A FLASH OF MOM'S FLESH is a novel about the quiet desperation in so many of us -- and the extremes to which it may drive us.

Sarah wondered if she should tell Karen. She bubbled with pleasure, wanting to tell someone how fantastic she felt. She couldn't tell her sister about being fucked gloriously, day after day, by her son and Keith. She didn't know what Karen's reaction would be to that. But she knew that Karen knew she didn't date, go out with a man. If she told, her sister would suspect where she was getting so much cock, and start to question her, and then it would all come out.

Karen, dressed in a white, tight skirt and pale blue blouse, was watching Sarah closely. She sat at the opposite end of the couch, her knees crossed, swinging one foot, shod in a white high heel. Her legs were lovely in flesh-toned nylons. She was beautiful.

Sarah felt dowdy next to her sister. She had been cleaning house, wearing an old, faded housedress, with a scarf over her hair. She had no makeup on, but was still lovely. Her housedress had a tear near one tit, and the flesh showed, letting Karen know she was braless.

"You're calmer lately, Sarah," Karen said. "Maybe the other day was what YOU needed after all."

Sarah smiled, unable to stop the shine in her eyes.

"I think you're hiding something from me," Karen said. "What are you using, a broom handle, or did you find yourself a nice dildo?"

"I don't like those things," Sarah said, although she had never used one in her life. "Nor a broom handle, either."

Karen searched her sister's face, smiling softly. She turned on the couch, bringing a foot underneath her body, her white skirt hiking halfway up her thigh. Sarah could not resist looking, and saw the shadow of her older sister's panties, the creamy expanse of her slender thigh above the top of her nylon.

She wasn't at all surprised to feel the slight lurch of her cunt. She ran her tongue over her lips, slowly, lifting her eyes to Karen's.

Karen saw the inviting gesture, and gave Sarah a nervous smile. "Sarah... what I did the other day," Karen said softly, "It was to help you."

"I know," Sarah answered. "And don't think I don't appreciate it, because I do. But..."

Karen saw the steam in her younger sister's eyes. When Sarah glanced beck at her thigh, she understood, and gave her sister a small, hesitant smile. "Do you want to do it again?"

"I need a bath," Sarah whimpered, pulling her shoulders back, her firm tits pushing against her housedress.

"No..." Karen said, and drew her knee higher, her white skirt sliding almost to her lap, just above her nylon. "Where's Jimmy?"

"With Keith."

"When will he be home?"

"Later," Sarah said, running her tongue over her lips again as she looked at the skimpy crotch of her sister's panties.

"Much later, I hope," Karen said, and pushed her hand outward. Sarah leaned forward, and her sister cupped her tit, gently fondling it, feeling the nipple burn into her palm.

"Karen, should we?"

"That depends on what we should," her sister replied in a husky voice.

"I don't want... need a finger-job now," Sarah said.

They looked into each other's eyes for a long time, then Karen asked, "What do you need, then?"

Sarah ran her tongue over her lips once more. "Karen, have you ever... you know?" Karen shook her head, her shimmering hair gleaming.

"No, not that, only with my fingers."

"Would you..."


Karen's hand moved down Sarah's shivering body, along her thigh, then under the housedress, stroking the smooth flesh of Sarah's thigh.

Sarah drew in her breath, her cunt pulsating wetly while her sister caressed her bare flesh. This time she had to touch, too. She slipped across and closer to Karen, and when her hand moved up the nyloned thigh to the hot flesh above, the two sisters' lips met, a long, writhing kiss. When Karen slowly pushed her tongue into Sarah's mouth, Sarah moaned and began to suck on it, her hand darting into Karen's crotch, feeling the drenched panties.

"You're hot, Karen," she murmured, sliding her fingers along the slit of her sister's cunt outside her panties. "Hot and wet. Maybe you're not getting enough, either."

Karen's hand pushed into Sarah's crotch, feeling the naked, hairy pussy. Her fingers rubbed at the distended clit, making Sarah wiggle, getting her hand inside her sister's panties to feel her wetness.

"We... I want it!" Karen gurgled.

"I do, too!" Sarah gasped, and pulled her hand from under her sister's skirt. "Let me unbutton this."

She opened Karen's blouse, then removed it. Karen's tits bulged over a lacy bra, and as Sarah opened it, the creamy tits spilled out, high and wide, firm, with candy-pink nipples jutting in stiffness. Sarah was the aggressor this time, and she sobbed softly as her mouth greedily sucked from one nipple to the other. Karen purred with pleasure, stuffing her tit deeply into her younger sister's mouth.

Sarah lifted her mouth, her eyes blazing with passion.

"No fingers this time, Karen," she whispered softly.

"No," came her sister's whispered reply as she worked at Sarah's dress. "No fingers this time."

They undressed each other slowly, hands nervous, breathing deeply with eagerness. Sarah soon sat naked with Karen wearing her nylons and garter belt. They gazed at each other's body, both of them slender and beautiful.

"Me first," Sarah said, licking her lips as she slipped from the couch and sat on the floor at Karen's feet. She pushed at her sister's knees, and they parted easily. Looking between the nyloned thighs, seeing the softly haired cunt, Karen's straining clit, Sarah wondered about herself. She was anxious and hungry to try new combinations of flesh.

