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Phoebe separated from her friends and held back a bit hoping that none of them would notice Jamie Murphy sitting on the bench a few stores down from the bookstore. They didn’t as they all wandered in to browse the shelves. She watched for a moment as the group of girls spread through the store.

Strolling over, she sat down on the bench next to her teacher and slid closer to him. He looked down at his favorite student and leaned over to bump her shoulder with his. She smiled and leaned back into his side.

“What are you up to?” he asked grinning back at her.

Phoebe shrugged. “Not much,” she said. “Just hanging out. What about you?”

Jamie nodded toward the ladies plus size store. “Trina’s doing some shopping.”

She nodded wondering how someone as cute as her English teacher had ended up married to such a cow. She stood up and crossed to the sale rack of over sized panties and bras in front of the store and started searching through the merchandise displayed there. Finding what she wanted she turned back to the man sitting on the bench holding the huge underwire bra with the formed, slightly padded cups up to her chest.

“Hey, Murph,” she said with an impish grin, “we should hang this in the teacher’s lounge with a sign saying, ‘All female teachers are required to fill out this form.’”

He laughed as he shook his head. “You want to get me fired for sexual harassment?”

“You have tenure, don’t you?” she asked hanging the bra back on the rack before returning to straddle the bench facing him.

He glanced down at the juncture of her widely spread thighs and Phoebe got the distinct impression that he was wishing he was the bench before his eyes moved back up to meet hers. She smiled sweetly at him leaning back a little, her hands gripping the edges of the bench behind her, thrusting her firm, round breasts toward him.

He swallowed hard. “So how are things in the Cashe household?” he asked dragging his eyes away from the teenager’s gorgeous young tits. “Are you getting along any better with your step mom?”

“She’s a cunt,” Phoebe said bluntly.

Jamie laughed loudly, “Why don’t you just come right out and tell me what you really feel?”

Phoebe grinned at his sarcasm. “Okay,” she said. “So I’m not really trying. I just don’t like her.”

“Give your poor dad a break, kiddo,” Jamie said. “It can’t be easy when the two women he loves the most are constantly bickering.”

Phoebe shrugged. She didn’t really care at the moment whether things were uncomfortable for her dad or not. He had completely upset her world when he married Lorraine and Phoebe felt no compunction over making his life miserable by constantly butting heads with the step monster.

Jamie glanced toward the store where his wife was shopping and started to stand. “Looks like she’s about done,” he said smiling down at Phoebe. “I’ll see you on Monday.”

Phoebe nodded and stood to go find her friends.


“Phoebe?” her dad called stepping into the hallway from the kitchen as she dropped her backpack by the stairs. “Where the hell have you been?”

“I went to the mall with friends after school,” she said shortly.

“You didn’t call to let Lorraine know where you were,” he said. “You know the rules. And what if she had been out when Justin got home?”

“I thought the whole point of marrying her was so Justin had a mom,” Phoebe said sarcastically. “Being here when he gets home from school is in her job deion.”

A cupboard door slammed in the kitchen and Phoebe smiled unpleasantly knowing that her step mom was listening to the exchange. Her dad’s jaw tightened and his eyes flashed angrily. Phoebe squared her shoulders and faced him with an implacable stare.

“Upstairs,” he said, his voice cold.

Phoebe started toward the kitchen. “I’m going to get something to eat,” she said as she brushed by him.

His hand shot out to grasp her upper arm and he jerked her back. “You missed dinner. Get upstairs.”

“I’m almost eighteen,” she said trying to pull away from his vice like grip. “You can’t . . .”

Her sentence ended abruptly when her father slapped her sharply. His left hand still tight on her arm was the only thing that kept her from sprawling on the floor. She blinked away the tears and glared at him defiantly.

He turned her toward the stairs and gave her a little shove. “Upstairs,” he said again, his voice vibrating with anger. “Now.”

Phoebe turned back toward the kitchen, but before she could take a single step she found herself thrown over his shoulder as he strode toward the staircase. She pushed upright and started trying to squirm her way out of his grasp. He gave her a stinging slap on the ass as he climbed the stairs.

Once in her room he dumped her unceremoniously onto the floor and locked the door before he began to undress. Phoebe stood up and started to back away. With her dad between her and her locked bedroom door she really had no where to go, though.

“I’m going to scream,” she warned him as he dropped his shirt on the floor.

“I think your step mother is expecting that,” he said stepping out of his trousers. “Are you going to undress yourself or do you want me to do that for you?”

“We don’t do this anymore, Daddy,” she said putting her hand up to ward him away as he walked slowly toward her.

“Yes we do,” he said huskily. “And it’s been way too long.”

“If she finds out she’s going to ruin you,” Phoebe said pushing against his chest as he started to pull her into his arms.

“You let me worry about my wife,” he said as he lowered his lips to hers.

