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This is my first story sorry if i don't explain it right.
Hi everyone my a name is Jessica I am married but not happily married. Before i start the story let me describe myself I am a 5'7 brunette 125lbs pretty curvy my bust is 36C long legs. Ok lets start this.
The story starts off with a regular night that my husbands 17 year old brother comes over i never knew why he would like to come over until now. My husband had plans with his friends to go to a strip club, and i had plans to go to on of my Girlfriends house the regular drink some wine and talk about our husbands. That night i got dress in a tight little red dress, black g-string, and and a black satin bra, and matching heels. The door bell rang i thought it would of been one of my brothers friends, I rushed to the door i wanted to get eyed by one of them its been a while since my husband and I had a romantic night. I opened the door and it wasn't none of his friends but his brother.

"Hey Jess, are you going out?" he said

"Hey Danny yes both me and your brother are" i told him

By this time he had come into the house and sat on a couch in the living room.

"Oh, its been a while since you both have gone out together"

"Well we aren't going to the same place though hes going out with his boys and i'm going over Rocio's house" i responded.

By this time I was sitting next to him putting on my heels, and from the corner of my eye I saw a bulge in his pants, but he quickly covered it with his hand. I looked up and he quickly looked away it seemed as he was starring at me. I knew he was a bit of a perv, because he wasn't really good at cleaning out the internet's history. (Thats actually how i found this site) And even finding the dirty towels that he jerked into. Bu i was used to that my husband had been doing that also. I found it natural for a teenage boy to be horny looking at porn and releasing some steam, but boy i didn't know what was going on after me and my husband left the house.

"Oh hey Danny, didn't know you were here already" said James(husband)

"Hey James, yeah just got here had to get out of my moms house so i came over" Danny replied

"well wont be soon till you can get your own place, haha well hun I'm leaving" he said

He gave me a kiss on the cheek, Damn no one came to the door i had gotten dress for nothing, well maybe Rocios husband would still be there by the time i get there. My husband was already out the door in the car and they were just pulling out the drive way when i turned to Danny and said

"Ok well i'm also leaving, i'm not going to take my keys so leave the back door open ill probably be home around midnight"

"okay" he said " well im going to use your computer ok?"

I noded look once more at his lap he was still hiding his bulging cock, i got a bit horny thinking about his cock and also thinking of him jerking later in my house mmm i wonder how big it is. I stepped outside the house into my car. I was getting very excited, so excited i wanted to catch him in the act, I called Rocio and told her i would be able to make it tonight. i started up the car and went around the corner and parked for ten minutes, then started up the car again and passed by the house to make sure he wasnt looking outside the window still. when i passed by the lights to the master bedroom was on.

"oh my" i said in a low horny voice.

the thought of him jerking on my bed was getting me really horny i parked the car in front of the neighbors house and moved my hand under my dress and started to rub my pussy through my panties. OMG i was getting horny from my husbands brother I thought but i didn't care i continued. 10 mins had passed and i was very wet it was time for me to go in and investigate i thought. I got out my car closed the door and quietly as i could, i didn't even put my alarm i didnt want to alarm him. i sneaked in through the back door tip toed up stairs to the master bedroom. i wasnt ready for what i was about to see. The door was wide open i looked a little and saw him with a pair of panties in his hands, and he was wearing another pair, and next to the laptop i was surprised he found my toys. At first i only saw two of my three toys but then i looked a little close and saw the wire from my bullet toy sticking out of his bum. His cock was rock solid it wasnt the biggest cock ive seen but it was a good size. I was so wet i had squatted down by now moved my panties to one side and started to rub my pussy while still keeping my eyes on him.
He turned up the power of the bullet i could hear the vibration, he started moaning and he turned up the sound of the porn he was watching a girl was moaning loudly..... i started to moan a bit loud he started to jerk fasted the he through my panties on top of his cock and went faster and started to rub even faster and release moan... then he released a loud moan and stopped jerking he had cummed into my panties. i was still going moaning hard a pretty loud i didnt notice he stopped i sticked a finger in and fucked my self. By this time he had turned off the porn and was listening to me, and watching me i was in another state of mind i stuck in another finger and started to moan louder... then i snapped back into reality looked at him he was starring at me with my other toy in his mouth sucking it.... little did i know at the time that he was sucking the toy with cum spread all over it. He was hard again...

"Oh, Jess" he said "i want you"

" I want you too danny"
I stood up and walked into the room shut the door and....
Part 2 comming soon boys ( if you want pictures of me leave a comment with ur email) Muah

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Mmm girl you are off to a good start, got me hard pretty quick :)

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id like to see what you look like

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what a load of fucken shit

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