As she caressed the smooth thighs of her sister, Karen slowly scooted her ass to the edge of the cushions, her eyes blazing with heat, her hand running through Sarah's hair. Sarah turned and kissed her sister's nyloned knee, the tip of her tongue licking slowly. She listened to Karen's soft mewls and watched her ass writhe as her tongue reached the top of the nylons. Sarah paused for just an instant, then licked at the hot flesh, tasting, twirling her tongue. Her hands slid along the outside of Karen's thighs to her hips, caressing softly. She moved her tongue along the side of the bubbling slit, through the soft, curling hair, even through the thick hair at the top of the slit. She inhaled the delicate, arousing scent of her sister's clean, fresh cunt. She drew back and stared at the pink wetness, the flesh of Karen's cunt so smooth looking, glistening with slippery wetness, her clit pulsating with hardness.

"Oh, Sarah!" Karen crooned, gently pulling at Sarah's head.

Sarah let her sister pull her face close to her cunt, her tongue running over her lips again. She closed her eyes, and kissed the wet slit very tenderly. She felt Karen's body jerk as her lips touched her pussy, heard the soft moan. The pressure on the back of her head increased, and Sarah didn't resist when Karen pulled her face into her cunt tighter. The fiery wetness smashed against her lips, and Sarah kissed it, letting her mouth open slightly. The tip of her tongue slithered out, and flicked about Karen's clit.

"Ooooh, Sarah!" Karen whimpered, arching her cunt and pushing hard. "Oh, kiss it, Sarah!"

Sarah kissed, lips parted, tongue moving. At first she kissed softly and gently, but as her sister pushed her cunt harder at her mouth, she began to lick and suck on the puffy lips, moaning in her throat as the taste of Karen's cunt sent wild tremors of delight through her own naked body. Opening her mouth wide, she sucked, her tongue dipping into the steamy wet slit, probing the satiny walls, dragging up to twist about the throbbing clit. Her hands moved down and under Karen's twisting ass, clutching the firm cheeks, lifting as she smeared her face into the soft, very hot and wet pussy with greed now.

"Ahhhh, Sarah, Sarah!" Karen sobbed out, grinding into her sister's sucking, licking mouth. "Ohhhh, it's so good, Sarah! Mmmmm, kiss it hard! Kiss my cunt hard!"

Sarah kissed the soft cunt very hard, crushing her mouth into it as hard as she could, her tongue sliding deeply into the vibrating slit. She lapped at the seeping juices, pulling them into her mouth, swallowing them. She squeezed the rounded cheeks of Karen's ass, her fingers working the fine flesh as Karen twisted and squirmed, spreading her nyloned thighs as wide as she could, straining her overheated cunt into Sarah's face.

Making wet sounds as she lapped her tongue up and down the hot slit and about the knotted clit, Sarah's cunt was bubbling wetly, her clit swollen almost painfully. The taste and feel of her sister's pussy in her face were making her so hot and wet. She pulled her hands off Karen's ass and ran them through the soft hairs that tickled her nose. She spread her sister's cunt wide, licking at each lip. She pulled back to look at it, her eyes burning with intense passion.

"Oh, Karen, it tastes so good!"

"Lick my pussy, Sarah!" Karen sobbed. "Please, lick my cunt and make me come! I want to come so much, Sarah! Lick me! Suck my cunt!"

"I will," Sarah breathed, burying her face once more into the wet, steamy pussy.

Her tongue darted into her sister's cunt like an eager, hard cock. She rammed it in and out, making Karen squeal and grind into her face, holding the back of her head, her fingers twisted into her hair. Sarah licked and lapped and sucked hungrily, making sweet wet sounds. The feel of Karen's pussy juices on her cheeks and chin increased her erotic pleasure. Her tits pushed out with very hard nipples, and the cheeks of her own ass bunched while her cunt vibrated wetly.

"Fuck me!" Karen cried out. "Fuck me with your tongue, Sarah!"

Sarah plunged her tongue as deep as she could into Karen's cunt, thrusting in and out, her mouth wide and pressing hard on the puffy, hairy lips. Her fingers spread her sister's pussy as wide as she could, her tongue straining to go deep. The juices seeped over her tongue into her mouth, and Sarah tongue fucked frantically as Karen whipped her ass about, grinding in a frenzy, sobbing out her ecstasy. Once more she shoved her hands under Karen's straining ass, her fingers inside the smooth, hot crack, near the puckering tight asshole. With a muffled moan of pleasure, Sarah began to rub at her sister's ass, her tongue darting in and out of the slippery wetness, over the bulging clit. She closed her lips around Karen's clit and sucked it, stretching it, her tongue flicking the tip. Karen's hips went wild, gyrating even as she humped up and down, smacking her cunt into her sister's willing face.

"Suck me, suck me!" Karen wailed. "Ohhhh, suck my cunt, Sarah! Your tongue... fuck my cunt with your tongue! Ram it deep... ohhhh, I need a hard cock, too! A hard cock and a hot tongue, fucking and sucking and licking me! Ohhh, Sarah, Sarah..."

Sarah lapped with eagerness, moaning as loudly as her sister, her pussy on fire, making a wet spot on the carpet as it dripped her own juices. She could feel and taste the vibrating suction of Karen's cunt when her tongue went deep, and she felt the quivering pulsations of her clit when she sucked on it. Knowing she was making her sister go almost out of her mind with ecstasy made Sarah want to suck on this juicy cunt all day, making Karen come and come until she was exhausted. She felt her sister's fiery asshole crinkle against her rubbing finger, began to rub a little faster and harder. This sent Karen into a bucking madness, pulling at the back of her head, trying to smash her sucking mouth and tongue into her cunt.

