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My wife and I were recently 3 days into a 2 week cruise around the mediteranian. it was the evening of the third night and we had gone to dinner int he evening as usual. The dress code for the evening was formal and so i was wearing a dinner suit complete with bowtie and my wife had chosen a stunning black, backless dress that showed off every inch of her sexy figure.

My wife is 32, three years older than me, and has an unbelievably sexy body. Her 32C breasts are perky and her nipples still point upwards. She is tall at 5ft 11 and her long slim legs are perfectly topped by her firm athletic ass, sculpted by hours spent in the gym. Because of her looks she can get away with wearing whatever she wants and looked especially sexy on this particular evening with her long blone hair flowing down over her shoulders to her backless dress which was holding her bra-less breats tightly in place.

I was feeling especially horny as we set off to dinner as I had been sitting on the bed watching her get ready and admiring her sexy form whilst imagining what i was going to do to her later.

We arrived at dinner and were shown to a table for two which made a pleasent change from the norm as most of the time yo are seated with a group of strangers on large tables and usually have to spend the evening making small talk with old men who spend the entire time talking to my wifes tits.

We sat down and ordered wine. When the waiter left the table my wife looked at me with a glint in her eye and said "baby, did you notice that i didn't put any knickers on under my dress". I nearly choked on my water as this is not ususally the sort of thing my wifes says to me over dinner. As she said this she ran her foot up the inside of my leg and rested it in my lap under the table. The wine waiter arrived and started pouring our wine just at the point when my wife started massaging my groin with her foot. i was instantly hard and could hardly hide my excitement.

As the waiter left the table she leaned over and said "I want you to fuck me so hard tonight. My pussy is already getting wet". This talk made me even more horny and i could hardly wait to finish our meal. Throughout our five courses she kept up the dirty talk telling me in detail what she wanted me to do to her when we got back to the room. I spent the whole meal with my cock thobbing in my suit and nearly dragged her back to the room on several occasions before we finished our meal.

Finally we started to get to the end of the meal and were finishing our coffee when she decided that we should go to one of the bars on the ship to get a couple more drinks before going back to the room. I protested because I was aching to get inside her wet pussy but she insisted on teasing me and so we went to a nice bar on the the top deck of the ship.

We sat down in a dark corner and ordered drinks. I noticed my wife hitching her skirt up as she sat down and she crossed her legs so that there was a lot of bare leg on view to anyone in the rest of the bar. As we drank she again insisted on teasing me with her sexy demands and on a number of occasions I noticed her smile at other men who were clearly walking past and checking out her bare legs. She asked if I minded her flirting with the other guys and I said that I didn't mind at all as it would be me fucking her later. This is when she dropped the bombshell!

"Actually baby, I was wondering if you would like to watch me get fucked by one of these guys?"

I was gobsmacked but instantly even more turned on as I had often imagined her getting fucked by other men. "baby, i had no idea that that was one of your fantasies" I replied. "of course i dont mind, i love the idea." I asked her is he had her eye on anyone in tha bar but she said the she wanted to keep looking. We continued drinking and she continued keeping an eye out for any possible fuck buddies. My mind was racing and i could not stop imagining her on all fours getting fucked herd from behind.

After about 20 mins she suggested that we try some of the other bars on the ship and so we made a move to one of the trendier bars on another deck. As soon as we walked in things werre more promising. The bar was far busier and there was a distinctly younger clientel. Th average age looked to be arond 25 and people were already dancing and having a good time. My wife smiled at me as we headed straight to the bar. As I ordered drinks my wife scanned the room and settled her gaze on a group of men who looked to be in their early 20's.

As I passed her her wine she pointed one of them out who was about 6ft 2 and strongly built "how about him?" she questioned. I told her it was up to her and she tunred to me and whispered "I want him to fuck my wet pussy, and I want you to watch me suck his hard cock". I told her I couldn't wait to see that and asked her how she was going to go about getting him back to our room. "leave that to me" she replied as she kissed me hard on the lips.

I followed her to a seat where she sat down making sure she was in clear view of her target. We chatted and she kept her gaze in the direction of her young stud. Soon afterwards some of the guys started dancing, leaving my wifes target and one of his other friends alone at their table. "wait here" she said as she got up and went and sat at the table with her back to me.

I could only watch as I saw her introduce herself and start chatting with the two guys. Within minutes they were all laughing and i could tell the he was flirting uncontrolably with the two men. I could also see that they liked the attention and that their eyes were wandering all over my wifes body. Watching my wife like this was really turning me on and then I noticed her step her flirting up another level as she playfully started with some bodily contact. I could tell that they both wanted her as they playfully responded to her flirting. Suddenly, after about 20 mins, she stood up, whispered something in her targets ear and walked back towards me. Without saying a word she walked straight past me towards the door of the bar. I downed my drink and followed behind her wondering what was going on.

I caught up with her just outside the bar and asked her what was going on. "We better get back to our room quickly" she said, "hes coming round in 10 mins". I could hardly hide my excitement as we virtually ran back to our room.

Once inside she turned and kissed m hard on the lips whilst gropng my hard cock through my trousers "are you ready for this baby? Are you ready to see my get fucked by Mark?" I told her I couldn't wait and asked her what she had whispered to him in the bar. "thats for me to kow and you to find out later" she teased "now lets get you ready".

