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there are many more themes than Gothic but I lack the patience to add them all
"Anyone? No? It's from the Revelation of Saint John! All of it!" Mr. Marrow bellowed, before slapping the book closed and putting it back on his desk. "Never before have I had a class that was so disinterested in learning! You people should know this! You're attending a Catholic school, for Christ's sake!"

Oh, great. Another class-wide lecture from the teacher. As if Jessy didn't hear enough of those through the semester. Within seconds, Lisa, the class goody-goody raised her hand and smiled as snobbishly as ever.

"Yes, Miss Sands?" Mr. Marrow asked.

"I knew what it was, Mr. Marrow, sir. I just wanted to allow the other classmates a chance to try." She replied, in a tone that almost made Jessy puke.

"Very good, Lisa. You know, class, you should all really try to be a little more like her. At the risk of sounding like I'm giving you a sermon, this is, after all, the time of Revelations. You might want to familiarize yourselves with the ures. After all, you never know when you may be judged by them." Mr. Marrow said, his nerves obviously on edge.

Suddenly, the bell rang. Everyone in class began packing their books away and preparing to leave for home. Jessy never understood why she had two classes with Mr. Marrow a day, but was always happy to leave them.

On her way out of the school, she saw Jimmy in his car, waiting for her.

"Come on, beautiful! Let's get out of here!" His voice came from across the courtyard. Jessy giggled. Finally, she was free.

"Okay. But I've got to be home early." She replied, as she skipped towards his car and opened the door. "I've got a lot of homework to do, tonight, and I don't even want to think about what Mr. Marrow's got waiting on me, tomorrow."

She sat down next to Jimmy and put her seatbelt on.

"Oh, but you never know. It might be something fun. That's what I like about tomorrows. You just never know." He said, with a grin, thinking about the surprise he had for her, tomorrow night. Jimmy revved up, and the car took off, out of the parking lot.

"Are you kidding? Nothing ever changes in this school. Everything's absolutely the same, every single day. Sometimes I wish something big would happen, just for a little excitement." Jessy sighed.

"Be careful what you wish for, babe." Jimmy said with concern.

[Chapter One]

"And I saw the seven angels which stood before God..."

Jessy sat at her desk, the world around her seeming almost surreal. Her textbook rested in front of her, but she couldn't seem to make out the words. It was as though the letters were all blurring together.

"...and another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer..." Mr. Marrow's voice sounded monotone and duller than usual, as he read from his Bible. Something was wrong, though. Jessy could feel it in her being.

She looked out the window of the class, only to see that it was night. She was dreaming, she had to be. Even Mr. Marrow didn't look right.

"...and the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar.." He continued as Jessy stared around the room in confusion. And then, her eyes fixed on something she couldn't believe.

Mr. Marrow and her classmates. Strings were tied to their fingers and arms... to their heads and legs. The strings ran upward and disappeared inches before the ceiling. Jessy watched on, and noticed that every movement anyone made, seemed to be an instruction from one of the strings.

"...and the seven angels prepared themselves to sound..."

Suddenly, Jessy jumped as a knock came at the door of the classroom. Or was it? The room had changed, and she found herself disoriented. Instead of sitting at her desk, she was now sitting up in bed.

"Come on, honey! You need to get ready for school!" Her mother's voice could be heard from the other side of her bedroom door. It was just a dream. And an eerie one, at that.

"Okay, Mom! I'm up!" Jessy yelled.

Within the next thirty minutes, Jessy was dressed and ready. Jessy stood in front of her full-length mirror admiring her sweet little youthful body. Her long dark raven hair was down, parted in the middle and held back by shiny blue pins. She fixed her short little blue and black plaid shirt and her white button up top. It was going to be another day of higher learning at the private catholic school she attended.

It was Jessy's senior year and she knew it was going to be the best year yet. She had everything going for her including good grades, a terrific boyfriend, and wonderful friends. Little did she know what she had coming to her. Jessy would soon realize her real reason on this earth.

"Jess? Come on now, are you ready?" Jessy heard her brother David call out to her.

David was 19 and a sophomore at a local junior college and would be heading off to a University next year. He drove Jessy to school every morning since the siblings' parents were always at work early. He didn't mind though since he loved to check out Jessy's cute little teenage friends.

"Yeah, hold on, I'll be right down," Jessy hollered as she grabbed her backpack and purse heading out.

David and Jessy usually just talked about school and friends. They were close since they were only two years apart. Both siblings were quite attractive and always got mistaken for being a couple instead of brother and sister.

"Thanks Dave, I'll see you tonight at home. Jimmy's bringing me home." Jessy said as she slowly got out of the car with her skirt rising just enough to let her brother see her tiny cotton panties.

David blushed and quickly took his eyes off his sexy little sister.

As soon as Jessy went into the student lounge, she saw Jimmy. Jimmy had been her boyfriend since junior high and was well liked by Jessy's parents. Jimmy was what is known as a "nice" guy. He played football for the school team and was in almost every honor class.

"Don't you look pretty today," Jimmy announced as he put his arms around Jessy.

Jessy giggled as she held her boyfriend. "I missed you this weekend babe."

Jimmy looked deeply into her dark brown eyes. "How much did you miss me? Can you show me right here?"

Jessy playfully punched his arm. "No. That I can't do!"

The sweet young couple headed off to class and never realized they were being watched. but one dark dressed young man watched them from afar. In fact he'd been watching them for a long time now. He'd never let them see him because he had no intentions of getting to know them until now.

Jessy was busy in her English lit class trying to write a poem which was the class assignment that morning when she heard someone knock on the door. The entire classroom looked up and saw a tall dark haired young man standing at the door. The teacher Mr. Morrow didn't speak. He just stood there almost hypnotized by this young man.

"My name is Cody. I'm new here." The young man blurted out.

Mr. Morrow shook his head and moved to the side to let him in. "U-uh yes. Uh Cody? Come on in please."

Jessy felt her heart race as she made eye contact with the new boy. His hair was dark and spiky. His eyes were deep blue and piercing. He wore an eyebrow ring and from the looks of it a tongue ring as well. He stood at least 5'9" or so and had a nice build. He stood out since he wasn't wearing the usual school uniform that the males wore. Instead he wore black slacks and a black button up shirt with long sleeves. Even his shoes were black.

The entire class gawked at the mysterious young man. His eyes quickly met with Jessy's making her numb and almost wet just by looking at her. She swallowed hard feeling her breath shorten and her body weak. The young man went over and sat right behind her. She could almost feel his warm breath dazzling her. She knew he was staring at her, feeling his eyes pierce through her very soul. She knew something was very different about this kid, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

After a long pause, Jessy could hear Mr. Morrow as he slowly resumed his lesson plan, but what she heard was barely audible, as her focus remained on the kid behind her. Something about him made her uneasy, but excited at the same time. His whole style seemed dark, and somewhat strange.

Mr. Marrow's voice continued to ramble on through the classroom, as Jessy sat, lost in her own thoughts. He was staring at her. She knew it. She could feel it. As she carefully glanced around the room, she noticed Jennifer, a girl who sat near the front of the class. Her hand was toying with her hair, and her head crept around for her to take a peek at Cody. She bit her bottom lip.

Jennifer was obviously as taken with him as she was, but why? Someone as strange as Cody was would normally be automatically be treated as an outcast. Especially on their first day in a new school. Even more so in a Catholic school.

Jessy felt strangely aroused as she continued looking around the room. Jennifer wasn't the only girl eying Cody. In fact, every girl was! It was like some kind of mass psychosis! She even saw Lisa, one of the most popular in school, slide her hand down her skirt while staring at him, when she thought nobody was looking!

"Oh my God!" Jessy thought, "Lisa's actually getting off on this guy, right here in class! But he's so strange! And even now, I can feel his eyes burning a hole straight through me."

Within moments, Lisa was fingering herself ever closer to orgasm, while nobody in the room seemed to notice. That is, of course, except for Jessy. Mr. Marrow was teaching his lesson plan as if it were his sole mission in life. Jessy couldn't help but feel the crotch of her panties begin to dampen.

Lisa was now masturbating in full view of the public, with absolutely no regard to the other people in the room. Jessy couldn't help but wonder what Jimmy would think about the events happening. Lisa's legs were now spread wide, one even resting on her desk, while she used one hand to keep her panties pulled to one side, and the other to stimulate her soaked pussy furiously. Even with all of the action going on, in the room, Cody had not flenched.

None of it was his concern. Only the confused Jessy. While almost every girl in class was obviously extremely horny in his presence, even herself, Jessy couldn't understand how a guy could openly ignore everything happening. A guy, for God's sake!

Suddenly, Lisa's desk racked with a large jerk of motion. Jessy looked as Lisa's body grew tense, and her head flung back. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were wide. She'd reached an obviously incredible orgasm, right here in class, and nobody seemed to notice! It even embarassed Jessy to watch, but Lisa didn't seem to care.

After a moment, Lisa's attempt to catch her breath was almost deafening. Jessy stared closely at the pretty blonde as she came. She laid her head back and her chest heaved up and down from her incredible climax. "What the hell is going on?" Jessy thought to herself. Suddenly she felt a bright white light almost blind her and suddenly she was back in class and Lisa looked as if she'd never came. She just calmly sat at her desk attentively listening in on Mr. Morrow's lecture.

Still dumbfound, Jessy looked around almost being scared to look at that mysterious guy that sat behind her. She wanted to look at him and let his eyes seduce her but she was not that type of girl. Why was she suddenly having these wicked little thoughts?

"Hey babe, are you ready?" Jimmy asked as he waited by Jessy's locker.

Jessy felt her panties drenched from the sexual visions she'd experienced earlier. "H-hey there. Yeah I'm ready. Let me just get out the books I need for tonight's homework."

Jessy felt her legs weak and hands shaky. Something strange had happened today. She couldn't really tell what it was but today was not the first day of strange visuals. It'd started since she was a freshman but she never dared told anyone. She'd have many visions and daydreams. She'd seen Jimmy fucking another girl as she watched almost ready to beat him but instead she just masturbated. Another time, she'd seen the two star football players Mike Carlson and John Tobin sucking each other off in the boys' locker oom. But the one visual that really stands out was when she saw her brother David masturbating to her old cheerleader pictures. It was sickening to know that her own brother was having sexual thoughts about her, but yet it was deep down very erotic.

Jessy and Jimmy drove home almost in silence. Looking out the window of the passenger seat, Jessy could tell it was about to rain soon. The clouds looked dark and evil and lightning was starting to appear.

"Why you so quiet Jess?" Jimmy asked suddenly interrupting Jessy from her thoughts.

"I'm not quiet. You're quiet," Jessy teased.

Jimmy put his hand over hers. She knew that was a hint from her boyfriend that he wanted something from her. It was a usual routine for the couple. Jimmy hadn't gotten into Jessy's pants, but he did managed to convince her to jerk him off every now and then. Usually they were in his car and he drove while she did it.

"Again?" Jessy asked with a playful groan.

Jimmy smiled wickedly and nodded. Jessy reached over to undo her boyfriend's pants. She didn't mind jerking him off but the feeling of his hot cum on her fingers sort of grossed her out. Her fingers fumbled his belt and zipper until she finally got a hold of Jimmy's cock in her hand. She looked down, as he was still semi soft. She knew that within a few seconds he'd be hard as a rock.

Her hand gripped Jimmy's cock tightly and slowly stroked it as he started to moan softly. It was hard for him to keep his eyes on the road but he loved the feel of his girlfriend's strokes.

"Mmmm yes baby, like that. Oooh yeah! Keep doing it. A little faster," He pleaded.

Jessy looked down as her hand moved up and down Jimmy's throbbing cock. He was average sized you can say. He had to be about six or seven inches long. His large mushroom head was oozing out tiny droplets of precum onto Jessy's fingers. "He's gonna cum soon," Jessy thought to herself. It always took Jimmy just a few minutes to spurt his cum all over her hands and luckily she always carried tissue in her purse to clean the slimy cum off.

Jessy was jerking off Jimmy and looking out the window as she did. She would always stop a moment if there was a car next to them. She hated being watched. They were pulling up to a four way stop sign and a huge eighteen-wheeler was at the stop first. Jessy quickly removed her hand from her boyfriends cock and pretended to just sit there so innocently.

As the truck drove away Jessy didn't look down but just grabbed Jimmy's cock again, or so she thought she did. She suddenly felt Jimmy's cock so big and fat. She looked down and there she was holding one of the biggest cock's she'd ever seen!

"J-Jimmy?" She asked almost scared looking at her lover.

He just turned and smiled at her. It was not a Jimmy smile though. This smile was more wicked and deceiving. "Shit another vision, another damn vision!" Jessy thought to herself.

