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Straying out of the house, I meet a couple of young girls on the local common...
Colin and I would often go and play football up on the common and normally we had the place to ourselves. After kicking a ball about for hour or so we would go and sit in a small glade of trees, which was very secluded, and chat. In fact it was so secluded that occasionally we would risk pulling our cocks out and play with ourselves, without fear of discovery. However this all changed one afternoon when we were sat there, luckily just chatting, and two young girls walked into the glade.

One of the girls was tall and blonde, probably about 16 and thus a couple of years older than me. The other girl was about Colin’s age, 12 or 13.

“What are you doing in our secret place?” The tall girl demanded. Colin and I looked at each other and then I looked back up at her.

“What do you mean your place? This is our place!” The girl grimaced.

“We always come here.” she insisted. “Me and my friend come here every day!” She nodded in the direction of the nervous young girl next to her. The conversation went to and fro for a few more minutes until the girls seemed resigned, but rather than leave they promptly sat down on the other side of the clearing from us. This would seem to put paid to any activities that Colin and I might have been considering.

In fact Colin was all for leaving the girls to it and going home but I was in one of my resolute moods and insisted on staying. In the end Colin left the three of us to it, much to the amusement of the two girls. I continued to sit in the clearing and had a chance to study the two girls closer to.

As I say the tall girl was blonde, with long hair and actually quite attractive. She was wearing a white blouse and denim skirt, which was quite short, and sandals. As she sat with her knees up I could not help but glance every so often to where a small white triangle was visible between her legs. Her friend was much smaller and had short cropped dark hair. She was very slim, dressed in shorts and T shirt.
The three of us sat there in silence for a while, glaring at each other until suddenly the expression of the older girl softened.

“My name’s Jenny what’s yours?” she asked suddenly. I told her my name and looked at her friend. Jenny nodded in the direction of her friend.

“This is Sophie. She’s my friend.” she said in an offhand manner. “She’s only small and a bit of a pain.” I laughed and Sophie looked upset.

“What are you doing up here anyway?” I asked. The answer shocked me.

“My boyfriend brings be up here to fuck sometimes and I wanted to see if he was here.” She looked at me with a challenging expression on her face, as if expecting me to call her liar. I quickly regained my composure and nodded.

“This would be a good place to do it.” I confirmed as if widely experienced in such things. Jenny seemed to appreciate a kindred spirit and obviously wanted to show off in front of her young friend.

“We come here in the evening when it’s getting dark and do it. My mum and dad don’t know I’m here.” She looked at me thoughtfully. “Have you done it?” I nodded and Jenny seemed to believe me. Then she suddenly grinned at me.

“Shall we do it? Here? Now?” I quickly looked around, stunned at this request. I looked at Sophie. “Oh she won’t mine will you Sophie?” Jenny looked at her young friend. Sophie seemed a little unsure but shook her head defiantly. Then she actually spoke for the first time.

“I want to watch…” She muttered. Jenny laughed and then looked seriously at her.

“You can if you like.” She looked at me. “She keeps asking to come and see me and Roy do it but I won’t let her. It’s too late for her at night you see.” She turned to look at Sophie again.

“But you must promise never to tell anyone about it. Clear?” Sophie nodded dumbly. Jenny turned to look at me. “Come on then…” She quickly looked around the clearing and then unclipped her denim skirt, pulling it over her long legs and discarded it. She was wearing a small pair of white panties which she also quickly pulled down and she lay back on the grass. I was a little disappointed that she kept her top on but I gazed in wonderment at her lower half which was now completely naked.

“Come on then mate – get on with it!” She grinned up at me. I quickly crossed the clearing to join her and knelt between her legs. I was still mesmerised at the sight of her pussy.

“Nice isn’t it?” exclaimed Jenny, running her fingers through her pubic hair and pulling the lips of her pussy apart. I had never known a girl as brazen as this and it took me aback. My cock was now bursting against my jeans and Jenny glanced at my crotch. “Looks like you’re ready then!” I glanced down and then quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. I took them off and did the same with my underpants. My cock popped out and bounced about in front of me.

“Blimey you’re bigger than my Roy!” Jenny exclaimed and I felt rather proud. Out in the fresh air my cock was now fully erect and I was rather pleased at the way it swayed about in front of me. I noticed Sophie gazing at it in wonderment. Jenny also caught Sophie’s look.

