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I realised my fantasies of my gorgeous mathematics lecturer, Mrs. Elizabeth Michaels.
I will opt not to reveal my true identity, as it will ruin the mystery. All the names used in this story are false. And as such, mine is Nick. I am 5 feet 9, weigh around 60 kilo’s (I am a Malaysian, so we use kilograms instead of lbs) and, as I’m often told, tall, dark and handsome. I am not entirely athletic but my body is alright. I mean with my packs almost visible and my sheer style, I usually get all the attention I want. And when I take off my shirt, well, that is all it takes to make the girls go wild. Oh yeah, and I’m 19. And I have been having this crush on my Maths Lecturer. She is about 5 feet with a cute face and attitude, and an ass worth dying for. The way it sways when she walks is breathtaking. The sad thing is that she is married, but as luck would have it, she is soon to be divorced. I hear that her husband can’t “satisfy” her, if you know what I mean.

And all this made her all the more irresistible. I knew I had to have her soon. But how? I thought hard and deviously came up with an ingenious plan. Again, as luck would have it, she just happened to also be involved in the college golf club, an organisation where I have certainly made a mark. You see, although I’m not the best golfer (I am still working on that), but I am certified as the second best coach in the club, right after the best golfer in the entire district, a 12 handicapped guy, my classmate. Anyway, he knows of my secret desire, and agreed to help me when I told him my plans. I offered him to join, but he refused. Well, his lost!

It was soon the time to put my plan into action. The national golf tournament was 1 month away and she was still stumbling with her techniques. Peter, the classmate I mentioned earlier, who also happened to be the club official instructor, arranged partners for the intensive training sessions. “Roger Finch and Logan Straw” he went, reading the list on his hand, “Mr. David Lee goes with Alicia Bennett, Harry Williams with Mrs. Cathy McDonalds, Mrs. Elizabeth Michaels, you’re with Nicholas Valentine, Patricia Gordon...” Maybe I was just imagining it, but her exclamation of surprise when we were announced as partners was more than that of the joy of getting a good coach. Well, I was soon about to find out if my instincts were true.

The two of us arranged to practice at the driving range on Tuesday. We also agreed that we should meet up in the golf room and go through the basics first before making it to the range. She is to understand that this was essential as she had been told so by her caring coach, me.

I ran the plan through in my head repeatedly as I made my way to the room on Tuesday evening. As I reached the door, I realised that this was it. And I wasn’t about to blow it. My heartbeat increased dramatically as I opened the door. To my dismay the room appeared empty. “She’s late!” I cursed in my heart. I went in and sat, waiting for her. She arrived 5 minutes later.

“Late!” I exclaimed exhibiting an obviously fake look of anger. She laughed and replied that she was on time and that I was early. I checked my watch and showed her the time. She showed me hers and said, “Your watch is early.” I counter checked with my phone, and good god, she was right. “Well, mistakes do happen,” I said, trying to cover up my embarrassing mistake “so we might as well get on with the practice. Shall we?” She walked towards her set, her perfect ass swinging right and left, and asked me, “Which one?” I gulped and said, “Let’s begin with the irons. Take out a 7 iron.” She took hers and I took mine. I then proceeded to demonstrate on how to make a proper swing with the 7 iron, which just happens to be my personal favourite club. I then told her to give it a try.

Her swing was not that bad, but I was determined to make my move. I said, “Your legs are not parallel enough. And they should be spaced further apart. Your right hand is not moving the right way. And you always raise your body when your club is moving down. That is why your swings normally don’t hit the ball.” She seemed rather upset that I found so many mistakes, so I immediately said, “But your swing strength is perfect. It is very rare for a woman to hit with that strength without the club ending up flying away from her hands.” This seemed to cheer her up a little. “Whew, that was a close save!” I thought to myself.

I told her to try again, slowly this time, so that I can further analyse her mistakes. She obliged. She took her stance again and made her swing. I saw what I wanted to see. I told her to get in stance again. I held her feet and positioned them further, my face merely inches away from her crotch. She’s not wet yet. I had to make it happen soon or the whole plan would have been wasted. I held her knees and bent them to the right angle and told her to get comfortable. She struggled a bit but got it eventually. I told her to hold her club and address the ball. She did. I fixed her club position. And I told her to take a half-swing. She did it wrong I told her how to do it properly. “Your hips are supposed to stay fixed. Your upper body, your shoulder, should do the turning.” She tried again and still failed. I made my move.

