This story is purely a figment of my imagination. If you do not like the subject matter then do not read it. I already know that I have a “sick” mind I do not need you to tell me so, so if you really have such a problem with this story just write a big long letter and shove it.
The babysitter has extra credentials
Young, male/she-male, incest, virginity, group sex, teen, bestiality, anal, double penetration.

This story is purely a figment of my imagination. If you do not like the subject matter then do not read it. I already know that I have a “sick” mind I do not need you to tell me so, so if you really have such a problem with this story just write a big long letter and shove it.

My name for the purpose of this story will be Will, I am a 16 year old white male about 5'9” and about 160lbs. My hair is blond and my eyes are blue just like my sisters. With an average body type and a decent cock measuring 7” long and about 2” in diameter.
My sister who we shall call Alex is an active 9 year old who keeps fit from sports, she is about 5' tall and weights about 100 lbs when wet, she has not yet developed any real breasts, but she is wearing training bras and as my friends tell me she has a sweet ass.
Okay, now I think my childhood was as normal as any kid in america can have, and my view on sex, while slightly skewed by my father's religious dogma, I don't remember it being too odd as a young man. To clarify about the religious dogma comment, my father is a pastor of a small town church in the south. My life, I was always told about my values and my actions, and how they would shape who I became, but I don't believe that to be true. My view on sex probably became skewed when I was just turning 15, I was having issues at school and my luck with girls was minimal at best. Because my dad was busy visiting sick people at our church and my stepmom was busy picking my younger sister up from a different school, I would normally get a ride home from school from a woman who went to our church. She was not a bad looking woman and I had even masturbated thinking about playing with her big breasts many times. She also had two daughters, one who was 10 and a total bitch and one who was 5, while she was annoying to the extreme she was a very sweet girl. As luck would have it, the older daughter usually claimed front seat status so of course, I was stuck in the backseat to play games with the 5 year old. This went on for a few weeks before anything happened, we were in the back playing tickle games and it was her turn to tickle me but instead of going for the normal spots of the sides or underarms she stuck her little hand into my pocket and proceeds to tickle my thigh/groin area. Surprisingly enough to me I felt my cock twitch when her little hand rubbed across my groin. So an idea popped into my head and I repositioned myself so that my cock was laying right under said pocket. Now that the thought was in my head it spread like a virus, and naturally being my turn to tickle her back I decided to see how far I could go. So I lifted up her little dress revealing her Winnie the poo underwear covering her tiny crotch area. I tentatively reached up and began to tickle her bare stomach eliciting a bunch of squealing giggles from her. Working my nerves up I began to move my hand down lower until my hand cupped her tiny crotch in my hand while continuing to tickle her stomach with my other hand. My bravery growing by the moment I slid my hand up and under the waistband of her panties and slid my hand back down to cup her tiny pussy in my hand. Keeping my hand where it was I told her it was her turn to tickle me and I pushed my hips closer to her so she would have a clear shot at my pocket. I couldn't believe my luck when she stuck her little hand in my pocket and wrapped her little hand around my cock, the only thing separating her hand from my meat was the flimsy fabric of my pocket. Well needless to say this experience opened my eyes to an entire world of taboo sexual activities and I continued my tickle games with her for the next year as we rode home together. Now I gladly took the back seat and my stepmom kept having to resew the inside of my pockets on my uniform.

Skip forward to summer.
Now I have always been into porn but as I discovered it is extremely hard to find any porn of little girls. That obviously being because it is illegal. But despite that fact my curiosity was peaked, so I began planning my own personal porn involving none other than my sexy little sister who was approaching her 10th birthday in the fall and was beginning to grow pert little titties and a nice juicy ass. But my plan involved my parents being out of town for a period of time and me being left in charge of the house, so in the meantime, I just stuck to my porn. Luckily for me I was smart and my mom and stepdad didn't care what I did, so I looked up anything I wanted while over there, but it wasn't enough for me, so I used my moms credit card to order cable internet at my dads house and I told them there would only be me, the teenager, home to install it. They didn't give a fuck as long as they got their money. So while my dad and stepmom thought I was in my room sleeping or doing hw I was actually looking at every-type of porn I could find. And I began to find that taboo porn really turned me on, especially preteen, bestiality, and for some unknown reason, she-male porn. Maybe just the thought of this beautiful female body with this masculine cock triggered something in my head but either way for me it was just porn. I never thought I'd have the chance to act on any of it, much less all of it. How little I knew then.