Phoebe slid her arms around her father’s neck and returned his kiss hungrily. Jake unzipped her hip hugging jeans before lifting her off her feet and moving toward her bed. Laying her down he stood over her and peeled the tight fitting denim off her shapely legs. Phoebe pulled the soft tee shirt off over her head and laid back running her hands over her firm, round breast and flat stomach.

Her dad watched, his cock rising, as she slid one hand between her thighs. Her fingers parted her labia as she began to slowly stroked the tender, pink flesh. She moaned softly when her fingers slid over the hard bud of her clit. Jake’s breathing quickened as she spread the petal like inner lips and exposed the glistening opening to her vagina.

He knelt at the side of her bed and grasped her slender waist to pull her ass to the edge of the mattress. Phoebe let her bent knees fall open as her dad’s hands spread her pussy open before he leaned forward and pushed his tongue as far inside her as he could. She thrust up to meet his mouth and began fondling her breasts as her father devoted himself to pleasuring her with his mouth.

She moaned loudly as his fingers found her swollen clit and his tongue swirled and thrust into the warm velvety sheath of her tight, young cunt. She pinched her erect nipples and rolled them between her thumbs and forefingers.

“Daddy,”she groaned, “it feels so good.”

Jake moaned into his daughter’s sweet pussy and ran the tip of his tongue up through the folds of her labia to flick her click before sucking it between his lips. Phoebe bucked against his face as he thrust two fingers into her hot, wet vagina and began sawing them quickly in and out. She clutched at the back of his head and ground her sopping pussy against his face.

“Daddy!” she gasped, her chest rising and falling rapidly as her body strained toward release. “I’m gonna cum. Gonna cum.”

Jake’s cock twitched and drooled clear pre cum onto his thigh as his daughter rolled her hips frantically and tried to pull his face harder against her cunt. He pressed his mouth against the opening of her vagina, his thumb pressed against the erect bud of her clitoris, and started to massage her quivering lower abdomen with his left hand. Phoebe threw her head back and moaned loudly, her petite body tensing as she plummeted over the edge into the ecstasy of a powerful orgasm.

He stood up and lifted her her legs to hug them against his chest. His feet planted wide, his knees bent, he lined up the spongy, mushroom shaped head of his throbbing cock with the tight opening of her convulsing vagina and drove it into her warm, wet depths. He bottomed out with each hard thrust, pounding into her tight cunt like a jackhammer, intent only on reaching his own release.

He felt the satiny walls of her pussy clench on his hard, thrusting cock over and over again as he rode her through a thundering orgasm. He didn’t try to hold back his own pleasure. He felt his cock swell and pulse inside her grasping cunt and his balls tightened, preparing to flood his daughter’s womb with his seed.

Phoebe grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into her as she moaned and rocked her hips mindlessly. Jake gritted his teeth, his breath hissing as he approached his orgasm. Phoebe looked at him through heavily lidded eyes.

“Do it, Daddy,” she growled. “Fuck me hard and fill me up with your hot cum.”

His breathing grew more ragged as he pounded into her hot little snatch.

“She doesn’t feel as good as me,” Phoebe breathed huskily, her hands kneading his ass. “Give it to me, Daddy. Fuck my cunt and give me every drop of cum in those big balls.”

Jake pushed her knees up to her chest and leaned over her to drive his cock into her as deep and hard as he could. He felt the muscles in her tight, young pussy rippling over his pulsing cock, milking the cum from his balls. His jaw clenched and he groaned her name as his balls released their copious load to rocket through his rigid member and explode in one long jet into his teen aged daughter’s welcoming vagina.

Phoebe closed her eyes and moaned as she felt her father’s semen wash over her cervix and fill her overstuffed cunt till it leaked out to coat his balls and run into the crack of her ass.
she held her arms up to him and he fell onto her, pressing her into the mattress as he continued to thrust gently into her cunt.

She held him tightly as his penis softened inside her groaning softly when it fell out to lie wetly against her thigh. She traced his spine with her finger tips. Jake shuddered then lifted his head to kiss her deeply, his tongue gently pressing into her mouth to circle hers.

“I hope you say my name the next time you fuck her,” she said when he rolled to the side and pulled her into his arms.

He laughed. “I nearly have a few times,” he admitted wryly. “The only way I can get off with her is if I close my eyes and pretend she’s you. Most times I just fake it.”

“Why did you marry her? You nearly ruined everything,” Phoebe said sulkily.

“Phoebe, if anyone ever found out about you and me . . .” he began, his voice trailing off. “She’s just a means of avoiding suspicion.”

“I still hate her,” she said. “You’ll understand when I find someone.”

Jealousy flared in Jake’s head at the thought of Phoebe with another man. “No,” he said pushing up on one elbow to lean over her. “You’re not ever leaving me.”