“Of course!” Jenny exclaimed. “It’s the first one you’ve seen isn’t it?” Sophie nodded and before I could anything she reached out and tapped the tip of my cock with her finger. It bounced down and back up again which seemed to fascinate her and she did this several times.

“It’s not a fucking toy Sophie!” Jenny laughed and Sophie quickly withdrew her hand.

“Here, let me show you…” Jenny sat up and took Sophie’s hand. “You hold it like this.” Jenny then wrapped Sophie’s tiny hand around the shaft of my cock. She let go and Sophie sat there clutching my cock, unsure what to do. Jenny told her to move her hand up and down, which she did and to my delight Sophie was now actually wanking my cock. She was gazing at the shaft whilst Jenny looked up at me and winked.

“You’re getting him ready for me Sophie.”

“Ready for what?” Sophie stopped what she was doing and looked at her friend.

“Why, ready to fuck me, silly!” Jenny lay back on the grass and spread her legs. “He’s going to put his cock in my fanny aren’t you Davey?” She stared up at me. Sophie quickly let go.

“Is that in there?” Sophie pointed between her friends legs. Jenny giggled and nodded.

“You’ve got one as well you know, although mine is much bigger.” Jenny casually slid a finger between her legs and inserted it into her pussy. “See?” Sophie bent down and peered closely between Jenny’s legs. To my surprise she reached out and touched Jenny between her legs. Jenny said nothing but we both watched as Sophie moved her fingers around the opening to Jenny’s pussy, and then carefully slid a finger into her.

“It’s all wet and warm…” she exclaimed. I looked at Jenny who seemed a little fazed, her eyelids fluttering as her young friend fiddled about between her legs.

“Here you’re getting me going Sophie…” the young girl quickly pulled her fingers away guiltily. “Don’t worry babes – you can do it again later if you like” Sophie smiled gratefully and then she turned to look at my cock.

“He’s never going to get that in there is he?” Jenny grinned and looked up at me.

“I’ll do my best!” I replied and shuffled forward and eased myself on to all fours so my hands were either side of Jenny’s head. I raised myself up and gently lowered my cock between her legs. Sophie was still peering at Jenny’s groin.

“He’s almost there Jenny…” She exclaimed and she slid her hand between us and took hold of my cock once again. She carefully guided it between her friend’s legs and I soon felt the soft wetness of Jenny’s vulva nestling around the head of my cock.

“That’s it Sophie…” I gazed at Jenny whose eyes were closed and then easing myself forward slid the whole length of my cock into her pussy. Jenny let out a long sigh.

“That’s lovely…” she muttered as I settled down on top of her. I took the weight on my elbows and kissed her lightly on the lips. Her eyes shot open.

“None of that now! You’re not my boyfriend!” I must have looked very disappointed. “Not yet anyway…” Jenny added with a smile. “but let’s just fuck for the time being shall we?” She grabbed my backside and pulled me deeper into her. I took this as a hint and began to slide my cock in an out of her pussy. Jenny’s eyes closed and she lay back with a grunt.

“That’s it…” she muttered as I continued to slide my cock in and out. I glanced to the side where Sophie was gazing at us in wonderment. She caught my look and smiled.

“Is that nice?” I nodded and smiled at her. Then Sophie asked the same question of Jenny. Jenny opened her eyes and turned to look at Sophie.

“For god’s sake Jenny you’re not supposed to talk to us while we’re fucking!” Then she relented at the look of disappointment on her young friend’s face. “Actually, yes it is nice. In fact,” she turned to look at me again. “He’s much better than my Roy!” This gave me a thrill and I speeded up my thrusting. This brought forth a shriek from Jenny.

“In fact he’s so good I think I’m going to…FUCKKKK YESSSS!!!” Suddenly Jenny jerked her hips up at me as she came and I felt the muscles of her pussy clenching around my cock. This brought my orgasm closer and with a few swift strokes I came, pumping juice deep into Jenny’s pussy. The two us wriggled and writhed for a few seconds before we each subsided and I collapsed with a sigh on top of Jenny.
I couldn’t believe now, looking back, that I actually came inside her. We just didn’t care in those days!
After a while I opened my eyes, suddenly conscious of my surroundings. I quickly looked around but there was no one in sight except Sophie who was looking at me nervously. I smiled at her reassuringly. She smiled back and then said,

“Do it to me now?”

