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Preparing for mams Bukkake.
Part 3 Beth’s Pre Night Incestation.
Mr’s Blake is preparing for an after dinner Bukkake unhooking her bra and slipping out of her panties. Her three brothers are over and two of them along with hubby and her sons are about to cumm plaster her body in appreciation of the beautiful dinner she made. Suddenly the phone rings,

“Okay you boys get your cocks nice and solid in preparation; I will just see who this is calling”.---------------------“Hi Mr’s Blake is Princess there?”---------“You just missed her Donna; she has just taken one of my brothers upstairs to try out some new fangled multiple orgasm techniques she has been learning about”.---------“Never mind I will catch her later when she is applying her sore pussy cream”.------“Donna you sound ecstatic; how did the incestation go”?---------------------

“My word Mr’s Blake; I can’t begin to explain how wonderful the last three days have been”-------------“Boys would you mind giving Princess a gang bang or something while Donna tells me about the incestation. Don’t be cumming too hard up that greedy cunt of hers though; I want you to have near full ball sacs left for my bukkake”.---------“Gosh Mr’s Blake hope you have not turned juicy cumm filled cocks away on my behalf”.-------------“Oh don’t worry your pretty little head, all our family male members are blessed with hugely productive balls, they never empty”.--------------------

“The incestation was wonderful; 28 family members arrived from the north some I never seen before. Of the 35 fuckable people present 24 were males to only 11 females; we girls have never had such a feast of cocks like that before. Quite a few bis’ also so brother Randy got his ass fucked good and sore”. ------------------------------“Oh it must have been wonderful; did your dad allow cunt fucking before the incestation”?----------------------------------“No Mr’s Blake he thought it better to wait until after Beth’s incestation orgasm.” ---------------------

“Yeah that is the norm these days Donna; when I was your age we would be fucking the distant relatives as soon as they set foot in the door”.-----------“Well they arrived the night before, and we gave them all welcome blow jobs. The boys finger fucked us and there was lots of pussy licking, Kath had some great lesbian action, Aunt Molly fair drove her insane showing what an experienced tongue can do with a willing clit”.----------------------“So it was a sensible groping and ogling-get to know you first- night you had”.-----------------

“Yeah Mr’s Blake no cunt or ass action, but lots of -hi pleased to meet you orgasms”.---------------------“It’s so nice at incestations Donna they always bring a tear to my eye”.-----------------------“It was a beautiful first night, we showed our cunts to all the boys; while they kindly allowed us to handle their cocks”.--------------------“That was so kind of them Donna”.---------------------“All gentlemen Mr’s Blake, cousin Herbert is really old fashioned; he even checked with all us girls to make sure we enjoyed having his load shot in our mouths”.-------------

“Wow he must be old school Donna”.------------------“Yeah he said years ago some women folk did not like to swallow cumm; can you imagine that”?---------------“I heard that myself; it was said an old Grandmother of mine refused anal and insisted on all cumm to be shot on her tits excluding nipples”.-------------“Holy Fuck! Forgive my language Mr’s Blake, but turning down anal? Hell I bet she was difficult at Bukkakes also; how did the poor guys manage to avoid her nipples with their jerking cocks”?------

“Bukkakes Donna! I sheer forgot, please can you ring back with all the news of Beths first orgasm and all your cunt and ass fucking”. -------------“Sure will Mr’s Blake, they ain’t gone yet either, so will freshen my cunt up before tonight’s activities, bye for now”.--------------“Bye Donna; ---guys can you come down now please, guys, guys. They can’t hear me with all those orgasms going on; I better go up and tell them before Princess drinks it all. Guys mommas Bukkake time let me see you jerk those cocks”----------.
Yes Sir.

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2013-01-27 08:38:58
Rubbish stuff. Not nice and actually meaningless

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2012-08-20 19:14:36
wimmers go die in a hole and get ass raped bitch

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2012-05-30 17:35:38
Rena Jarvis - I am the mama of the bride and I have to say these are the most wonderful pitcrues ever. I feel like I am there. You did the most wonderful job of catching their expressions of love and joy. Thank you so much.

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2011-08-27 15:48:33
To Wimmers - Stop posting crappy jokes and posting negative comments on everyone else's jokes and you would likely not have so many enemies.


2011-08-21 05:42:35
To all you trolls who are hated by everyone. I will tend to you, I know how you suffer, it is hard to get by in life when you are dimmer than a dead light bulb. But I don't hate you for it, goodness no, I want to help you with your lacking. Feel free to read all my work, and inspire yourself, there do you feel better now?

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