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Bill gets owned…
Life Changes, Cast

John, 5’ 11”, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to Cindy.
Cindy, 5’ 5”, 118 lbs, dirty blonde, blue eyes, 32 years old, married to John.
Emily, 5’8”, 135 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, 36 years old, married to Bob.
Robert (Bob), 5’ 10”, 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, 37 years old, married to Emily.
Samantha (Sam), 5’ 9”, 115 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 31 years old, married to Bill.
Bill, 5’ 9”, 155 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, 35 years old, married to Sam.
Christina (Miss Chris), 5’5”, 140 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, 26 years old, single.
Josie, 5’ 4”, 130 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, 24 years old, Christina’s slave.
Ruby (Miss R), 5’ 8”, 155, red/auburn hair, blue eyes, 40 years old, Exec VP at Bills’ company.
Jessica, 5’ 3”, 105 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, 25 years old, Ruby’s admin asst and slave.

Life Changes, Chapter 7. Bill gets owned…

It was about a week later that we heard from Sam and Bill again. We had been busy working and I was enjoying my newfound freedom with Cindy. She was enjoying being ordered around, being made to flash in public, and forced to do other things that were a bit out of her comfort zone. Sam called and came over to the house the next Friday. She had been forbidden to have any sexual contact with Bill for the week and was so horny that she practically begged me to fuck her and let her suck my dick. Apparently, she was going thru a spunk withdrawal. I was happy to oblige. But…

“Okay, Sam. If you really want to fuck and suck my dick, I have some required activities first.” She smiled and blushed; like she already knew what was coming. “Strip!” She took off the nice dress she had on to reveal that she had not another stitch of clothing on. She was looking pretty gorgeous. Cindy was sitting on the couch watching, naked as she was required to be in the house, and rubbing her pussy lightly. “Now tell me why you are not allowed to have sex with Bill.”

“His mistress won’t let him.”

“Christina is his mistress now and restricting him?”

“No.” Sam looked at the floor. “Mistress Ruby owns him now.”

I remembered now that Christina said she knew a senior person at Bill’s company named Ruby, but this was a new development. “Tell me everything you know about this.”

She relayed the story as best she could. Here is what happened to Bill.


Bill was at work on Monday when he got a phone call from his Exec VP, Ruby Johnson. He didn’t think about anything but it being work related. He went up to her office and approached her assistant. She was a cute young thing of about 23-25 and told him to go right in. She followed him to the door and then closed the door behind him. Ms. Johnson was nowhere to be seen. Then, to his right, a door opened and she came out of what appeared to be a bathroom. He didn’t realize that these offices provided the upper management with their own bathrooms. Bill took a look at her as she came out. She was about 40, still in pretty good shape, albeit gaining a few pounds. He liked women more like Sam, who were tall and skinny, but he could appreciate a voluptuous redhead like Ruby. Ruby told him to sit and then sat herself. She looked at her computer for a minute, obviously checking for any new email, letting Bill sit there and get apprehensive. Finally, she looked up at him and smiled. “So, Bill, I understand we have a mutual friend in Christina?” No last name was given. None was needed. Bill knew exactly who she meant and a chill ran thru his body. All he could do is now is sit and see where this went. She continued. “She tells me that you are obedient, but in need of a permanent mistress. Is that correct?”

“I don’t know what you mean. I know Christina. We met this past weekend. I don’t know what you are talking about when you say mistress. I’m not that type.”

“Of course you are, Bill. I know all about you and your wife, Sam. Christina tells me that Sam is quite the cum-drinking slut!” Bill gasped and blinked, trying to figure out what to do about this. “Now that we know all this, I should tell you that Christina received her initial mistress training from me. I am very good. I can make your life here much easier professionally, but I am afraid that I am going to have to demand that you be my slave. Now before you say another word, come over here, crawl under my desk, and suck my pussy until I tell you to stop.”

Bill stared at her. One part of him wanted to go immediately to HR and file a sexual harassment complaint. But his dick was instantly hard at the thought of this and the obedient part of his brain kept him in his place.

“Bill!” Ruby said it loudly and Bill jumped. “Do you need some help finding my pussy? Or do you need some discipline?” Then Ruby reached over and punched the intercom. “Jessica! Come in here at once.” Bill’s eyes widened as Jessica flew into the room, her skirt flying. “Lock the door and assume the position.” Jessica strode quickly to the door and locked it; then went to the center of the room and stripped; and finally walked over to the couch and kneeled down on it, thrusting her ass up into the air, her ass and pussy on display. There was absolutely no hesitation. She had her face down on the couch and turned so that she was looking at Bill. Bill stared back. “So Bill, do you see the sort of obedience I demand out of my slaves?”

Bill looked over at Ruby. “Yes, I think so.”

Ruby walked around to the front of her desk and stood directly in front of Bill. She stared at him, holding his gaze until he looked away and down at the floor. Then she slapped him. “The correct answer is ‘Yes, Miss R’! You see, in the office we don’t use Mistress Ruby, so the shortened version ‘Miss R’ will suffice. Now, I ask you again, do you see what I demand?”

“Yes, Miss R.” Bill was toast.