She wanted to stop but she couldn't. She loved the way this huge dick felt in her hand. The dark purple veins were throbbing hard with each stroke and the head of the cock was oozing out white creamy cum. Jessy was entranced and started to feel her nipples and pussy ache. She moaned as she jacked off her boyfriend. Jimmy made a sudden stop and stayed silent. He looked at her closely as she felt her eyes get heavy.

"Suck me Jessy. Suck my cock. I want you to drink my cum," Jimmy demanded.

Jessy automatically took off her seatbelt and began to bow her head. She didn't hesitate any longer and dove down to put her lover's cock in her mouth. It was going to be her first blowjob and she couldn't remember ever been more excited and hot.

She found herself hypnotized by this huge cock, that obviously wasn't Jimmy's. It felt as though it were a monster that was ready to attack, but Jessy couldn't help but desire it's presence, deep in her mouth.

Jessy's head hovered but mere inches above this gigantic throbbing dick, so much larger than she ever imagined a cock could be! Never before had she wanted to suck on one, feeling that it was such a disgusting act. But now�

She couldn't help herself. Her head lowered further and she felt her mouth stretch around this behemoth, as it sank into her mouth. She could taste the white cream that coated the head, it was warm and sweet. It was like nothing she'd ever tasted before.

Yes, Jessy. Take what you know you want. Take it all. Jimmy taunted her further, as he felt his massive prick pushing deep into her mouth.

Her panties were now soaked. She could feel her moist crotch ache, almost begging for the ungodly monster that was invading her mouth.

Mmmm! Oh my God! Jessy thought to herself, as she felt this massive cock pushing further into her mouth, stretching her lips to their limit. It pushed further and entered her throat, and to her amazement, she had no problem swallowing this monster.

She was in amazement, she'd never deepthroated a dick before, much less sucked on one, yet she could easily push this monster down her throat! And the pleasure she felt by it's mere touch was undescribable!

Yes! Take it deep, Jessy! Take it all!" Jimmy continued to coax her.

Before she knew it, Jessy's head was now bobbing up and down the entire length of this monster, taking all of it deep into her mouth and throat, feeling every vein slide across her toungue. Her pussy dampened a little more with each stroke it took. Never before had she tasted anything so dilectable.

Never before had she wanted a cock in her, so bad. Never before had she ever given a man head, much less throat-fucked one the way she was now. Her throat was now openly accepting the huge invader, as her head bobbed furiously, accepting everything Jimmy's massive cock had to offer.

Mmm! Mmm! Mmm! Jessy's moans were growing in speed, as her soaked cunt and packed throat sent chills across her body.

She could feel an orgasm approaching, but did not understand why. Why would she orgasm from merely sucking a guy off? Hell, why was she even doing this? Why did she want it so bad, and why did it feel so good? Was this indeed, another vision?

Jessy was caught completely off guard with what happened next. Her pussy erupted in an orgasm so massive that her lungs hurt from trying to breathe. Wave after wave of tremendous sexual tension washed over her body, irradiating solely from her cunt.

And then� it happened. He came, in force unimaginable. His seed blasted into her mouth and throat so hard she hurt. This, coupled with her ongoing orgasm was now threatening to stop her breathing entirely.

Jimmy placed his hand on the back of her head, gripping her hair tightly in his fist.

"Yes! Eat it! Drink it down, bitch! Fucking drink it! This is what you want, isn't it, you little whore?!" He bellowed, now forcing her head in place.

She couldn't help but gag around the large amount of cum and his gigantic cock. Still lost in orgasm, Jessy only knew that her throat was now in a lot of pain, and she had stopped breathing.

Now in a panic, Jessy fought with all of her strength against her boyfriend. Slowly, she was returning from the massive multiple orgasms she'd just endured, though they were still taking their toll on her body.

She couldn't breathe through her nose, and Jimmy's unnatural cock and cum were keeping her from breathing through her mouth. She was now choking, and her only chance was to fight herself away from him.

Her hands slapped at his thighs, as she could feel her body begin to convulse. Her throat was now spasming around its titanic invader, and in turn, was causing her much pain. Jimmy's scalding-hot seed was now making it's way down her throat.

Finally, Jessy dug her nails into his thigh and drew blood. He lost his grip on her, and wasted no time getting up.

"Ow! Jessy, what the fuck?" Jimmy asked her, as his hand covered his now-bleeding thigh.

She looked at his crotch and saw that he was zipped up. He wasn't even hard anymore. Had any of this happened?

"What was that for? I thought you liked resting your head on my lap while I was driving?" He asked, before raising his hand from his leg.

His hand was covered in blood, and five small cuts were visible through holes in his pants. Her fingernails had really hurt him. She felt disoriented, before looking around and out the window.

Jessy? Jessy, are you alright? Your lips are blue. Oh my God, you stopped breathing, didn't you? He asked, now pulling the car over to the side of the road. "Jessy, answer me."

She couldn't. She was lost in her own confusion. Never before had she successfully touched anyone in a vision, much less been hurt by anyone. She could still feel his warm seed as it sank to her belly, but knew that it wasn't his. But if not him, then who?

I-- I'm sorry. I guess I fell asleep. My breathing stopped and I couldn't wake up. I don't know what happened. She told him, while attempting to regain her composure.

Jessy, you've never been asthmatic. What's going on? He asked. Then his eyes fixed on something he couldn't believe. Jess? What is this?

His fingers reached toward her, slowly, before touching the sticky substance at the corner of her mouth. The feel of his touch on that one spot sent another tiny orgasm shuddering through her body.

His finger drew back with a drop of semen on his finger. But, how?

"Jessy, this is a man's cum. And it's not mine. What's going on?" He asked, anger clearly visible in his eyes.

Confused and sore, Jessy tried to find an explanation. She couldn't, though. Her mind was at a complete loss. She couldn't tell him. She just couldn't.

"I-- Uhh� I.." Before she could say anything, she burst into tears. There was no explanation she could give that would answer this question. She was so confused.

That night, Jimmy laid on his bed, wondering how Jessy could cheat on him. He thought that their relationship was stronger than most, but apparently this was wrong.

When she couldn't provide him with an answer, earlier, he had chosen to drive her home and drop her off, without uttering a single word to her. He had ignored her pleas to understand, and to forgive her. He loved her so much, but he wasn't going to listen to her lies.

"If she thinks she can suck some guy off, behind my back, and me not find out, then she is sadly mistaken." Jimmy thought to himself, as he stared up at his ceiling. "All this time together and all she can do is jack me off? But she has no problem sucking off this other guy?"

He couldn't help but feel furious. The whole situation made him sick to his stomach. How could she do this to him? He loved her. He'd treated her like royalty, and never disrespected her in any way.

If she'll suck a guy off, what else has she done?" He thought. We've been together forever, now, and she's always told me that she was a virgin!"

Oh, God! How many times has she kissed me after sucking off someone else? He asked himself, his stomach suddenly bothering him more. He couldn't hold it back any longer.

He ran to the bathroom and fell to his knees, finding himself literally sick at the thought. At that moment, though, Jimmy made a decision. He was going to find out who Jessy was cheating on him with. When he did, there was going to be Hell to pay.

"I'll get that son of a bitch!" Jimmy said quietly, his head hovering just above the toilet bowl.

Meanwhile, across town, Jessy was lost in her own thoughts and confusion. The bubble bath she had drawn herself didn't seem to be helping her. She still felt dirty.

The soft suds caressed her body, as she laid in her bath, still sobbing from the events that had transpired. Jimmy was so mad at her that he wouldn't even speak to her. She continued to cry, before grasping her throat that was still in pain from earlier.

Jimmy didn't understand. Sadly, she knew, Jimmy wouldn't understand. She'd tried once to tell people about her visions, but she was only 6 at the time. She was given therapy, until she was forced to tell them that she'd made it up. She swore on that day that she'd never speak of them again. But what happened today was unlike any vision she'd ever had.

Maybe it was for the best, though. Maybe it was a prophecy. Maybe Jimmy was planning on hurting her. After all, he had no problem treating her like shit now, right?

No� Jessy thought to herself. Jimmy wouldn't do that. I know him better than that.

Her mind continued to question everything that had happened. She just couldn't understand what was going on. These events were so odd that she had completely forgotten about the young man who entranced her, earlier in the day. The same young man that even now, stood outside her bathroom window, watching her bathe.

Cody stood, surrounded by shadow, smiling like a wolf that had just targeted its prey. His plan was now set in motion, and would unfurl without any interference. The events that would follow would be his best work since the tragedy that he'd caused young miss Holly DeMancey.

His form changed, from a young teen to a tall, handsome man, with long black hair. His hands straightened the folds of his business suit, and he looked once more at young Jessy's figure, through the window.

He smiled a grin too wicked to be believable, and ran the tip of his tongue over the sharpness of his teeth. He lifted his fingers to his lips, and kissed them gently, before blowing the kiss in Jessy's direction.

With that, Jessy, who still was not aware of his presence, could be seen spreading her legs in the bathtub. Her fingers could be seen disappearing into her young pussy, as her head tilted backwards, resting on the edge of the bathtub. Though her moans could not be heard through the glass pane of the window, it was clearly obvious that her mood and line of thought had now changed.

He grinned once more, and walked off into the night.

The next day Jessy was sitting in David's car again but this time she was so quiet. She still felt confused yet so turned on about the hot load of cum she'd managed to swallow in her last vision. It had all felt so real and so warm. The salty taste still lingered in her mouth and kept her feeling so excited

"Jess?" Are you OK?" Her brother asked her.

Jessy just nodded and continued to look out the window. It was the beginning of autumn and all the trees were slowly shedding their leaves. She felt so scared to face Jimmy once again. She knew he'd never understand her if she tried to explain her visions to him. He probably thought she was some tease who deep down was a total slut.

Once at school, she hurried over to her locker hoping not to run into Jimmy for now. She didn't feel like fighting with him or trying to explain herself. Her shaky hands gathered her books and she slammed her locker shut only to see that mysterious young man named Cody from Mr. Morrow's class staring at her.

Jessy swallowed hard feeling her body weaken as she looked deeply into his blue eyes.

"I guess you'd better hurry or you're going to be late for class." Cody said playfully.

Jessy smiled faintly. "Y-yeah I'm going now. I guess I'll see you there." She started to make herself walk away from the handsome young man.

Cody watched Jessy walk slowly and her head kept turning back to look at him. "She's so innocent and so delicious," he thought to himself. "She's such an easy prey. Pretty soon she's going to learn her real reason for her existence here on earth."

The hours went by so slow and Jessy couldn't wait to just get home and unwind. She hadn't bumped into Jimmy, which was a good thing, but later on she heard he'd called in sick that day. A twinge on guilt swept over her. "These damn visions are going to ruin my life!" Jessy screamed silently.

David came to pick Jessy up that afternoon. He wondered what had happened between his sister and that dork of a boyfriend she has. David never liked Jimmy much but didn't say a word because he respected Jessy's feelings.

"So what happened to your prince charming?" David teased as Jessy got in the car.

"David, I'm in no mood for jokes right now. Just take me home please. Don't ask me anything else."

David shrugged and drove off fast.

Later that night, Jessy was contemplating whether or not she should call Jimmy. She wanted to apologize for not being honest with him and for not being a better girlfriend but she knew he was pissed off and needed to be left alone at least for now.

She need to calm down so she decided to take one of her long soothing baths. Bubbles filled the bathtub with a fresh jasmine scent. Jessy climbed in the tub feeling so hot as the bubbles tickled her naked body.

Jimmy was out at his friend Stan's house. They sat around in Stan's room drinking and talking about girls like they usually did. Stan was a huge sexist pig that had done half of the cheerleading squad and bragged about it. Rumors were that he'd done some female teachers too.

"Man, Jim, I told you she was a tease. I knew just by looking at Jessy that she would tease your cock and then go behind your back and fuck anyone she could. You know one time she almost tried to fuck me, too." Stan advised his friend.

Jimmy looked at him with a puzzled look. "You're fuckin' lying. Jessy would never want to fuck you because she thinks you got Aids and shit."

Stan frowned. "What? Oh man, dude, she's such a bitch! A fuckin' bitch!"

Jimmy scoffed. "Yeah, you say that because she'd never wanna fuck your diseased dick."

Stan laughed loudly. "Hey at least I get me some pussy unlike you. You're so weak dude. You need to be more aggressive with that slut."

Jimmy got up crumbled up a beer can throwing it at Stan. "Well I'm gonna get going here. I do have school tomorrow unlike you. You're skipping school again ain't you Stan?"

Stan grinned wickedly. "You know it buddy. Hey just don't go believing that slut Jessy. She's lying to you just like all the supposedly "innocent" girls lie to all guys."

Jimmy rolled his eyes at his friend and walked out. He had no intentions to go see Jessy, but then again it had just been one day and he missed so her much. He was willing to listen to what she had to say and try to understand her. He slowly drove off, on the way to Jessy's house.