Well I surely thought my day had come when we got a phone call saying that my stepmom's mother and father had both died in a car crash. They were hit by a police van speeding to the scene of a crime with no lights or sirens on. They t-boned the car going 85 in a 45 mph zone. So not only were my dad and stepmom going out of town for 2 weeks to set up the funeral arrangements but to take care of the will and assets, but my sister and I would not have to go because we had school starting in 10 days. Add to that the fact that all 7 cops in the van had died too and this couldn't get any better. But then came the bad news, they were getting a babysitter, and it was gonna be the new girl whose family had just moved into town with two of the most beautiful daughters you'd ever seen. One girl, who would be the one babysitting, was named amanda and she was a 19 year old college student with a perfect 10 body, she stood 5'11” and had a deep tan with long shapely legs ending in a round tight ass that wrapped around a slim waist to cup her gorgeous d cup breasts only to then crawl up her neck to the most beautifully sculpted face ever. That is until you saw her sister who was a miniature of Amanda except that she was only 13 and had a smaller tighter frame of only 5'4” with b cup breasts. Her name was Alecia and I had had many long hot masturbations thinking of fucking the both of them, or of them fucking me. So I guess it wouldn't be too bad spending two weeks with my sexy sister and the sexy babysitter, and maybe Alecia would come visit as well. My cock was throbbing just thinking about it. In fact I had to go rub one out as soon as I had some privacy. And it's not that i'm heartless or anything like that, but if you had ever met my step-grandparents who died you might have had a hard time deciding which ones to celebrate the death of first, those self-righteous pricks or the cops.