I got behind her, and held her waist firmly. She gasped. Pretending to ignore it, I said, “Move your club up to the half-swing position.” She struggled a bit and did it. “Do it again.” She did. “Again!” And again she did it. I moved closer to her that I was positioned directly behind her and guided her ass to my where my erect dick was pulsating under my tight underwear and trousers. Again, she gasped, louder this time. Once again, pretending to ignore it, I guided her lower body to the right position, pressing her ass even harder on my crotch. She began to shiver slightly as she struggled to actually learn golf. I moved my hands to hold the front of her thighs and held them hard, pinning her to the position as she began to slightly pull herself away. I bounced like that a couple of times, telling her to flex her knees and get into a comfortable position. I then held her hands and lifted them up to the half-swing position.

I released her hands and began adjusting her elbows. All the while my erection pressing against her ass crack. I pulled her hips back, thrusting her ass even more on my bulge. I held her sides directly under her boobs, “accidentally” brushing against them a few times. I then adjusted her shoulder and chest to the right angle. All the while, her breathing was becoming heavier and she finally stopped struggling and gave in to my assaults. She stood like a doll, willing me to do anything I desired. I felt her hips subconsciously inching away from me. Again I pulled her back to me, only this time, I put my right hand on her crotch with my middle finger resting in between her legs. I deliberately pressed my finger onto her pussy and rubbed it slightly, driving her to the limits.

She dropped her club to the ground as a sign of submission and threw her hands back and grabbed the back of my head, fondling my hair. I moved my left hand to her left tit and began playing it as I slowly kissed her neck. The scent of her hair was fragrant. I continued to finger her as my left hand slowly pulled her shirt up and began squeezing her boobs through her push-up bra, and.... wait a minute! Push-up bra?! She wore push-up bras to golf practice? Did she also want all of this? Well, I couldn’t be bothered by it. I had a much more important job to do. I then removed her shirt completely and grabbed her boobs again. She turned her head around and kissed me full on the lips. At first, it was only a peck. Then, it slowly grew into a really wet tongue wrestle. She was a pretty darned good French kisser, which made me think. Her husband is an idiot to let her go.

My hands skilfully unclasped her bras and released her big twins from their cage, all the while not breaking the kiss. I then grabbed and squeezed her boobs with both hands. She began moaning in my mouth. I then pinched her nipples so hard, she broke the kiss and began moaning uncontrollably. I continued mutilating her boobs whilst alternating kisses and licks between both sides of her necks. She reached around and grabbed my bulge, rubbing her hands up and down the shaft. She then completely pressed her ass onto my erection and began grinding against me. I dry-humped her as my hands massaged her boobs with passion. Her moans were of ecstasy and I could see that she hasn’t had sex in a few weeks. I inched her slowly towards the wall. She only realised it when we were close enough for her to touch it. I told her to lean against it.

She asked, “What are you going to do to me?” I replied, “What do you want me to do?” She leaned back against me and nibbled my jaw. She kissed me again and whispered, “Fuck me!” “My pleasure,” I said as I swiftly undid her pants and slid them to the floor. Her panties were laced. You could easily take them off by untying the laces on both sides, which is exactly what I did. I tossed it near my bag so that I remember to pick it up before leaving. I was determined to keep this souvenir. I quickly slid my own trousers and underwear to the floor and bent her towards the wall. We were in the perfect position. I put my throbbing 8 inches dick at her pussy entrance, rubbing it up and down her slit for a while. She was really feeling tortured by all these teasing. “Please, fuck me now! PLEASE!!!” she begged. I rubbed my dick on her clit and this drove her to a state of pure ecstasy. “Please, Nick! Put it in me. I need it in me right now. Put your dick in my pussy, baby!” she screamed.

I had enjoyed teasing her, but now, I wanted to fuck her just as bad. “Here it comes, baby,” I said as I slowly pushed my dick into her pussy. She was so wet, I slid in easily. She moaned sexily. Slowly I inched deeper and deeper. Then, I began withdrawing, only to push it in even deeper. I repeated this a few times until I was finally balls deep in her. She was on cloud nine. “That’s it, baby! You are so fuckin deep inside me. Now, fuck me!!!” she yelled. I was only too pleased to obey. I began ramming her pussy with my throbbing dick. She began moaning louder and her breathing was even heavier. “Mmmh, oooohh, yeah... that’s it baby, ahh, yes yes yes!” she went, enjoying every inch of my dick.