Jessy got out of the bathtub and wrapped herself in a large terry cloth white robe letting her long brown hair down letting water drip from it. As she walked down the hall to her bedroom, she could hear loud metal music coming from David's room. She knew he always turned up the music so loud, since their parents were off a usual business dinner.

Jessy didn't need to be bothered by her brother's obnoxious satanic music. She felt like just relaxing and trying to calm down from the ugly fight with Jimmy.

"David! Turn that shit down!" Jessy demanded as loud as she could banging on her brother's door.

The music kept going. It was wicked death metal music that Jessy didn't even know David listened to. David was in his room and could faintly hear the knock on his door. He was in a trance as he looked out his window and saw a dark figure outside. The music playing was somehow sending messages to him and fucking with his head. He was slowly being brainwashed

The dark figure kept getting closer and closer to David. David could feel his body cold and shivering from the fear he was feeling. The dark figure floated in the room and moved fast towards David's direction.

"Ahhhhh!" David screamed out as he felt the dark figure floating inside of him and taking over him.

Jessy stood outside her hand almost red from banging on the door. "David? Are you OK? David! Answer me!"

A few more seconds passed until finally Jessy heard the music die out and the door opening. She stood back feeling so frightened. Her brother looked normal like always or so she thought.

She looked closely into his dark brown eyes. "David? Are you OK? I heard a loud scream."

His eyes widen and he smiled mischievously. "I'm fine little sis. I think I just got really into this music."

Jessy looked at her brother and she couldn't take her eyes off him. Suddenly she felt her nipples hardening and her pussy dripping wet. David stood back silently offering his sister to come in. Jessy walked into her brother's room with one mission only. To fuck his brains out.

"David, oh David, I want you!" Jessy shrilled as she put her arms around her brother's neck.

David wrapped his arms around his sister's tiny little waist and pulled her near him. He leaned down to kiss her hard. The siblings' tongues began to explore each other's mouths with hot hungry kisses.

Jessy felt her robe come off her body instantly and David's hands ran up and down her back grabbing her buttocks hard. He picked her little body up and practically threw her on the bed. She fell on the bed with her legs wide open letting her brother have a good peak at her delicious shaven pink pussy.

"Oh sis! You're pussy! It's so fuckin' nice! You had your cherry popped yet?" David asked as he started to remove his clothes.

Jessy just lay there looking at her brother getting naked and nodded. "No, bro. I'm still a virgin."

David was now down to his boxers and Jessy could see the huge bulge that was ready to burst out. David tightened his jaw looking at his sexy little sister. "Well then get ready for this," he said roughly as he pulled his boxers down letting Jessy see the biggest cock she would ever get a chance to see. It must have been over 12 inches long and four inches thick. It had a huge purple/pink mushroom head and a very visible dickhole.

Jessy gasped and her big brown eyes almost popped out of her eye sockets. "D-david! Oh, bro, you're so big! Ooooh, you're going to damage my pussy!"

David laughed viciously. "That's right. Oh sis, I've wanted to fuck you for such a long time now! You tease me with those short little shorts you wear around the house and that short schoolgirl skirt you wear. Don't you know that you make me so fuckin' hard? Now I'm going to show you how bad you tease my dick."

David climbed on to the bed rubbing his hard cock on his sister's flat belly. Jessy felt her stomach being coated by her brother's precum. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the awesome feeling of his manly juices covering her body.

"Mmmmm, I'm so ready to become a woman, David. Please fuck me now!" Jessy couldn't contain herself any longer.

David dove his head down and kissed his sister's gorgeous c-cup breasts. Her dark pink nipples were hard in his mouth and his hand slid down between her legs. Jessy never thought she'd be doing this with her own brother but damnit he was making her feel so good. Maybe deep down she'd been wanting him all along.

David continued to kiss Jessy's youthful body slowly savoring every inch of skin. Her body was still wet from her shower and he could smell her sweet girly fragrance. He went further down until he got between her legs. Jessy held her breath for a moment and immediately let out a loud groan. She'd heard many of her friends brag to her about how good if feels to get your pussy eaten out but she'd never thought she'd experience it so soon.

"Mmmmgghhhhhh! Yes, bro! Ooooh, lick me! Mmmm, suck my pussy!" Jessy found herself blurting out her true feelings.

David had his hurricane tongue wiggling fast on Jessy's swollen pink clit. Her sweet juices were dripping out fast with each stroke of his tongue. Her little body was squirming all over his bed begging him for more. He wrapped his lips around her aching clit pushing her over the edge!

"Ahhhhmmmmgggghhh!" Jessy yelled loudly as she came all over her brother's mouth. "Y-yessss! Taste me! Oooooh, I'm c-cummming!"

David lapped up her juices nicely and moved back up to kiss her and let her taste her own sweet cunt. They shared a long seductive lovers kiss and David felt his balls begin to swell up.

"I'm going to fuck you, sis. I'm going to pop your sweet cherry. From this day on, you're going to be my girlfriend, not Jimmy's. You understand?"

Jessy nodded in agreement not having the strength to disagree. Her breath was short after that hard orgasm she had. She watched David move his body down and open her legs wide as possible.

"Owww!" Jessy cried out, feeling her legs almost break apart.

"Shhh. You need to be wide open for me, sis. I'm going to really bust that pussy of yours. You're going to need to be ready for this cock." David rasped, ready to plunge his cock into his virgin sister.

Jessy suddenly felt a strong sharp pain run all through her body. "Oh, my god! He's entering me! Oh fuck, he feels so good!" Jessy thought to herself.

David was barely managing to get the head of his cock inside Jessy's incredibly tight cunt. He pushed more feeling his cock want to pop out not being able to get inside.

"Damit! Take my cock, sis! Take it! Push it in you, now!" David ordered, sternly.

Jessy raised herself up and grabbed her brother's huge cock. She started to guide it into her pussy, little by little. His size was so long that it felt almost never-ending.

"Hmmmgggghhhh!" Jessy screamed, feeling the huge monster sliding into her. Finally he was inside of her. Her tiny pussy hole was being invaded by her brother's huge prick.

"Yes! That's it! I'm all inside of you now, sis! Oooh, you like my cock? Tell me, sis. I want to hear you say you like my cock in you." David started to thrust his cock hard in and out of Jessy.

Jessy could barely speak feeling the huge cock almost taking the life out of her. She could feel it opening her up, stretching her open. Soon, she'd be a loose slut and the thought of it just excited her more.

"I-I love your cock, bro! Hmmm fuck me harder, bro. I'm losing my cherry to you! Oooh, fuck yes!" Jessy was lost in her own lust, being fucked so good by her brother.

David was now going faster tearing his little sister's pussy up so good. His body was beginning to sweat now and he knew he was going to cum so hard!

Jimmy pulled up to Jessy's driveway quietly. He wasn't sure if her parents were home or not. He'd often sneak in her house knowing she always left her window open. He had to be careful of course, because David always left his window open too. The night was dark and the only light was the moon outside. Jimmy walked quietly towards Jessy's bedroom window.

Her lights were off but he knew she had to be in her room probably sleeping or just crying over him. He moved closer to her window gently knocking on it.

"Pssst! Jessy. It's me, Jimmy. Open the window babe. I want to talk to you."

No answer.

"Jessy, look I'm sorry about the other day. I didn't give you a chance to explain yourself. I'm so sorry."

No answer.

Jimmy moved away from the window and saw a light flickering in David's bedroom. He suddenly got curious and moved over a bit to see what was going on. Jimmy's jaw dropped to the ground. There was the love of his life, letting her own brother fuck her!

"N-no! It can't be!" Jimmy wanted to scream out.

Was his sweet little girlfriend an incestuous slut? Had she been fucking David the whole time they were together? Was that the reason David didn't like him? It was almost like a nightmare coming true.

He saw it clearly. Jessy's long tanned legs were tightly wrapped around David's waist as he moved in and out of her, just like Jimmy himself had always dreamed of doing. She was moaning. Oh god, was she ever moaning. Her soft innocent moans were making Jimmy's cock hard as a rock.

"What the hell are you doing? She's fucking her own brother and you're getting turned on? No! No! No! Stop looking at them and get the hell out of here!" Jimmy kept reminding himself.

He wanted to leave and go tell everyone that Jessy was a slut who fucked her own brother, but he couldn't move. He was lost in this sibling seduction. His cock was pulsing hard wanting to just burst out of his pants. Jimmy watched more and got lured into watching his girlfriend getting fucked by her own brother.

Jimmy reached down to grab his cock over his pants. He squeezed it hard and that's all it took to make him cum. He felt hot long ropes of cum spurting out ruining his expensive pants. His heart was racing faster than ever and he could hardly move. Suddenly he saw a black figure begin to rise out of David and move towards him. Then he saw nothing but darkness.

Jessy had her eyes closed tightly while her body let out another hard orgasm on her brother's cock. "Ahhhhhhoooohhhhmmmm!" She wailed loudly, feeling her body losing so much energy.

David also had his eyes closed and suddenly felt them open as he was about to cum. His balls swelled up like two huge grapefruits and that's when he felt his sperm begin to drain out of his cock and into his sister. His sister? What the fuck was going on?

Jessy opened her eyes and screamed fearfully. "David! What are you doing? Stop!"

"J-jessy! I'm c-cumming! Take it sis!"

It was too late. David was already cumming. Long hard spurts were shooting inside of Jessy.

"Ewww Nooooo! Stop! Please!" Jessy cried weakly but she too knew it was too late. She'd taken her brother's cum.

David collapsed on top his sister. She was crying now. Her visions were going too far now. Fucking her own brother was way too much. "Get of me! You sicko! Get off me now!" Jessy cried trying to push David off.

David rolled off his sister not remembering quite what happened. He quickly covered his cock with one of his pillows feeling shame and yet being so turned on. He wished he could remember what had happened. He wanted to remember it all.

Jessy grabbed her bathrobe and as she was about to put it on she saw blood oozing out of her. Her lower lip trembled with anger and deceit. "You popped my cherry you asshole!" She screamed at David slapping his face.

David felt so confused still. "Jessy, I don't know what happened. Please, believe me!"

"Oh, I know exactly what happened! You took advantage of me because I was sad about Jimmy! David, why? You're my brother and now you took my virginity!" She ran out the room in tears and rushed to the bathroom to clean the blood off her self.

David looked down and saw his cock was soft but covered with Jessy's blood. "What the hell is going on?" He asked himself

Jimmy woke up around five the next morning. It was still dark outside and he was asleep naked like he usually was. "Please tell me last night was a dream," He said, aloud. The visions of his sweet Jessy fucking her brother was too gruesome for him. His only hope what that he'd see Jessy this morning and hear it from her that last night was all just a dream. A nightmare more like it.

Yet, as he laid there, he couldn't help but see the images of the night before, over and over again, in his head. Jessy, being racked with pleasure as she fucked, of all people, her own brother. Jimmy felt his cock swell from the visuals.

Mmm! He moaned, as his hand slid down his nude body, finally seeking out his pulsing dick.

It was rock hard to the touch, and sent incredible surges of energy through his body when he wrapped his hand around it. He squeezed his cock, firmly, and basked in the pleasure he felt.

No! His hand let go of his cock, and Jimmy sat up in his bed, quickly. I won't do this! Not to that! I refuse to cum again over such a sick act!

He quickly rose from his bed and got dressed. It would be time to prepare for school, soon, and he didn't want to lay around and think about the night before.

It was lunch period, and Cody sat amongst the mortals, eating his cafeteria food. He realized that his presence always successfully aroused the females, so he had to concentrate to tone down his powers over them. His plan had been working wonderfully, up to this point. This was so much easier than anything that had transpired before. It looked as though this time, he wouldn't have any resistance.

I should've done this from the start. Cody thought to himself, as he ate what these humans called a Sloppy Joe. My mistake before, was speaking to the humans directly. I should've simply maintained my distance, and let the fools screw themselves into oblivion.

He watched as Jessy sat at a table, on the other side of the cafeteria. She was eating her lunch, but was obviously depressed over the happenings of late. Cody could've successfully implanted her with his seed, ending his mission early, but chose not to. On the other side of town David sat at the school lounge contemplating over what happened last night. He, too, was lost in his own thoughts. Last night's perversion left him unsure of everything. It was beautiful.

Cody took another bite of his disgusting food, and looked at a table positioned one row back, and directly in the center of Jessy and Jimmy. This table had only one occupant, who just so happened to be Jimmy. He watched as Jimmy scornfully glared at his girlfriend.

