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A young girl is punished for stealing
Holiday of Sin

This time Sally had gone too far, and her parents were furious with her for getting expelled from school. It's not even my fault, the fifteen year old, grumbled to herself, as she sat alone in her bedroom. Neither the school principal nor her parents would believe that it was Sharon and Tessa who had stolen the wine. One mistake, she thought bitterly and I'm branded a thief for the rest of my life. Just because I took a bar of chocolate from a sweetshop last year, they always think I'm guilty.
Sally was dreading her punishment and had no idea what her parents, Helen and Jack, would come up with. So it was with some considerable surprise and relief that she heard that she was go away with them for an extended holiday in Spain.
So now, a week later, as Sally stood on the balcony overlooking a large swimming pool, she looked forward to a pleasant holiday in the sun, away from her problems at home. She liked Spain very much and had particularly enjoyed the way that her father had been looking at her by the pool the previous day when she wore her tiny bikini. She felt a stirring between her legs as she recalled the clear outline of his thick penis in tight swimming trunks. She felt really guilty at being turned on by her father but she had no interest in boys. Together with her friends Sharon and Tessa they were constantly teasing their male teachers at school. The girls were very much aware of the effect they could have on the opposite sex. Sally's mind wandered back to the day when, in a 'dare' with Sharon and Tessa, she had gone to school without panties and looked for opportunities to flash the male teachers.
Sally was jolted out of her reverie by her mother's voice from inside the lounge.
'Please come down here for a moment Sally dear, I just need to ask you something.'
'Yes Mummy, what is it?' As Sally walked towards the beautiful blonde lady she noticed that the usual smile was missing from her mother's lovely face. Her mother, Helen, wore a short silk robe, tied at the waist; it emphasised her perfect figure.
'Sally, we have a small problem. Your father has gone into town to the bank to change some currency and he couldn't find a twenty-pound note that he left of the table. Have you seen it?'
'No Mummy I haven't.' Oh no, thought Sally, here we go again, more accusations.
'We don't need to make a big deal out of this my sweet but I have to know the truth.' Helen said in a serious voice.
'Really Mummy, I haven't seen any twenty-pound note.'
'Well Sally I don't know what to say, you do have a bit of a reputation…'
'Oh please Mummy, please don't you say you believe all that nonsense.'
'Okay, okay,' said the older woman, smiling for the first time. 'I know how we'll sort this out. If you don't mind I will search you and that will prove your innocence won't it?'
Sally thought for a moment. She didn't want to fall out with her mother and she certainly didn't want to be in disgrace, which seemed to be a possibility. She smiled at her mother, nodded her agreement and stepped forward with her arms raised up.
The touch of her mother's hands was not unpleasant to Sally as they stroked up and down her arms, across her shoulders and down her back. Sally said nothing as the hands slid down the front of blouse pausing briefly on her breasts. 'That's good,' said her mother quietly. Then the fingers were opening Sally's blouse and pulling it gently out of the waistband of the young girl's skirt. Sally could feel the heat in her face and knew that she was blushing profusely. Then a light shiver ran through her as the fingers touched her bare flesh. For a moment their eyes met but Sally quickly looked away only to find herself staring into her mother's voluptuous cleavage. The fingers continued their delightful journey from Sally's midriff around her sides and up her back, where they deftly unclipped her bra. For the first time Sally made some show of protest by quickly putting her hands over her breasts.
'Now, now, Sally,' cooed Helen. 'If I was going to hide something, I think I might put it in here.' She gently pulled Sally's hands away, lifted her bra and cupped the two soft mounds of flesh. 'No twenty-pound note I'm pleased to say, but something else that's very, very nice.'
Sally now knew that the search for the money was turning into something else. 'Please Mummy, please don't.' She whined; confused by the pleasure she was beginning to feel.
'I must be thorough,' said the older woman, and she smiled at Sally, continuing to squeeze and massage her daughter's naked breasts and gently raking her fingers over the hardening nipples. Then the depraved woman's right hand slid further down and then under Sally's skirt. Sally felt the fingers stroking her thighs, which were pressed together.
Her mother was smiling as she moved her face very close to Sally's and said quietly, 'Open your legs.'
Sally blushed hotly and turned her face away. 'No, Mummy. Please don't,' she whimpered.
'Now, you silly girl! Do as you're told now!' and Helen reinforced the command by cruelly pinching one of her victim's nipples. Sally moaned in pain as she shuffled her feet apart. Immediately she felt the fingers stroking the lips of her pussy through her thin cotton panties, gently at first and then more insistently until the panties were slipping into the soft, wetness of her sex.
'Please Mummy, I don't have the money. Please stop.'
