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It was our 5th wedding anniversary. 10 years to the day since alice had met her husband, at the tender age of 14 and the only man she had ever been with or had the desire to be near.She had a happy healthy marriage, just the two of them in there cosy little apartment.

It was august 2005 and finally the week away had arrived, Alice and Tom had been looking forward to it long enough. They were due to fly out that night, so whilst leaving Tom to sort things out at home, Alice decided to go shopping to get some last minute treats for the holiday to always remember.

Alice was a very shy and reserved lady of 24, standing at 5ft8, size 10, she had curves but in all the right places. she had long jet black hair, with tanned skin, green eyes with a flat stomach and 36d tits, she knew she looked good but didnt always dress up to show off her amazing figure, and had fallen into a bit of a rut with typical work clothes. Tom was the complete opposite, someone who loved getting dressed up and going out socialising. He stood at 6ft exactly, with short brown hair and brown eyes, he was very handsome. However, they were a very happy couple, and generally got through life with no big problems.They had a basic sex life, as they both worked long hours, it seemed routine to just make love a couple of nights a week, in bed with no lights, but they never moaned as they knew there was more important things in life.

Alice, decided she was going to get some lovely new lingerie and pack them to surprise her hubby whilst away, she knew he must be feeling a bit fed up of there sexlife. After a few hours looking around the shops she headed home with 3 bags of new things. She would stick them in her case whilst Tom was busy.

When they arrived at the hotel it was amazing, a lovely 4 star hotel in the maldives. The first day there they had already decided to go down to the beach, whilst Tom was still sleeping Alice jumped in the shower, she was feeling rather horny, but decided she was going to have a fun day of playing games with her hubby. Whilst in the shower she took a full length photo of her naked body, before dressing in a barely fitting bikini. She headed off to the beach sending Tom a copy of the picture with the caption " im at the beach, cum find me, im waiting for you". She went down to the beach and found a nice secluded patch where she set down her deckchair and lay back to relax and soak up some rays.

Tom woke but couldnt find his wife, however he had been greeted by the most awesome picture, so he hurridly got showered, dressed and hurried down to the beach. Once there it took him a while to find his wife, but he eventually found her, however she had fallen asleep, the first thing Tom noticed was how hot she looked he knew she must be horny as her nipples were standing erect despite the obvious heat. He wanted her so bad, he got on his knees at the end of the chair and took in the scent from her pussy, he wanted to taste her, he took a finger and ran it down her slit, she moaned but didnt wake. He pulled her bikini down to reveal her tits and puffy nipples quickly taking a photo before she woke. As he took the photo she woke up, and pretended to be angry with her hubby. Alice knew today was going to be so much fun, she could see his 8" cock standing to attention under his shorts, but knew she had to make him wait to make it work.

Upon being told off, Tom decided to go for a cool off in the sea, he walked down to the seafront and looked back at his wife every few mins, she decided to step this up a notch by placing a skirt on and taking off her panties, the next time he looked over she made sure to spread her legs a little, she was relishing in the attention she was getting from him. The next time he looked over she opened her pussy lips for him, which of course made him pay attention, he went straight back to the chairs, where she went back to acting normal. They were having a pretty normal conversation deciding what to do with there night, however she kept rubbing her nipples "innocently" and licking her lips suggestivly, Tom leant over and kissed his wife, she could feel his cock pressing against her and knew she needed it buried deep in her.

Alice grabbed it through his shorts, looking round to make sure they were well hidden, and noticing they were well hidden with no sign of being disturbed she decided to just let her self go, she ordered tom to lie on his towel now and not move, interested to see this sudden change in his wife, he did as he was told. She sat on his hard package knowing she had full control. As she undid her bikini top, letting it fall down she was grinding on his cock feeling it so tense. He could feel the warmth from her pussy even through his shorts. Her nipples were still erect and she ordered her hubby to lick and nibble at them, he did as he was told and loved the sound of her moaning, he moved his hands towards her pussy but she just slapped them away. Pushing him back, she started kissing down his body till she got to his hard cock, she gently bit it through his shorts teasing him. She slowly pulled down his shorts and revealed his cock which was glistening with precum. Moving her head down she swirled her tongue over his head making him shudder and moan. The feeling of his beautiful wife's mouth on his cock was a rarity now, so he enjoyed it even more, her mouth was really wet and warm, he loved it when she stuck her tongue into his wet slit. She kept eye contact with him at all times and saw the smile on his face as she started taking the shaft into his mouth, he was moaning out loud now, she cupped his balls rubbing them how he liked, and they both knew he wouldnt hold off for very long. His balls tensed up, his cock started throbbing and she knew he was close, he told her he wanted her to swallow every last drop, she responded by just taking him deeper in her throat, he shot his load over and over again, even though she swallowed as fast as she could some dribbled down her chin, leaking onto her boobs. When he had finished she sat up and rubbed his hot sticky cum into her nipples.

She stood up and her hubby looked confused, she walked to where his face was and bought her pussy down on his face ordering him to lick her pussy untill she squirts all over his face. Completly shocked at his wife's slutty side, he quickly got to work, as he worked his tongue over her clit she was rubbing and pinching her nipples shouting his name, He started probing his tongue into her tight pussy whilst rubbing his big hands over her clit, he could feel her quivering. She had never felt so exposed before, but the thrill of the whole session was what turned her on most, she somehow wanted someone to catch them, she wanted to be the slut that she had hidden away for so many years, her orgasm was building up and she begged Tom not to stop,so he turned her over, lay her on her back and continued he could taste her sweet juices and loved nothing more than knowing he had pleased his wife. He quickly got to work on her clit again whilst fingering her tight pussy which was now dripping, she started screaming and knew she was gonna cum, her whole body had gone warm like she had never experianced before, she told him she was gonna cum, but he didnt falter just kept up the speed of lapping at her swollen clit.
She knew she had cum as she had a little dribble run down her asscheek, but she could still feel her orgasm rising, tom sensing this stuck a finger up her asshole, and kept one up her pussy, the one in her ass had been a little hard but was well lubed, it took her a few seconds to adjust to the change but then whilst still licking her clit, she squirted all her pussy juices over his face, he pulled his head back but she just quickly went to work rubbing her clit till she squirted again, landing all over his toned stomach.

no sooner had she done this someone walked round the corner....

note: This is my 1st story, 1st attempt, there is more to this story to be written if anyone enjoyed it, critisicm welcome but only if its constructive please.Please note, that whilst i have done my best with the grammer, if there are any mistakes i apolagise, and will work to rectify as soon as possible. cheers guys


2011-12-13 19:17:15
A very nice start and I think you have a talent for writting. I do hope that you will add to this story in the near future.


2010-12-22 23:52:10
For sure well done. While writing is time-consuming, it will be bringing pleasure to many, so pls keep at least one hand on the keyboard regardless of what the other hand is doing.


2010-11-21 14:57:39
Nice start. Keep it up. It would be nice to have him set her up to be fucked by a few guys.


2010-11-21 14:56:34
Good start. Keep going. It would be nice to see him set her up to be fucked by a few guys.


2010-11-21 14:55:22
Good start Rider. Hope you continjue. It would be nice to see him set her up to be fucked by a few guys.

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