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This is a story based on semi-real events. The names have been changed to hide the identities of both individuals. If you are under 18 this story is not for you, stop reading, turn off your computer, and tell your parents you're a bad child.

I was a young man, a man who was looking to meet a beautiful plump girl that would love to climb in bed with me. I surfed a lot of sites trying to find a beautiful girl who would be happy and willing to meet those demands. Not many girls seemed to be what I was looking for, but I was lucky to find a pretty plump girl on just the right chat site.
She was timid at first but once I sweet talked her she seemed quite willing. I soon began to talk with her through texting on her phone and even began to wake her up in the morning with a vitural kiss. She loved that, and her nickname "Kitten". She had body image issues, not liking her girth. I told her she was lovely and beautiful, to me was and is.
One day I asked her if she wanted to be my personal slave, she did. She loved the idea of listening to me, wearing what I told her to wear, being under my control. So she submitted to me, and so her nickname changed. Instead of "Kitten" it became "Titty Kitty". She sent me very sexy pictures of her sexy body. It took some coaxing to get her to show me her whole body nude, but I got her too.
We had discussed her moving from her parents home and coming to live with me and be my full time slave. A few months later, it happened, she came to live with me and be my full time on call sexual toy.
Some may think this is wrong and how could I do that to someone, but she wanted it, she was excited to be with me.
I told her when she came into my home to strip and hands me her bag. Like a good girl she did as she was told. I gave her a list of rules after that, rules she would follow while living with me.
Rule # 1: No clothes while in the home.
Rule# 2: What I say goes no arguing.
Rule# 3: When my cock is hard, you had better fix it.
Rule# 4: Everything she eats will be with a bit of cum.
Rule# 5: Birth Control, we don't need any kids…yet.
Rule# 6: Milking, I want her breasts to leak milk for me.

She was worried with rules like that but I assured her she would love it. The first thing I did was take off my pants and had a seat. I ordered her to get on her knees and practice that cock sucking ability, she would need the practice.
She took my hardening cock into her exquisitely soft hand and squeezed it just a bit. She leaned her head down and licked the head, and gave it a few soft nibbles. Taking it between those pretty lips suckling on my reddened tip. I forced more of my cock into her mouth, pressing my hands down on the top of her head. She choked a bit as she felt it slide down her throat, but that soon passed. She cupped my full balls as her mouth began to slide up and down my thick cock.
I found out quickly, this girl was a natural cock sucker. Born to have those lips wrapped around juicy man meat. I came quicker then I though I would and filled her mouth with a taste she would have everyday. She looked surprised but I said "Drink it Titty Kitty or I'll spank you until you can't sit for a week". She blushed a bit but gulped down that salty treat, surprisingly she cleaned off my cock too.
Once she stood I looked her glorious body over, her big full tits, shaven pussy (as by my orders) and her big plump ass. She had meat on her bones but I liked it, softer and sweeter. More flesh for me to fuck.
Her next order was to have a seat so I could have a look at that juicy mound. I stood as she sat and lifted her legs on the arms of the chair. Oh god did that pussy look good, and it was soaked, she got herself all wet while sucking my cock. I rubbed my finger between those lips which made her squeal. Hard to believe this girl didn't even masturbate before I met her.
I leaned in and dragged my tongue up her mound, lapping at her juicy mound. She was moaning and squealing her toes curling in the air. I spread her open and dug my tongue into that soaked hole. He juices were drooling out as I flicked my tongue up on her clitoris and wrapped my lips around her clit. I teased it with my tongue as I suckled on it. She didn't last long, staining my chair with her orgasm of juices. Of course I made her get up and lick them off, smacking her ass with ever lap it took. it took her a bit of time, but she got it cleaned up. He ass had a rather cute red hue to it after all the smacks it took.
I ordered her to stand up and follow me, our first stop was the bed room where I threw her clothes into the closet. I removed my shirt and laid her on the bed. I disappeared into the hallway coming back with a black towel. She was still a virgin and I didn't need a blood stain on my sheets. I crawled onto of her plump body and kissed her, my lips locking with hers as my tongue slid into her mouth. Wrapping around each other our tongues began to wrestle as I slid my hands under ass and squeezed what now belonged to me. I kissed her neck and moved my way down to her breasts. I licked at her right nipple teasing it with the tip of my tongue, swirling it around her tender nub.
I brought that nipple into my mouth and nibble on it, tugging it gently with my teeth. I suckled on it thinking of how nice it will be when she starts leaking milk from them. She loved the attention to her tits, in fact she fantasied about this many times, she told me she wanted her breasts played with everyday. I am happy to comply to that.
I slipped my hand between her legs to find her sex drooling her juices yet again. it was time to take her cherry. I warned her that it would hurt at first, but she was to be a good slave and tell me once her pain subsided. I lined my cock tip up with her small opening, and then pressed in.
She was tight and extra wet, a moan escaping her lips until I brushed her hymen with the tip of my cock. I pulled back a little and shoved through, breaking her open with a flow of blood. She left out a yelp and gripped the sheets, I waited for her nod and once she did began to press deeper into her. She was a tight tight girl, what an amazing feeling. She let a few gasps here and there as I slowly edged into her. Once I bottomed out my balls resting on her ass I slide out and quickly sank back into her which made her give a loud moan. I began to quickly pound into that previously virgin sex, my balls smacking her ass as her juices leaking onto the towel.
I sank my cock in and out of her as she begged me not to stop, she wanted it to spilt her apart. She was a definitely cumslut to my cock. I pounded her for about 4 minutes when an orgasmic growl let from her lips, she came all over my cock and balls, which only led to her passage getting tighter. I sped up, high speed fucking, she was gripping at those sheets and her toes were curling.
I gripped her ass as I came about 10 minutes later. Sinking myself deep inside as I filled her womb with my hot sticky cum. She panted and moaned as she was filled with cum and came from the pure feeling of it all. She laid there as I slipped out of her and told her to clean my cock off. She let up and licked it clean of her juices and my cum. She was going to be a lot of fun.

Okay this is a first part to a perhaps continuing series, if you want me to continue feel free to comment. Thanks for Reading.

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2011-01-19 15:00:09
I liked it very much, I want to read part 2

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2010-09-17 16:01:08
keep upn the story. i like the part about sucking her milky titties.


2010-08-29 18:41:02
No, I have to write it, I've been rather busy.

I've also seen a lot of stories with a warning like that. Why take the risk anyhow?

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2010-08-28 17:51:52
liked the idea, like really enjoyed it, but it's not "orgasmically good" ,,,have you made part 2?

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2010-08-26 15:40:33
um reading stories, no matter what the content is not age restricted, its only limited to over 18 for visual stimulants

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