"what do you mean" I asked, but before I could say any more she pushed me backwards into the chair and straddled me. She kissed me hard and pushed my hands behind my back. Then she stood up and told me not to move. She walked behind me and I heard her open one of the drawers in the dresser. Then I suddenly felt her place one of my belts arond my wrists and tighten it around the chair legs, straping my helplessly to the chair. She walked back in front of me "just so that you dont get any ideas of joining in" she smirked, before leaning down and kissing me again.

By now I was more tunred on than ever and my cock strained at my pants. she leaned into my lap and unfastened my trousers pulling them off. She knelt between my legs and pulled off my pants to release my throbbing cock. she started to slowly lick my balls and slowly worked her way up to my throbbing head. Just as she was about to take me in her mouth there was a knock at the door. "this will have to wait" she teased as she went round the corner to answer the door.

I heard her open the door and was surprised to hear not one but two male voices answer as she cooed "are you ready to fuck me boys?

She walked back into the main room and I watched as both of the guys from the bar followed her towards the bed. She turned and said to both of them "this is my husband. I hope you are both going to put on a good show for him" the both looked at me and smiled as my wife walked up close to her first intended target.

She didn't waste ant time and pressed herself into him as she started to kiss him hard. He responded and instantly his hands were on her ass groping it hard. The second guy moved behind her and pressed himself up behind her leaning in to kiss her neck. I heard her moan.

After a minute she stopped the kiss and dropped her dress off her shoulders. It slid from her body and she stood naked between her two yound studs. She looked both of them in the eyes and the slowly droped to her knees between them. They didn't need a second invitation and both stripped off within seconds. Both had big cocks and she took one in each hand as she smiled at meand started to slowly wank them up and down. They wer both rock hard and she took the first guy into her mouth and slid her lips over his head and down his shaft. He was in extasy and I thought he was gonna cum right there and then. She stopped and started on the second cock.

She spent ten minutes alternating between each cock taking them deeper and faster until she had deep thoated each one. The look in her eye told me that she was lovng every second and I had never seen her looking so horny. Spit was running from her mouth as she sucked one cock then the other until she stopped, looked up at them and said "come on boys, use me, take me however you want and fuck me hard!"

Neither need a second invite. One grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to the bed where the first was already lying on his back. She climbed straight onto his thobbng cock and her sopping wet pussy slid down onto the whole length of his shaft. She gasped out loud at his size inside her. He started to fuck her hard as the second stood up on the bed and forced her mouth down onto his cock making her gag over and over.

After 5 mins they switched position and my wife greedily sucked her juices from the first guys cock as his friend replaced him in her gaping pussy. Again they both fucked her hard for about 5 minutes until the one in her mouth pulled out. He knelt behind her as his friend slowed his pace. He leaned in and I saw him rub his spit covered cock over her ass. Without warning he thrust forward and in one movement forced his head into her tight ass. She screamed but he held her tight with his hands on her waist. He continued to push and burried his whole length into her ass. My cock was thobbing as i watched these two guys abuse her holes.

They both started to fuck her holes and moved into a faster and faster rhythm until they wer pounding her holes as hard as they could. She was screaming loudly but telling them to fuck her harder and harder. When they couldn't fuck her any harder they both pulled their cock out of her holes. One held her down on the bed whilst the one from her ass forced his cock straight into her mouth. I watched as she sucked his cock covered in her ass juices and saw her start to finger herself vigorously whilst she did so.

He pulled out and wiped his cock all over her face calling her a filthy slut and a whore. They two guys were both completely turned on and obviously couldn't believe their luck. For a few seconds they stopped and then one said to the other "this bitch needs some cum". he grabbed her by thei hair and dragged her off the bed towards me. he pushed her down on her knees do that ther head was resting in my lap. Then he forced his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her face. She was on my lap gasping and gagging but he coninued hard. Then without warning he pulled out and fired shot after shot of cum all over her face, some landing on my cock. He then laid down on the bed and his friend came towards my wife. He pulled her ass up until she was on her knees then ploughed into her ass.Her face was by my throbbing cock and he fucked her harder and harder until he too pulled out, moved to her face and drowned her in a massive load.

My wife lay in my lap with cum all over her face whilst the two guys got dressed and left. After they had gone she turned and started to suck my cock taking my load down her throat in minutes.

The rest of the cruise proved to get even wilder and further stories will follow.........


2016-11-11 11:46:54
later in 2017 im taking a cruise around the Mediterranean, taking the excursion to the Monaco Grand Prix, on the Ociana, i hope something like this might happen to me.
From Misterjedi.

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2014-04-13 16:10:09
I have dirty slut like that! After she locking the door after last call.,, the three guys that were playing pool she took a liking to, well she just said to me , I was a very naughty girl.!!! I said , I know just watched the bar cameras my slut.

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2013-01-25 06:58:24
If i were the husband i would have loved to suck off there pussy covered cock and maybe take one up my ass for my wife to watch as well.

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If i were one of the guys i would have loved to suck off there pussy covered cock and maybe take one up my ass for my wife to watch as well.

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2013-01-11 16:40:17
Great story whish I was part of the scene adventurous and watching wife take cock is always good turn on

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