teasing my clit for you.”

He took a deep breath. “I can’t do this right now,” he said, his voice still in that low seductive tone.

She took another ragged breath, slowly making circles around her clit. “Well, you could just listen while I have fun.” If he was hear, she would have winked at him. She moaned into the receiver. Again and again. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

His breathing was uneven like hers. It turned her on more. She could imagine him breathing like that while he took her virginity.

“I’m so wet, baby,” she moaned. “So wet for you.”

“Ah, fuck.” Low. Seductive. “Do you know how badly I want to stroke my cock right now?”

“Ah, fuck,” she breathed. Will you jack off to me moaning, baby? Will you stroke that thick long cock thinking about me? About taking my virginity?”

“Yes, fuck, I’m so hard.”

“Ah, are you hard for me, baby?” she moaned. All her attention was focused on his seductive voice and her clit, it was on fire with her lust. Her pussy was tense with her desire for him.

“Yes, baby, I’m always hard for you.”

Her hips jerked up and she pulled back the hood of her clit and pressed on it. “Fuck!” she moaned loudly. ‘I’m so horny for you, baby! Fuck, so horny!”

“What’re you doing baby?” he asked, using that tantalizing voice that was driving her crazy.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned. “I’ve got my middle finger in my pussy, my thumb on my clit.”

“Use another finger,” he commanded her in that low voice.

“I can’t,” she moaned, slowly pulling her middle finger out, then back in over and over, ever so slowly. “I’m to tight.”

“I’ll stretch you out wide, baby,” he breathed in his enticing voice. “I’ll throw your leg over my shoulder and-”

She moaned loud just then, she couldn’t take him describing everything. Not when his voice alone made her crazy. “Oh my God! Oh fuck!” she moaned, nearly yelled.

“Put two fingers in your tight little pussy baby.” It was a command, but his voice made it sound like he was on the other side of a dangling watching going back and forth, back and forth.

And, really, he was hypnotizing her. At that moment, she would have done anything to have his cock in her. She pulled her middle finger out, her back landed on the bed. Odd, she didn’t remember her back arcing.

She took a few more unsteady breaths then tried to listen to him. She slowly pushed her middle and ring fingers into her pussy, breathing deeply and, every couple breaths, moaning again.

“What’re you doing?” he asked.

“I did it,” she breathed, not sliding them out yet. “I got to fingers in. Fuck, baby, I’m so tight. It hurts but it feels good.”

“Stop if it hurts, baby. I don’t want you in pain.”

“No, it feels too good!” she moaned, pushing both her fingers up against her G-spot. She cried out in pleasure.

“Finger yourself, baby. Fast as you can. I bet I would be able to go faster.”

She moaned.

He kept talking, whispering those dirty things she wanted to hear in in her ear. “I’ve got good stamina, baby. I could fuck you all night, fill you up with my thick cock. Would you like that, baby? Would you like me to fuck you hard like that? Stretch you out with my thick cock?”

“Ah, fuck!” she moaned, pounding herself furiously. “Yes, baby, please! Please fuck my tight little pussy! Fill it up with your big cock, your all your cum! I want you to coat my insides with your hot load! Please, baby, please fuck me!”

“Just close your eyes and let me take you to paradise. I’ll replace all your pain with pleasure beyond belief.”

She moaned again. “Fuck me, baby,” she moaned, loudly. “I need to cum so bad. I want to cum. Will you make me cum? I want it so bad. I want your huge cock inside me. I want you here with me right now! Please make me cum, baby.”

“Cum for me, beautiful. Cum all over my big cock. Let it all out, do it now. Cum for me.”

She was pounding her self furiously in an attempt to get off. But that isn’t what drove her to the edge. His voice, so sexy, so erotica and seductive. It made her insides wild. She brushed her thumb over her clit one last time then burst.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” she moaned, her hips were bucking wildly as ever. “Oh God! Baby, I’m cumming for you!” It was the most intense orgasm of her life.

She was almost certain she could hear him say that he was cumming too, but she couldn’t here him over her own moans as her own orgasm raged on.

* * *

When they got off the phone with each other, her legs were still shaking. She couldn’t wait until they could “talk” again.

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2010-08-21 07:08:41
Liked it bout to cum now text me dirty

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This has completely happened to me except it's hotter when your on xbox and you both game cameras ;)

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