“Sophie!” exclaimed Jenny. “I’ve told you before you’re too young!”

“Oh I don’t know about that…” I said quietly and I explained to Jenny my sessions with Lynne and Sandra – I didn’t mention my sister!. Jenny looked thoughtful, obviously feeling responsible for her young friend but then looked at Sophie who was looking at her with a pleading expression.

“I don’t know Sophie… It’ll be your first time won’t it?” Sophie nodded eagerly.

“Please please please! I won’t tell anyone!” Then suddenly a mischievous look crossed her face. “If you don’t let me… I’ll tell your mum and dad what you’ve been doing!” The colour drained from Jenny’s face and I thought she was going to hit her young friend. Then she looked thoughtful, and then she smiled.

“You dirty little tart! You would too wouldn’t you?” Sophie grinned and nodded. It was as if Jenny recognised in her some of her own personality. By this time my cock was rapidly subsiding and I pulled it out of Jenny’s pussy with a soft plop. Sophie quickly lay back on the grass and with one movement pulled down her shorts and panties. She was of course completely bald between her legs and she quickly spread herself like her friend had done. She looked up at me expectantly.

“You’ve got to be brave Sophie,” Her friend warned. “He’ll have to break something inside you when he does it first time and he’s quite big.” Sophie’s expression faltered and she looked down at her groin nervously.
“Will it hurt?” she asked uncertainly and Jenny reassured her that although it might hurt a bit at first the hurt would soon go away and it would feel really nice.

“Dave, why don’t you play with her for a bit to get her ready?” Jenny was lying next to Sophie and looked up at me. I knelt down between Sophie’s legs and gently stroked the inside of her thighs, moving up towards her pussy. Sophie squeaked as my middle finger touched the opening to her pussy but she spread her legs even wider as I began to stroke my finger up and down the lips. To her credit, she was getting quite wet and I carefully inserted my middle finger into her pussy. She tensed and then relaxed as the first inch of my finger slid into the warm wetness.

“Is that alright babes?” Jenny was now lying close to her friend and stroking her hair. Sophie turned to look at Jenny.

“It feels quite strange but really nice…” she muttered. Then she turned to look at me. “Are going to put your cock in me now?” I nodded and eased myself forward.

“If you’re sure?” Sophie quickly nodded and looked down at her groin where my cock was now brushing against the crack of her pussy. It was of course fully erect after I had played with her pussy and I nudged forward so that the tip slid where my finger had been.

“Hang on…I’ve got a better idea.” muttered Jenny. “Sophie, if I get Dave to lie on his back and you sit on him then it’s up to you how far you go in and how quickly you do it. I did it with my Roy like that and it’s much easier.”

I carefully pulled out of Sophie and turned over to lay on the grass. My cock was now swaying about and Sophie kept her eyes on it as she carefully straddled me. She lifted herself up and positioned herself over the tip and then carefully lowered herself.

She winced as the first couple of inches slid into her pussy and I felt the resistance of her hymen.
“Is that it? Is that the thing you have to break?” She looked at me nervously. I nodded.

“In your own time. Only do it when you’re ready.” I suggested and Sophie nodded. Then suddenly as if taking all her courage in her hands she lifted herself up briefly and then allowed her body to drop on to my cock. Although she was only tiny the weight of her body was enough for my cock to break her hymen and she gave out a grunt as I took her virginity. Jenny was kneeling next to her friend and put her arm round her shoulders reassuringly.

“Are you alright?” She asked and Sophie nodded grimly. She knelt still for a few seconds and then seemed to relax. She wiped her eyes and grinned uncertainly at me.

“Actually it’s really nice now it’s in…” she muttered. I felt her flexing the young muscles of her pussy around my cock and I brought my hands up to stroke her naked thighs. Sophie smiled at me. “That’s nice…” she whispered and I continued to rub my hands up and down her legs and then slid them under her T shirt. She giggled as I moved my hand up her tummy to where, in a short time, her breasts would form although now they were just two soft bumps.

“They’re my boobies!” She exclaimed and both Jenny and I laughed. “What’s so funny?” she demanded. “They’ll get bigger soon I know they will!” I felt guilty at laughing and stared at Jenny who also stifled any further laughter. I began to run my hands over her soft mounds and brushed my thumbs across the nipples. Suddenly Sophie seemed to almost swoon.

“Oh wow that feels fantastic…” I caught Jenny winking at me.

