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This was the summer to beat all summers I had taken a job in New Mexico working on a ranch, my job I really didn’t know what I was going to be doing.
The day that I got there it was like a set out of the movies it looked just like the old west. The man I am working for met me and gave me a nice greeting, now that I look back on it was a little to friendly. Mr. Web showed me where I would be sleeping a nice cabin all to myself then told me about my duties.
I then found out that he took in runaway kids to this ranch and help them get back
To a straight life. Within two days I found out that this was not the story, that he was making sex slaves out of them and selling the kids off. The third day Mr. Web came to my room one night and said he needed to talk to me about work, I thought oh shit I’m fired. He then told me that he trusted me and He needed help with these two girls to straighten them out. I said okay what do you want me to do. He simply said rape them fuck their assholes and anything else I want to do just don’t leave any marks on their faces I could spank them fuck the shit out of them make them drink my piss anything I wanted.
The next day he brought one of the girls to me she was about 14 or 15 and said here you are do what you want to. Gail was her name and she acted a little scared and smart ass at the same time. I took her in locked the door and told her we were going to do just what I told her to do. I reached up and started playing with her breast and she kind of like it, I took off her blouse then her bra and told her to take off her jeans she did. When I dropped my pants she saw that I had a 10 in dick and said I can’t take that I told her she was going to take it and push her head down on my hard dick. She refused to take it in her mouth till I took my belt and spanked her ass about 12 times she was crying and then begin to suck my dick. As she was sucking my dick I stated licking her pussy and then her asshole my tongue going inside her asshole it tasted good. As soon as my dick got good and hard I turn her around put a little KY on her asshole then shoved my big dick inside of her she screamed with pain which made me more horny I to push that dick up her asshole till it was in about 5 or 6 in she was crying in pain and I loved it
I squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples hard, it made her hurt worse I stroked in and out till I felt the head of my dick ready to blow off, I pulled it our and shoved it in her mouth and cum begin to flow and it choked her bad but I didn’t care I wanted her to hurt. With a mouth full of cum she had to swallow some of it I think that the first anal she has ever had but it won’t be the last she loved it. As she was laying on the bed crying I told her to shut up are get her butt whipped she keep crying so I got the belt out again this time I laid her on her stomach and tied her hands to the bed then begin to whip her ass. Every lick she begin to cry more and her ass got red it was hurting her bad I told her to start being a little more polite and she would not get hurt as much crying she said okay. As she laid there tied to the bed I begin to get another hard on and pushed her up on her knees then begin to fuck that cute your pussy of hers it was tight and felt good almost as good as her asshole and she was enjoying being fucked at this time asking me to give her more till I got about 8 inches inside of her and then when she started to cum I pushed the other two inches in she scream with joy and pain she was starting to like it.
After we finish fucking for a while I told her I was there to make her get off that smart ass act she was on and to straighten up I told her the better she was the less pain she would have. I was surprised when she asked for me to fuck he ass again I believe I am liking this now and then she slipped her mouth over my dick and started sucking.
I keep her with me all night and fucked her ass three or four times by the next morning. When Mr. Web came by I told him what I had done and he said that is just what he wanted I was going to be a big help around here. The next night he brought Gail back to me and stayed while I fucked her and he got naked himself to join in as she was sucking my dick he was fucking her.
When we got done he told me to tie her to a chair and let her watch. The next thing I knew he was rubbing my dick and had a hard on. Mr. Web told me to relax and he went down and placed my dick in his mouth and begin to suck me it felt good then he pulled off turned me over and begin to finger my asshole, I really liked that it felt good the next thing I felt was his dick sliding in my ass it hurt at first but then it felt good I liked having my ass fucked as he was fucking my ass I reached between my legs and rubbed his balls the were big and hi had about eight inches of dick and most of it was in me it felt real good his hand was stroking my dick till I was ready to blow then I felt my asshole begin to fill with his cum it felt good hot and smooth
He left it in till he was drained the as he pulled it out I had to jump up and head for the bathroom I no sooner sit on the toilet and I started to empty his cum and a load of shit it was just like a Emma. Gail just watch in amassment as what was going on. While I was in the bathroom Mr. Web untied her from the chair and force her in the bed and make her lick his dick clean from my asshole.
