Intro: trouble finds her.

It was the first day in her new flat, Jessica had just moved out of her mums home. Her flat was quite spacious for a one bedroom but had great views being 13 up.

As she and her mum were getting her boxes out of her mums car and getting the lift up to her flat she bumped to Alex he also stayed in the building but on the floor above her, after talking in the lift he offered to help her move in with her boxes and show her round since she was new to the area. Jessica accepted his offer and all afternoon they talked and lightly flirted. Alex was in his early thirties 34 to be correct, with dark brown hair which he kept short, brown eyes, pale pink lips and at least six foot tall he was quite handsome Jessica thought. Jessica had just turned 20 a few weeks ago and was five foot three, slim, blonde hair, light blue eyes and nice 36d tits.

That night Alex asked Jessica out to a bar he went to but she politely refused saying that she wanted to spend a quiet night in, in her new flat.

A few weeks passed and she hadn't seen Alex since he helped her move in. In that time she had started dating a guy from the university Tim that they both attended, he was studying art and she was studying psychology.

Then on the Thursday her door went she was expecting Tim as she planned a romantic night in for them as she cooked dinner and had a movie picked out (not that she intended to watch it) and dressed in her little black cocktail dress which showed of her curves, but instead Alex was at her door dressed in black jeans and black top.

"Hey can I come in Jess" he asked her.

She hated being called Jess, and she couldn't let him in she had planned a night in with Tim.

"Its Jessica not Jess and no you can't I'm expecting company" she said as she was about to close the door.

Alex stuck his foot in the door so it wouldn't close and pointing a handgun at her. She got a fright as he barged his way in and shut the door behind him locking it and bolting it. Jessica ran towards her bedroom and once inside she locked the door and picked up the lamp. Alex followed her to her bedroom and told her to open the door but she didn't so he kicked it open, coming closer to her she threw the lamp at him as she tried to run past him but he was to quick and grabbed her waist pulling her back into him. Jessica started thrashing about kicking, punching, hitting him anyway she could making him hold her tighter.

"Calm down Jess, I'm not gonna hurt you" he whispered in her ear calmly.

She stopped and he let her go slowly she stood perfectly still to afraid to move, he turned her around to face him,

"I'm not gonna hurt you Jess"

She started crying tears running down her face and asked him why. He told her he needed a place to hide out just for a little while no more than a day then he'd be gone, he dared not tell her anymore than that as if he did it would certainly cause her to freak.

He took hold of her arm and took her back into the living room she went and sat on the sofa and he went into the kitchen and got a drink of water for himself and came back and sat beside her. She tried to move but he just forced her to sit down they sat that way for about two hours no saying anything both pretending to watch a program on TV that was till her door went. Alex told her to leave it then the door got banged again a voice shouted,

"Can you open up please its the police"

They looked at each other then he told her to answer the door and be quick he stood behind the door and pushed the gun into her side

"Hi how can I help you" she asked.

"Hi miss I'm detective Stone have you seen this man?" he asked as he showed her a picture of Alex.

"Yea that...that's Alex he stays upstairs" she said scared.

"Well miss we're looking for him in connection to a murder when did you last see him"

"Mur..mur...murder" she said shaking a little "I saw him 3 weeks ago when I moved in he helped me not seen him since"

"Well thank you miss if you do see him please contact me quickly as possible" he said handing her a card " and have a good night"

She closed the door now totally afraid he placed him hand over her mouth and held her against the wall for a few minutes then let her go, she stayed still for a few seconds then went to the door and tried to get out, Alex came up behind her and grabbed her pulling her away from the door and walking into the bedroom and threw her on the bed then took his belt off, scared he was going to hit her she tried to get up and run but he caught her again and pushed her back onto the bed, he then moved her up the bed and grabbed her wrists and tied them with the belt above her head to the headboard.