The next day:
So my parents left early in the morning leaving the instructions and money for Amanda on the kitchen table alongside some breakfast they had left half eaten on their way out the door. I woke up reasonably early, it was before noon. My sister of course wouldn't wake till at least 2 pm. Since I had the house to myself I went into my room and began to watch some porn where an older man was fucking a younger looking girl with pigtails and a schoolgirl uniform on, but it just seemed like I should do more. So walking down the hallway naked I tiptoed up to my sisters door and quietly pushed it open. The light was out but the hallway light fell across the bed and I had to catch my breath, there my sister was lying naked with two fingers wedged in her tiny, shaved pussy and her middle finger of her other hand in her open mouth. I stood there frozen in the doorway unable to move my eyes off of that image. I turned and ran back to my room and grabbed my camera, I ran back down the hall and snapped about 50 pictures before setting it on video and approaching my little naked sister. I carefully took her finger out of her mouth and she immediately began making sucking noises with her mouth as if she wanted me to put the finger back in. So just to be on the safe side I stuck my own finger back into her mouth and was amazed as she started sucking it deeper into her mouth at a rapid rate. I quickly removed my finger and placed my cock against her sucking lips. I had to open her mouth an inch or so to be able to push the tip of my cock into her mouth, the feeling was incredible, an instant feeling of this being the best thing i'd ever felt in my life. I proceeded to push up to 3 inches of my cock into her mouth before I felt the back of her mouth and her tight virgin throat. I carefully worked my cock in and out of her mouth while she sucked on it with fervor. I felt myself coming close to cumming and I quickly removed myself from her wonderful mouth. I then stuck my tongue in her mouth and let her suck on that for a minute while I fondled her tiny breasts and rubbed her erect nipples causing her to moan past my tongue. I then removed my tongue from her mouth and began licking and kissing my way down her body stopping at both of her pert nipples. I finally made my way down to her pussy with her two tiny fingers still burred up to the last knuckle and noticed that there was no blood on her fingers which meant she had probably done this before. I slowly slipped her fingers out which elicited a deep moan from her tiny lips. I then replaced her fingers with one of my own. I worked it in and out of her at a slow rate and slowly began slipping in a second finger. All was going smoothly until I got too excited and began to slip the 3rd finger in way too fast and hard. She awoke with a scream of pleasure and i'm sure a little bit of pain, for as I was unaware, her tiny fingers were too short to reach her hymen so when I shoved in that third finger all the way it burst through her little girl cherry. She was sitting strait up in bed with a look of extreme pleasure, surprise, and what I swear to this day was lust. My face i'm sure was filled with guilt and terror, all I could think was “oh shit, i'm caught” and what would she do? Would she run out of the house to the police? Or would she run to the phone and call dad? I was definitely not expecting what she said next. She said, “Oh please tell me this isn't still my dream? Please tell me it really is you Will, i've been wanting this for years now. Will, I've been dreaming that you would come into my room and make me into a woman.” I was shocked, I had no idea my baby sister felt this way about me. I said “Of course it's me Alex, and I would love nothing more than to make you a woman.” She then reached down and grabbed my cock, positioning it at her tight pussy lips saying, “take me now brother, fuck me till I cant stand” I then slid my cock into her tight virgin pussy until I was halfway in. I had to keep myself from laughing from the look on her face, she looked like she had been struck by lightning. I then proceeded to pull my cock out to the tip and then I went in the full 7 inches. She squealed like as if she had been burned and then grabbed the back of my neck and said, “oh god yes brother fuck me hard like that.” I then proceeded to pump into her tight vaginal cavity while she continued to scream my name and spew profanities that I had only learned about recently. It was so fucking hot that I was having a difficult time not cumming deep inside my baby sister like some slutty sperm dumpster as she had so eloquently told me to do about 5 times already. I said alright baby i'm about to cum so im gonna give you a special treat. I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy and flipped her over and proceeded to shove my cock in her virgin asshole. She really did scream in pain at this point but after a few tough thrusts I managed to bury my cock in her ass up to the hilt and she quit crying and began relaxing and then when she began moaning I sped up and began pumping her asshole without mercy, she began to scream in some indecipherable language and then her whole body began to shake and quiver as she had her first massive orgasm. This in turn set me off as I began spewing wad after wad of cum into my sisters ass. I pulled out of her ass and moved in front of her face and she proceeded to suck my cock into her mouth like a vacuum. She very quickly began getting the whole length down into the back of her throat sucking off all of her own pussy and ass juices as well as my baby juice. Within minutes I was ready to burst again and I grabbed her hands and put them around my ass cheeks, then she lubed up one of her fingers and shoved it into my ass. Now I had stuck a finger or two in my ass before while masturbating in the shower, but this was extremely unexpected and pleasurable and I immediately came deep in her throat shooting more cum than I knew my balls could contain. I fell back exhausted and my baby sister cuddled up to me and we fell asleep for the next hour.