“I might never stop making love with you,” she said caressing his face, “but you’re going to have to share me eventually.”

His mind reeled at the thought of Phoebe with another man. A man that would lie in her arms and spend himself in her warm, welcoming body. A man that might plant his seed in her fertile womb and make her belly swell.

He shook his head slowly. “No,” he said firmly. “I’ll beat the hell out of any man that touches you. You belong to me.”

He bent his head to capture her lips and she murmured her acquiescence.


In the hallway Justin leaned silently against the locked door of his sister’s room and furiously stroked his rigid cock until his cum erupted from the tip into his cupped palm. He had known for nearly a year that his father was doing things to Phoebe. His Phoebe. And he had known for several months now exactly what those things were.

His dad was sticking his hard cock in the warm, tight hole between his sister’s legs the way he was himself whenever she’d let him. He loved his sister dearly and being inside her when he came was the best thing he’d ever felt in his short life. He put his limp penis back in his jeans and headed to the bathroom to wash his cum off of his hand.


“Do you have a minute?” Phoebe asked from the doorway of her English class.

Jamie looked up from the tests he was grading. He leaned back in his chair and smiled. “You do know that school is over, right?”

Phoebe grinned as she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. “You’re still here, too,” she pointed out as she crossed to perch on the edge of his desk.

“I have three rowdy boys at home,” he said. “I get more work done here.”

Phoebe pulled a folder out of her backpack and laid it on the desk. “I have something for you to read,” she said sliding it toward him.

He enjoyed reading her short stories. She was definitely the most talented student he had ever had and he was encouraging her to enter some of her work in regional and national competitions. He opened the binder and read the sweet story of budding love between a mature man and a young girl set in the rural south.

“It’s good,” he said looking up at her. “Very deive, and a little erotic without being overtly sexual.”

Phoebe smiled softly and leaned toward him giving him a nice view of the tops of her firm, young breast above the scooped neckline of her tank top. Jamie shifted uncomfortably as he felt his cock twitch. He looked away from her chest and back at the pages on the desk in front of him.

“You do have one awkward sentence here,” he said underlining it with his red pen. “And this your should be you’re.”

Phoebe slid off the desk and moved to stand behind him leaning over his shoulder to look at his corrections. She pressed her breasts against his back and this time his cock lept to life swelling till it was half erect. He cleared his throat and started to gather up the tests he’d been grading when she walked in.

“I guess I should be getting home to help Trina with the boys,” he said stuffing the sheath of papers into his messenger bag.

He stood up as Phoebe straightened and he came up against her firm. young body. His breath caught in his throat and he let his bag drop to the floor. Phoebe tipped her head back and looked up at him with wide green eyes and slightly parted lips.

Jamie had flirted with students before, but he had never let things go too far. He’d married his high school girlfriend a week after graduating from college and in the fifteen years that they had been married he had never even thought about cheating on his wife.

Until now. Of their own volition his arms closed around Phoebe’s lithe little body and he leaned down to press his lips against hers. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and he moaned as he started to thrust his softly against hers. His legs threatened to give out and he leaned heavily against the desk.

He groaned loudly into her mouth as her hand pressed against the bulge in his jeans and she rubbed his hard cock. A wet spot appeared on the denim and began to spread as her touch made his prick ooze. She unzipped his pants and slipped her hand in to close her fingers around his turgid member.

He growled deep in his chest, dragging his mouth away from hers. “We can’t do this here,” he said huskily. “Someone will see.”

He zipped up his jeans and picked up the leather messenger bag holding it in front of the bulge in his pants as he led her into the hallway. They didn’t encounter anyone on the way to his white SUV and he helped her into the cab before rounding the front of the truck to climb behind the wheel.

He drove to an apartment complex a few blocks from the school and, taking her hand in his, walked her into the generic looking building. He stopped in front of one of the doors and fished keys out of his pocket.

“My sister’s place,” he explained once they were inside. “I’m supposed to be feeding her cat while she’s out of town.”

Phoebe turned to him and slid her arms around his neck. Pressing up onto her toes she pulled his lips down to hers. Jamie groaned and lifted her off her feet as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he broke the kiss to carry her to the bedroom.

Laying her down on the bed he stretched out beside her and pulled her into his arms. She wound her fingers into his dark hair as his lips captured hers. His hands slid under her thin tee shirt, and he began exploring her lush body.

He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, she rarely did, and her hard nipples grazed his palms as he massaged her gorgeous tits. His hard cock was throbbing and he was aching to be inside her. He pushed her shirt up and she shrugged it over her head as he caught one erect nipple between his teeth and gently pulled.

Phoebe arched her back pushing her breast more firmly against his mouth as his tongue began to bathe her nipple. His mouth moved back and forth between the pink tipped peaks nibbling and sucking as his hands moved lower. He undid her jeans and she lifted her hips as he pushed them down then pulled them off.