She pushed her ass further back towards me and began moving her ass to meet my thrusts. I held on to her waist as a lever. “Damn! Your pussy’s so tight, bitch! Bet your husband couldn’t make you scream like this! Oh god! Fuck you, baby. Fuck you!!!” I said as I continuously fucked her. She yelled back, “Oh god, baby I’m gonna cum! You’re gonna make me cum so fuckin hard!!!” I sped up my humps, determined to give her the best orgasm. “That’s it baby... so close now... harder, faster deeper!!!” she begged. I obediently increased my tempo. She was moving her ass against me wildly. I reached around with my right hand and began rubbing her clit, while my left hand manhandled her boobs, pinching her nipples. This added stimulation drove her wild and she lost all inhibitions. “Fuck me baby. Fuck me! Fuck my pussy harder, please,” she pleaded. I think it was then that I had hit her G-spot, because she cummed right then, and she cummed harder than any girl I’d fucked before. “Oh god, I’m cumming!!!! Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!” she yelled out of the wildest lust as what seemed like gallons and gallons of her hot juice sprayed past my dick and all over me. I continued my assault on her pussy until her orgasm subsided.

“Fuck baby, you made me cum so hard,” she breathed out, “and now, I want you to stick that steel rod into my ass!” “You sure about this?” I asked. “Yes! Fuck me in the ass, baby, please!” I didn’t need telling twice. I slowly pulled out my dick, now dripping with her cum, and put it at her asshole. “Push it in deep and fast. Don’t be gentle with me. I like it rough in the ass. Be my man!” I took a stance and pushed in as deep as I could into her amazingly tight ass. As per her request, I went wild and savaged upon my new found victim. She screamed on top of her lungs and this only drove me wilder. I ravished her like a starved lion feasting on a small sheep. I slapped her right ass cheek. She purred sexily and resumed meeting my thrusts with her ass. I slapped her ass cheeks a couple more times. She loved what I was doing to her and I loved doing it to her. Her ass cheeks were soft yet firm. And they made the best noises as I rammed my 8 inch dick, balls deep into them. But these sounds were no match to Liz’s chants of, “Fuck me baby, fuck me baby, fuck me!!! Fuck my ass harder. It’s all yours baby. Take it like you own it! Oooooooooooooh yeeeaaah! Fuck me!!!!!”

I lost all control now. I started fucking her like a mad hound. And she loved it. “Harder, harder harder!!! Fuck, you are fuckin my ass so good! Ride me, baby. My ass is all yours.” “Urggh! Your asshole is so fuckin tight, baby. I think I’ll cum pretty soon.” “Stop baby. Pull out. I want you to cum in my mouth. I wanna drink up all your juice. Please,” she begged again. I thought to myself, “What the heck, right? Let’s see if this slut can suck.” I made a couple more super hard thrusts and slowly pulled out. She turned around with a huge smile and got on her knees. She then began to stroke my shaft with her hands. After a few seconds of this, she moved her mouth closer to my dick.

She then started licking around the head. It took me all of my will power not to cum right then. She licked the whole shaft and even sucked on my balls for a while. And then, she began swallowing my dick. Again, the sight was so erotic, it took all my will power to hold it back. I didn’t want to blow my load so fast. But the feel of her mouth on my dick was too good. “So close, baby. I’m gonna cum soon,” I said. But instead of slowing down, as I had expected her to, she sped up and even started going deeper. I was getting real close. “Gonna cum, baby. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna....” She proceeded to take it all in as she deep throated me. I couldn’t hold it any longer. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming! I’m CUUUMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!!” A surge of joy, a wave of pleasure washed from every inch of my body straight to my dick as I shot ropes after ropes of hot, wet cum deep in her throat. She started sucking on my dick to milk it of any remaining cum. She was determined to enjoy every last drop.

She showed me her cum-filled mouth, closed it and opened it again to show that she had swallowed it all. “Good girl,” I said. “Thanks. That was the best I’ve ever had. Please tell me we will do it again,” she said. I replied, “Of course baby. From this day on, you are my slut.” She smiled and kissed me on the lips. “Well looks like we won’t be practising golf anyway, so why don’t you spend the night with me in y house?” she asked. I said, “Don’t you live with your husband?” She replied, “He’s staying in his other house. I’m all alone you know, especially at night.” She winked. So I did the only logical thing to do. I said yes. And we spent the whole night fucking like wild dogs. I cummed in her pussy a few times because she took her pills and we had the night of our lives. But we both agreed that after that night, we would only fuck once in a while. Otherwise, we would end up ruining much more than her reputation. So I left her house in the morning, feeling rather sad that I had to let go of an amazing opportunity. But I knew, deep down in my heart, this wasn’t the end. This was only the beginning.

This is part one of ‘My Life as a College Student’. Watch out for more as I explore the sexualities of others around me. Look through themes like romance, incest, domination/submission and so on. Till then, peace ya’ll.

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