“All boys like to play with tits!” She explained. “Roy likes to play with my tits whenever he can because they’re really big. Here…” Jenny suddenly sat up and pulled her T shirt over her head. I had not really appreciated how large her breasts were for one so young but she quickly unclipped her bra and two beautifully round soft breasts tumbled out.

“Blimey they’re really nice!” Sophie gazed at her friend’s breasts, and I must confess that I too was staring at them. Jenny looked pleased with herself.

“Roy likes to kiss them and suck the nipples!” She put her arms together to emphasize the cleavage and quickly shook them so they jiggled in front of my face. “Go on Dave have a suck!” Suddenly her breasts were in my face and I opened my mouth to take one and sucked the nipple as she demanded. The stalks of her nipples were hard and it felt strange kissing and nibbling these large breasts while still clasping the soft mounds of young Sophie.

“Do that to me!” I heard Sophie demand and Jenny sat up. Sophie was staring at me and she suddenly pulled her T shirt over her head. My cock was still erect and embedded in her pussy as I sat up awkwardly and put my arms around Sophie and pulled her closer to me. Her chest was now level with my mouth and I gently kissed the soft mounds and flicked my tongue around the nipples which, to my surprise, hardened quite quickly.

To my amazement Sophie suddenly stiffened and pulled me tighter to her chest. She squeaked a couple of times and I felt her jerk against me. She had come!

“Was that you coming?” Jenny asked, astonished. Sophie pulled away and looked at me.

“Yes…” she whispered to me. “What he was doing to me was really nice!” She addressed this compliment to Jenny and then turned to look back at me. “Are you going to fuck me now?” It surprised me to hear this request from such a young girl, but she had obviously been influenced by her older friend. I nodded.

“If you like.”

“Do me on top like you did Jenny!” Sophie eased herself off me and lay back on the grass, once again spreading her legs wide for me. I could now see her pussy gaping where it had been accommodating my cock the last few minutes and I quickly lay between her legs and reinserted my cock. She cried out as I slid into her pussy. I started to move in an out, being careful not to crush her, and the only contact between our bodies was my cock and her pussy.

“Gosh he’s really giving it to you isn’t he Sophie?” exclaimed Jenny who once again was lying next to her friend. “He’s really fucking you hard isn’t he?” She turned to grin at Sophie.

“He’s fucking me!” Sophie’s face was an expression of pure glee as she smiled broadly at me.
“I’m being fucked!” she exclaimed as if rejoicing in the word. “my pussy is full of his cock and he’s fucking me really hard!” By now Jenny was on her back, laughing fit to burst and I could not help but smile myself. Suddenly I felt my orgasm approaching.

“I’m going to cum Sophie – get ready!” I felt sure that Sophie was far too young to get pregnant (ah the naivety of youth!) and I was happy to come inside her. Then I did come and although not as strong as the last one with Jenny, I felt several strong bursts thudding from the end of my cock deep into Sophie’s pussy. She cried out,

“I can feel it! I can feel it going inside me!” She turned to look at Jenny. “I can actually feel his juice gushing into my pussy!” Jenny grinned fondly at her. Sophie then turned to look at me as I was starting to subside. Rather than collapsing on top of Sophie I carefully pulled out and fell on to my back on the grass. My cock bobbed wetly in the air as the three of us lay on our backs gazing at the blue skies

Colin would be sorry he missed this when I tell him tomorrow!

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2011-07-31 09:17:26
Ohhh that story was good. It reminded me..of my first fuck. I was only around 8 or 9. My uncle Tim fucked me. I remember his big cock hurt my cunthole. I too felt his sperm shooting into me.
I am now 17 and I love to fuck with guys. It drives my cunt wild.

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hot story,

my friend and i had a den in some woods were we would looka t adult books, one day two girls came walking pased and we wolf whistled at them, they couldn't see us at first but when they did they stopped to talk, we asked them if they wanted to come in our den, when they did they saw the books we were looking at, it ended up with the four of us fucking, Diane with my friend and Pearl with me, we changed partners after each fuck, i ended up marrying Diane and my friend pearl, we both had daughters and when they were 13 i fucked his daughter and he mine, they bot were fertile and had children by us, i never fucked my daughter and he said he didn't do his but i think he did.


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Very nice...I enjoyed reading it!

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I enjoyed it. Nice writing.

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This is a one-off story I'm afraid

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