Sarah gasped with excitement when she felt her sister's cunt close about her tongue, squeezing it. She plunged her tongue in and out, using it like a hard, eager cock. Karen wailed and thrashed, her legs opening and closing, scissoring about Sarah's face. With a cry, she drew her legs up high, her crotch spread open. Sarah lapped her tongue up and down the creamy slit, over Karen's bulging clit, and back down the juicy slit once more. This time, she probed the tip of her tongue at her sister's tightly clenched asshole, bringing a cry of rapture from Karen.

Sarah whipped her tongue about the pucker, her nose pushing into the wetness of the hairy pussy. She drew her tongue up and thrust it back into Karen's cunt, wiggling it. She pulled her hands once more over Karen's hips and to her bushy slit, spreading the pussy as wide as she could. She pushed her lips into it, sucking hard, drawing juices into her mouth. The hot wetness of her sister's pussy around her mouth sent a lurching ecstasy through her own cunt, and she felt as if she was about to come any minute

Karen clung to the back of her head, grinding powerfully into her face, sobbing, her head twisting on the back of the couch, her tits bulging with hardness, her nipples very stiff. The strain showed on her beautiful features, her eyes closed. She yelped and cried out, sobbed as her naked stomach rippled with sensation.

"Sarah!" Karen screamed. "Ohhhh, I'm about to come, Sarah!" Sarah sucked as hard as she could, her tongue in a frenzy of licking.

Karen churned her ass up and down, beating her cunt into her sister's face almost violently.

"Ohhhh, Sarah, Sarah!" Karen cried. "I'm so close! I'm so fucking close to coming! Suck my cunt... lick my cunt! Ohhhh, almost... eat me!"

With a powerful lurch, Karen smashed her cunt into Sarah's mouth, the contractions strong. Sarah rammed her tongue deeply, feeling the convulsions while her sister came. She clutched Karen's ass again, lifting her pussy into her mouth while Karen thrashed about, her thighs now hugging her head tightly as she pushed frantically, crying with the intense ecstasy of her overwhelming orgasm.

Sarah kept her mouth smashed hard into Karen's cunt as she came, feeling the rippling pulsations on her lips and around her tongue. She kept pressing and sucking and licking until she felt the spasms slow and begin to fade.

As she came down, Karen's ass slumped, her legs sprawling wide apart, her hands turning lose of Sarah's head and dropping along side her hips. Sarah drew her face back, her cheeks and chin drenched in pussy-juices. She ran her tongue over her slightly bruised lips as she watched the hair-lined slit of her sister's cunt pulsate gently.

"My God, I didn't know it could feel that good," Karen finally said breathlessly.

Sarah looked into her sister's smoldering eyes. "You mean you've never licked a cunt before?"

"I told you, just my fingers," Karen said. "No one has ever licked me so good, Sarah not even my husband. And he's pretty good, believe me." She smiled, then teased. "Are you sure you've never sucked pussy before?"

Sarah shook her head, not smiling. The taste of her sister's cunt had surprised her. She liked it as much as she did a hard cock. She lifted her knees, hugging them to her naked tits while Karen recovered. Her cunt was still on fire, she had not come, although it felt as if she would at any time, even now. She rocked back and forth on her ass, waiting.

When she felt Karen was calm, she whispered, "Now, what about me, Karen?"

Karen gazed down at her younger sister. She didn't say anything for a moment then finally, "I guess I have to repay the favor, huh? But don't expect any fireworks. I've never had my face between a girl's legs before. I've sucked a cock or two, but never a cunt."

"It was my first time, too," Sarah reminded her.

"I'd never know that from the way you just sucked me."

Sarah stood and sat at the end of the couch, pulling her feet up and leaning against the arm rest, spreading her legs, knees bent. Karen turned and stroked her inner thighs, then felt her bubbling cunt just as gently as Sarah had felt hers. When her fingers stroked the straining tip of Sarah's clit, Sarah gasped and lifted her ass.

"Mmmmmm, so hot," Karen whispered, drawing her feet up on the couch, then getting on her hands and knees, her face between Sarah's thighs.

As Sarah had done, Karen began by kissing and licking the silky insides of her thighs, her naked ass high in the air, wearing just her garter belt and flesh-toned nylons.

"You have such a pretty cunt," Karen said. "Soft and wet and fuzzy." She inhaled when her face was only inches away. "And you smell so good, too."

"Suck me!" Sarah pleaded, lifting her ass and twisting. "Please, hurry and suck my cunt! I'm burning up, Karen!"

"Mmmm, I can see that," her older sister breathed, and buried her face into Sarah's dripping cunt.

That was when Jimmy came home, opening the door and finding himself staring right at his Aunt Karen's naked ass in the air, seeing her asshole and bushy cunt, making wet sounds as she lapped at his mother's pussy. Seeing the door open, Karen gasped and yanked her face out of Sarah's cunt but not until Jimmy had himself a good look at her cunt and ass.

Although Sarah tried to hold her head into her crotch, Karen had pulled away and sat up, seeing Jimmy in the doorway. With a squeal, she tried to cover her tits and cunt as Sarah had the day she was found naked by Keith. And she had just as little success as Sarah had.

She leaned over and grabbed her white skirt, trying to cover herself with it, looking anxiously at Jimmy.

While Sarah had not moved, her knees still bent and spread open, Jimmy started to grin widely, looking from his aunt to his mother. His cock pushed against the front of his pants, swelling with hardness, and he made no effort to hide it.

"Oh, I knew it!" Karen moaned. "I just knew we'd be caught!"

Sarah was grinning, feeling her exposed cunt. "It's only my son, Karen."

"Only your son? Sarah, Jimmy will tell everyone now!" Karen sounded as if she was about to cry.

"No, he won't," Sarah said, rubbing at her inflamed clit.

