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This part of the story will have no sex its just to set the mood for the next part thanks for reading!

My Boy Diary...Manuel

Tuesday :
Dear Diary,
i brought you to log some of my sexual experiences, lets see how it goes. Well let me tell you a bit about my self i am 16 black, kinda short (5" 4') and have a nice build with some six pack showing.
Today was very interesting. i met a boy named Manuel, extremely hot he is probably a 9th grader. we have band together and he happens to like the trombone,i am the section leader of the trombones.
I'm sure you see where i am going with this one of the hottest boys in the band sitting next to me needed my help...this year is going to be fun. :)

Dear Diary,
Apparently Manual and Me have lunch together since he was sitting by himself i offered him to come sit next at the table with me and my friends. He is pretty shy, but in a very cute way.i should be careful i like him a lot.
Well in band i taught him a few positions. soon class was over. But i noticed he doesn't have many people he knows. I'm sure he doesn't have any friends.

Nothing interesting just kind of got to know Manuel better, he likes to be called Manny...

...i cant believe it! less then one week and he already says I'm his favorite friend! Yay! i cant wait until Monday!

Monday :
Today i think Manny made a move on me...While in Band in the practice rooms. i say ,"Manny you are getting pretty good at your Fs." Manny replied, "Yeah, i like you too"
But then the bell rang and i was dumbfounded by what my ears just heard. but i didn't have to much time to think on it because i had to put up my trombone and get to my next hour class. wow...this week is going good!

No Manny today...i hope i didn't hurt his feelings when i didn't say i liked him too or did he feel bad about what he feels...ooh this is all my fault... :'(

Wednesday :
Manny's back he said he missed the bus and his mom was at work so he couldn't come. so i told him if he wants i can pick him up. the look on his face was priceless, responded with a overly happy yes. So i gave him my number.

well Manny texted me at like 6 and said can you pick me up, so of course i said yes. ill be there at i went to pick up Manny and i think he is definitely gay or bi. because he gets in the car and says "All the kids talk about me". i asked him, "do you know why".
"well i do its because they are jealous of you"
he looked at me and smiled.
we talked to the whole way to school, and we sat in the car for a few minutes and talked even more...i really do like this kid.
me and him were together every minute we could be.

OMG! he wants me to come over his house and chill for a little could i deny such a wonderful request.
So we get to his house, right? And we are just sitting in awkward silence drinking water. looking at each other. he breaks the silence "wanna watch tv" i say,"why not"
so we go into the living room and sit on the love seat. and watch a episode of "The Hard Times of R.J. Berger" he recorded with his DVR. We are sitting pretty close together. i put my arm in my shirt because the air makes the house chilly.
He notices and asks me, "are you cold?" i answer, "yes" so he gets up and i couldn't help but stare at his ass..and it my cock harden a bit. he comes back with a blanket and throws it on me playfully. and i stand up and wrap it around me. he must have been cold to because he said lets share
so i let him get in too. so while watching tv he puts his head on my shoulder really slow and calm almost like he is scared. I'm sure he was. he only rested his head there for a minute before he moves it. me, feeling kind of empty with his head missing from my shoulder. so i asked him "Why did you move your head"?
He looks nervous that i asked and he says with a low quiet, nearly whisper-like, "im sorry". sensing his fear i reached over and hugged him. and said it will be okay. my phone started vibrating, i took it out and noticed it was time for me to go... so i gave Manny one more big squeeze and then i left.
well it now 9:47 and i texted him like a hour ago but he hasn't texted me back...well I'm hanging in there until he does.

its like 2 in the morning but he texted me back. so he told me that the reason why the kids in his grade pick on him is because he is gay. so i text him back saying while im bi. then he calls me...
"hello" i say
he says, "whats up?"
"not much just laying down, how about you?"
"Just thinking about stuff"
"well whats kind of stuff"
"i like you"
"and i like you"
"Do you really?"
"yes i do"
"I feel happy"
"so do i"
then there was a silence between us. he finnaly says "well now what?"
and i ask him,"will you be my boyfriend?"
"how could i say no?"

well thats it for now. tell me what you think. the next part will have some sex in it :)

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2012-07-24 13:24:10
something my little csoiun loves are yo gabba gabba toys, and little einstiens videos but him a couple dvds they are educational and they love to sing and dance with them. another thing he loves is this car that you put him in and push him around. maybe a toy drum set they like things like that. I don't know what you have already so I'm trying me best. good luck.

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2010-08-31 23:37:50
Well, it was a good start. I mean really, if you had actually included the sex that would have been a story.

Instead it was a piece of shit.

But I like it so far! A real heart-jerker.

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2010-08-27 16:41:16
wtf was that? i agree with the other guy, it's a PORN site, meaning most people want to come on here to jerk their dicks while reading about hot sexy stuff. lovey dovey comes second to that.

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2010-08-27 03:25:34
Sooo adorable! I wish I had friends like u :)

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2010-08-27 00:32:14
PORN site. Great start, but the first section needs sex, or they should be posted together. Or a narrative could be too long and be in parts. Either way, sex is key. In these stories. Relationships are great if they develop, but the sex is why people read these. Relationships and flair just make a 9 a 10. But good start.

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