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Maggie was a beautiful girl. Tall, thin, long blonde hair that waved when she walked, she was also one of those girls that daydreamed, a girl that loved to live in being popular. Her dream was to be a model, a star. Alone, she lived in her fantasy world with her father. Her mother had passed when she was young and never having the chance to meet her did she find that it was normal living with a father who watched porn here and there, who kept the dirty magazines underneath the bathroom counter. Her father though, he wanted the best for Maggie. It was that day after school had she come home to find her dad told her of a surprise had in store for her. Calling her to his room, where his blankets quickly covered to the growing erection that had built from the paused movie along the screen blurred of two women.

"Hey baby, come here, I cant wait for your surprise youre gonna love it!.." he offered her with a pat to his bed as she had done so with a smile, and no thoughts otherwise. This was her daddy, her father. They loved each other truly. He smiled brightly to her as he looked to his beautiful daughter. "So whats the surprise?" she asked, her eyes looking big with a curiousness. He looked to her in a grin, almost wanting to hold back, and then finally let it out. "I thought of a way to giving you the chance to pop into the movie business and set up an interview for you with them tomorrow!" he said smiling happily now. Excited as ever, she jumped and moved in quick to give him a hug. "Really? I cant wait!" she was now more excited then ever, the thoughts of what to wear, what to act like all ran in her mind. "Youre welcome, now go get your clothes ready! I know you will make a good impression!" he smiled more, knowing his daughter and how this was an awesome opportunity for her.

The next day was a Saturday and normally her father worked Saturdays, so the thoughts of surprising him was on her mind if she had pulled through and got into a commercial or a movie. Something exciting. All night it was on her mind, her clothes picked out and hung along her closet. She was excited as ever, forgetting to sleep as she had dozed about thinking about if she'd work with Johnny Depp, or even Angelina Jolie. She was excited.

Waking up the next morning, the sound of her dad in the shower made her a bit tired, as water always seemed to have the affect on her and she fell back asleep. Then realizing it was morning and smiled, noticing that the water had stopped and she had slept at least an hour more. Wondering when they would call for the interview, her anticipation grew and she jumped from bed and grabbed to her clothes to lay them along the bed and began to undress. Once she was down to her panties and bra she heard the sound of a thud in the other room. Curious she shrugged it off figuring it was her cat. Just as she had her bra unstapped is when a dark shadow cast upon her room.

"You stop undressing you will pay later.." the voice said in a demeanor that shook her, her eyes glancing to notice that of a man in a ski mask. Shaking, she continued and swallowed with how the man to told her to continue to undress. Looking to her panties, she did as she was told and undid them, standing now still as ever. "What do you want?" she asked almost shaky in breath, and tried her hardest to not look to him, knowing how murders and burgulars didnt like people staring at them in fear of finding who they were. "Sit." he ordered her to her bed, she nodded and moved to sitting down along her bed. "Back against the wall. Now!" the next order fell in the air as she did as she was told, her body still shaky. Moving closer, the man watched her close making sure she was doing as she was told. "Spread your legs. Now. As far as you can. If you dont, you will be helped, and it wont be nice." he said harshly, his eyes watching her close, following every movement she did.

Nervous now, her thoughts of the interview were there only a bit as to wonder when she would get to it now, and if she would ever. She was scared though, and did as he was told, keeping her exposed, bare pussy out into the air. The man now, moving closer made her shake a bit. His hand reached out, showing that of a tattoo along his arm, words in japanese in which she could read. His fingers touched to her pussy, smirking through the hole of the skimask, to noticing she was that of a virgin. "Beautiful. Now lay down." he smirked more, as his fingers followed over her more, and stopped right at the hole. Her body shook, and her eyes closed for a moment just as he entered two fingers into her, pressing roughly. They squirmed inside her, grabbing at her even. Once she slid back to her back as he wanted, they felt as they dug into her when he started pressing them in and out of her. Her fluids fell from her as he smirked all the more. "Good girl." he wiggled them more as she whimpered slightly.