Karen swiveled her head from Jimmy to Sarah, and saw her sister openly and unashamedly playing with her hairy cunt while her son stood watching.

"You mean..." Karen's eyes opened wide. Sarah nodded, her eyes flashing, smiling at her sister. Karen's eyes turned back to Jimmy, then to Sarah again. "But... he's your son, Sarah! I don't believe this."

"You're my sister," Sarah reminded Karen. "What's the difference, son or sister?"

"I just don't believe it!" Karen whispered.

Her skirt slipped down, and one of her flawless tits showed, nipple still erect. She let it show, her eyes now seeing the bulge in Jimmy's pants. "You're fucking your son, Sarah!"

"And you will, too," Sarah said quietly.

"Me?" Karen gasped. "But he's my nephew! I can't fuck him!"

"I am, so why not?" Sarah countered.

"My God!" Karen looked at her sister's hands playing with her cunt, then back at the outline of Jimmy's very hard cock in his pants.

"What if I refuse?"

"Well, I guess we'd have to..."

Sarah let it fall off, her eyes twinkling happily as she pushed two fingers into her cunt.

"Sarah, that's blackmail!" Karen gasped, her eyes burning on Jimmy's bulging hard-on.

"I suppose it is," Sarah laughed softly.

"You can't!" Karen moaned.

"We can, and we just might," Sarah insisted. Sarah sat up, and gently pulled the skirt from her sister. For a moment Karen clung to it, then let it go. She didn't protest when Sarah moved close to her and cupped one of her jutting tits, fondling it as Jimmy stood now with his back against the closed door, his cock pushing at his pants with youthful hardness, watching. Karen had her nyloned thighs crossed tightly together, and when Sarah started to open them, she sucked in a breath of air and reined her knees. She couldn't take her eyes from Jimmy's cock as Sarah spread her knees, and began to tremble as her nephew stared at her cunt.

Working at Karen's clit, Sarah said, "Jimmy, would you like to have some of this pussy, honey?"

"Sarah..." Karen moaned, but her ass twisted. "I... my God! Look at how hard Jimmy is!"

"I know how hard his cock gets," Sarah said, licking the tip of her tongue about the shell of her sister's ear. "It feels so good in my pussy, too. You'll like it in your cunt, Karen."

Jimmy was taking his clothes off, his eyes fixed upon his mother's fingers sliding up and down the hairy slit of his aunt's cunt. When he dropped his pants, his cock lurched upright, almost slapping his stomach.

Karen gasped loudly, holding her legs open by herself now, shaking as Sarah smashed a finger at her straining clit. She kept her eyes on Jimmy's jerking cock as he started forward. She licked her lips, her eyes taking on a filmy expression of heat, shining brightly.

When he was close enough, Karen closed her fingers about his cock and squeezed it, making the head bulge, his piss-hole seeping. She pumped it a few times, her other hand cradling his hot, young balls.

"See, Karen," Sarah murmured. "You can't stop touching him. You have to feel his cock, don't you? Go ahead, feel his cock and play with it and jack on it. It's going up your cunt soon, you know?"

"Yes," Karen breathed softly. "Oh, yes it is!"

"Why not now?" Sarah said.

"Yes, right now!"

As Karen leaned back, Sarah lifted her legs, pushing her sister's nyloned knees to her chest, her cunt vulnerable to Jimmy's raging hard-on. With one hand, Sarah parted the hairy lips of her sister's cunt, her other hand grasping her son's cock at the base, pulling the swollen head to the slit. She rubbed her son's cock up and down her sister's cunt, making Karen gasp and lurch upward. Sarah watched as she smashed her sister's clit on the piss-slit of her son's cock.

"Put it in!" Karen wailed. "Please, push his cock in my cunt, Sarah!"

Sarah kissed her sister's open mouth, dragging her tongue from one corner of her soft lips to the other. "I will, Karen. I'll put my son's beautiful hard cock in your cunt, and you're going to fuck him, take his come-juice in your hot pussy."

"Yes, I will!" Karen wailed, twisting her lifted ass, her cunt trying to close about the swollen head of her nephew's cock. "I'll fuck... I'll fuck his brains out, making him come so hard in my hot cunt! Put his cock in me now, Sarah! Ohhhh, please, put it in me!"

Sarah pushed the smooth head of her son's cock downward, along the juicy fiery slit. When the head was in position, she said to Jimmy, "Ram it up her cunt hard, baby!"

Jimmy lunged, his cock plunging deep into his aunt's cunt.

"Ohhhh, yes!" Karen screamed as her cunt was filled and stretched by his hardness. "Yes, yes, yes!"

Sarah's fingers were smashed between the base of her son's cock and her sister's steamy cunt. She pulled them up, and began to suck one of her sister's nipples, watching her son stab his cock back and forth. Karen lurched her ass up, grinding it as she sobbed out her ecstasy. The wet sounds filled the room, and sucking hard on the stiff nipple, Sarah pushed her hand down her sister's quivering stomach, through the soft hairs, and rubbed at her clit while Jimmy fucked her swiftly.

Jimmy was gripping his aunt's hips, darting his cock back and forth, watching the way her hairy cunt clung to the shaft. He could see his mother sucking at Karen's tits that poked up from between her drawn-back knees. His balls smacked at the crinkle of Karen's ass, fleshy sounds mixing with the juicy, squishy ones of her cunt.

"Is my sister good pussy, Jimmy?" Sarah asked in a tight voice, watching his cock ram in and out. "Is her cunt hot and wet and tight enough for you, baby?"

"Oh, yes, Mom!" Jimmy grunted.

