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Stacie learns what the difference is between being an owner and being owned.
(Note: This story contains themes involving bestiality. If you don't like that, then either don't read or refrain from complaining about it. I don't expect it to be a recurring theme, though, so just skipping this chapter should work fine for most. Also, if you decide to rate my story negatively, please do me the kindness of telling me why. I can't improve if I don't get tangible criticism. Thank you.)

8:45 pm

A sixteen year old girl quickly turned off her phone's alarm and opened her laptop. Within minutes, the computer was fully active, but after only a few clicks, she herself was immobile. The young, slender blonde was focused fully on the computer's clock. She was waiting, and had waited every night like this for the past two months. At first, it was because she was fearful that what she'd been promised would suddenly disappear. Since then, the ritual had become a habit, as well as a private sign of her loyalty. At 8:59, the corners of her mouth curved up into a smile, as they had every night since she first began this strange tradition.

-MercilessHound666 has signed on-

MercilessHound666: Good evening, my pet.
Me: Good evening, Master.

Stacie's life belonged a man that she'd never truly met. Some, in his position, would waste such an opportunity. They might neglect their young slave or try to force her beyond her comfort zone at a rate that she wasn't ready for. Four already had fallen from her life because of these foolish mistakes. He, however, had quickly taken hold of most of the aspects of her life, from exercise and nutrition to her dedication to education. And, of course, her sexual outlets.

In order for him to do this more effectively, the first twenty to thirty minutes of their scheduled time together was always spent chatting. Nothing sexual, because she'd been forbidden from participating in such acts without his express permission. They spoke of normal things. What she had for breakfast. What she learned in her science class. How her run went. He asked about every detail, and she gave them to him.

From him, little was shared. After two months, she still hadn't been able to learn his first name, much less any personal information. She'd toyed, once, with the idea of calling him Hound- or rather, Master Hound, but the idea had seemed too silly to put into play. Besides, there was a chance that he'd have her punish herself if she called him something that he hadn't already approved of.

Their chat always ended the same way- first Stacie, then her master, invited the other to view their webcam. Then they began to hear each other's voices. The games for the night had begun.

"You look lovely," he said, looking at the girl with the long brown skirt and green tube top.

She still smiled every time he said that. The outfit was his order, but she knew that he just wanted her to look good. "Thank you, sir," she dutifully replied. She knew what was coming next, but waited for his order all the same.

"Take it off," he said offhandedly, and leaned back to watch the show. She got out of the tube top first, and it was obvious that she didn't wear a bra underneath it. Instead, as a poor semblance of decency, a X made from duct tape covered each nipple. Before removing them, however, her hands moved to the skirt, first teasing but then slowly snaking it down her legs as she moved her hips to some unheard music. It wasn't long before she was naked from the waist down- she had been ordered not to wear panties underneath the skirt that day. Last to go were the duct tape covers, which revealed already stiff nipples.

"Tomorrow, I think your black and white striped tank top should do nicely. Red undershirt to cover your cleavage, and a pair of cut-off jeans. Wear your cute panties. With the bow," he said, not even commenting on her stripping skills. She took that as half a compliment. Usually, he only made comments when she either did something below his standards or if she did something especially well. Each instance of the latter increased his standards, though. It was becoming harder but at the same time more rewarding to hear his praise with each gesture of his appreciation.

"Um, sir? May I ask a question about tomorrow's outfit?" she asked, playing her role perfectly. She saw his image nod once, and continued. "I… I think that the outfit would look better with my white belt. May I, sir?"

She watched him close his eyes, apprehension and, yes, fear, chilling her in a way that having her flesh laid bare could not. If he disagreed with her suggestion, she most likely would be punished for it. "Yes," he answered after a moment. "That's a fine idea. But don't use the belt loops on your jeans."

"Thank you, sir," she said, beaming. She knew that she'd raised his standards for her performance yet again, but a single kind word from his lips, even if he said it like it barely meant anything, was worth the risk of a thousand punishments to her.

"Now get on the floor. We're roleplaying," he said. They'd done such a few times before, so Stacie knew the orders that he hadn't spoken. She moved her laptop so that it was facing the center of her room. She stood in front of it with her legs spread just past her shoulders and her hands behind her head- her presentation position.