He sat on her waist and waited till she calmed down she soon grew tired and stopped thrashing about. When she did her hair was all over the place and Alex moved it back so he could look at her. By now Alex was so turned on looking down at her seeing she was helpless she was his rock hard cock pointed out beneath his jeans. Jessica noticed it and started crying and begging him.

"Please Alex.....please just let me go I'll not try anything I promise" she begged again.

"Shhh baby...I won't hurt you" he whispered in her ear.

He kissed her ear and down her jaw till he came to her mouth and kissed her she refused to kiss him back (he knew she would kiss him back eventually) then he started kissing her neck and gently licking and sucking on it. She knew she was getting wet she felt so ashamed that he was taking advantage of her and she was loving it.

Suddenly he stopped and left she first felt relieved he'd gone, but then felt like she wanted more she'd never been dominated this way. Soon he was back a holding a sharp knife in his hand. He reassured her he wouldn't hurt her and grabbed the front of her dress and took the knife up through the dress cutting it in half then cut the straps of the dress and bra, then middle part of her black lacy bra then her matching panties. He moved all of her shredded clothing away from under her and off the bed then threw the knife away.

By now she was getting turned on and he knew it. Slowly he ran his hands gently across her chest gently cupping her breasts in his hands while looking into her eyes then he leaned over and kissed her lips. She closed her eyes and turned her head away, half from the embarrassment and half from the urge of wanting to kiss him back.

Then he quickly moved off her waist and sat between her legs and gently started massaging her inner thighs sliding his hands up slowly towards her pussy. She knew by now she was dripping wet with excitement, slowly Alex slid a finger in her, it was a surprise to her, but she quickly loved it. As he worked his finger in and out, he made sure that he watched her facial expressions. He wanted to see every bit of pleasure in her eyes that he gave her. It turned him on to watch her this vulnerable and excited. He then slide two of his fingers in her. This made her gasp from surprise and pleasure. He looked at her again. Her eyes were now closed and her face was smiling. Not from disgust, but from feeling his strong and experienced fingers inside of her brushing her G-spot. Slowly his thumb started playing with her clit she jumped in surprise but soon arched her back and came, he could feel her tight pussy contracting around his fingers and looking at her, her face was now red from embarrassment.

"Don't be embarrassed honey" he whispered to her.

Slowly Alex got off the bed and took off his clothes and lay them on the floor while he was undressing she stared at his toned body by the time he removed his black jeans and boxers all she could stare at was his eight inch cock. She had, had sex before but the biggest being seven inches and she felt totally full with that she wondered how the extra inch would feel.

Slowly he joined her on the bed keeping her aroused by kissing her neck slowly moving towards her lips while his hands cupped her breasts slowly teasing her nipples with his fingers. When he kissed her lips and ran his tongue against her lips she parted them and kissed him back softly moaning into his mouth he took that as his cue that she was ready for more.

He made his way down and she spread her legs instinctively he rubbed his cock against her slit a few times then slowly pushed into her making her feel every inch of him. After he was in her fully, he let her get used to his size while fighting every instinct he had to just fuck her hard he knew he had to wait. However he didn't wait long before Jess slowly moved her hips he took that as his cue to move and started moving in slow gentle strokes while she moved in rhythm with him. Soon he started moving faster and harder and deeper into her he moved her legs so her knees were raised to near her shoulders allowing him to enter her deeper than before, soon enough she was cumming her back arched and she screamed his name, and he kept fucking her through her orgasm not stopping soon after she had cum he was ready to erupt inside her. He fucked her at a frenzied pace, as the first bit of his cum hit her velvet walls of her pussy it threw her into another orgasm.

Alex rolled off, of Jess and pulled her close to him her back against his chest with one hand around her waist he reached up and undid the belt holding her wrists, at first she rubbed her wrists then found his hand that was on her waist and held it as she turned to face him looking into his eyes and kissed him again, she didn't know why but she knew she had never had an orgasm so strong before her skin was sensitive to his touch as he stroked her back gently she started moaning softly into his mouth. They stayed like that for a while just kissing and holding each other, he had one of his legs between hers and her pussy was touching his thigh he could feel her get wet again.