"Fuck her, baby!" Sarah hissed, squeezing one of Karen's tits hard, bringing her hand away from the wet cunt and up the nyloned thigh. "Fuck her hot brains out, Jimmy! Make her come... make her hot cunt come so hard she can't walk! Fuck the shit out of her wet cunt!"

"Yes, oh my God yes!" Karen screamed, thrashing her ass up and down frantically. "Fuck my fucking brains out, Jimmy! Ooooh, ram that hard cock right up my cunt. Fuck me! Ohhhh, fuck me as hard as you can!"

Sarah found herself as excited as possible. Seeing her son fucking her sister sent steamy sensations throughout her body. The juicy sounds made her own cunt tingle, and she found herself wishing there was some way she could get her mouth on Karen's cunt while her son fucked her. The idea of tasting Karen's pussy juices and the creamy sweetness of her son's come-juice at the same time almost made her cunt convulse. But there was no way she could get her mouth on that fiery cunt, or his cock.

She pushed her face down, sticking her tongue out as far as she could, trying to lick her sister's bulging clit, but it kept rubbing at the shaft of Jimmy's cock, evading her tongue. She did taste the wet shaft of her son's cock as he pulled it out, but she had to move quickly when he rammed back in. She drew one foot up on the couch, flinging her knee wide, and began to agitate her own cunt frantically as she watched her son fucking her sister's gyrating ass. She shoved one hand beneath Karen's pumping ass, clutching one cheek hard.

"Oh, that's so beautiful!" Sarah moaned, her head resting on the back of her sister's thighs. "Give it to her good, Jimmy! Listen to that wetness? Oh, it's so sweet, your cock fucking my sister's cunt."

Karen was whimpering as she whipped her ass up and down, sliding and straining her heated cunt onto Jimmy's throbbing prick.

"Jimmy, oh Jimmy!" she sobbed. "More, Jimmy! A lot more! Ahhhh, you're so fucking hard, Jimmy! Ram it to me... beat my cunt with your lovely hard cock! Fuck me, Jimmy! Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me!"

Squeezing her sister's ass, Sarah thrust her fingers deep into her own cunt, arching her crotch up, moaning, self-stimulation, staring at her sister's hairy cunt gripping the plunging cock of Jimmy. Her hand slipped along Karen's grinding ass to her son's balls. She grabbed them, twisting and pulling.

"So hot," she groaned. "Your balls are so hot, Jimmy! Ahhhh, baby, spurt it up her hot fucking cunt!"

Karen strained her cunt onto her nephew's prick, a scream building in her throat, her face showing the strain. Her hands darted underneath her own ass, clutching the cheeks tightly as she pushed her cunt all the way onto his cock.

"Now, Jimmy!" Karen screamed. "Oh, my God -- now!"

When her orgasm burst, it sent rippling waves of wet, hot tightness along Jimmy's cock, massaging and pulling at it. The contractions sent wave after wave of rapture through Karen, her hips jerking spastically. Jimmy gritted his teeth, pushing hard into his aunt's convulsing cunt.

"Come, Jimmy!" his mother cried out. "She's coming now! Squirt it to her, baby! Fill her fucking cunt with that sweet juice!"

She squeezed her son's balls hard, and Jimmy let out a yelp, then began to spray thick come juice into his aunt's gripping cunt. Karen shrieked with ecstasy as she felt him splashing his hot juices into her pussy, drenching her. The spasming of his cock created a more intense orgasm against the tight lips of her cunt, and her clit smashed at the base. It seemed to go on and on, before Karen's ass shivered, then slumped. Jimmy's cock came out of her pussy with a wet sound, drooping in half hardness, gleaming with slippery wetness.

Sarah, with a little cry, darted her face to her son's cock and sucked it into her mouth swiftly plunging all four of her fingers into her burning cunt, her orgasm exploding as she licked and tasted her son's cock, the taste of her sister's juicy cunt clinging to it.


Later, lying on her back with her head in Karen's lap, with Jimmy at the opposite end of the couch, looking up between her parted thighs, Sarah began to tell her sister everything, except about Keith. The more she talked, the more her sister seemed to like it. Especially exposing herself in a public place.

"I've always wanted to do that," Karen confessed. "I've been afraid, though."

"Why?" Sarah asked.

"Someone might see me."

"But, Karen, that's the idea," Sarah said. "That's the exciting part of it -- someone seeing you do it."

After awhile, Karen agreed to do it with Sarah, but only both of them at the same time, and with Jimmy. They discussed where to expose themselves, and settled on the bank again, where Sarah had given into the impulse her first time.

"But not right now," Karen said, seeing Jimmy's cock half hard. "Maybe tonight, when it's dark."

"It's very well lit up," Jimmy said, grinning with anticipation.

"But at least it's night," Karen said. "I have to work into this slowly, you know."

"You're sure you want, to do it?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, I'm sure," Karen said firmly. "I've thought about it so often, I think I'm ready, but only with you and Jimmy with me. By myself, I won't dare."

Sarah played with her son's cock, using her feet and toes. With both feet, holding his cock between the soles, she jacked him.

"I can think of things we can do with his cock besides jack him off with your feet, Sarah," Karen said, her voice thick with desire again.

"So can I." Sarah replied.

"Let's give him a blow-job," Karen laughed lewdly. "It's been years since I've tasted a young cock like Jimmy's."

Sarah, more than ready, rolled off the couch and to the floor, on her back. She didn't have to tell her son where to be. Jimmy straddled his mother's face, and while Karen was getting off the couch, she licked at her son's hot balls, swirling her tongue about them. Jimmy's cock began to drip, a drop falling from his piss-hole onto his mother's forehead.