When we woke I was to the sound of the doorbell. I ran into my clothes and down the stairs while my sister ran into the shower. It was amanda at the door, my cock was still hard and I had to try to disguise it while I exchanged greetings and told her I would need to shower after alex got out but I would show her the instructions and give her the money in the meantime. I noticed that she kept sniffing the air like as if she could smell the sex in the air. How naive I was. She sat down at the kitchen table to read the instructions and she was wearing a mini-skirt so I got a good view of her thong and I could've swore I saw a big set of balls. I shook myself off and ran to my room to get a change of clothes. I passed my sister in the hallway and grabbed a handful of her ass. As I rounded the corner to the bathroom and stairs I saw the back of Amanda's head going down the stairs. I took my shower quickly and went down the stairs rather quietly since I knew all the squeaky boards and by habit of late nite food raids knew how to move without noise. As I came upon the kitchen I saw the shadow of amanda sitting in the chair holding something in one hand and in the other a large cock. I could faintly hear my voice and my sister's voice moaning in pleasure and thought, “OMG she's watching the video of me fucking alex!”
But then I thought, “wait she's turned on by this and OMG shes a she-male!!” I rounded the corner with my cock already out and before she could say anything I sunk to my knees and started to suck on her 10 inch cock. Within minutes she was humping my face and had lain the camera down on the table to replace it with her phone. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was getting her sister to come over. At that my cock was throbbing. I began to suck her as deep as I could and soon I felt her cock explode with streams of cum in the back of my throat. I spit her cock out of my mouth gasping for air and I heard the doorbell ring again, the voice of my sister said that she would get it and I heard her exchanging greetings with Alecia as their voices moved closer to the kitchen I thought what the hell ill go all out so I stood up and slid amanda's large cock lubricated with my saliva deep into my ass. Tears came to my eyes as this was the first time I had had any cock, much less one this large, shoved deep into my ass. My sister rounded the corner and her mouth dropped and as she turned to Alecia to ask what was going on, Alecia pulled out a 13 inch monster cock throbbing with veins and with large balls hanging down. My poor little sister just sank to her knees in confusion and received a face-full of she-male cock. But being the competitor that she is, she quickly began shoving the large head into her mouth. She was only able to get around 4 or 5 inches into her mouth before she couldn't stop her gag reflex anymore. In the meantime I was riding up and down on Amanda's large cock and now Alecia was slowly leading my sister over to me and then she began kissing me passionately. She then moved her lips down to my bobbing cock that was swinging up and down as I rode on the huge cock. I felt amanda increase her speed and I began pumping my cock deep into the back of alecia's throat as she proceeded to face fuck my baby sister. I came first exploding cum deep into alecia's throat then amanda came deep inside my ass while alecia came into my sisters eager mouth. We all split up and began kissing and rubbing each others cocks, asses, and in the case of my baby sister her ass and pussy. It started up again when amanda laid down on the floor and baby alex straddled that huge cock and plunged it deep into her pussy. After a minute of that I came up behind her and shoved my cock into her ass, double penetrating my baby nine year old sister with a tranny. Then without warning I felt the gorgeous boobs of alecia's thirteen year old body pressing up against me, then I felt the tip of that monster 13 inch cock pressing into my ass hole. I clenched up in fear but she rubbed my body gently and nibbled on my ear saying in her sexy voice that she would take it slow and make me love it. I began to relax as she slid first 4, then 7 inches into me, at about 11 inches I didn't think I could tike any more. But she kept going shoving all 13 inches of her cock deep into my ass. My sister in the meantime had been riding Amandas cock wildly while I mostly stood there taking this monster cock. Then as the pain went away and the pleasure took over I began humping back drawing 10 or more inches out of my ass then slamming them back in. it was a pleasure and pain like I had never known before. I came twice while I don't even know how many times baby alex came. Her whole ride seemed like an orgasm. I was getting ready to cum a third time as I felt this huge explosion of cum in my ass. It was so much cum that I was not able to keep large amounts from spilling out of my ass onto the kitchen floor.
Me and my sister then got on our knees and began to suck the two huge she-cocks that had just brutilated our holes. I thought it was over until Amanda ran to the door and came back holding a huge great dane by his collar. I immediately saw this massive dog cock that while only 11 inches long had a knot the size of a baseball in it. She led it up to me and it began licking the cum dripping of of my gaping ass. Then she made it climb on my back and mount me. Alecia grabbed his cock and shoved it into my waiting ass-hole. He began to hump my ass something hard and as he did that my baby sister was on her back underneath me sucking on my throbbing cock. I also had two huge she-male cocks swinging by my lips which I greedily sucked on. Almost as good as my baby sister was sucking my cock if I said do myself. I felt the knot banging against my ass but I didn't think I would be able to enter me. Unfortunately Alecia Proceeded to squirt lubrication onto the dogs knot and with a loud pop it slid into my ass and at that point the dog increased his humping to a furious pace. I felt like my ass was on fire, but a pleasurable fire. I began shooting cum into my sisters throat as the dog began releasing loads of hot sticky cum which was squeezing out of my ass onto my sisters face, she then moved her mouth to catch all of the doggy cum mixed with she-male cum and ass juice. As the dog finished and turned around he pulled his knot ot of my stretched ass with a plop and a flood of cum and ass juice flooded my sisters face and mouth. At this point I was having my face flooded by sticky cum streaming from the two huge she-cock in front of me. I proceeded to lick both cocks clean as my sister and the dog cleaned my cock and ass. I stood up and as I went to walk away I felt the huge thirteen inch cock of Alecia slip into my ass as she grabbed me and pressed me against the counter and proceeded to shove her cock back into my ass. I thought to myself, “Damn this is gonna be a long two weeks. Thank goodness because I cant get enough of this huge cock!”

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