Maggie was now even more nervous as his fingers fled her, unsure of his plan next as he had violated her already. Quickly unbuckling his pants and the buckle attached, his pants fell to his knees as he climbed to her bed and looked to her. "Keep em spread." he warned, as she frantically nodded and he moved in to press his large cock to the lips of her pussy, teasing it, the head sat within her for a moment before his entrance was rough and pressed into her making her scream, and her eyes squeezing tight. "Mmm.. itll be allright girl. Youll like it soon." he grinned more to where he pressed thrusts into her further and deeper and faster. Every thrust pressing to her body, until he felt her juice drain along him. It was then another smirk crossed his lips and his cock jammed up into her, sitting inside her to the fullest extent and pressed even more to where it jammed and locked inside her almost. "You cant say it dont feel good." he said as he looked to her more, and again. Her eyes still tightly closed. "You dont like it hmm?" he asked as his hand moved down her and fell again at her pussy, it was then a finger of his pressed inside along with his cock pressed so deeply within her. "Dont you like it girl?' he asked again, as she whimpered more and swallowed heavily, just as another finger squeezed its way in and screamed yet again. "I like it!" she screamed out, as much as she really didnt, she just wanted it over.

It was that second that a sound fell from the other room. The sound of water rushing along again in the shower. Now almost in a daze after the exertion of being raped, and now the water was making her eyes drift closed. "Just how I need you.." he whispered, lifting to her back, his hand resting at her ass, pressing her up to him to where his cock was firmly inside her now and making her body fall to his and her eyes moved about tiredly. His fingers moved from out of her and his hands moving to wrap her legs around his waist, pulling them closer and watched as she fell into a deep sleep.

Once awake, Maggie's eyes scanned the room, she had no idea where she was at first. Her hand tried to move to rub at her tired eyes, the water had stopped and it was dark where she was. Blinking about, she couldnt move her arm, glancing down to notice restraints along her arms. It was almost as if she were on her dad's weight bench. Her legs were also tied to what looked like a machine she had been strapped onto. Laying on her back, her legs and arms strapped to the floor. "Good.. youre awake!" the masked man came about from a dark spot of the room."Weve been waiting for you to come back to us.." it was that smirk still spread across his face. This time, he wore a dark black robe, tied at the waist. "What? Why are you doing this? Who are you.. " she stopped and looked back to the restraints along her. "Why are you doing this to me?" she asked breathing heavily and nervous still, shaky even as she hadnt a clue what was going on.

Laughing, he looked to her and shook his head as he continued to laugh. "Youll never know." he continued more until that of a slamming sound escaped from what sounded like above her and footsteps along stairs. It was then his laugh had ended. "No more questions! No more talking!" said a harsher, loud voice. Another man stepped forward, wearing the same mask and the same robe. except that of the color red. Swallowing down she was scared now even more. "Ill do anything you want me to do, just please let me go!" she said in an almost crying voice, she wasnt sure what they wanted, but she was scared and wanted to go back to normal. "I said NO MORE question. NO MORE talking. Now you must pay the consequences." the rougher of the men said, the one in red.

Scared more now, her eyes closed tightly until hearing that of a buzzing sound. A faint sound, but rather close. The man in black had stepped closer, lifting an arm of hers and quickly pulled the other one unlatched and hooked her with two handcuffs. Her feet still latched, she watched about, swallowing and with a soft look to the man, whom seemed to be nicer than the other. Even though he had raped her, it was still he seemed gentler in the aspect of how he handled her. "Please.. please let me go." she whispered as he looked to her and shook his head and laughed at her face. "Youre a funny girl." he laughed more to once he was done and lifted her by the arms in the dark room. Her eyes looking over the place until she was set along a metal stool. A cold, metal stool that felt tough as ever to sit on. She felt thankful when he lifted her from the stool, but felt a twinge of pain once her arms were lifted above her head, one to each side of her and then she was dropped back to the stool. "You ready?" he asked her, his smirk curling along his lips.

Ready for what? She wasnt sure, but she was scared and this feeling was not fun at all, especially when she was lifted and held tightly to where the buzzing sound was now even more vibrant sounding and close. It was then she felt the yank of her arms and legs being spread around a block of wood, tied and restrained yet again and her pussy shrieked as it felt the entering of a sharp object. Her eyes glanced down to where she seen a round shaped object, at least the size of 12 inches moving to inside her pussy. Sure, she had seen cocks before as her dad's porns displayed them greatly. But it was the feeling of the object looking like one that punded within her as she sat with achy legs around the machine. Its entering and leaving her going as fast as ever. She didnt want to like the feeling, she didnt like it as it did give pain to the feeling of never having it done. Blood even left her leg a tiny bit. "This a de-virginizer. You are the best to try it out." The man laughed more as he smiled wickedly and the sight of him had gone and she was left with this machine moving within her pussy, grabbing her and pressing her making her wail in pain everytime it hit her inner walls after the rape.