Karen knelt and leaned over, running her tongue about the smooth head of her nephew's cock. Looking up at her sister licking Jimmy's prick, Sarah drew his hot balls into her mouth, sucking them. Jimmy moaned in pleasure, and Karen slipped her hot, wet lips over his prick, taking it deep into her mouth. When Karen swallowed his cock, her bottom lip touched the upper one of her sister, and they both held his cock and balls deep for a moment. Jimmy moaned with the exquisite sensation, his hand on the back of his aunt's head. He felt his mother's tits against his ass, and dropped his hand off Karen's head to push beneath her body to play with her tits.

"Ohhh, suck me!" he moaned.

Karen began to slide her hot lips up and down his cock while his mother sucked and licked at his balls. His young body trembled with the sensations of ecstasy. The wet heat of their mouths pulling so hungrily at his cock and balls made him know he wouldn't last long.

Sucking wetly, his aunt and mother mouthed him eagerly, watching each other's face. Sarah cupped one cheek of her son's ass, Karen the other. Both of them moaned softly. Sarah's free hand slipped between her sister's thighs, rubbing and caressing her wet, dripping cunt.

The soft sucking sounds from Sarah and Karen mixed with the ecstatic groans of Jimmy. His cock throbbed inside his aunt's mouth, and his balls writhed as his mother sucked wantonly on them. The grip they each had on his, naked ass made him shiver.

"Ohhhh, suck my cock, Aunt Karen!" he gasped as his aunt sucked upward hard and wetly. "Mom, my balls are on fire! Suck my cock and suck my balls, both of you!"

Karen mewled as her lips pulled off his cock. "I'll suck your hard cock, Jimmy!" she breathed excitedly, staring at her sister with her mouth full of his balls. "Give me a nice hot mouthful of juice, Jimmy!"

She rammed down onto his cock again, sucking in a frenzy this time, anxious to have him explode, discharge the thick sweetness from his balls into her mouth. Now Sarah slipped her mouth from his balls, gazing with fiery eyes at her sister gobbling his cock so hungrily.

"Squirt it down her cock-sucking throat, baby!" she cried out. "Give her what she wants... come in her fucking mouth!"

"I will!" Jimmy grunted. "Hurry, Mom, suck my balls again!"

With a moan of hunger, Sarah pulled her son's balls back into her mouth, feeling them writhe as she sucked. Karen was dancing her lovely face up and down swiftly on his cock, her mouth stretched, eyes glassy.

"Now," Jimmy yelped. "Ohhh, shit, now!" The eruption of his cock made his aunt choke daintily, but Karen sucked harder yet, his thick, hot juices spraying across her tongue. Her mouth filled and she swallowed his come-juice desperately, but plenty of it seeped past her gripping lips, running down the shaft and to his mother's lips around his balls. Jimmy's body trembled stiffly as he came, his balls tight inside his mother's mouth.

When his come-juice ran down onto her lip, Sarah turned his balls loose, and darted her tongue out, lapping the juices up from the shaft of his cock, the tip licking about the sucking mouth of her sister. Both of them licked and slicked at his juices, moaning in pleasure. A soft, muffled, wet squeal came from Karen as her cunt spasmed about Sarah's buried fingers, her orgasm intense as she gulped the sweet come-juice from her nephews cock.

Later, sitting on the couch, close to Jimmy, Karen fondled him while Sarah was in the kitchen preparing iced tea for them. Karen had one nyloned thigh draped over Jimmy's leg, the other flung wide. Her bushy cunt, glistening with pussy-juices, was widely revealed. Jimmy had his arm over the back of his aunt's shoulders, playing with a shapely, firm tit.

As Sarah came back into the room, the ice and tea on a tray, the front door opened and in stepped Keith.

For the second time that day, Karen scrambled to cover herself, looking warily at her son in the doorway.

Sarah placed the tray on the coffee table, watching her sister blush and try to cover her naked body, smiling with amusement. Jimmy remained as he had been.

It was some time before Karen realized that Sarah wasn't trying to hide her nakedness, and that Jimmy was sitting there as before. With her arms over her shapely tits, her legs closed tightly, leaning forward, she looked at Sarah, then Jimmy, and finally at her son. Sarah was standing near the coffee table, beautifully naked, a big smile on her lovely face.

"I think I see," Karen said softly, slowly, her eyes going from her son to sister to nephew, then back to her son.

"Oh, I'm sure you do, Karen," Sarah said, eyes flashing with pleasure. "But not anything so exciting as what we just did with my son."

"Don't say anything!" Karen said quickly. "Keith can't know..."

"He already knows," Sarah said, leaning over to pick up a glass of tea, her beautiful tits wobbling slightly. "At least about me and Jimmy."

Karen gazed at her sister for a moment, then said, "I have a hunch he's involved, too."

"Of course," Sarah said, sipping her tea. "Why not?"

Keith was grinning, trying to see his mother's tits around her protective arms. He could see the soft curls of her cunt between her thighs. His cock was already swelling and pressing against his pants.

After a tense moment, Karen said, her voice barely audible, "I guess I'm about to be blackmailed again, huh?"

"Blackmailed?" Keith asked.

Not as embarrassed now, Karen told her son. "I was enjoying a visit with my sister when she blackmailed me into... you know," she nodded at Jimmy. "I didn't have much choice."

"I can't have your father finding out about this."

Sarah laughed.

"What your mother isn't saying is Jimmy caught her with her face between my legs, licking my cunt, Keith."