"Down, girl. You're going to be my pet in more ways than one tonight. How do you like the idea of being my adorable little bitch?" Stacie immediately dropped to her hands and knees and barked once. She let her tongue hang out of her open smile and panted. It was the best dog impersonation that she could come up with on the spot.

"What, aren't you happy to see me?"

It only took a second of thought to get what he was talking about, so Stacie began shaking her ass, in lieu of a tail. It was kind of hard to get a solid motion when on her hands and knees, but she focused on the movement. She was convinced that she was doing pretty well, considering.

Unfortunately, it seemed that she was the only one with that opinion. "Hm… I'm still not sure. Turn around. Let's see just how happy you are."

A slightly more reliable test, she thought to herself as she padded in a circle to present her ass directly to the camera. She also spread her legs slightly more than necessary so that he'd have a clear view of her pussy as well.

"That's hardly happy at all," he said disparagingly. "Look at you, you're barely damp. To call you a slutty pet would be giving you too much credit, it seems. We'll need to fix that."

Stacie stayed stock-still, waiting for his judgment. He never led into a punishment like this without delivering on his implications. The only thing in question was how bad it would be.

"Perhaps you'd be happier if someone else saw you, hm? What do you think, pet?" Stacie didn't hesitate, shaking her ass immediately. Since their first night, exhibition had become one of her strongest turn-ons. Late at night in her own house, there really wasn't much chance of getting in trouble for it, but the risk was still always there. And there was one pair of eyes that always watched her.

"Very well. Go fetch our favorite voyeur. And don't forget what you are."

Stacie barked again and crawled over to the door on her hands and knees. Then she began to pad at the wood. Whimpering, she turned to her master, who had started chuckling at her play. "One exception, then," he said, and she opened the door with her unnaturally opposable thumbs.

Their visitor was always in the same place, sleeping on a bed in the den. When he heard her enter, he immediately got up. She could swear that he looked at her quizzically, but decided to ignore it and head back to her room with him in tow. Casper followed by instinct now. Whenever she got him up in the middle of the night, something interesting happened. Of course, the fact that she was on a slightly lower level than him now made things even curiouser.

"There he is," Stacie's master said as he saw the large akita enter the room behind his pet. "Our honored guest. Close the door, Stacie, and then come show me how happy you are now," he commanded.

Closing the door didn't require thumbs, so there wasn't a chance of her repeating the same old play. Prompt obedience was her only option. Again, she stood on her hands and knees facing away from her computer. Instead of her master's face, she saw Casper's, watching her naked form intently.

"Much better," the voice from the speakers said. "Now turn so that your side is to me." Again, obedience followed, but it was slightly more hesitant. He'd never done anything like this before.

"Good girl. Now stay."

At first, this was a simple request. She didn't understand the reasoning behind it at all. Then she saw Casper move outside of her field of vision. He had picked up the scent coming from between her legs. Without her being able to move, there was nothing to prevent him from seeking out the source of the juice that he'd been treated with regularly since Stacie had begun her submission. She twitched as she felt his cold nose on her ass, but that was only a brief prelude.

"Oh, god," she moaned, feeling her pet lick her pussy lips.

"You almost sounded like a human there, bitch," her master said, his tone playful. She knew that voice well enough now. It was his sadistic side coming loose. The kind, reasonable man that she spoke to about her life did not exist here. To this side, she was little if not nothing more than a toy to be used for his sick pleasure. If she happened to enjoy herself as well, it was simply coincidence as far as he was concerned.

The experience was among the most exhilarating that she'd ever had the good fortune to be subject to. She barked once to communicate that she would remain his little bitch until he told her otherwise, and then grit her teeth. Casper's tongue had found its way inside her cunt, and its slithering length was more intense than anything that she'd yet experienced. Of course, his only concern was in getting at more of the liquid that was steadily coming from within her. Her concern was in holding back her voice. As things were, she couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't let a word slip, and she doubted that her master would let another pass after his warning.