"You liked that didn't you?" He asked while starting to suck on her neck.

"Yes" was all she could say.

Suddenly he stopped and got out of the bed,

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing I'll be right back just stay there" he said smiling at her.

Jess lay there till he shouted on her, she got up put her dressing gown on and went to the kitchen. He had cleared the worktop and set out some candles and had cooked for her,

"Wow your.." She tried to think of something to say.

"Hey its the least I could do" he said before kissing her passionately.

He sat down on one of the stools and pulled her to him,

"Sit here" he whispered

She then turned and sit on his lap, she could feel he was already hard. They ate the cheese omelette he had made, while he started getting Jess dripping wet by rubbing her stomach gently as he untied her robe feeling her silky skin under his hands as he started playing with her nipples she started moaning softly. She turned and kissed him holding onto his neck with one arm and running her hand through his hair then stopped. She just stared at him, he worried something was bothering her but before he could say anything she broke the silence,

"Why?" Was all Jess said.

"Why what?" He asked her.

"You murdered someone? You raped me? I loved it? Police want you? Now?" She ranted confused about her feelings while he held her.

"Shhh baby" he whispered as he held her, "yes I'm wanted for murder I'm not going to lie to you I did kill someone and before you ask why? I'll tell you its my job. Yes its weird but its been my job for 10 years I've made my fortune in it killed over 100 people and I don't lose sleep over it and now, one I got linked to I know they can't prove it but let me tell you this Jess I've never killed anyone that didn't deserve it I promise you that" he continued.

"Me? Now?" She asked him.

"Jess I liked you the first day I met you and knew I had to have you and holding you earlier well after holding you tight against the wall I got so turned on I knew I wanted you and when I got you I made sure you enjoyed it too I told you I wasn't gonna hurt you and I don't want to either" he told her.

"But now? The police want you?" She stayed as a single tear ran down her cheek.

He wiped her tear away as she tried not to look at him he put his finger under her chin she she'd look in his eyes,

"Listen sweets I want you, know that now. I've got a way out its always part of the plan being in the business I'm in" he told her.

"But..." was all she could say before he interrupted her.

"You, I want you to come with me".

Jess looked in his eyes and started crying he held her close and kissed her forehead. She cuddled into him as he held her tight and close to him. They sat like that for ages just being intimate with each other, like they could read each others thoughts, knew what each other were feeling.

Suddenly he stood up and still held onto her carrying her as if she was his bride and walked towards the bedroom, once inside he slowly took off her robe easing it down her arms his thumbs trailing behind her robe feeling her soft skin. He could see he was slowly getting her aroused as her nipples began to harden he started kissing her then slowly moving down her neck and chest till he reached her nipple he opened his mouth and covered sucking on it his other hand went to her other nipple and gently pulled on it and pinched it. Jess's hands went to his head and ran her fingers through his hair, this only made Alex suck harder making Jess whimper in pleasure. Slowly his other hand he reached down and played with her clit, when she was wet enough he stopped everything then started kissing her whilst sliding his cock into her. His movements were slow yet powerful making her beg for him to go harder and faster but he kept his slow steady pace,

"There's no rush honey" he said and emphasised every word with a stroke.

He kept this pace then slowly rubbed her clit this sent her over the edge her orgasm was powerful which also made him cum. He rolled off, of Jess and lay beside her and pulled her close.

He awoke the next morning and left Jess asleep on the bed he looked around and found a pen and piece of paper and wrote her a note saying,

"I have to go now sorry I didn't wait till you were awake I'll write to you soon.

See you soon

Love Alex"

When Jess woke up he was gone and she seen the note and cried and shouted in anger.

A few months past and she still hadn't forgot about Alex she wished she could but because of him she split from her boyfriend and was still hoping to hear from Alex when she received a letter saying

"Meet me at the docks on Saturday 12pm"

No name nothing she didn't want to go but was curious about it.

Part 2?


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