"Sarah!" Karen gasped. "You didn't have to tell him that!"

Keith's cock looked as if it was going to burst through the seams of his pants. Karen gazed at it, as if mesmerized. Keith boldly rubbed his cock through his pants and Karen ran her tongue over her lips, breathing fast.

"Karen, Keith is fucking me, too," Sarah said. "He has a fantastic cock, you know. It's okay that he knows you suck my cunt."

"But it isn't," Karen said, still gazing at her son's bulging cock. "He'll tell his father..."

"Not me, Mom," Keith grinned, still trying to see his mother's tits.

"There, you see," Sarah said. "Keith won't say anything, I won't say anything, and Jimmy won't say anything."


Karen turned her eyes to her sister.

"I know," she said. "Everyone will keep it a nice little secret, but I have to fuck my son, too, isn't that right?"

"You'll love it, Karen," Sarah grinned.

Karen turned to her son again, his cock drawing her eyes. She began to breathe deeply as her son opened his pants, and his long, thick cock pushed out. A little whimper came from Karen and her cunt lurched hotly between her thighs. Her arm came down from her tits, her hands resting on her nyloned thighs. She stared fixedly as her son opened the belt of his pants ad pushed them down. He was looking at his mother's tits now, seeing them naked for the first time

"Keith, please..." Karen moaned. "I'm your mother."

"I know," he said, coming toward her, his cock waving with hardness. He wore only his t-shirt now. "And I want to fuck you, Mom."

He stopped before his mother, and Karen's eyes steamed on the swollen head of her son's cock. His piss-hole flared, dripping. Sarah sat on the opposite side of Jimmy, both of them waiting to see what Karen would do. Sarah fondled her son's cock and balls as they watched and waited.

"Keith..." Karen whispered, her hand lifting to cup her son's balls. She closed her hand about his balls, squeezing them, making his hard cock jerk upward, then down. "My God, Keith you're my son, and I can't do it."

With a deep throaty moan, Karen closed her lips about her son's cock, sucking it deeply. She let out soft sobs, squeezing his balls hard as her lips raced up and down his throbbing hard-on, eyes closed.

"Suck it, Karen!" Sarah giggled lewdly. "Suck it good!"

"Mmmmm!" Karen slipped her lips from the swollen head, then down swiftly, mashing them into the wiry hair at the base of her son's cock, only to suck up strongly, then down again.

Keith trembled, looking down at his mother's head bobbing so swiftly, her mouth hot and tight and wet. He placed his hands on her shoulders, pushing his cock to her mouth. With a wet sob, Karen released her son's balls and wrapped her arms around his waist, clutching his naked ass and trying to swallow his cock into her throat.

After sucking her son's cock a few more minutes, Karen pulled off, looking up at his face with fiery, glazed eyes. "Keith, put it in me! I want it inside me, Keith!"

She leaned back, spreading her long, nyloned thighs wide, then pulled her knees to her tits, offering her hairy cunt to his jerking cock.

"You were doing great sucking my cock, Mom," Keith said.

"Later!" Karen sobbed, twisting her lifted ass. "I'll suck it again later! Put it in me now... please, Keith! Push your cock in my cunt and fuck me now! I'll suck you off next!"

With a lunge, Keith drove his cock up his mother's cunt. Karen let out a squeal as her pussy spread around the hardness. His hands grabbed her arching ass, holding it up. He started pounding in and out of his mother's cunt, making juicy sounds. Karen grunted from the wild stabs, her shapely tits jiggling, nipples stiff in desire. She gazed up at his face as his cock plunged back and forth.

"Ooooh, Keith!" she moaned loudly. "Ahhh, Keith, its wonderful! Fuck me, Keith! Fuck mother in the hot cunt! I can feel your balls bouncing on my ass... on my asshole! Fuck me, Keith! Fuck me good!"

Jimmy's cock lifted with hardness as he and his mother watched them, and Sarah leaned down, taking it into her, mouth. She could see Keith's cock stabbing into her sister's hairy cunt. While she sucked on Jimmy's cock, she watched the creamy, pink pussy of Karen cling to Keith's hardness, her naked ass shaking as Karen held her knees against her shoulders. Her cunt was on fire. Her hand slipped out to her nephew's bouncing ass, then between his thighs to feel his balls, and finally a finger began to rub at Karen's crinkling asshole.

With the added stimulation, Karen began to fling her ass up and down, whipping her ass sideways, almost screaming in rapture, the juicy sounds of her son's cock exciting her almost as much as the way it felt inside her.

Lifting her mouth off Jimmy's cock, Sarah stood and straddled his legs, spreading her cunt with both hands.

"Put your cock in my pussy, Jimmy," she said, still watching Keith's cock battering his mother's cunt. "Slide your cock up mother's cunt."

Jimmy positioned his cock, and Sarah slipped her fiery pussy onto it, bringing her knees to the cushions along his hips. Sitting upright, impaled on her son's cock, Sarah began to bounce, fucking Jimmy as she watched her sister getting fucked by her son. With her knees tight, Sarah plunged her cunt up and down her son's prick. Karen, sobbing with ecstasy, grabbed at Jimmy's hand, pulling it to one of her tits, just as her own son leaned forward to grab the other tit, his cock never missing a beat in her cunt

"Come on, Karen!" Sarah gasped. "Let's show these guys! Let's fuck the piss out of them! Let's show them what good mothers they have... good fucking mothers... mothers with hot cunts... mothers that need cock! Let's fuck their fucking brains out, Karen!"

"Yes!" Karen shrieked. "I'll fuck your brains out, Keith!"