“Good. Now go over and tongue-fuck Jessica’s ass while I get ready.” She turned and strode out of the room.

Bill approached Jessica. Jessica didn’t move a muscle. She was obviously very obedient or very used to this sort of activity… or maybe both. Bill took a second to admire the gorgeous ass on this little minx. He didn’t want to take too long, so he leaned over and started licking her ass, working up some saliva so that he could try to thrust his tongue in there. She must keep herself very clean. He was prepared to be disgusted by licking this woman’s ass, but she was very clean and there was no indication of any feces. He was just getting his tongue to start working in there when Ruby reentered. He wanted to look up, but his face was still stinging from the slap and decided he’d better not make any moves until told.

“Okay, Bill. Move out of the way and get undressed. I got some fucking to do.” Bill moved to stand back and remove his clothes. When he did, he could see that Miss R was wearing a harness with a nice sized fake dick on it. As he undressed, she moved to Jessica and started sliding the dick into her ass. Jessica moaned. “Tell Miss R what you want Jessica.”

“Please, Miss R, please take your big hard dick and fuck my cute little ass with it. Pound me hard and use me as you will.”

Ruby turned to Bill, who was now naked. “See Bill. If you are obedient and respond like that, I might even let you cum today.” She never stopped her thrusting of Jessica, who appeared to be enjoying the ass-fucking. “For now, I want you to come over here and stick two fingers in my ass and fuck me in time to the pounding I’m giving Jessica. But you cannot under any circumstances touch your dick.”

Bill immediately responded, now wanting to please Miss R. He knew he was going to obey her completely. He had always wanted this, but he couldn’t understand why it had taken him so long to realize it.

Suddenly, Miss R stopped. “Okay, Jessica, lay on the floor. Bill, take your fingers out of my ass. I want you to watch how real men are supposed to fuck a bitch like this, but not slaves like you.” Jessica was on the floor in a second. Bill stood back and watched. His dick was hard, leaking, and begging for attention. But he obeyed Mistress and watched. She kneeled and placed the fake dick into Jessica’s pussy and began pounding hard against her. Jessica started moaning. Miss R was kneeling, pulling Jessica’s hips against her, and started slapping and pinching Jessica’s tits. Jessica started thrashing around.

“Please, Mistress, may I cum?” Jessica begged.

Miss R looked down at her and then up at Bill and smiled. “When did I last let you have an orgasm, Jessica?”

“Last… Monday… Miss R.”

“Well, I suppose a week is a long time for a young slut. Okay, you can cum today.”

That was all it took. “Thank… you… Miss… R.” she stammered as she reached the top. “Oh, fuck… oh, god… harder, Miss R… Uhgghhhh!” Jessica’s body jerked and spasmed many times. Miss R stopped fucking her, but kept slapping and pinching her tits. It seemed to keep Jessica cumming for about a minute. When she finally slumped back, exhausted, Miss R pulled her dick out and kneeled up over Jessica’s face. Jessica obediently cleaned off the phallus.

Miss R stood up and said to them both. “My turn.” She removed the strap on harness, knelt over Jessica, and placed her cunt right over Jessica’s face. Jessica immediately began slurping at the very wet pussy. “Two fingers in my ass.” Miss R commanded and Jessica shoved two up there immediately. It appeared that Miss R loved ass play. She was squatted over Jessica, rubbing her cunt over Jessica’s face, her big tits flopping around, and moaning loudly. Jessica was almost smothered by the woman’s ass and pussy. Miss R then stopped. “New position.” She announced. She lay down and raised her legs up in the air. Bill and Jessica looked on expectantly.

“Bill, kneel between my legs. You are not allowed to fuck me and you cannot touch your dick, but I want you to cum all over my pussy. Jessica, I want you to jack him off so that he squirts into my cunt.” Bill knelt down between Miss R’s legs and Jessica got on his right. She reached between his ass with her left hand and started tickling and playing with his balls. He had been hard for a while, so he knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. Jessica then grabbed his dick with her right hand and started jacking it lightly, a sort of final tease to Bill’s poor dick. Miss R watched closely and then said, “Okay, Jessica, make him cum now.” And with that Jessica started teasing Bill’s ass, jerking him in earnest , and Miss R reached down and pulled her cunt lips apart, exposing the bright pink inside.

Bill felt it coming and knew it was going to be a big one. He started moaning and closed his eyes. He started thrusting hard and then came. He came in large spurts, again and again, emptying the built up jism in his balls. He couldn’t stop cumming and Jessica kept jacking him. Finally, he felt it subside, Jessica let up, and he opened his eyes. Miss R’s cunt was covered in spunk. Apparently, one of the squirts was not controlled by Jessica as well as expected and a long stream had gone all the way up to Miss R’s tits. She looked so hot laying there like that, spunk all over her gaping hole.

