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This story is pure fantasy. After reading stories on this website and being impressed with the basic ideas, but disappointed with the lack of deion, I decided to mix a few together with some of my own ideas. I also tried to be a little more deive. I encourage more people to do the same. For anyone who doesn't like the themes listed, such as incest or rape, please don't read any further. For everyone else, be thankful for the 1st Amendment. I hope you all enjoy!
As I sat there on the coach recovering from the intense orgasm I just had, I felt my cock
slip out of Mandy’s very wet pussy. She groaned in disapproval and snuggled up
against my neck. What a transformation she went through, I thought as I rubbed her
ass. I guess now she was thinking of me as her protector. She sure as hell didn’t want
Tyrese coming anywhere near her with that monster cock of his! Well, she was about
to see firsthand what it was going to do to her mother!

The sight and sound of the 13 year old experiencing her first orgasm made Freddie go
wild. He started slamming into Jill harder and faster now. “You like that mami! You like
that Mexican dick up inside you! Ugh, ugh, ugh! I’m gonna cum inside you mami! I’m
gonna send all my little Mexican babies up inside your white belly!”
Jill groaned. “Nnnnnnnnnoooo…”
Tyrese was getting impatient. He hadn’t gotten any pussy yet and Jill’s mouth wasn’t
doing it for him anymore! “Hurry up brown boy! I want some of that white pussy now!”
Freddie smiled at Tyrese “Shit nigga, I need to loosen this shit up for yo black ass! That
big gorilla dick ain’t gonna fit up this pussy yet, haha!
Tyrese walked around behind the back of Freddie and smacked him in the back of the
head. “Hurry the fuck up nigga!”
“Aight, aight, let me finish up!” Freddie started rubbing his thumb on Jill’s tight shriveled
up little asshole. She shuddered! “Ohhh” Then he stuck his thumb thru popping into her
anal ring. “Nnnnnnnnnnah!” Her asshole clamped down on his thumb. He pushed down
on her rectum feeling his cock sliding in beneath the thin membrane of her perineum.
This caused her pussy to tighten around his cock as he started jack
hammering in and out.
Jill was moaning like a common whore now. “Ooooh, ooooh, oooooooooh” She felt him
tighten his grip on her hips as he slammed in one last time and held his cock deep
inside her. His ass cheeks clenched tight as he started cumming inside Jill sending
his Mexican seed straight up into her belly as promised.
“Noooooooooo…”Jill moaned as she collapsed on the carpet.

Tyrese couldn’t wait anymore! He grabbed Freddie and yanked him backwards,
sending him flying backwards across the living room floor!
Jill’s head was still whirling from the pounding she just took and barely had time to
realize what was happening next as she felt Tyrese’s huge paws grabbing at her hips,
pulling her full round ass back up into the air.
“Wha what are you do… Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!” she screamed as she felt Tyrese’s
massive cock tearing into her! “Oh, oh, oh, my God!
It’s too big for me! Please stop! Take it out! Pleeeeeease!” He was tearing her apart!
She felt as if her guts were being pushed up into her throat. She thought to herself that
her poor pussy would never be the same as he banged away at her insides. Tyrese
looked down at his handywork with a big grin on his face. Jill’s labia lips were being
pulled out and pushed back in as his 10” black cock slammed into her, mercilessly
attacking the young wife and mother’s unprotected womb!

I reached over and grabbed the camera when I saw Tyrese circling around her
backside to catch the expression on Jill’s face during what I knew what was about to
happen to her. I zoomed in and out as Jill’s pussy was being ravaged by Tyrese. I now
got up and walked over to them, hovering over them, and catching the perfect view of
Jill’s pussy lips being dragged out with every stroke and sucked back in with every

Tyrese decided to change things up a little. He pulled out, grabbed hold of both her
ankles, and with a quick snap she was on her back. Still holding her ankles firmly, he
pushed back and pinned her knees against her shoulders.
“Oh god! I can’t take it any deeper! She shrieked as he worked his head up and down
her swollen slit. He looked into her eyes with an evil grin. “You can and you will” he said
as he plunged into her again.
“Mmphhhh” She grunted as she felt him slamming back into her battered pussy!
“Oh, oh, oh…” She gasped as he started pistoning in and out of her.
ooooh, ooooh, ooooh…” She continued as something started to come over her.
There was now a different look in her eyes.
She reached up, sliding her hands up Tyrese’s strong muscular arms, and grabbed
onto each of his shoulders. He picked up his pace and now a frothy white mixture was
all over his shaft as it slid in and out with more ease. The walls of her pussy were now
adjusting to his size. She moaned deeply as he slammed into her very soul! She slid
her hands down his ribs and back, down to his ass. She wrapped her legs around him
and dug her heels into his back urging him on!
He dropped his fat lips down onto her and she opened her mouth wide letting his
tongue snake in and explore her mouth. She dug her nails into his ass cheeks and
pulled him into her. He still had about 2 inches left to get into her and he was
determined to fit it all in! He reached down under her and grabbed each
of her ass cheeks, lifting her up and grinding hard down into her. She could feel his
cockhead forcing its way thru her battered and torn cervix! She moaned into his mouth!
Her body started shaking uncontrollably as she exploded into the strongest orgasm
she has ever experienced! Tyrese felt her uterus convulsing as she climaxed and her
cervix opened wide. He tore thru it invading her womb!
He pushed in deeper, bottoming out in her, as his balls slammed against her asshole!
He gained those last two inches, and he felt the inside of her womb convulsing as she
wailed out. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh my fucking God!”
He flexed every muscle in his body as he felt his cock exploding into her, spraying the
inside of her womb. He growled “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!” as he spurted load after load of his
fertile seed into her belly!
He held his cock inside her like a cork holding in his deposit of sperm. He wanted to make sure they had time to attack her egg and impregnate her.
When he finally let her go and his cock slipped out of her, her battered pussy was oozing sperm as it dripped out of her and down the crack of her ass.
Jill just laid there panting, waiting for whatever was going to come next.

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2015-12-24 02:58:16
Waiting for part 4

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-17 02:02:30
Great story. The violence was so necessary, but the deion of the fucking was good. I know the story will continue with the debt collectors returing for repeat performances, but before they do return have the brother/son get his sister and mother both pregnant.

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2010-08-30 12:40:36
Her uterus "convulsed"? wth you smoking?

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2010-08-23 23:18:19
It looks like there is more to come. I'll be waiting.


2010-08-23 22:10:22
I do not know why this story has not been rated higher. If a reader read the first chapter then continued on they must like it. Giving a low rating on the third chapter just does not make sense. I gave it a well deserved positive rating. Well done!!


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