The moist, squishy sounds of two hot, juicy cunts filled the air, the fleshy slaps against asscheeks. Sarah whipped her ass up and down on her son's cock, digging brutally at her own tits as she stared glassy-eyed at Keith fucking his mother, seeing his cock stretch the hairy lips of the cunt she had enjoyed sucking so much earlier.

"Faster, Keith!" Karen wailed, grinding her ass at him wantonly. "Pound mother's pussy! Bruise mother's cunt with your cock! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can... as hard as you want! Oooooh, ram it up my cunt, darling! Mother's cunt does need hard cock... lots of hard cock!"

"And tongues," Sarah supplied.

"Oh, yes! Long, wet tongues sliding inside me... licking my pussy... sucking my cunt!"

"You like a tongue-fuck, Mom?" Keith asked, breathless as he stabbed as fast as he could into her pussy. "You like to get your cunt sucked? Your mouth fucked?"

"Yes, yes!" Karen screamed out. "I want fucked... my cunt wants fucked... my mouth needs fucked!"

Jimmy squeezed his aunt's tit, looking down at her hairy cunt racing up to meet the thrust of his cousin's cock, then at his mother's spreading crotch as her pussy rode his prick.

Keith had turned loose of his mother's tit, standing up but looking at the wild way she tossed her bushy cunt up and down as he rammed into it.

Karen yelped and gasped, holding her thighs high and tight against her shoulders, waggling her ass lewdly, the friction of her son's cock against the sensitive, steamy walls of her velvety cunt, making her, tremble toward an orgasm.

Suddenly, as if surprised by it, Karen screeched into orgasm. Her ass jerked upward, the hairy lips squeezing and sucking at her son's cock. The contractions worked on Keith's prick, waving and pulling from the base up to the head. His balls smashed at his mother's puckering hole, and he screwed up his face.

"You want it, Mom?" he gasped. "Can I come in your cunt, Mom?"

"Yes!" Karen shrieked. "Pour it to me! Squirt it in my pussy! Ahhhh, Keith, come in mother's cunt... now!"

Keith's body trembled, then went stiff as he strained his cock as deep as he could into her cunt. The hot gush of his come-juices spewing into her pussy increased the power of her orgasm, and Karen began to scream over and over with mindless ecstasy.

Just before she began to wind down, Sarah let out a squeal, smashing down as hard as she could onto, her son's cock. "Ohhhhh, I'm going to come, Jimmy!"

Jimmy grabbed at his mother's grinding hips, pushing his cock up into her convulsing cunt.

"Me too, Mom!"

The hot spray of her son's juices flooded her overheated cunt, making Sarah cry out with rapture. Her pussy, like her sister's, clamped about Jimmy's cock as he came, the rippling waves of her orgasm pulling the juices from his young, fiery balls.

"Ahhhh! Oooooh, so much!" Sarah gurgled. "You come so fucking much for me, baby!"

After shuddering a few times, Sarah climbed off her son's cock, sinking to the floor and resting her cheek on Jimmy's knees. She watched Keith pull his dripping cock out of his mother's cunt, and saw the creamy juices oozing from the hairy lips, running slowly to the pucker of Karen's light-brown asshole. With a little mewl, Sarah pushed her face over before Karen could lower her knees, and lapped Keith's juices from her asshole, sliding her tongue up the wet slit and twisting it around Karen's slightly pulsating cunt. Karen's ass lurched up and she moaned.

"Oh, no more right now, please. I can't stand it now."

Keith sat at his mother's side, and when he began to fondle her tits, she looked up at him, eyes glittering in delight. Her hand searched and found his wet cock, and she squeezed it. Keith lifted his face to his mother's and they kissed for a long time. Karen sat between her son and Jimmy, with Sarah on the floor at their feet. She caressed her sister's nyloned thighs while Karen fondled the boy's cocks and balls, being kissed by them, her nipples sucked by them. She shivered and trembled often when a spasm of pleasure shot through her. She had her legs draped over each boy's thighs, unashamedly displaying her fiery cunt.

"I think you're going to enjoy all this, Karen," Sarah said softly, kissing one nyloned knee. "I surely do."

"Enjoy what?" Karen asked.

"Oh, you know, lifting your dress in public giving people a look at your pretty ass and cunt."

"Oh, no!" Karen groaned. "I've never done anything like that in my life. No, Sarah, I won't do that... I won't expose myself in public."

"Why not, Mom?" Keith asked. "Aunt Sarah loves to."

"It's... you know, shameful."

Sarah giggled. "Of course it's shameful. That's what makes it so exciting, feeling shameful."

"I won't," Karen said, but there was not much force to her words. "I refuse to do that."

"Refuse?" Sarah asked, lifting an eyebrow.

"Sarah, please, anything but that," Karen said.

Sarah laughed lewdly, sliding a hand, to her sister's ass, slipping a fingertip into the crack and touching the tight, hot asshole. "I bet you'll tell me you won't let our boys fuck your tight asshole, too."

She probed her sister's asshole, and Karen began to whimper, arching her crotch upward. "I might do that, but not the other."

"I wonder what Dad would say..." Keith said, looking as if he was ready to tell his father.

"Damn you!" Karen said. "Damn all of you, Sarah, I was only trying to help you out, and now look what you've got me into?"

"Are you going to let the boys fuck your pretty asshole?" Sarah asked softly, working a fingertip into the pucker.

"Yes, I will!" Karen moaned.

"And show your ass, Mom?" Keith insisted.

"Ohhhh, please..."

Sarah's finger slipped into her asshole. "Yes! Blackmail me! Oh, yes, please blackmail me..."


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