This went on all summer where he got these girls and what he did with them after I never knew are did I want to know, I just had a good time that summer with all types of girls to fuck anyway I wanted to fuck them from 13 years up to 17 and to put your dick up a 13 year asshole is quiet a good feeling I guess I like putting pain on a woman or girl and enjoy watching them hurt then begin to enjoy the ass fucking they get. Plus putting your big dick deep in their mouth and making them swallow your cum. I also like for them to lick my asshole and place their tough deep inside of me. Every once in a while we would get two girls at once and teach them how to eat pussy and make love to each other.
One night Joyce was in my room and she could take every inch of my dick and would swallow a load of cum, but what I liked best form her she would have you take a shit on top of her and want you to rub it all over her then fuck her in the ass afterward she would lick my dick clean and enjoyed it. Joyce liked to have her asshole licked and my tongue slipped inside of her she would just moan when I did this and beg for more Joyce was 16 had runaway a year ago and has learn the ropes of being on her own, she knew who and when to fuck. She also liked having her ass fucked.
Every few nights Mr. Web would come by and help in fucking the young girls plus he would fuck me just as well and I liked that as I liked licking his asshole and sucking his dick.
Every once in a while a short bus would pull up and take 6 or 7 of the girls away I never knew what happen to them, the rumor was they were sold as sex slaves or for porn movies but what ever when a few left another bunch would come in and I liked that so we would have fresh meat to break in. I always started fucking them in the ass first. My hard dick made it easier to slip in, it hurt a lot but I didn’t care I just made them get use to it.
On one load that came in a 15 year old boy arrived this was the first boy that we had in the ranch as far as I knew he looked wild eyed and scared but he had a right to be scared if he had any idea what was going to happen to him. I got the first shot at him I brought him over to my hut and sit him down, I ask him if he knew what this was all about he said he had no idea that he had runaway and was picked up by the police then was sent here to be reformed he said I told him that we taught people how to act when they told to do something I mean anything they were told to do they had to do it or be whipped, he looked scared. I told him just follow orders and he will be okay. I then ask him what kind of sex life he has had. He told me he had sucked a few mens dick for money and had fucked his girlfriend at 14 before he ran away
Because his dad made him suck his dad off and his mom just liked to watch. I told him he would get fucked a lot here and be ready for anything that I would be fucking him first and ask if he ever been fucked in the ass he said no his dad tried him once but couldn’t get it in and it hurt a lot. I said you will get over that he looked scared. That is when I told him to take his clothes off and get ready for his first session he acted as he didn’t know what to do, I said get your fuckin clothes off now and he started to strip and a tear began to go down his cheek. I told him don’t cry now wait till it starts to hurt before you cry. I got him naked and took him to the shower to get him cleaned up I got in the shower with him and soaped him down I let my hand just full of soap run across his balls and his dick the fingered his asshole to get it good and clean, if my tongue was going to be there I didn’t won’t a dirty asshole to lick. The room was cool and the sheets were fresh as I took him over to the bed he was starting to cry a little I just said shut up and lay down I started by pushing my dick in his mouth at first he refused but a slap on the ass change that and his mouth open up to let my dick fill his mouth up I just laid down on top of him in a 69 position and begin to suck his dick it was about 5 inches not bad
He was trying to get my dick out of his mouth when I stopped and took my belt and popped his ass about three times he then got the picture, I keep hunching him till I felt my head swell and begin to let a load of cum in his mouth he choked and tried to spit my dick out but it wouldn’t go I keep hunching him. I then pulled out and he was coughing up my cum I told him to swallow it but he spit most of it out. That’s when I took and tied him to the bed and begin to whip his ass hard with my belt leaving a red mark every time I hit him he was crying like a baby as I was telling him you don’t cry here you learn to take it, and with that I putt some lube on his asshole and forced my dick in his asshole he couldn’t take it he just screamed and cried but I keep fucking him till I dropped my entire load in his ass. He was laying there and a few minutes latter Mr. Web came by and I told him what had happen he then told the boy that this will happen every day till he learns to act right then he dropped his pants and he fucked his asshole for about 15 minute the kid was about to die Mr. Web didn’t hold back he put his entire eight inches in his ass and just let him hurt. When he was finish and the boys ass was full of cum I got down and begin to lick the cum as it came out I loved during that. With that he just went and curled up in the bed. We were really having a good time that summer I couldn’t fuck enough and I loved treating the girls rough making do things they did not like. When summer was over I look forward to returning the next year but something happen and the ranch closed never did hear what happen but I sure miss it.
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