'I love you Sally, and if you are a good girl and you continue to please me, things could be very pleasant for you here on holiday with us. Do you understand?' Sally nodded dumbly, not really sure if she did fully understand. 'If you displease me however, life could get very difficult.' Sally gasped again, in pain and surprise as the fingers that had been arousing such pleasure in her, suddenly gripped one of the plump outer lips of her vagina and pinched it hard. So hard in fact that it brought tears to her eyes. 'Oh! Don't cry,' cooed the woman. 'Let me kiss you better.' She leaned forward and pressed her mouth against Sally's trembling lips but the frightened girl turned her head away. The next move took Sally completely by surprise. Her mother stepped back and slapped Sally across the mouth. Although it was not a particularly hard slap, it left clear red marks and Sally's eyes widened with shock.
'You had better start to co-operate with me young lady or you will be in big trouble!' It was clear to Sally that her mother was getting cross. 'You should be grateful that we have taken you with us. I don't know what would become of you if left you alone at home. But you seem to think that you're too good for us. Is that what you think?'
Her mother was holding Sally by the shoulders, clearly waiting for an answer.
'No Mummy… it's just that…'
'Okay, I know,' began Helen, changing tack as she cupped Sally's face in her hands. 'This is all a bit new to you isn't it?' And as Sally gave a resigned nod Helen kissed her gently on the mouth. Then she kissed more insistently trying to push her tongue into the young girl's mouth. Pulling back briefly, her mother whispered, 'Open your mouth.' Then she kissed her again and this time Sally opened her mouth and allowed the older woman's tongue to slide inside. Helen kissed her deeply and passionately, vigorously tonguing and sucking her daughter's mouth. At the same time she put her hand back under Sally's skirt and resumed her invasion of the frightened girl's vagina. Despite her frightened and confused state, Sally could not ignore the arousal that the kissing and fingering was causing and she no longer resisted. The fingers eased past her thin panties into the wetness of her excited pussy and rubbed wetly across her clitoris. Then Helen was sucking Sally's nipples, first one then the other, causing the young girl to moan with pleasure. Sally felt her panties slipping down her thighs and then, once more, the two fingers slid deeply into her wet sex and pressed up and back against her G-spot.
'You are a virgin aren't you?' her mother asked releasing a hard pink nipple from her mouth. When Sally nodded, Helen smiled and continued. 'Good. I want you to stay that way.' Then before Sally knew what was happening her mother had gone down on her knees. With her fingers still deeply embedded in Sally's hot wet hole, she pushed up her daughter's skirt and pressed her against the wall. Sally stared down at her beautiful mother whose tongue was extended and moving towards the exposed lips of her sex. As the tongue touched her hard clitoris, Sally flinched as a spasm of lust shook her, and she continued to watch in disbelief as fingers and tongue were expertly used to pleasure her. Then she reached the point of no return as wave after wave of orgasmic lust engulfed her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she tried to muffle the screams that tried to escape from her as the pleasure rocked her.
Helen stood up and hugged Sally to her, while the trembling girl recovered from the most delicious and prolonged orgasm of her young life. 'Wasn't that nice now?' cooed her mother. As Sally nodded, she continued 'I bet you don't come like that when you do yourself in bed at night, do you?' Sally shook her head. In spite of all that had taken place, she was embarrassed to be spoken to like that and she hid her blushing face in her mother's bosom. 'I think that you don't have the twenty-pound note. Perhaps I've made a mistake, so I think that you had better search me to see if I have it, don't you?' Without waiting for an answer, Helen slid her robe off one shoulder. Sally opened her eyes to see a beautiful breast, less than an inch from her face. Then her mother cupped the breast and lifted it so that the hard nipple touched Sally's lips. 'Take it, my baby,' Helen urged, moving it slightly left and right so that it brushed Sally's mouth. Not only did Sally feel no hesitation; she actually wanted to do something to repay the pleasure she had just experienced. Placing her open mouth over the nipple, she began to suck gently, then became more adventurous and reached up and cupped the firm breast and flicked her tongue across the hard nipple. 'There's a good girl,' said Helen, taking hold of Sally's left wrist and guiding her hand under her robe. Sally didn't resist until her fingers touched her mother's plump, naked pussy-lips. She tried to pull her hand away but Helen held it between her legs. 'Now, now, don't spoil things. It's only fair that you do something for me after what I have done for you isn't it?' The shameless woman showed what was expected by moving Sally's hand backwards and forwards so that her fingers were pressed into the moist cleft. As her fingers reluctantly explored the hot, wet vagina, she felt hot breath in her ear. 'I think that you should kneel down now and do me properly don't you?'
Although she was still in a state of sexual euphoria, Sally was shocked by this suggestion and shook her head. 'Please no… mummy, I couldn't… really… please.' Her fingers wriggled animatedly against her mother's wet, open pussy. This sensual lady was not the mother that she had known all her life and her mind reeled with the excitement and the lewdness of what was happening. She began to wonder frantically if she could satisfy her mother's lust with her fingers. She had often tasted her own juices but the thought of putting her tongue into her mother's vagina horrified her.