He paused for a moment to gaze down at the beautiful young girl lying before him. She reached out to unfasten his pants and he pulled the polo shirt over his head before rolling onto his back to pull his jeans and boxers off. Phoebe bit her bottom lip as his stiff penis sprang free.

Her dad’s 7” cock fit snuggly inside her making her feel as though he could split her in two with his thick rod. Jamie’s cock was bigger. She had known it was fatter when she had wrapped her fingers around it before they’d left school. She had been unable to touch the tip of her middle finger to the end of her thumb.

He laid down beside her and ran his right hand over her stomach to cup the mound of her pussy. Phoebe rolled onto her side and pushed up to urge him onto his back. She pressed a long kiss against his quivering abdomen then lifted his rampantly hard cock and sucked the pre cum from the tip before licking up and down the shaft several times. He groaned deep in his chest as she began to stroke him while licking the bulbous head like a melting ice cream cone, paying special attention to the sensitive spot on the underside just below the head.

Her lips parted and she sucked him into her mouth. Her tongue provided exquisite friction as she bobbed up and down managing to take most of his enormous prick into her mouth. His hips began to rock, his hands tangled in her hair as she expertly fucked him with her mouth.

His wife fellated him occasionally - on his birthday and their anniversary -, but never as enthusiastically or as well as the young girl kneeling between his thighs and Trina would never allow him to cum in her mouth. He felt his balls begin to tighten and he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold off very long as he watched Phoebe move up and down on his tumescent cock.

“Baby,” he groaned as her hand found his tight sac. “I’m gonna cum.”

She nodded and squeezed his balls lightly as she pushed down and he felt the head of his cock press into her throat. His hips bucked wildly as his balls let go releasing a torrent of semen. She pulled back until she just held the head of his cock in her mouth and used her hand to rapidly stroke his shaft while he emptied his balls into her cum hungry mouth.

She sucked and swallowed, massaging his balls with one hand and squeezing his rod rhythmically as she milked the cum from his pulsing cock with the other. She kept sucking and running her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft even after he had finished.

He shuddered and tried to pull her off his overly sensitive prick, but she kept moving up and down on him, stroking rapidly until his cock, that had began to soften, was rock hard again. She pushed up and straddled his hips, her feet planted flat on the mattress, one on either side of him and lifted his cock to rub the lubricating head through the wet folds of her labia.

Jamie sucked his breath in sharply as she lowered herself onto his thick shaft and he slowly sank balls deep into the tightest pussy he’d ever felt in his life. Phoebe leaned forward a little and placed her hands on his chest. She began to fuck him with slow, languid strokes, doing little more than rock him inside her while rotating her hips and grinding her clit against the hair at the base of his large cock.

“You feel so good, inside me,” she purred picking up her pace a little. “It feels like you’re all the way up into my belly.”

Jamie nodded wordlessly his fingers digging into her hips as he lifted her to let her sink back onto his rigid shaft. Phoebe lengthened her strokes and rode his cock faster as she felt her orgasm begin to build. She leaned forward a little more and slid her clit along the top of his shaft grinding against his pubic bone each time she slammed down on him.

Her thighs quivered with the effort as she rode him faster, lifting herself almost completely of his huge cock before sliding back down to take him all the way inside her velvet sheath. He closed his eyes and clenched his jaw as her warm, tight cunt rippled around his penis, grasping and sucking wetly. He’d never felt anything as tortuously pleasurable as his young lover’s vagina swallowing his manhood over and over again.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned. “Oh, Jamie. I’m gonna cum.”

He wrapped his arms around her and rolled her onto her back. Resting his weight on his elbows, he leaned down to kiss her as he began to pound his cock into her. He pushed up on his arms and watched her face as her body tensed.

“Do it, baby,” he growled as he fucked her hard and fast. “I need to feel that tight little cunt of yours cum on my cock.”

She humped her hips against him mewling and whimpering, her head thrashing from side to side.

“Come, on, baby,” he groaned. “Give it to me. Cum for me.”

She threw her head back and arched against him, her hips bucking like she was trying to throw him off and he yelped as he felt her already tight pussy clench almost painfully on his raging cock. He pushed in deep and groaned as his balls let loose again, his cum jetting against her cervix as he emptied his sperm into her spasming cunt.

“Fuck that was good,” he moaned when he could draw a breath again.

Phoebe murmured something unintelligible as she stroked his back. Jamie leaned down and kissed her long and deep before rolling away from her. She groaned as he pulled out of her and turned onto her side to rest her head on his sweat soaked chest.

“I want to do this again,” she mumbled sleepily.

Jamie held her tightly and nodded. He knew he was in deep trouble. He knew he was falling in love with the beautiful teenager in his arms.

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