Ahh, Jimmy. I spoke too soon about resistance. I will have to take care of him, soon. Cody thought, considering whether his beloved black-clad female twins of death would be interested in sucking Jimmy's dick until he was lost in the void, forever. But as his watchful eye glanced across one of the door windows, he saw a face that could frighten even him. "What? No. Not her. It couldn't be, not here!"

But it was. Quickly, he rose from his chair to look at the teenage girl who was now walking into the cafeteria. She had played too big of a role in attempting to defeat him, before. Thoughts and memories flashed back to him, as he silently cursed the girl before him.

Memories of fucking her best friend, Dawn, in his true form, on a school desk. Memories of a large country cemetary, filled with a hundred young teens, fucking each other wildly to bring forth his demonic horde in their womb. Memories of Holly DeMancey, the young girl he'd seduced into becoming his own Typhoid Mary. And then, memories of her. The one before him.

Paris? He called to her. This, alone, caught the attention of every kid in the cafeteria.

"He has a friend?" One kid said, in a whisper.

"Looks more like a girlfriend." Another kid answered.

"How do you know my name?" She asked, suspiciously, as she approached Cody, on her way to grab a bite to eat.

"Oh! We never met, but I went to your school, out in Southern California. What are you doing here?"Cody asked, regaining his train of thought.

"Well, when almost every girl in school started coming up pregnant, my parents transferred me as far away as they could get me. They said that the entire school was a bad influence, and they didn't need a grandchild at such an early age." She answered, still unsure of the kid in front of her. "What was your name again?"

"Uh� Cody.. Cody Raines." He answered, extending his hand. "You know, Texas is a long way from California. When I left there, I never expected to see any of you, ever again."

Carefully, she shook his hand and walked on to get some food.

You'd be surprised how many things aren't exactly as you expect. She said, winking at him, as she walked away.

He took his seat once more, in confusion. As he did, the other kids resumed their conversations, once more. The show was over, and as it turned out, the weird new kid actually knew someone. Even though, with Paris' arrival, he really wasn't the new kid, anymore.

No! Not now! I don't need this now! Why isn't she as pregnant as the rest of her school's population? I'd taken care of her, too! This doesn't make sense! His thoughts echoed in the confines of his mind, angrily.

Paris has now been introduced to her new class, and was listening to Mrs. Knowles lessons, as her mind wandered over the events that plagued her hometown, in SoCo. After Holly's wreck, Paris' school was practically put on lock-down.

No open campus, weekly random locker searches, and even worse, the parents began getting involved. But everything changed when Cathy DeMancey came back to town. This had been Holly's older sister, and inevitably, the one who had found Holly's diary, soon after her wreck.

Many things were unexplained about Holly's case. During her trial, she'd started rambling incoherently about an army of black demons, and pregnancy, and a number of other things that almost convinced the jury to let her off on temporary insanity. Almost.

When Cathy confronted Paris about the things written in Holly's diary, Paris didn't know what to think. There were several entries in it, dated four and five days after Holly's wreck. The weird thing is, it had only been two days since the wreck when they read it.

And the things written inside were amazing! Like Paris behaving bi-sexually with a guy on the beach? And that the Devil had corrupted everyone, and turned them into sex-crazed maniacs?

What an imagination. Paris' suspicions, however, began to raise when she read the last entry into the diary.

"Dear Diary, everything is going to plan. Tonight, we set up the cemetery party that will seal this town's fate. When the entire teenage population will be implanted with the mystical seed my Master has provided in all those infected. I can't wait! In fact, I think I'm going to go and get off on it!"

She could remember the words a clear as ever. She even understood her parents' decision to move her out her. But a Catholic school?

Cody sat outside the school, just after last period and pondered how the situation would now take place. He had never thought that of all the people, Paris would come butting into one of his plans. Sure, the things he did to the women of her town was a lot different than what he had planned for Jessy. Sure, Paris, along with so many others, did not have the memory of the many things that had took place, since he turned back time. But her whole presence brought an uneasiness that he did not like.

It was time to go finish things between Jimmy and Jessy. He couldn't afford to waste anymore time concerned with what Paris would do. Back to work.

Cody rose from his seat on the steps and walked away from the crowded courtyard of the school, watching as the kids left in cars, buses and on foot. It was time for him to prepare for tonight's constitutional.


Jessy walked home, alone, from school. Jimmy wouldn't talk to her, let alone drive her. And thinking of asking David, made her feel sick to her stomach.

Her head hung low as she mourned for her actions, last night. Yes, it was true. She had always, in some way, lusted for her brother. But she never thought it would happen. And if it did, surely it wouldn't happen like that.

"Jessy, what are you thinking?" She thought to herself. "This is incest! It's just wrong!"

Suddenly, a large dog scared her senseless, as it barked at her from a nearby yard. Jessy fumbled, dropping her books in a panic. She'd been rudely disturbed from her thoughts, and was embarassed that she'd been caught off-guard.

Oh, God. It's just Bruiser. She whispered to herself, as she knelt in her Catholic uniform to retrieve her books. She glanced at the large lab, across the street, and saw the chain that was bound to it's collar. She knew she was safe.

As she stacked her books up, and prepared to pick them up, she felt a weird sensation come over her. Her knees grew weak, and her head felt heavy. Within seconds, her panties became soaked. She couldn't understand why she had been so turned on in the past few days, and yet, here it was, happening again for no reason at all.

She slowly stood, books in hand, and then she was blinded by a flash. It was another vision, the third one she'd had today.

Jessy stood in the middle of David's bedroom, knowing that she could see everything without being seen. The window, behind her, was open, as usual. She was amazed, when she saw Jimmy crawling through it.

David was nowhere to be seen, but Jimmy was entering as though he were on a mission. Jessy looked at the clock on David's night stand, and saw that the events in her vision were happening at that moment. This was no prophecy, but more of an omnipotent view into current events.

Without a word, Jimmy finished climbing into the room, and began a frantic search. He knew that some kind of evidence of Jessy and David's relationship had to exist, and he intended to find it. He searched through David's dresser drawers, before lifting the matress on his bed, to look under it.

Finding nothing, Jimmy carefully lowered the matress back into place. He then paused, never taking his hand off of the bed. He stared at it with a strange look in his eye, before sliding his hand into the center. The bed was still wet with Jessy's juices, and Jimmy had just put his hand in the middle of the dampened area. He coated his fingers nicely with her fluids, from the night before, then inserted them into his mouth.

"Oh, my God." Jessy thought to herself. "He knows. He knows what David did to me, and� he's getting off on it?"

Quietly, Jimmy sucked his fingers clean, before snapping back to his normal state. He looked around, to make sure that everything was just as it was when he came in, then headed back for the window.

Jessy watched in a state of shock, as Jimmy left, just as he entered. And with that, reality began flooding back to her.

The vision was over, and Jessy could hear a scream. What was happening? With another flash, she was back.

Bruiser! No! A woman yelled, as the large dog escaped his chains, and took off in a dead run. Jessy now saw what was happening. She knew the dog, but not well enough to know whether he was dangerous.

In fright, she dropped her books and began to run from the horse-like creature. It seemed as though the faster she ran, the quicker the dog began to catch up to her. He was large, even for a lab, and was chasing her down the sidewalk without breaking a sweat.

Jessy was terrified! She had never been very athletic, and was afraid she wouldn't be able to escape this monster. If it caught her, it would surely maul her to death!

Running out of options, Jessy made a sharp turn and ran beside a house, and climbed their chain link fence. She landed in the back yard, and ran until she reaching the next chain link fence.

She climbed over it, and landed in the alleyway. It was covered by trees, bushes, and neglected weeds, making it impossible for any of the residents to see or help her. She was completely alone, being chased by this animal!

After a few more seconds of running, Jessy looked over her shoulder and found that the dog was not there. It must've stopped. Maybe it couldn't clear the fences.

She sighed to herself, and fell to her knees in an attempt to catch her breath. Tears began to stream from her eyes, as her trembling figure sat on the ground. She was on her hands and knees, with her long dark hair hanging to the side of her head.

Jessy, what the Hell is going on with you? The visions are coming faster and more often than ever before, you've fucked your brother, and got your own boyfriend pissed at you. Your life is being ruined, before your eyes! She thought to herself, still sobbing frantically. You're about to have a nervous breakdown, and all you can do is get off on it! You sick fucking bitch!

As she sat in the well-hidden area of the alleyway, falling almost into a complete nervous breakdown, her sobs deafened her to the sound of what was coming up, behind her. It was running now at an incredible speed, and had its sights focused on Jessy.

As it closed in on her, it could smell her damp panties, and watched as her ass hung in the air, wiggling with every little sob she let out. It had her, now� and there was no escaping.

What's that sound? Jessy asked, aloud, as she heard the steady beat of four feet hitting the ground with incredible force. As she turned her head to see, she realized it was far too late.

The lab mounted her, instantly, knocking the wind out of Jessy.

Oh, God! No! She screamed, almost being knocked over. She struggled underneath the large dog, but it was to no avail. Stop! Please stop!

Bruiser was pressing his massive canine cock against Jessy's exposed panties, and had his paws grasping firmly at her waist. There was no way Jessy was going to break free of him.

In one terrifying moment, Jessy finally realized the intentions Bruiser had with her, as she felt him atop her. Jessy's heart raced, and her muscles tensed, but she knew, she had no choice against this huge beast!

His strong body was pinning Jessy's tiny frame down. Her legs were spread wide open letting the beast have full access to her. She felt his cold wet nose between her legs, smelling her and taking her innocent scent.

"No! H-help!" Jessy was losing her strength to yell.

Suddenly she felt Bruiser's long pink tongue start licking her pussy. Jessy tried to squirm and fight as hard as she could but it was impossible. Jessy's big brown eyes closed and she felt her body tremble in pure delight. Bestiality! Such a disgusting and immoral act! Oh, but how she loved the feel of the beasts tongue lashing up and down making her pussy drench.

Bruiser's hard long pink cock was now aching to be inside of Jessy. He needed to fuck this girl since her juices were enticing him. Jessy was moaning now enjoying the beasts' long tongue lapping her juices. His tongue went up and down hard on her long slit.

"Mmmmm, yes! Lick me, Bruiser! Oh, good boy! Yesss!" Jessy moaned.

The beast kept tasting her and soon enough Jessy felt her body begin to tighten. She lifted up her body pushing her pussy to the beasts tongue and her orgasm took over her. Her body was trembling hard and her legs were kicking.

"Ahhhhh, fuck! Mmmmmm, yessss! I'm cumming!" She shrilled.

Bruiser moved up and his paws clinging tightly onto Jessy's waist. His huge dog dick easily made it's way into Jessy's wet pussy. Jessy screamed at first feeling the beasts' cock just plunge into her.

"Owww, oooh, fuck! Harder, boy! Harder!" She exclaimed.

Bruiser moved his body back and forth fucking Jessy like it was going to be the last fuck he'd ever have. His cock pumped in and out of Jessy's pussy slowly filling her up with clear precum. His knot was growing little by little and the beast pushed himself as deep as he could go inside Jessy.

Jessy gasped not being able to say a word. She felt the huge knot growing inside of her. It was the size of a baseball at the least. Bruiser's growls were getting louder and his drool was falling off faster wetting Jessy's white schoolgirl shirt. Her white bra was now visible since her shirt was completely drenched by Bruiser's drool.

"Oooh, Bruiser! Yes, fuck me like that! Ooh, get that doggy cum in me!" Jessy begged the huge beast.

Bruiser now was slowing down and Jessy started to feel a huge and hard shot of cum just shooting inside of her. It hit her g-spot so good, making her have her own climax.

"Ahhhhhhhhrrrrhhhhhggggg! Mmmmmm! I-I'm, I-I'm cumming!"

The beast kept pumping his huge load of doggy cum inside of Jessy, letting some of it trickle down her thighs. Jessy felt the warmth of it and couldn't get enough. Bruiser slowly finished dumping his load in Jessy's cunt and he didn't exit her until his knot was back down. He licked her face and she giggled.

"Mmmmm, such a good boy! Ooooh, Bruiser, you made me cum soooo goood!"

Jessy closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath. The sunlight was piercing at her and her forehead was glistening with her sweat. She smiled happily until she felt a dark shadow standing over her. Jessy quickly opened her eyes and sat back up trying to cover herself.

"Jessy, sweetheart. Are you OK?" Mrs. Thompson, Bruiser's owner was standing over her.

Jessy looked more confused than ever. "Y-yes, I'm fine. W-what happened?"

Mrs. Thompson held on to Bruiser's collar. "This darn dog escaped again. He was running after you, but really he's not dangerous. He's a good dog. I just was checking up on you to see if you were OK. I'm sorry he scared you, honey."

Jessy's body was shaking. She was so confused. Maybe the sex with Bruiser had all been a dream? Not that was impossible. She could still feel his cum inside of her. Just like she could feel David's. And also how she could taste Jimmy's.