However, the pleasure that she received under her dog's acrobatic tongue did not last. Abruptly, she felt Casper retreat from her hole. The sudden absence immediately flooded her with need for a continuation of the activity that she'd been tempted to refuse only moments ago. She began to turn her head to look at him, but felt the reason for Casper's yield before she got the chance to get him in her field of vision.

She barked a cry of desperation and whimpered, seeking out her master's assistance. She turned to the screen as she felt Casper's practice jabs against her cheeks, but he neither spoke nor gave any sign that he'd had enough of her suffering. She was greeted only by his smile. He obviously loved seeing his slave get mounted by a dog.

In an instant, it was too late. Too late to defy her master's orders and submit to whatever punishment he might devise. Too late to leave him entirely and try to get by on her own until she managed to find a less extreme dom. Too late to even begin to think about any of this. The pain as her dog tore through her hymen destroyed her hopes by manifesting her fear. Her virginity, which she'd guarded carefully until then- despite her other sexual escapades- was gone.

Tears began to run down her face, less from her physical discomfort than her crushing shame. She'd had dreams about losing her virginity. Dreams about handsome men wining and dining her, or sometimes just tying her up, and then stealing what little remained of her virtue. Her master featured in these more often than not these days, of course. Never, though, had she dreamed of this forbidden union.

Despite his generous foreplay, Casper was hardly a kind lover. His thrusts came hard and fast, preventing her from reaching past the pain that his entry had caused her. Every time he thrusted, she winced in pain and another burst of embarrassment filled her. Even so, if she'd taken the time to notice, she would have been able to feel his entry becoming easier and easier as her cunt produced more juice.

Although she didn't notice her body's increasing sensitivity, her master was watching with clear eyes. The last few months had been a learning experience, so that he'd know every sign to how she was thinking. That was how he was able to hear the transition between her whimpers of pain and her moans of pleasure. He noted with satisfaction as she began moving her hips to meet Casper's thrust, and the louder moan as his knot grew inside of her.

All the while, her face was contorted in agony, and although he enjoyed the sight, it seemed wrong. His slave was lying to herself, and he wasn't going to allow that. He summoned his most commanding voice to give his next order.

"Cum." Stacie's mind exploded at the word. One moment, she was just trying to get through the experience that she'd been subjected to, and the next she was overtaken in a wave of pleasure. Another wave soon followed, brought on by Casper's continued attack on her loins, and a third as he came inside of her, stimulated by her squeezing cunt. She was just about over her orgasms when her dog decided that his work was done. He moved so that they were ass-to-ass and fought to pull his still engorged knot out of her pussy.

When he finally managed it, she felt another, smaller orgasm pass through her. He walked a short ways away from her and began cleaning himself off as if nothing had happened. She fervently wished that she could do the same. After cumming not once, but three times, her arms and legs were barely able to support her.

"That's a good girl. You may lie down," her master said, and she complied. She hardly needed convincing. "Are you alright?" She nodded, the movement a bit of a strain.

"Can you forgive me, Stacie? For having this done to you? Speak."

"Forgive you? Always. I… I love you, Master," she whimpered, not sure at the moment what else she could say. Should she tell him that getting fucked, even though it was by her own dog, was the most pleasurable experience of her life? That being forced into it only made her lust for the act even more? No, he knew that. He knew her, far better than she could ever know herself.

"I'm glad. I love you too," she heard, then, and the words were enough to force a rush of heat through her body. She had never heard him say those words before, and the pure joy that came with them was almost enough to make her weep. He loved her. She was so focused on these words that she almost didn't hear what he said next.

"Make sure you get Casper out before you go to bed. Sweet dreams, my pet."

-MercilessHound666 has signed off-

He loved her.

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I never claim that Master Hound is nice. Kind, sometimes, and amiable, but not nice. Why Stacie accepted this, though, was a combination of three things. First, she'd been his pet for two months previous to this chapter. He had a lot of time to solidify his control over her. Second, he took advantage of the situation by commanding her to cum. She likely would have ended this chapter miserable otherwise, and this series would have come to a conclusion. And lastly, Stacie is a fictional character, tailored specifically for the situations that I put her in.

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