'I am going to be patient with you,' said her mother taking Sally's hand from under her robe and pressing the wet fingers against the resisting girl's mouth. 'Here, taste it,' she rubbed the sticky wetness across Sally's lips. 'Come on, taste it!' The tone had become harsher again and Sally reluctantly opened her mouth and then closed her lips around her fingers. 'There now, that tastes nice doesn't it? Doesn't it?' Sally nodded and as if guessing what she was thinking. Helen added. 'It tastes just like yours doesn't it?' Sally nodded again. 'Yes of course, I can just imagine you in your bed at night licking your pussy juices off your fingers. Is this the first time that you've tasted someone else's?' Sally nodded. 'Good, I'm really pleased with you, a virgin pussy and a virgin mouth, but now it's time to change the latter.' Taking Sally by the arm, she steered her over to a wide sofa. Slipping out of her robe, she sat down with her legs wide apart. 'Kneel down!' She ordered, pointing to the floor between her legs.
'Please mummy, please don't make me…'
But the woman was fired with lust and the reluctance of the young girl seemed to increase her wantonness. Pushing Sally to her knees in front of her, she held her by her hair so that her face was only inches in front of her wet, open vagina. 'Look girl! Look!' Sally realised that she had screwed her eyes shut. As her hair was tugged she opened her eyes and looked at her mother's naked pussy. There was a long pause while she studied the erotic sight. The outer lips were plump with a few strands of blonde pubic hair. Pink inner lips protruded wetly and Sally could see the firm tip of her mother's clitoris poking out of its fleshy hood. 'Beautiful isn't it?' she murmured, releasing Sally's hair.
'Yes,' breathed Sally, realising that it was indeed beautiful. She looked up and into her mother's misty, blue eyes. 'It is really beautiful.' Lowering her head, she pressed her lips lightly against the wet cleft and breathed in the fragrant scent.
Helen waited patiently for Sally to start to do what she knew she had to do. And now another sensation was overcoming Sally's earlier reluctance; it was the return of the lust she had previously experienced. She slowly pushed out her tongue and flicked it along the wet cleft. This elicited a moan of pleasure from her mother and spurred Sally on. Parting the outer lips with her fingers she drove her tongue deep into the hot, moist opening. As the older woman continued to moan her appreciation, Sally licked and sucked, pushing one, then two, then three fingers into the pulsing hole. She sucked and licked the hard, pink clitoris and at the same time hooked her fingers up and back inside the dripping, fleshy hole, searching for her mother's G-spot. The growls of lust that came from Helen as she bucked and squirmed told Sally she had found the mark and she continued until she had brought the writhing, moaning woman to a shuddering climax.
Helen soon recovered and slowly undressed her young daughter before helping her into a kneeling position with her arms on the back of the sofa. Then she knelt behind Sally and began to caress and squeeze her buttocks. As the soft mounds of her bottom were parted, Sally knew that her mother could see her tight, wrinkled anus above the pink lips of her wet, open pussy. She flinched as a finger lightly touched her puckered rosebud. Then she groaned with lust as she felt the wet tip of her mother's tongue flick across the tight hole. All of her earlier reticence was long gone and she pushed her bottom out to meet the probing tongue.
'Oh yes mummy! Please yes!' Sally moaned as she felt the firm tongue being forced into her tight, pulsing orifice. This was then replaced by her mother's probing finger, which slid easily and deeply into the lubricated hole before being slowly and tantalisingly withdrawn then plunged back in again. The tongue began raking across Sally's open quivering pussy in broad flat licks while the expert finger continued to slide in and out of her pouting anus. The inevitable orgasm that this treatment provoked was more powerful than the first and Sally howled in ecstasy as she came for the second time.
They lay together on the sofa for several minutes, gently kissing and caressing each other. They murmured soft endearments as they slowly stroked and explored each other's bodies. Sally was enjoying her blissful and dreamlike state and was jolted by her mother's next question.
'So where did you put the money?' Helen asked quietly.
'How do you know that I took it?' Sally said, recalling how she had stolen the money and hidden it in her diary.
'I saw you take it. You may not know this but you suffer from a mild form of kleptomania. We put the money there because we knew that you couldn't resist taking it.'
'Are you terribly cross with me?'
'No we're delighted - aren't we Jack?'
'Absolutely!' Came the voice of Jack, Sally's father, from the doorway. As Sally screeched and tried to cover her nakedness Jack stepped into the room and continued. 'Don't worry about covering yourself up Sally, I've been watching all the time and I've seen all of your beautiful charms. But now I think it's my turn to search you, don't you?'
'Daddy! I thought…,' gasped Sally.
'When I told your mother that I was going out, it was just to give her a chance to start your sex education. You see I have been lusting after you since you were thirteen years old.
To be continued…

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Loved the story can't imagine parents doing that to their daughters

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Loved the story can't imagine parents doing that to their daughters

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