"N-no problem, Mrs. Thompson. I-I better get home."

Jessy went back and gathered all the books she'd dropped and walked back home. Bruiser's cum was slowly drying on her thighs. She had to try to get some help soon otherwise who know what would happen next.

David was outside stretching for his afternoon jog. He had to find a way to talk to his sister. She'd been ignoring him and he just wanted to let her know that he doesn't remember anything that went on. His cock still hardens with the thought of having fucked her though. David was starting his jog, when he heard a loud screeching sound. He turned and saw Jimmy driving by in his black Mustang. David stopped and watched Jimmy park the car nearby. He walked towards him obviously looking angry.

"Hey, David. We need to talk for a minute." Jimmy said in an angry tone.

David was confused. Jimmy never dared talked to him. Had Jessy confessed anything to Jimmy? "Alright here, let's go to the school track that way I can finish my jogging there." David said leading Jimmy to the school.

As they walked it was mostly silent at first. Jimmy had no idea where to begin.

"So, what is it that you need to talk to me about?" David asked impatiently.

"Well. Look I know it's a very far out question but- are you- are you sleeping with Jessy?"

David stopped for a moment. "What? Me? No! Are you sick?"

Jimmy nodded. "I don't believe you! I saw you two the other night! I know it wasn't a dream! I know you fucked your own sister, you incestuous motherfucker!"

David frowned. "Careful on what you say you, fuckin' asshole! You don't know shit about me to be accusing me of such sick acts."

Jimmy pushed David hard. "Fuck you! I know you're taking advantage of Jessy because of the trouble we've been having. How long you been fucking her?"

David's eyes were on fire now. He got closer to Jimmy and pushed him hard too. "Like I said, quit making shit up, you stupid prick. You wanna fight me or what?"

Jimmy felt his blood rushing. He hated David so much. Not just for fucking the love of his life, but for being able to share a house with Jessy, to watch her walk around in sexy sleepwear for everything else that he could never share with her. Jimmy made a fist ready to punch the living daylights out of David when he felt a hard cold rush of air enter him. He looked up and saw David standing there ready to punch him back.

"Hey no need to fight," Jimmy said calming down.

David put his hands down and looked deeply into Jimmy's eyes. The boys' walked closer to each other and Jimmy put his arms around David. "Hey, man, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was just so pissed that you might have popped Jessy's cherry, that's all."

David felt excitement run through him. He held Jimmy tightly almost crushing him. "Well you know what buddy? I did! Yeah, I got Jessy's sweet little cherry!"

Jimmy moved back and smiled. "Ah, I figured that you did. I don't blame her for giving it up to you. You are pretty hot, David."

David felt himself blush. He put his hand on Jimmy's face and leaned over to kiss him. Jimmy immediately felt his cock harden. Never in a million years did he ever think he'd be kissing another guy. David's tongue slithered inside his mouth and Jimmy clamped it with his lips hungrily sucking on it.

The two boys were making out hardcore swapping saliva and letting their tongues explore each other. "Can you taste Jessy in my mouth?" David asked Jimmy as he broke their kiss.

Jimmy closed his eyes and for some odd reason he could actually taste Jessy's sweet cunt juices. "Mmmm, yes! I can taste them! She's so sweet!"

David pushed Jimmy up against a tree outside. He pressed his hard body up against him and trailed kisses down his neck. He sucked on Jimmy's neck hard leaving hickeys all over it.

"Jessy's going to see these hickeys," Jimmy thought to himself but at that moment he didn't give a fuck. David was feeling so good against him that he could care less if anyone were to catch him and yell out "faggot."

"Mmm, yeah! Oh fuck, if I would have known that you're this hot I would have dated you instead of your sister!" Jimmy wailed.

David cupped Jimmy's face and slid his tongue across his lips. "I want you to suck me off, Jimmy boy. I want you to be able to taste Jessy's cunt on my dick."

Jimmy didn't hesitate and fell to his knees. He looked up and David's eyes were full of lust and ready to have his cock sucked on. Jimmy rubbed his face on David's crotch over his sweat pants feeling the huge bulge he'd already caused David to have.

"You feel so big! You want to see me suck your big dick?" Jimmy asked hoarsely.

David nodded and began to pull his sweat pants down a bit just managing to pull out his huge cock. Jimmy's eyes widened looking at David's long and thick prick. "Hmmm, no wonder Jessy wanted you." He teased.

"Shut up and suck it. Taste my sister's cunt, bitch boy." David rasped pushing his cock into Jimmy's mouth.

Jimmy quickly parted his lips and took in David's huge cock. He felt David pushing himself more and more into his mouth. Fucking his mouth hard.

"Hmmm, yess! Suck it like that! Can you taste Jessy? Can you taste her cherry on my dick?"

Jimmy looked up meeting his gaze with David's. He nodded and continued to suck David's hard cock. Jimmy swears she could actually taste Jessy's pussy so sweet and so innocent. He could smell her womanly scent. She was a woman now anyhow. She'd gotten her cherry popped by her loving and caring brother.

"Yeah! Take it down your throat!" David continued.

Jimmy felt David's cock spurting out precum and letting trickle down his throat. He could taste the salty and tangy taste. He put his hands on David's grapefruit sized balls and squeezed them hard. He wanted to make David milk all inside his mouth.

David loved the way Jimmy's thick lips looked wrapped around his cock. He couldn't wait to let all his jizz explode and watch Jimmy swallow it all. He gripped Jimmy's dark hair tightly and held his head still.

"Ahhhhh, I'm fuckin' cumming! I'm cumming all inside your mouth! Drink it, motherfucker! Drink it!" David screamed out with his eyes shut tight.

He was lost in a deep hot blowjob when he suddenly heard loud coughing. He looked down and he was back in reality. Jimmy was coughing and choking on his cum.

"What the fuck? You fuck your sister and now you're a queer too?" Jimmy barely managed to say as he choked.

David's puzzled face pissed Jimmy off even more. "J-Jimmy, I-I don't know what happened-"

"Fuck you! Get the fuck out of my face now or I'm going to beat you to death!" Jimmy was furious and watched David run away.

Jimmy didn't know what to think. He still tasted David's cum so salty. He kept wondering if anyone had seen him blowing another guy. He couldn't afford for his reputation to be ruined. He needed to get rid of David as soon as possible.

Jimmy rushed to his Mustang and fumbled with the car keys. He accelerated and went down the street to look for David. He drove for a few minutes until he saw David running home. "There he is, that faggot! He's history!"

David heard the roaring of Jimmy's car engine behind him. David's face turned white and he felt his body being hit by Jimmy's car. Jimmy sped up hard running over David. He watched David's body bleeding and could hear his screams. "Die, you fucker! Die!" Jimmy groaned.

His windshield was covered with David's blood making it hard to see the road ahead of him. He turned on his wipers but it was too late. A huge eighteen wheeler truck was just passing the intersection. It was too late to brake and Jimmy's Mustang when straight to it and crashed leaving him for dead.

Cody lit up a cigarette as he stood nearby. He laughed hard. His plan had finally happened and now Jessy was his for the taking.

"Dumbasses�" He said, chuckling. He took a long drag from his cigarette, and walked off, knowing that it was now time to prepare Jessy for the role she would inevitably play.

David laid there, in mind-numbing pain, watching as the figure walked off. He knew where he was heading, and knew who he was, but only now began to suspect him of anything. As the blackness began to overtake him, he groaned in mourning for his beloved sister. Cody was going to see her, and God knows what else. He was going to Jessy, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Finally, the darkness took him.


Jessy had set her books down, on her desk, as she entered her room. She collapsed across her bed, and actually considered getting off on the events that had she'd shared with Bruiser, but heard a knock at the door before she could even attempt it.

She strolled downstairs, the inside of her thighs still stained with dried cum, but hidden well, under her skirt.

She was suprised, when she opened the door to find Cody standing there. Her pussy began to get moist at the mere sight of him. Jessy tried to speak, but found herself unable to. All she could do was watch as he stood there, cigarette in-hand, staring at her with a grin.

Without a word, he extended a hand� and without hesitation, Jessy, entranced, placed her hand in his.

He led her onto the front porch, before walking off with her. The front door was left, standing wide open. Cody had claimed his prize and was now ready to train her. The events that were coming would prepare her for everything she would become.

With both Jimmy and David out of the picture, there was no one to stop him. No one who could end his tyrannical plan.


Paris was still walking home, lost in her own thoughts, when the booming sirens took her by surprise. She stopped in her tracks, and turned her head, just in time to see the fire truck and ambulance go racing by.

Her stomach dropped, not knowing what to think. In an instant, she took off into a dead run, heading in the same direction as the EMS vehicles.

As she arrived on the scene, all that was immediately visible was the twisted steel that was once Jimmy's Mustang. Memories flashed back to Paris, of the night she heard of Holly's accident, in California. She could remember that night clearly.

As Paris and her boyfriend at the time arrived on the scene, that one fateful night, she could hear the screaming voice of the woman, who's son had almost been hit by Holly's car. Memories flashed in retrospect, giving her glimpses of Holly's mangled wreck of a car, and the car that sat before her, twisted into a heap.

A strange feeling swept over Paris. Why did this sight seem so familiar? Why did she feel so odd?

Paris was caught off guard, as two police cars pulled into the scene. The paramedics had split up, one helping David's lifeless body, as it laid on the street. The other was examining Jimmy, who had been freed from the wreckage.

"He came out of nowhere!" The obviously angry truck driver yelled toward the cops.

"Oh, God." Paris muttered. "That was the same thing the boy's mother said, the night of Holly's wreck."

She continued watching the events, in disbelief, before memories opened like sealed envelopes, and her mind was flooded with fragmented knowledge. A vision of Paris, chewing out her best friend, Dawn. Another, of strange black tentacles assaulting her, in the shower. With a disorienting flash, Paris Kline knew why the wreck had felt so familiar. She remembered, now, though not sure why.

Paris remembered events that had never really happened, yet the fruit of such events had remained. The unexplained pregnancies in her home town, the wreck, Holly's trial� and then� Cody.

"Oh, my God!" She exclaimed, as his strange dark nature was, all of the sudden, easily explainable. "It was him!"


Jessy walked with Cody, and for the longest time, never uttered a word. Her lust had grown with every step, leaving her pussy with a burning desire. He walked beside her, never speaking, always smiling, and leading her by her hand. She never questioned his motives, even when the two entered a small bar, that she knew she didn't belong in.

As she looked around the smoke-filled bar, the dozens of drunk men met her gaze, and returned it with a harsh stare. These men were large, sweaty, and intimidating. Cody eased his hand forward, silently instructing her to walk before him. She understood, and did as she was requested.

The men of the bar watched Jessy's tiny frame walk to the center of the bar, their eyes searching the length of her body, from her long tanned legs, to the beautiful set of breasts that nested against the fabric of her blouse.

With a snap of his finger, Cody had made every man in the room stand, with their attention focused only on the innocent teenage girl, standing before them. Jessy felt her nerves tingle, and for a moment, even considered that she might be in danger, as they began to approach her.

With a sharp squeal from her lips, Jessy was a little surprised when the first man grabbed and jerked on her blouse, sending it's buttons flying in every direction. It hung open, exposing her bra-covered chest to the room. The men whispered and grunted, almost as if they were giggling in delight, as they formed their circle around her, entrapping her with their presence.

Across the room, Cody gave a sadistic grin, as his eyes met hers. Was she ready for this? For all of this? She'd soon know.

"And how much dick can you take, little girl?" One of the large men asked, while grinning at Jessy's breasts. He took his hand and cupped it around her firm tit, squeezing it.

"Who cares how much she can take, Vin? I'm more interested in how much dick she's gonna take!" Another man laughed.

Jessy now felt extremely nervous. What had she gotten into? Every single one of these men had every intention of fucking her, and there was nothing she could do about it, even if she wanted to.

A man grabbed her thigh, just above her knee, and slowly ran his hand up the length of her leg, until his hand disappeared under her skirt.

"Hey, Bobby! You wouldn't believe how wet this little slut is! Her panties are fucking soaked, man!"

Out of nowhere, one of the men placed his hands on her shoulders and slammed her to her knees. Startled, Jessy finally decided to tell them to end this, but just as she opened her mouth, it was rammed full.

"Oh, God!" She thought, in surprise, "They've already got their dicks out! They're really going to rape me!"

Her face was buried around his cock, as it pushed in to the hilt. She could taste the sweat and dirt on him, as more hands pawed at her body. Her skirt was lifted, exposing her naked ass.

She had forgotten to replace her ripped panties from earlier, and now realized that she was giving full access to these strangers. Jessy felt a hand touch the back of her head, as the man who had plunged his dick into her mouth, grabbed a fist full of hair. She was pulled forward, until she lost her balance.

