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My wife knows I love hearing about her early sex life.
Dear Billy,

This is my special birthday present to you, my sexy husband. I know how much you love to hear about my early sex life and how much it makes you cum. Maybe tonight for your birthday, while you read this you and I can masturbate together. I know how much you like that too. LOL.

I was 13 and had already lost my virginity to a neighborhood boy but not the same boy as the boy I told you about who first rubbed my little pussy slit. I was visiting my aunt and uncle in Oakland. I loved them both-especially my 40 yr old uncle (husband of my mother's sister). They were like a second family for me. He and my aunt slept in the buff so sometimes in the morning I saw them naked. Tonight though she was visiting her sister who was having her second baby. I woke up and wanted to ask my dear uncle something. I walked into their bed room. When I got there, he scooted over and opened the covers and told me to get in. So I did. He cuddled me for a while, but I felt his cock start to get hard, real hard. The head of his cock poked gently at my pussy. He fell asleep though and I couldn't resist stroking his cock. I was just in a long sleep shirt, no panties no bra. I took his cock by it's shaft and put it between my legs. I was wet and I wanted to just feel it against my pussy so bad! So I placed it between the folds of my pussy and started to slowly slide along it's shaft. I didn't want to wake him.

I laid there with his cock in my pussy lips. I was so wet!!!! I slide along the length of his cock, just to the tips of his cock fur. It wasn't real long but it was much thicker than that first boy I had. Anyway, my breasts were just barely a b cup but my nipples stood out far, not pointy but round. I remember that when we first laid there while he cuddled me I couldn't stop getting wet! Now as I played with his cock he woke up. He didn't do anything at first. He just let me do what I was doing. I had no clue he was awake until I was so horny and wet that I started to rub the head of his cock along the length of my slit. I laid there, holding my moans in, trying hard not to cum but every caress and touch of his cock on my pussy made me wetter. I realized he was awake when he reached between us, his large arm glazed against my hard nipples as he took his shaft into his hand and held it. He just laid there, holding his cock. So I took it as though he wanted me to go on. So I did.

I ground my pussy on the head of his rock hard cock till I came. He must have really liked that cause he reached around with his other hand and grabbed my ass and pulled me on his cock. It felt huge in my little pussy!! I remembered it kind of hurt at first. Kind of like when I lost my virginity but not as bad. He teased the head in until it was passed into my hole. Then he held it in me for what felt like for ever, with just the head in. I felt like cumming again. My pussy was begging for it. I think he knew this because before I knew it, he buried his cock in me as deep as it would go. That's when I felt the pain but it went away fast. He held me closer, as his hips rocked back and forth with his cock thrusting in and out of me in long slow motions. I came again as his pubic bone tickled my clit, while my pussy quivered around it. He took off my pj shirt. this kind of a caught me off guard because until that time, I had never been naked with anyone, not even when I lost my virginity.

The hair on his chest tickled my nipples and I started to get wet again. The fact that I was naked against his naked body started to feel more and more arousing as our bodies started to be closer together. I wanted to
scream the moment he started to push deeper & harder. It felt so good to be fucked like that-the way he
drove my pussy like a good car. I started in too, pushing my hips against his, feeling his cock go in
deeper, nearly hitting my spine. He let go of my ass and reached under my thigh and raised it a little more. That made his cock go straight into my belly. We were in that position for what seemed like a long time. I came again, this time harder than the first two. He turned me over on my back, spreading my legs wide open. I felt the hair on his balls grind against my soft young skin as he thrust his hips into mine. His chest pressed tight against my still growing but erect breasts. All the time until his cock slide in and out of me harder & faster with every orgasm I had. Before I knew it, I had my legs around his body, squeezing him tightly, as my pussy spammed out of control. He laid heavier on me, whispering lovely things in my ear, while I flooded his cock, balls, my pussy and the bed.

He still had not cum yet, as he took a moment to catch his breath. He sat on the edge of the bed. Taking me with him, he sat me on his lap. Kissing me deeply as his cock bounced around in my hot and open pussy. His hand held me in place as his other hand caressed my breasts one at a time. My arms were wrapped round his neck. I was kissing him like they do in the movies. That's what I was thinking at the time. I watched as his hand drifted to where we were still joined together. That night is when I learned the magic of my clit. He put his thumb on my clit as he started to push & pull me off and on his cock. I sat there and did the only thing I could to stop myself from screaming. I sucked his tongue till I came again.

Still he hadn't come yet. He carried me, with him still in me, to the living room couch. We sat on the couch, nothing but the light from the moon and the distant street lights, lit the room. My knees were on both sides of him, as I sat, not sure of what to do. He started to push off and then pull me down on his cock again, slowly and steadily at first. Then I caught my last wind and took over. I rose and fell on his cock, with little grinds of forward and back motions in between, feeling his hair tickle my swollen and tender clit. His cock grew a size bigger in girth just before he let it loose in me. Cum dripped out of my little pussy like some one had turned on a hose in me. Still though I was keeping my rhythm. I watched as his head rolled back and his ass tightened underneath us, while he pushed his hips up as high as my riding allowed. Just when I was wondering what was going to happen, BOOM!!!!!! Just like that, his cum shot straight against my g spot and I lost it. I came so hard my belly hurt for a few days after that. We laid there for a while. Then he laid me on the couch, went back to get my pj shirt and put a pillow & blanket around me.

That was the best time. After that, my aunt was always around so it was real fast fucking. We really never had much time after that to do much more.

My uncle became my best lover that I ever had until much later when I was divorced and met a guy in the marines that you know about already. He had the longest cock I've ever seen on a white guy!

Happy Birthday and Love you much,

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2011-05-27 20:22:47
I used to go to a shed with two boys. I was only about five or six....they were 13 or so. Doug and Brian. They used to make me get naked, open my legs wide and they would finger my tight cunt. I can remember it all. I would jerk them off..and let the warm sperm go onto my belly. One day Brian got my cunt juicy, and he put his hard cock in my cunt. a bit and shot into me. When I got to be around dad started fucking me.His long hard cock hurt. I let him shoot into me so much. It tickled.

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2010-09-03 01:46:47
Oh damn, made me sooooo wet! I lost my virginity when I was 12 to a 45 year old man, and after that, like you, we fucked every time his wife was gone. I babysat their kids, and one time when she was out of town on business, I babysat, and he came home early, and that night, he took my cherry, and I gladly let him do so! To this day, I remember that first fuck!

Now, when I was little, like 6, 7, 8 and thereabouts, the neighbor kids and I would explore each other, and the boys tried putting their little cocks in me, and while it felt good, and we technically were fucking, I guess, I never bled or anything until the man fucked me with his big cock.

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