“Okay, Jessica, Bill. Good job. Now clean me up, Jessica.” Bill moved out of the way and Jessica went to town on Miss R’s cum-covered body. She licked and sucked and ended up at her pussy, sucking on the clit. Miss R grabbed her head and used it as a battering ram on herself. Jessica made her tongue hard and Miss R started shoving it against her pussy and clit, jerking herself off with Jessica’s head. She worked and worked and Bill could tell that Jessica was tiring. But still Miss R kept it up. Finally, with a big scream and shudder, Miss R came. She held Jessica there on her clit for a long time and shuddered against her. When she finally released Jessica, Miss R lay there with a big smile on her face, eyes closed, basking in her orgasm. Bill was entranced by this entire event. Jessica just looked tired and was laying there catching her breath.

“Okay, slaves.” Miss R was getting up. “Get dressed. Instructions are no sexual contact with anyone else until further notice. I will let you know when I need your services again.”


When Sam finally finished that story, I could tell that she was sexually frustrated. I looked over at Cindy who had two fingers in her pussy, slowing bringing herself to full arousal. My dick was so hard it hurt, being restricted in jeans.

“Okay. Cindy, go get jumbo.” I used her nickname for the large 10”, real looking dildo that she had.

“Sit on the couch, Sam.” Cindy came back with the dildo. “Okay, Cindy, fuck her with that until she cums.” Cindy kneeled in front of Sam and rubbed the dildo head against Sam’s slit. She was soaking, so it was wet immediately. Then she slowly inserted it into Sam. It was very large and Sam started moaning loudly. Cindy started a slow back and forth thrusting once she got three inches into Sam’s cunt. She started making sure that an additional inch went in each time. Sam was beside herself. Suddenly, Cindy shoved it all the way in and held it, and at the same time bent over and sucked Sam’s protruding clit. Sam went off like a rocket, jerking and thrashing around. She finally stopped and Cindy pulled her mouth back. She looked up at me. “Again.” She did the same thing again, bringing Sam to another strong orgasm.

Cindy looked up at me again. She smiled. “I like eating pussy. I like fucking women. Why did we wait so long for this John?”

I smiled. “I have no idea, honey. I’m glad we finally figured it out, though. Now I need to give Sam her reward.” I climbed over the top of Sam, who was just opening her eyes from her last orgasm, and pointed my dick at her face. She said something like “Fuck, yes.” I wasn’t sure because she suddenly put a lip lock on my dick and started sucking me hard. I knew after the story and watching Cindy fuck her, that I wouldn’t last too long, but I wanted to enjoy this a little. I stayed still and let her do all the work on my dick. Suddenly I felt Cindy’s tongue coming up my thigh and licking my butt crack. It gave me a great idea. I yanked, literally yanked, my dick from Sam. She looked up in shock as I took away her candy.

I sat down on the couch next to her and scooted my ass to the edge. I pulled my right leg up into the air, baring my balls and ass to the kneeling Cindy, and leaving my dick pointing at Sam, sitting next to me. “Okay, Sam, you can go back to work on my dick. Cindy, I’ve wanted to feel you worship my ass and balls. Now’s the time.”

I watched as Sam bent over while still sitting on the couch and swallowed my cock. Then I felt Cindy’s tongue lick from my asshole up and across my balls. She did it slowly and tortuously. Then she went back and started teasing my asshole. Sam, meanwhile, was jacking the lower part of my cock and licking all around the head. I had never had so many nerve endings firing and overwhelming my senses. I just couldn’t last long and I announced it. “Ladies, I’m going to cum.” And then I did. I came and came, filling Sam’s mouth with everything I had. I think it was one of my larger loads and she was taking it all. Cindy kept licking my ass and balls while I came, making it last for a long time. Finally, my body slumped back from all the muscle spasms and I was done. I looked down and could see Sam rise up from my dick. She looked at Cindy and Cindy knew immediately what was going on. They kissed, sharing the last part of my cum that Sam still had in her mouth. They kissed and kissed. These two were really getting into each other.

When Sam and Cindy finally stopped, Sam looked up at me. “Thanks, John. I really needed some cum today. Thanks, Cindy, for fucking me with your new toy. I may have to get me one of those. But I’ll have to ask Miss Chris.” She had certainly changed in the few weeks since that first night that I had made her strip and fuck me. She was becoming a regular cum dump. I couldn’t wait to think of a way to get her a bunch of guys to suck.

I kissed Cindy. “You were fantastic, my sexy, slutty wife.” She smiled. “And you Sam, when we were young, we used to describe women who gave good blowjobs as ‘sucking like a Hoover’, but I think you are approaching Kirby status.” She laughed. She had a fancy Kirby vacuum and knew what I was talking about.

Sam put her dress on, which was her only clothing and was exiting the door when our neighbor, Emily, from across the street showed up. It was her husband who actually started this current situation by looking for someone to dominate, picking my wife as his first subject. Emily caught them, then I ended up fucking Emily and it was the first time that Cindy and I had played together.

Emily looked closely at Sam as she went by. She came up to me, still glancing back at Sam. “Who’s that long, tall woman?”

“That’s our new cum slut, Sam.” I said matter-of-factly. Emily stared at me.

“I can see things have changed over here… really changed.” I followed her eyes and could see that Cindy was standing there naked.

“Yes, they have. You seem to be in good spirits. How are you doing?”

Emily smiled. “Why don’t you two come over to my house and find out.”
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