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young Sarah
How Warm Inside (part 2)

Ivona had been gone for about 30 minutes now. Sarah, a young sexy 13 year old who had just tasted my warm, salty, cum was begging me to fuck her deep.
“Not yet Sarah,” I demanded. “You will be mine tonight when your mother leaves for work. Ok”?
“Ok Master,” she replied.
Was I hearing things or did this young Goddess just say, “Ok Master.” Mmm. Wow, this little girl had really grown up. It made me hard instantly again. She noticed this and grabbed my rock, hard cock and started jacking me off so fast and hard I knew I would blow another load any minute. She took this opportunity and climbed on top on my hard cock instantly. I could not resist. She pushed hard and started lowering herself on me. I didn’t think my cock would enter her so easily. But her pussy being so wet my shaft slid inside of her with ease. She lowered herself down on me slowly. She looked like she was in a lot of pain and but enjoying my cock immensely. I was about to explode when she climbed off of me and said, “not yet Dean, we will do this properly tonight and you can cum in my sweet young pussy all night.” Mmm, the Gods were obviously smiling upon me.
Ivona arrived home with the best seafood a person could ask for. I helped her carry in the groceries and got a glimpse of that hot, shaved, pussy every time she bent down to pick up a bag from the trunk of her car. Her gym shorts were protruding up that fine ass every time she reached down into the car and I knew then that I wanted them both at the same time.
“So what have you and Sarah been doing since I been gone,”? Ivona asked curiously.
“Oh, not really much…just catching up on old times.”
“That’s so cool Dean that you and Sarah have such a great relationship, she needs a father figure in her life,” Ivona said with wicked smile.
My God, I thought. Did she know that I just fucked her sweet young daughter deep until I was ready to explode? I think she did!!!
Suddenly, my plans changed. I wanted Ivona and her gorgeous daughter at the same time. Now I had to put my plan into action.
However, I knew it probably wouldn’t be tonight. I would have to wait for these two hot women. Or, would I?
It was about 9:00 pm and I knew Ivona had to start work at 11:00.
“Dean, I have to start getting ready for work,” Ivona said.
“That’s cool, Ivona,” I replied. “Sarah and I are going to watch a movie.”
I knew that Ivona knew that Sarah and I had fucked hard that afternoon and it seemed to turn her on just thinking about it.
I was sitting on the couch by myself while Ivona was talking to her daughter in the bedroom. I could hear them giggling and was wondering what was going on. I started getting hard immediately.
They called me into their bedroom. Both of them lay naked on the bed rubbing their lovely shaved pussies. Mmm.
I wanted Sarah again so bad and her Mom wanted to watch us fuck deep. I started licking Sarah’s shaved pussy . I spread her tight pussy lips to show a wet, lovely clit which tasted like honey. She was moaning as my tongue entered her pussy deep. Her thighs started to squeeze my head as my tongue lapped up her flowing cum. I didn’t want to stop. I loved the taste of her pussy juices. I could not stand it anymore and didn’t hesitate and pushed my big hard shaft inside of her deep tight young pussy. Her pussy was flowing with sweet juices and I could feel her cumming instantly. Ivona was making herself cum just watching Sarah and I fuck intensely. I pulled out right before I was about to cum so Sarah could taste my thick salty cum. I instantly went hard again and wanted my young Princess to feel my cum inside of her. I pushed hard and wanted to shoot my load deep inside her. She was so loose now. I pushed deep and hard and I could see she was enjoying every inch of my big nine inch cock. I shot my load deep inside of her tight young pussy. She was exhausted but did not want me to pull out.
I was still hard after I came and Ivona started to beg me to fuck her deep. However, I wanted her lovely ass. I turned her over and on her knees started to lick her lovely ass. She moaned and begged me to stop because it hurt. But eventually she seemed to enjoy it more and more. My cock seemed to get harder with each push and I could feel that I had reached the end of her lovely tight ass. She started to beg me to fuck her harder and harder. She did not want me to stop, nor would I.
As I was fucking Ivona deep in her ass my true love was rubbing her pussy furiously about to cum again. I exploded deep into Ivona’s tight ass. As my cum was dripping out of her sweet tight ass Sarah took it upon herself to start licking my cum shooting from her Mom’s ass. Now it was Sarah’s turn to get her tight ass fucked. She wanted my cock in her tight ass like her Mom .I entered Sarah quickly and hard as she moaned and kept on cumming and cumming. The young virgin pussy wanted me all night. I was more than eager to oblige.
We lay there for about 5 minutes and decided this would be a regular event.
More to cum……

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2014-11-28 20:34:46
I like the story line of it, but your writing is like reading a reading a book upside down in a mirror. very hard read, jumped around quicker than a three peckered billy goat.

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2013-09-12 03:45:17
Will someone come here and finger my puffy pussy!!!


2013-01-17 12:24:55
not long enough and you should number your stories if they're more than one part

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2010-08-30 15:54:17
Made me think of how much I loved to fuck our neighbor who was 49 when I was 11 until I was 15 and we moved last year.

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2010-08-24 20:48:55
It was alright, cud be better
i like lesbian stories and maybe more realistic??!!
please write anothes one where the mum and daughter have forced sex!!

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