Jessy's hands hit the ground, stopping her fall and leaving her half-nude figure on all-fours for the men. It was now that she knew she was doomed to be fucked by every man in this bar.


"You can see him for a moment, he's alright but in a lot of pain." The nurse told Paris, before opening the door to his room.

David laid there, still knocked out from the force of the vehicle that had hit him. Once they got him on the gurney, he was rushed to the hospital, as Jimmy was cleared with no injuries, and taken to jail.

The truck driver had also sustained no injuries, leaving the scene of the accident pretty clean-cut, considering.

Paris entered the room and looked at David, a boy she'd only seen briefly, in school. The blood had been washed off of him, and the nurse had said that he was in stable condition, which made him very lucky.

"David?" Paris called out, to him. There was no reply.

"David, please� I need to speak with you." She tried again. He stirred, slightly.

After a moment, his eyes opened with a groan. What little pain he would be in was now numb with the help of his prescribed drugs.

"David, do you hear me?" Paris asked him, before taking a seat beside his bed.

Slowly, he looked around the room and shook his head �yes'.

"Do you remember getting hit by a car, David? Do you remember that?"

He thought for a moment, before his eyes widened. It was all coming back to him.

"Jessy� needs help� Jimmy broke my�" He strained to speak. He remembered the dark kid who had laughed at his accident. David knew this revolved around him, somehow.

"Shh! Don't get excited, David. The nurse will throw me out." Jessy said, before running her fingers through his hair, to calm him down. "Tell me, who is Jessy and where is she?"

"My.. sister� He's got� got her�"

"He who? Come on, David, think�"

"Cody� the new kid�"

If Paris had any questions as to who the demon had disguised himself as, she didn't now. Her suspicions had been confirmed with David's words.

"Rest, David. I'll find her, I swear." Paris told him, before leaving her seat. This was the same mysterious being that had visited her town, only three months ago. His plan had gone off without a hitch, there, and she was determined not to let the same happen here.

David's eyes closed, once more, and Paris left the room. It was California, all over again, and this time she would have the last laugh. No mind tricks, no seduction� not like before.


Jessy was now being fucked in every hole, with nothing but her skirt left, dangling from her waist. They had completely taken her, ravaging her teenage body with their massive cocks, determined to use her for their own pleasure.

As she rode the rather buff guy, beneath her, she could feel the one above her, ramming his cock into her ass. Jessy was in heaven, stuffed by both of these hard dicks, as another one was rammed down her throat by the man in front of her.

She took all three with amazing skill, as her lust was now reaching amazing heights. Was this what she was destined for? All this time, the sexual visions, the masturbation, the strange sexual phenomenon, was she meant to be a slut? She could still catch glimpses of Cody, across the room, as he was now sitting and enjoying a tumbler of some type of whiskey.

She knew he wasn't of legal drinking age, but it didn't matter. He never seemed to have a problem getting what he wanted, and she was the prime example of that.

"Suck my dick, you whore. You love it, don't you, you little Catholic slut?" The man above her taunted her. She couldn't help but grin at him, as she swallowed his cock into her throat.

The double penetration she was enduring was thrusting her into amazing orgasms that even she had never believed possible. Both cocks throbbed inside her, stretching her tiny cunt and ass beyond belief.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself, my dear." A voice entered her mind.

Jessy was lost. None of the men, around her, were speaking, other than to egg her on for being the slut she was. Suddenly, the man fucking her young ass began to increase in speed. Jessy moaned with excitement.

"Does it feel good? Do you want more?" The voice taunted her, from within.

"Mmm!" Jessy's voice was muffled around the cock, pushing down her throat. "Ohh! Mmm! Mmmmm!"

"Isn't this what you've always wanted? Not to be some innocent schoolgirl, but to be the one all the men wanted?" The voice echoed through her being. "Don't you want to kiss your inhibitions goodbye, and welcome it all?"

Suddenly, the cock in her ass and the one in her cunt, exploded in unison, filling her with their hot seed. Jessy's body racked with pleasure, as she felt blast after blast of hot cum filling her insides. This sent her into another mind-shattering orgasm.

"It can be exactly how you want it, Jessy. All you have to do is admit that you want it. Accept your passions, welcome them. Admit your lust."

The dick in her mouth began to throb harder, as her head bobbed furiously upon it. Her eyes stared up at the man fucking her tight young throat, almost to beg for what she knew was going to happen. His balls retracted before her, and stream after stream of steaming fluid was shot into her mouth, and down her throat.

It filled her mouth beyond capacity, spilling out and down her chin. The corners of her mouth were now covered in the white, sticky substance, and the man withdrew his cock, as the next man prepared to take his place.

"Oh, God! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, God damn it!" Jessy screamed at the men. "You dirty old bastards, you know you want me!"

"Yes, Jessy. You want it all, don't you?"

"Yes, I want it! I want it so fucking bad!" Jessy screamed, as her body was overcome by orgasm after orgasm. She was then tugged off of the man on the floor, and rolled onto her back, as the largest man in the club began to approach.

The other men grew quiet, as they watched him walk toward her, and even Jessy was caught by surprise.

Tito was a large black man, standing near 7 foot tall and weighing nearly 290 pounds. His huge muscles rippled and one only had to look at him to tell how mean he really was. He'd been watching the show with delight, and only now had decided to take his turn.

As he strolled forward, the others backed out of his way. They knew that once he had set his sights on the girl, there was nothing they could do to stop him.

Jessy felt fear settle in the pit of her stomach, as she watched his hideous grin. Tito dwarfed her and she knew it. Without a word, he unzipped his fly, and let his long black tool spring forth from it's bonds.

Jessy's jaw dropped in shock. Even after all of the fucking she'd endured, there was no way she'd ever fit this thing inside her! It was at least 14 inches long, and as round as a long-neck beer bottle. It throbbed as Tito wrapped his hand around it and began stroking.

She didn't know what to think, and almost burst into tears when she heard the man behind her.

"Holy shit, Tito's going to make her bleed, man. He's really going to hurt her."


Paris had run at least 13 blocks in the last 20 minutes. Upon reaching Jessy's house, she found that nobody was home, and the front door had been left standing open. She feared the worst for David's sister.

She left as fast as she'd entered, running down the sidewalk.

"He's got her, and God knows what he's going to do with her." Paris told herself, as more memories were constantly unlocking themselves to her. She struggled to remember his style, almost masochistic in nature.

His M.O. was always one of control, yet with a child's sense of humor. It was morbid, how much pleasure he gained from corrupting the innocent. This only meant that he would have even more fun with Jessy.

She rounded a corner, heading into the most populated part of town she could think of As Paris continued running, she began to look around for the most corruptive things she could find for a teenage girl.

"Quentin's Bar." She said, out loud. That was it! She ran to the door and grasped at the door knob, but it wouldn't turn. "Damn it! It's locked!"


As Tito approached Jessy, Cody watched in pleasure. He knew what was going to happen next� or did he?

In one sudden motion, Cody launched out of the chair, sending it flying behind him. His attention was now focused on the front door of the bar, feeling the presence of the one who would ruin everything.


Paris cupped her hands around her face, attempting to look into the windows that looked as though they'd never been washed. Though she saw movement, her vision was limited.

She stood back, looking up and down the street. The afternoon sun had finally started going down, and the shadows were starting to cover the buildings and streets. As Paris looked for an alternate entrance, she became oblivious to the black mass that was phasing through the front door of the pub.

She began walking toward the alley, as the large black mass hovered closer to her, hanging above her almost as if it were preparing to pounce.

As Paris peered around the corner of the alleyway, she finally spotted a side entrance into the pub. Pleased with her findings, she cautiously began into the alley, but was caught by surprise when she was taken from behind.

Her muffled scream echoed down the alley, blending in with Jessy's scream, from within the pub. Their voices sounded in unison. Cody knew that Tito had finally entered Jessy, and also knew that Paris would have to be taken care of, before all of his work was ruined.

Paris and Cody were both covered with darkness, and faded into the shadows, before phasing through the wall of the pub.


Jessy was screaming loudly as Tito jammed his cock in and out of her. She couldn't stand the intense pain his cock was giving her. All the other men stood and around in shock and yet so turned on watching this huge black cock fucking the pretty petite white girl.

"Hmmm, you like black cock don't ya, bitch?" Tito rasped.

Jessy couldn't disagree. This cock was fucking her so good that she didn't want the huge black man to leave her. Her screams were now screams of pleasure. Tito was tearing up her delicate pussy now but she loved it! Her pretty pink nipples were hard and two other men pinched them as she got fucked.

"Yeah, fuck her good. Cum inside that little skank!" One of the men yelled out.

Tito was going fast now. His huge black balls were slapping on Jessy's ass. His strong arms and body were practically pinning Jessy down making her take it all.

"Mmmm, yes! Oooh, let the big black cock fuck me good!" Jessy blurted out lost in her own indulgence.

Tito suddenly slowed down and grabbed Jessy's long hair tightly in his hands pulling it hard. Jessy screamed louder and Tito grunted so hard almost making the room shake. He was cumming so hard inside of Jessy.

Jessy shuddered feeling the huge load of cum entering her.

"Hmmmmm, arrrrggggghhhh! Take it you white slutty bitch!" Tito
blasting his cum inside of Jessy.

Jessy felt her little body releasing yet another strong orgasm on Tito's huge black cock.

"Oooh look the slut is gonna cum!" One of the men yelled out.

"Hmmmmmggggghhhhhh! Oooohhh!" Jessy moaned feeling her juices ooze like honey.

"Yeah that's right! This bitch likes black cock. Such a slutty whore!" Tito said proudly trying to catch his breath.

The whole room fell in silence letting only Jessy and Tito's moans be heard. Four men were gathered around Jessy stroking their long cocks and suddenly she felt a huge splash of cum fall on her face. Some of it hit her eyes making it hard to see but she knew the men had all jerked off and splattered their cum on her face. She loved the smell of it and she licked her lips trying to grasp as much taste as she could.

Lost in her own world of sperm, Jessy was laughing and licking her lips when she suddenly realized she was alone in a dark room. She got up slowly still feeling her pussy and asshole burning from the pain she'd encountered.

"Owww," She moaned softly getting up trying to figure out where the hell she was. Her little white shirt was unbuttoned letting her tits fall out and her plaid skirt was above her waist. She fixed her skirt and buttoned up her top leaving just enough cleavage to be seen.

"Hello?" She called out feeling so cold and scared. Her arms were crossed and she walked slowly seeing nothing but candles all over the room. "Where the hell am I?" she thought.

She could faintly hear some voices coming from far away. She kept walking closer and closer until she finally got to see who was talking. It was Cody and a pretty teenage girl like herself talking. More like arguing. Cody had the girl tied up in chains and she looked as if she'd been crying for a while now.

Cody immediately turned his attention to Jessy. His wicked smile ran across his face once again. "Welcome Jessy. I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine, Paris. Paris, this is Jessy."

"Hello," Jessy said softly still in a daze.

"Don't do anything he says! He's evil!" Paris blurted out.

Cody quickly grabbed a huge leather whip and whipped her hard. "Ahhhhhhhhrrrhhh!" Paris yelled out.

"Please don't say anything negative about me, Paris. You don't see me going around telling everyone you were a slut, do you?"

Paris' eyes began to tear again. "I hate you so much. Why are you here?" She sobbed.

Cody didn't answer and placed his eyes once again on Jessy. She looked more scared than he remembered. "You have to be strong, my queen. You're going to give me a son that will take over this world when I'm gone." He kept saying to himself.

"Jessy, I know you are confused but I need to tell you why I need you so much." Cody began.

Paris's lower lip trembled in anger and desperation. She watched Cody slowly close his eyes and suddenly he was changing. He went from a teenage boy to a tall dark and handsome man with long dark black hair. Jessy's eyes widened watching Cody's transformation.

"Oh, my God!" she said softly, never closing her eyes.

"Ah, that's so much better. I was tried of looking like a little kid. Now, love, come here, I need to tell you what you need to do for me."

Jessy slowly walked to Cody and he put his arms around her. His lips began to kiss the back of her neck slowly. Jessy knew she was going to like Cody, too. Probably more than any of her other sexual encounters.

Paris watched as Cody's hands ran up and down Jessy's little body. His fingers fumbled with her buttons letting her chest be revealed. Her beautiful perky breasts were now visible and Paris couldn't help but look.

Cody stood behind Jessy to display everything to Paris. His fingers pinched Jessy's sensitive nipples making her moan. He felt Jessy push herself back and press her ass against his cock.

"Mmmm, does my lover want to get it up the ass?" Cody asked in Jessy's ear.

Jessy giggled and nodded. "Yes! Please! I need you."

"Good girl. Now, let's allow Paris to watch the way a queen should get fucked. She's going to regret that she wasn't able to become my queen. She's going to pay for not having obeyed her master."

