I was just a kid when I played with my friend George and his sister, my sister's friend, Erin. George and I were the same age, as were our sisters so we made great friends. It started when I went over to their house to play, I was waiting for George to get home from somewhere with his Dad. My sister was not with me, she had to go somewhere with my mom. George's mom, a very nice, beautiful lady, told me I could make myself at home in his room while I waited. During that time I walked over to his room and checked stuff out, seeing if anything changed since last time I'd been there. Since his mom was busy working from her office at home, I decided to look around outside just Glenn's room. I was going to check out their new game room, but it was still getting the floor put in and the door was closed. When I turned around in the small hallway, I saw movement in Erin's room. I did not know she was home, so I peeked in the door, as it was opened a couple of inches. She had her little TV on, out of my view, but I could hear it. Also, she was glancing at it as she changed. She still had on her nightshirt, but lifted it up as she pulled up her panties. I saw this all happen within seconds, as she was facing the door somewhat. I didn't see everything, but just a quick glance. She looked up right after and saw me in her doorway. I quickly apologized for spying, but she didn't seem to care much. She acted a little shy, but we were just kids and we both knew that we were curious in the opposite sex. Erin seemed to be as interested in me as I was in her, even though she had never seen as much of me as I had of her. She took off her nightshirt and asked me to take off my clothes. We were both in our underwear and we hugged. We enjoyed the feeling of our naked, warm bodies touching, so we didn't let go at first. Then I asked "What is down here under your underwear?" And she said "Here, it's my pee pee. Why don't you take a look," as she took it off to reveal a young, untouched pubic region. "How come your's is not like mine?" I asked. "I don't know, let me see.." she responded as I pulled my underwear down to expose my small, child-like penis. "'s cute!" she said as she touched it a little. "Hey, that feels good, keep touching it," I said. She stood up and kept her hand on it as we kissed. Kissing felt so good too and I wanted to just stay with her all day long and not play with George. Then I asked if I could touch her pee pee and she said okay. When I did, she said it tickled, so I did it again a couple times. When she said it tickled too much, I stopped but kissed her again. She said I was a lot more fun to play with than my sister. I said that we could be boyfriend and girlfriend and she said yes, that would be fun. So, we were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend and we were both so happy. George came home a little while later, and by that time, Erin and I were dressed. Their mom didn't know a thing and Erin and I got naked together every time we could!

Let me know if you guys liked, I will do part 2!

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2013-11-03 16:22:00
I see you never bothered with a part 2 then... Its now been well over 9 years... Shame... Could have been a great story had you continued...

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2010-04-26 19:56:28
honestly, i hated it.... it was way to short and u weren't specific at all!!!!!!

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2008-10-12 11:11:25
longer include more details in part 2

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2008-09-10 22:23:00
Nice start (u.a.)


2006-10-16 16:34:54
great story,but gotta continue with part 2 to see what develops between them.maybe sister gets involved.-8/10-very short

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