Growing tired, and her pussy ached, the juices and fluids from her fell over and over as she dried and cleared and the feeling rawed her out, only making her pussy feel less energy and her body rock with the thing by accident as it was the only feeling of moving about she could do. It stung when she did move as the restraints on her legs and feet moved with the feeling of the plunging cock on the machine pushed deeper and once she fell to let loose after try and try again, her pussy deepened it, letting it in more to where finally she felt it lock within her as the man who had raped her did. It stuck inside her as she moved in wiggled, squirming to be free and only made her cries and sobs of tears gush her eyes as her pussy wanted the rest. "Oh, dont think you are done yet. Were not even half through with you yet.." the voice warned and entered. It was the man in red that had her in fear effect and her pussy squirmed with the cock still within her, more fluids falling down her legs and pulling at her pussy lips.

"We will teach you the ropes. Teach you the ways." he smirked as he gave her a look down to her pussy on the machine, and doing as the other had and pressed a finger within her pussy, sliding within next to the machined cock and deepening it to where she screamed in a wail of pain. Only increased when took the machined cock and tilted his head to it giving it a twist, making it slide up within her further and pressing almost to what felt like her womb. Her eyes squished tightly together as it only felt of her muscles tightening and reacting to where the cock tightend inside her. "Thank you." he gave her that look of pleasure. She didnt understand, but he quite well knew that the tightening of her muscles would only help her for her next set.

The man in black soon seemed to scurry from the shadows and let his fingers glide her body as the other man watched. His fingers stopping at her pussy, to now freely pressfour fingers within her pussy and made her squeeze her muscle yet again, her body releasing to whimpers. "Please.." she begged, as then she felt his fingers press further and her arms and legs being unlatched, lifted and moved while his fingers spread at her pussy lips, pressing in and out of her as she was then dropped to a table. Another cold, metal table to where again she was latched. "This will be your test run. I have a feeling you will pass.." the man in red gave a grin. This time, he had undone his robe, his large cock balancing in his hand to where he then lowered himself to the table and looked back to the blackened man, whom nodded as he released his fingers enough to where he held her pussy lips open for the red man, his cock fulfilling her as she gulped down and swallowed more as breaths fell over her. She closed her eyes tightly to the fact of again being raped, this time by human.

She felt better being raped by a man, than a machine that wouldnt give up. But it was until she felt fingers at her pussy again, and this time an engorging feeling taking over her. Her eyes had opened to the horror of staring into the eyes of her father and the other man, an unknown stranger who had his fingers within her. "Its okay baby, relax." he whispered with a snearing grin t when the other man nodded, it was their way of approving one another once the other man had slid her down the coldness of the table, causing chills down her spine and then a feeling that grabbed her and almost made her heart fall out of place. The other man had slid his fingers from her and pressed his cock next to her father's, moving it to her pussy as well. "Daddy no.. no.." she shook her head, fearing and confused to why her father would do such a thing. "Shh.." he smirked and laughed again, this time noticing it was the laugh as a child to when he bathed her and touched her and she never put it together.

"Its going to be a BIG job to be an actress.." her father watched her as the man in blacks cock had pressed on, pressing to where her pussy stretched and then it flopped out. "Damn it!" her father hollered to where he grabbed his hand to pressing three then four fingers into her, along with his cock, pressing and almost as if he were shoving within her to make room. "Now try.." he said in a groan to where he felt relaxed within his daughter's pussy. the other man gave the agreeing and pressed on to where his cock finally felt its way in, Maggie's body shaking and her scream was hear loud and her body felt an extra wave of pressure and weight as both cocks fulfilled inside her and the pain so excrutiating that sh laid still as she could. The men enjoyed it as groans fell into the room and their cock moved in and out of her at paces of one another until her father took the chance to lock his cock deep within her, to the womb of her, spreading the feeling of his and her fluids. Draining as the other mans cock pressed, thrusted and jammed, rushing and grinding within her and against the other cock that stretched her.

"Mmmm baby. You are a good girl. You will be a great actress.." he nodded to when her eyes still closed and she felt her orgasms drop from her, she hated having them. They were untimely, but with the pressure and the feeling she couldnt bare to let them out until both had stopped and the other mans cock had slipped just slightly. Her fathers stuck within her as he gave her one final shove and trailed his fingers to where they again dropped within her pussy, the liquids and feeling of both of their juices filling his fingers and lifting to lick it off. "I think thats a wrap.. until tonight." he gave a grin and turned to face the other side of the room, still staying within her as lights began to pull into the room, cameras flashed and her body stiffened underneath her father. All along, filming and in her father's basement. A set up actress all along.
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