Paris watched in fear and knew something bad was going to happen for her. But she still had faith that maybe some kind of miracle could help her through the nightmare she was going to encounter.

Paris' eyes widened as the sight. It was a beautiful white bed, with a canopy overhead. White lace and satin sheets hung from the canopy, as the satin sheets gleamed in the candlelight.

Jessy could feel her heart beat faster as she stared at the bed. It felt as though it belonged solely to her, as though she were drawn to it.

Paris watched Jessy's expression, as she too, was captivated by the sheer beauty of the antique bed. She could feel knots tighten within the pit of her stomach, as she anticipated Cody's next action.

"You know this isn't going to work. You know you'll lose her, just like you lost Holly, Dawn and myself." Paris hissed at him, through her teeth. Never before had she felt such resentment toward another living being. Though, technically, Cody wasn't another living being, now was he?

Jessy's head turned to view Paris, and she felt a moment of reason rise from within. Who was this girl? What was she talking about? And Cody, who was he? Who was he really?

"Let me explain something to you, princess. Holly chose her own destiny, which left her incarcerated for attempted manslaughter. Dawn, with so many others, is pregnant with a litter of my demonic half-breed children. When they're born, they will accomplish everything on this world that I have always dreamt of." Cody said with a calm and soothing tone.

"Then why aren't I pregnant? If my entire town was subjected to this, why wasn't I?" Paris questioned him. Her voice carried the tone of one scorned. Cody glared at her, once more, as Jessy watched on, almost lost in her own desires.

"You know, I've yet to figure that one out, myself." He said to her, as he approached her slowly. "But sadly enough, I just don't care. If I failed once, I can always try again." His sneering grin cut into her soul.

Paris shivered with disgust as his hand wrapped tightly around her throat. His eyes peered deeply into hers as she felt each of his fingers begin to withdraw, curling them into a fist, until his index finger alone, was left pushing into her throat.

His fingernail suddenly felt more sharp than before, as it pressed firmly against the soft skin of her neck. Paris was almost afraid to speak, but her anger began to take over.

"Listen, you son of a bitch! You're not going to do shit to me, or this girl! As long as I exist, I'm living proof that you fucked up. You! The devil!" Paris screamed, before spitting in his face. His eyes grew cold as he lifted his free hand to wipe his face clean. Paris could feel his fingernail pressing harder into her throat, as he once again smiled at her.

"Your life doesn't concern me, dear. After all, mistake or not, as long as you live, you'll suffer from the images you're about to witness!" He exclaimed, before thrusting his hand downward, allowing his fingernail to rip her blouse and bra, right down the middle.

Paris' breasts were now exposed, as she hung from her chains. Her skirt and the shreds of her blouse were all that remained of her clothing. Furious, she prepared to yell at him, but instead watched his attention turn to Jessy.

"Now, my dear. Prepare to become everything you've always been destined for. Do you accept?"

Jessy's eyes met his, as her smile grew. She looked like a bride, preparing to walk down the aisle, as she took his hand. And rightfully so.

"Yes, I accept. I must. I need you, now." She told him, as he began to walk forward, guiding her to the beautiful white bed.

Paris watched as the two slowly walked the length of the room, struggling against the chains that bound her arms and legs. She knew Jessy was as good as his, and cursed him silently. Was this the end? Could it be? Paris had no choice but to watch and see.

Cody and Jessy walked, hand in hand, until they reached the bed. He turned her to face him and she bit her lip with desire. With a small movement from Jessy, her unbuttoned blouse slid from her shoulders and landed on the floor. Cody took one step forward, using one arm to embrace her.

Jessy lifted her head and pressed her lips to his, relishing in the object of her desire. In return, Cody kissed her passionately, allowing for Jessy's sheer lust to rid her of any inhibitions she could encounter.

Her lips felt as though his touch would burn them, as they sent chills through her body. Jessy couldn't believe her lust for this man. Wasn't it just yesterday, she was sitting in her class, listening to Mr. Marrow's speeches? His arms wrapped tightly around her, as he lifted her onto the antique bed, just behind her.

"Oh, yes." Jessy whispered, before bringing her lips to his neck. "Please, take me." She pleaded, falling onto her back.

Cody looked down at Jessy's beautiful figure, as she laid across the width of the bed. He couldn't help but bask in the visuals of his new queen. Her breasts were fully exposed, nipples pert, as she stared up at him, just in her plaid skirt. Her skin was almost milk-white, under the light of the candles, as her dark locks fell carelessly across the gleaming white satin of the bed sheets.

"Take me." Jessy whispered once more, as she lifted her legs, placing her feet on the bed. As she did, her skirt fell upward, revealing more of her beautifully shaped thighs. Cody simply stood between her now-open legs, taking it all in.

As he smiled down at her, he looked one last time across the dark room, lit only by the thousands of candles. Paris was still hanging there, her plaid skirt and shred blouse still dangling from her chained body. Her exposed breasts could be seen, heaving up and down, as Paris anticipated what was to come.

"Now�" Cody directed his voice toward Paris. "Watch, as the future of your realm changes forever."

His hands reached for his belt, slowly unbuckling it, as Jessy stared up at him, using her eyes to beg for that which she knew was already hers. She watched Cody, as his belt was now unbuckled, and his hands reached for his pants button.

With a snap, one more restraint had been freed. Slowly, his fingers drew down the zipper of his fly. The fabric began to slide toward the ground, as he tugged at it with precision. Within seconds, what was once a mere bulge in his pants, was now fully visible for all to see.

Jessy gasped in disbelief, as his monstrous cock took life, between his legs. Never, in any of the encounters she'd had by his hand, had Jessy ever witnessed anything as large as his manhood. She could literally see the veins move, as it visibly throbbed, in front of her. She had never wanted anything more.

His charming smile soothed her fear of the massive cock. Slowly, Cody bent forward, and kissed her lips once more, softly, before lifting himself back up. Jessy suffered more chills.

One of Cody's hands rested on the inside of her thigh, while the other unbuttoned his solid-black shirt. His hand felt incredibly warm to her, as it slid up the length of her thigh, oh-so slowly. Before she knew it, his hand had brushed her soaking mound only briefly, as it traveled to the buttons of her skirt. With three repetitive movements, her plaid uniform skirt had been unbuttoned, and opened.

Jessy's back arched, as the cool breeze of the evening air blew across her body, now completely nude, with the exception of her school dress shoes.

Cody removed his shirt, and firmly wrapped his hand around the length of his massive prick, stroking it slowly, as Jessy lifted a leg to rest on his shoulder. Her hands squeezed at her breasts, massaging them and pinching at her nipples. She looked downward and saw that he was masturbating only centimeters from her sopping cunt.

"Please� put it in me. I want it now." She begged, as she used her hands to work her breasts, sending her passion even higher. With one last smile, he obliged her.

Her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide, as she felt the head of his cock pressing against the entrance to her womb. She could feel her spine, and the tingling that was now going through it, shockwave after shockwave.

Her first orgasm was achieved as the mere heat from the head of his cock reached her clitoris, sending more chills through her system. Without a hint of hesitation, her pussy lips slowly gave way to the invader, allowing it in.

Cody pushed forward, slowly, and could feel Jessy begin to stretch. He knew that it would ruin her for any other man� but once the transformation was complete, it wouldn't matter anymore.

"OOOooohhhhh, Gooooddddd!!!" Jessy squealed as the entire length of this ungodly cock was shoved into her, deeper than anything she'd ever felt before.

Paris watched, finding herself unable to speak as Jessy's cry echoed the room. She was his, now. Jessy was beyond help. Words, even mere thoughts, were beyond Paris as she watched the surreal situation before her. She'd even forgotten about the chains that held her in place.

Jessy was now lost in her second orgasm, as Cody lifted her other leg to rest on his free shoulder. Never before had she known herself to be so wet, almost sloppy. Her juices streamed down the crack of her ass. She continued to knead her breasts, lost in a primal lust that only heightened with his every move.

Cody's hands rested on her hips, and slowly, he pulled his cock from her steaming hole� before pushing it back in at twice the speed. Jessy's eyes remained closed, tightly, as her moans filled the room. She was unable to form sentences, only bellow in her enjoyment.

His thrusts continued, more powerful and controlling each time. Cody's cock threatened to pulverize her innards, as it slammed in, again and again. She was lost, now. Lost in this wonderful oblivion. Flashes came to her. What was. What is to be.

Jessy could feel her genitals as they flamed with each furious slam of his cock. Her arms and legs were now numb, as she pinched and tugged at her nipples, almost threatening to pull them clean off. Her mouth hung open, and her eyes shut tightly, as the visions began flooding into her mind.

She saw her beloved boyfriend, Jimmy, as he used his Mustang to run down her brother. She witnessed the carnage that has yet to come. She saw Paris, standing before Hell's legions in the nude, watching as they slaved away for their master. Then it changed. Paris no longer stood in Hell, in the nude, but in a leather outfit, which resembled that of a Nun's. The fear in her eyes had transformed into a fury that Jessy could've never imagined.

Paris continued to watch him fuck Jessy brutally, but was dumbfounded with what happened next. His form began to blur with each slam he gave Jessy. His shape and color changed, from a dark but beautiful man, to something darker, something more twisted. As his fury increased, his form became apparent, showing Paris his true demonic form.

She watched as a dark flame began to engulf them both. Cody� the devil. The true devil, who now had complete control over his intended victim. The flames covered both of their figures, as they fucked with an unimaginable wrath. It was black, darker than the night sky.

Cody was now preparing for the transformation to finally take place. Jessy was his, now, after all this time. She would ascend to the Queen of Hell! His mind echoed with the laughter he felt, knowing that he'd accomplished what he had been preparing for, for a millenia! She would bear his child, and this world would be theirs!

Meanwhile, Jessy's visions washed over her like a baptismal. She saw the impending war, that would claim the lives of millions. She watched the fall of the masses, as each individual fell victim to their own lusts and desires. She witnessed unbelievable sin. And then� it all left her. Every vision she'd seen, taking place both immediately, and years from now� all gone from her supernatural sight. She was once again overwhelmed with the incredible fucking she was now a victim to.

With several last thundering blasts, he exploded deep within her. It washed her soul, from the inside out, as it steamed within her. Jessy could feel her innards burn, as his seed blasted inside her, again and again. She wanted it! She was getting it! She'd fucked her own brother! She'd fucked a dog! She was unclean, and she fucking enjoyed every second of it! Her impurities, mere flaws in her being, now engulfed her, leaving her a mass of human corruption.

Paris watched as Jessy's form changed, and Cody's demonic form collapsed atop her. Her hips bucked against his monsterous form, as her body shuddered with each blast of semen, within her. The two locked in a passionate kiss, as her hair and eyes slowly changed. Her skin was now a different pigment, resembling that of someone dead, but Paris knew that she was very much alive. And then, in a burst of flame, the two were gone.

Tears streamed from her eyes, as she tugged at her bindings with renewed fury.

"No! God damn you! Nooo!"


A day had passed since Jessy's ascension. Paris had begun to give up the hope that she would ever be freed. The new day's light beamed through the window of the abandoned warehouse, revealing no antique bed and no candles. Her chains were now cutting into her wrists brutally, as she had hung there, all night.

Suddenly, a door opened to the warehouse, and in walked the shadow of a familiar figure. As his steps echoed through the empty building, Paris lifted her dreary head to see who was approaching her.

Eventually, he reached daylight, and his face became visible. It was Cody, back in his teenage form.

"Hello, love." He grinned, as Paris looked at him, too tired to respond.

Slowly, he approached her.

"Rough night, I see. Well, don't worry. You're going to be alright." He said in an upbeat tone.

"Jessy was unbelievable! As long as I've been around she was definitely the best fuck I've ever had, and then some!" He chuckled, as his hand brushed the hair from Paris' face. Her eyes peered deep into his, with a mixture of disgust and anger. "Ahh, don't fret. Jessy's enjoying her new lot in life. In fact, she's gone to visit her brother, one last time."

Paris' eyes widened, and with renewed energy, she pulled at her chains one more time. Sadly, it was to no avail. Cody chuckled at her, once more.

"Always trying to be the little hero, aren't you? Well, it's none of your concern. In fact, none of this is. When I'm through with you, the last thing you'll remember is Jimmy's wreck."


David's eyes were half-closed as he stared at the ceiling just above his hospital bed. In a week's time, his life had changed so dramatically. He'd finally gotten to sleep with the little sister he'd been craving all his life, but he was also run down by her vigilant boyfriend.

Thoughts and memories returned to him, again and again. He knew, given the chance, that he would fuck his sister again, if he could. But he wasn't completely without regrets.

His attention was shattered, when he heard the door to his room open. In pain, he turned his focus to the doorway, to find his sister standing there, looking darker, yet more beautiful than ever.

"Jessy?" David asked trying to focus his vision.

"Hey, Bro. I heard what happened. That asshole boyfriend of mine tried to run over you!"

David sighed and looked away. "Yeah, he did. Look, I know everything's fucked up right now. I mean ever since we �well you know."

Jessy giggled and walked over to the bed. David looked at her and was completely mesmerized by the way she looked. Her eye makeup was dark and her lips were a dark purple color and her hair was hung loose and wild. He was so used to seeing her with that cute schoolgirl uniform but now she sat there wearing a short black dress covered with lace at the top.

"Look, I still don't know myself what happened that night, but I do know that I still love you and care for you, Bro."

David searched for her hand and held it in his. "I love you too, Sis. And I have to admit that I love you more than just a sister."

Jessy laughed deviously and pulled her brother's hand up to her mouth and kissed his fingertips slowly and seductively. David felt his cock getting hard immediately. Her full lips were softly kissing and now sucking on his fingers. He could feel the warmth of her mouth and her tongue swirling on his fingers. He only wished it was his cock.

"Mmm, such a sexy girl, " He muttered watching his sister.

"I want you again, David. Oh, fuck, I know it's wrong. It's incest! Such a nasty word!" Jessy wailed as she held David's hand by her cheek.

David raised himself up from the bed slowly trying to avoid the physical pain he was feeling. "I want you too, Sis. God, my cock is so hard for you!"

Jessy looked down at the white linen sheets and saw her brother was definitely pitching a tent. She moved her hand and grabbed his cock through the sheets squeezing it tightly. She could feel it throbbing and that was making her hot!

David moaned immediately feeling his sister's hand on his cock. "I wanna fuck this." Jessy said in a low voice.

David stroked her long dark hair. "Yes, baby, fuck me. Oh, Jessy I wanna cum in you again."

She closed her eyes feeling her brother's touch. "Yes, I wanna feel your cum in me again. I wanna have your baby."

David gasped never hearing sexier words. He felt his balls overloaded again with cum just for his sister. "Ride my cock, Sis. Please!"

Jessy stood up and kicked off her black heels. She climbed on the bed and on top of her brother. She leaned down to kiss him and feel his tongue in her mouth again. David could feel her mouth so hot on his. He felt the saliva almost burning his tongue. She trailed her hand down lifting up his hospital gown.

"Bro, you're not wearing any underpants are you?" Jessy asked teasingly.

David blushed. "No. Some blonde nurse here said I shouldn't wear any, in case I have to go to the bathroom I won't have as much trouble."

Jessy grabbed his cock and gripped it tightly in her hand. David just gasped hard feeling his sister's hold. "Well, I hope that's why she told you not to wear underpants. I hope she wasn't flirting with you because you know how jealous I can get."

David couldn't talk he lost in pleasure of the strong hold his sister had on his cock.

Jessy shifted down and began to straddle her brother's cock. She lifted up her dress showing him her shaven pussy again. David licked his lips just looking at her pussy.

"Well, Bro, it looks like you're not the only one that doesn't have underpants on." She laughed.

"Mmm, such a bad girl aren't you Sis? Oh, God, you're so hot! Fuck me now! I need to feel you slide on my cock."

Jessy held David's cock again holding it still and gently placing her pussy on it. David moaned loudly as he felt his sister's tight little pussy swallowing it up, inside her. "Hmmm, yeah like that! Oh, ride me sis! You feel so tight!"

Jessy moved her hips as she began to fuck her brother. He felt so damn good inside of her and she knew it would be the last time she'd get to fuck her dear brother. David's hands reached up and fumbled with her dress trying to unzip it from the back. Jessy just held his hands down and nodded.

"No, Bro. I don't want to get more naked. What if Mom and Dad show up and it might take longer for me to get dressed."

"B-but I wanna see your tits. I love your tits! I want all of you, Jessy. I'm so in love with you."

Jessy was feeling herself burning up now. She was getting so turned on that she wanted to cum so hard. She managed to keep from cumming for a while. She needed David to cum first. Her little body kept bouncing up and down her brother's huge cock. David groaned loudly and put a pillow by his mouth to drown out his moans.

Jessy almost felt tears come out of her eyes knowing that she'll never see her brother again. Their relationship couldn't happen anyway. Not in this uptight world that saw incest as a sin. Unlike the place she'd be heading off to where nothing is too taboo. Maybe she'd see David there and get to be with him like husband and wife instead of brother and sister. Who knows that would be another story. Right now she had to make him cum and take his seed in her womb. She needed his seed to help create her demonic son she was going to have for her master.

"David, I want you to cum in me. I want that incestuous cum flowing in me, God damn it!"

David could feel his sister's pussy tightening up harder giving his cock more resistance. "Sis, keep tightening your pussy! Ooooh, fuck yes!"

Jessy was going fast now. Her eyes were close and David could see her eyelids flutter. "Oh, bro you're such a sick fuck!"

David was now confused and had a frown on his face. "What? Jessy, I thought you loved me."

Jessy's eyes opened and were almost white. David felt his heart sink with fear. "You are a dirty, nasty bastard! You like incestuous pussy don't you? Oh, Bro, you're going to hell for fucking your own sister! I can't wait to see you in hell!"

David was speechless. He was so scared but yet he couldn't stop himself from the awesome pleasure of Jessy's pussy. "I'll see you in hell, Sis! Oh, baby, I'll fuck you in hell, too!"

Jessy felt David grip her hips and slow her down. "I-I'm cumming! Oh, Sis I'm gonna shoot my load up in you. I want you to have my incestuous baby, you fuckin' slut! Ahhhhrrrhhhhhggggghhh!"

Jessy felt her own pussy pulsating. She could feel David's long ropes of cum shooting all inside of her. "Yes! Oh, Bro, I feel it! I feel you planting your seed in me, you nasty motherfucker!"

"Ooooh, David! I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck, feel my juices, Bro! I'm gonna cum on your big dick!"

David waited with anticipation until he slowly felt his sister's honey sliding down his cock. It felt like heaven but suddenly a hot burning liquid coated his shaft.

"Ahhhh, fuck! That hurts! Sis, what are you doing?" David screamed, feeling his cock burning up.

"I'm not doing anything, David. I'm saying goodbye." Jessy said breathlessly as she slowed down.

She watched her brother screaming loudly as his whole body was now burning up. The bed was in flames but Jessy remained unharmed. She was hell's new queen and she had so many powers now, that even she didn't fully understand. Now, she was going to be ready to give birth to the demonic child that she knew, deep inside, was her destiny.


Paris woke up, feeling slightly groggy, as though she'd been asleep for days. Slowly, she shifted inn her bed, moving to sit up. Her hands rubbed at her eyes, wearily.

The clock read 8:16 p.m., and Paris felt very confused. Her wrists and ankles were sore, and upon closer inspection, appeared to be slightly red.

Paris struggled in her dark bedroom to remember. What had happened, when did she go to sleep? She remembered meeting a guy named Cody, at school� �and walking up on a horrible wreck. She remembered that he'd been badly run over, and that the driver was killed in the car crash, immediately afterward. She also remembered the name he had spoken to her, while pleaded for her help.

"Jessy." Paris whispered to herself. She must've come home, after the wreck, and slept all night, and all day, today. But that was so unlike her.

Silently, Paris' long tanned legs slid off of the edge of the bed, and her feet touched the carpeted floor. She stood, revealing her own nudity. This was even more confusing to her, since she never slept in the nude.

Trying to ignore her present state of affairs, Paris walked toward her closet, but soon felt how sore she was. It felt as though her sex was burning with each step, and forced her to walk somewhat awkwardly, to avoid touching it.

Paris pulled a robe from the closet, and went to the bathroom, closing the door behind her, struggling to sort through her memories. It was as though everything had been a blur, or some sort of incredibly detailed dream. She sighed, as she leaned over the bathroom counter, looking at the pathetic, tangled shape her hair was in. This could only have meant one thing. With her hair as messed up as it was, and her pussy as raw as it was, she must've been fucked, recently.

More confused than ever, she placed the stopper in the bathtub, turned on the bath water, and began searching for her bubble bath liquid. When she found it, she put a little more liquid in her bath than usual, feeling that under her current condition, a little more might be necessary.

As Paris put the bubble bath up, she reached up and turned on the small radio that hung from the shower head. Carefully, she began to disrobe.

With an amazing and all-encompassing stretch, Paris now felt she was ready, and started to sink her foot into the bathtub. The water was hot, just the way she liked it, and Paris could feel the burning sensation tingle up her delicate foot.

Slowly, Paris' small figure sank into the tub, as she sat down, inside it. As the water trailed up her legs with every inch closer she got, she couldn't help but fear it's touch against her pained cunt. Carefully, she made her final descent, and sat, comfortably, enjoying the heat that massaged her nude body. Slowly, she used the rag to cover her exposed skin with the suds, but couldn't help but wonder what had happened with that wreck, the day before. She felt like somewhere within her, she knew, but it laid just beyond her reach.

Perhaps it was nothing. She had been pushing herself harder at school, than usual. Maybe she simply felt this way due to the large amount of sleep that she'd just received. Suddenly, her eyes glanced at her wrists, and caught sight of the irritated skin.

She examined them closely, noting that her wrists were still pink and tender, with a trail of abused skin that wrapped all the way around them.

"Oh, my God." She whispered to herself. She had been raped. It was the only thing that made sense. Awe and shame both washed through her, in a matter of seconds. She couldn't doubt it, anymore. Something had definitely happened. Her attention was then broke by the sound of the newscast on the radio.

"In a strange report, two teenagers are missing and one dead, after a series of strange events, yesterday afternoon. It started yesterday, when a car wreck left one teenage boy in critical condition, and the other dead�"

Paris' jaw dropped in shock. Her memories began flooding back, and within moments, every event had become clear to her. Even.. her rape� by� him.


"When I'm through with you, the last thing you'll remember is Jimmy's wreck." He said, grinning before her.

Paris was amazed, as she peered into her own memories. It was almost as if she were having an out of body experience. She watched herself, chained by her wrists, as Cody cupped her exposed breasts in his hands, kneading them with his fingers and grinning at her, sadistically.

Paris' face expressed disgust and hatred, but also betrayal when she realized that her nipples were growing erect at his touch. How could this happen? As much as she hated him, there was still a part of her, deep inside, that wanted what he was offering.

And then, in a flash, her mind shifted back to her capture in hell, once more bound at the wrists before hordes of demons. Cody was no longer in his teenage form, but appeared as an adult, albeit a beautiful one.

"Paris Kline, you seem to have found yourself in a highly questionable situation." He said, their surroundings not bothering him in the least. "Afraid, are you not?" He asked, calmly, his eyes giving her full view to his maginificent intellect. Slowly, she nodded, still unsure what to think of the man before her, who despite the seltering heat, wasn't sweating at all. "I understand, and believe me, that fear is with good reason." He smiled, politely.

"Who are you?" She finally had the nerve to ask, still weary of her surroundings. His eye contact with her never waivered.

"I am but a saint among a sea of evil, Paris. I would like to speak with you, would you allow me that privilege?"

She remembered this! It had all begun flowing back to her! Things that had come and gone, times that would come to pass, it was all here. Trapped inside her. With a violent jerk, Paris snapped herself out of her trance.

She now remembered it all. His attempts to brainwash her hadn't worked before, and they wouldn't work, now. Slowly, Paris rose from the tub, drying her nude body as best she could.

She'd accepted a pact with this creature, once before. In the end, she was freed from her end of the bargain, much to his displeasure. She, who had been impregnated with demon seed, destined to give birth to a litter of satanic pups, had escaped her destiny. Why? It was time for answers, and she didn't have long.

Paris left the bathroom and prepared to pack for her trip. She knew that it would ultimately either be the end of him, or the world as we've come to know it. There was one place that held the answers she sought, but would they let her in? Or would she be seen as a psychotic?


Cody and Jessy stood in the evening air, overlooking the town that, within time, would fall to their wrath.

The trip back to California had been an instantaneous one, and the two couldn't help but revel in what was to come. Jessy had blossomed into the darkest of roses, and had become his Queen. Inside her womb, his child, the foretold Anti-Christ, was growing at an incredible rate.

The two kissed softly, knowing that soon, all their plans would bare fruit, and that the world would fall, before them.

Cody smiled at Jessy, his new bride, and slowly turned his head towards the sky over the small Southern-Californian town. Stars twinkled in the distance, like thousands of diamonds, strung from above.

Grinning maniacally, now, he spoke, in a cold and almost amused tone.

"So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication." He almost growled in pleasure. Above him, the stars, themselves, were stained with the color of blood.

"How pretty." Jessy giggled.


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