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Why shall I think a boy becomes a drug, if the drug becomes a boy?
My parents decided that they wanted to send me to a big city alone, so I would learn how to take care of myself alone, so when I did graduated to the high school, I was send alone to a small apartment on Mexico City. But I was actually send with only the enough money to buy some food, and to pay my apartment, perhaps in order for me to look somewhere to work (they always had looked at me as a vague), and well I did had a way to make some money... working as a street boy.

Being a 14 year-old, I began to know cute 12 year-olds look when they´re tied up. Man, I could almost made me wish I was one of them I mean, no school, no books to read, just being tied on a chair, on a bed, on a tree having sex all day. Of, course I was only getting to know the cruel reality, making me slowly the pedophile guy I am. This as I may repeat, was just the beginning. It didn't take long until I began to fall.

I really was so lonely there...I decided to make some company...I decided to have my personal little pitch.

As every big city, there were just too many choices for me make, it could had been a girl too, as there where actually too many cute little girls too walking alone on street, but I really wanted to torture somebody that woulds't enjoy this so quickly, that's why I decided that it had to be a boy.

It was at a Sunday afternoon, yet, I can remember this as if it had been this morning. There were actually many kinds, French, Americans, English, even Mexican, it was a hard decision to make, just too any kids to drug and just one lucky was going to smell my cocaine there in the park. I sat on a comfortable chair looking for three entire hours, cautiously, until it would appear another street boy would come alone to sleep alone, and yes! He was just so cute that I could hardly resist to fuck his little ass there in the park, he appeared to be so poor that he wasn't even wearing any sandals (I had to sell my shoes in order to by some duct tape and some rope)(I was close to be a cocaine slave, but I decided to do something funnier with it).

He looked just too hungry. "I um...kid" Said I looking carefully at the boy's little feet. "Its a cold season here on Mexico City, if you sleep in the street without shoes, you will have a cold. Don't you wanna sleep here in this card box, son?, it´ll be quite better I promise". The boy boy seemed to quite shy too which actually made me to know he was still as innocent as a little 5 year-old boy. And I was actually just right, it appeared like it was going to be an easy catch. (I cautiously put a large, black rubbish bag inside the card box).

"Where are you from kid?" I asked. H e looked at me as if I where his older older brother, he seemed to want to his eyes were weeping-Sir, I don´t even know the language of this town, I was carried away from my parents on Kansas and was brought here for prostitution, I´m not virgin anymore! (I began to feel disappointed about this catch, but even so, I couldn't resist his white little feet, oh, boy, he was so little, blond, and had blue eyes too!, so I kept listening) Just look at me!, I have no shoes, not even a nice shirt, just this dirty old jeans, and this dirty old T-shirt. I haven´t ate anything 3 days, since I escaped from that ring sir I am really hungry" (Oh, boy what a poor little kiddie, but I couldn't just loose my biggest chance, it was a very nice catch).

", would you like to have something to eat?" I took a sandwich out of my jeans pocket and give a half to the boy. He was so hungry that he finished his half 30 seconds before me!, man that was a minute and a half sooner!, what a pity little boy, you know. (But spontaneously this was just part of the plan-as I said he was just too innocent like to trust so much on a stranger like me, perhaps it was just because I spoke English and he did as well, and Mexican people did speak Spanish, and he didn't actually spoke that language as well what a lucky guy I seemed to be by then).

Thus, I could see I already had completely his trust, so I decided to take him with me enslaved by the power of the coca itself, so once I did finished dealing with my half-sandwich, I took it out of my other pocket the powerful substance...

"What is that, Sir?"- the boy asked with a tremendous innocence. "This, my boy is a powerful item that will make momentarily to feel no hunger, you just have to smell it, and BOOOM!, it will disappear...(hehehe)

The boy did exactly what I said, and once he fall asleep, I broke in a half both his and mine T-shirts, tied the little boy's white little feet, put his little 12 year-old white hands down his legs and tied them as well, then I gagged his little boy mouth strongly, and blindfold his beautiful little eyes, so he would think he was dreaming. I took off the rubbish bag along with the boy inside, left the card box in the park, and now we both street boys were without shirts/ shoes. I took him to my apartment, and when he woke up bound in my bed I couldn't actually thank enough to my parents for having me alone in this place, 2 km from the civilization, where nobody will get to know what I'm doing.

Hello, bitch, oh, sorry I forgot to ask your name and your age-the boy said mdmamvimd, and and with a scary voice he said mtmemn. I began to laugh when I listened to the ten year-old gagged shy voice.

I took out a camera my mom had given to me when I was twelve, and take some pictures to the scared kid, then I took out my knife and I made a big hole in the boy's jeans, so it would lead me to his little ass, and so I began to fuck him with my fingers in order to begin-"mmmMM!mmMMM!"-screamed David, (what a pleasant feeling it was coming into my fingers, so good that I couldn't resist more than ten seconds before the next step) I took out my pennis, and enjoyed him a little bit more-MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!-he was yelling so hard, but there was no one there to help. I kept this going until his little ass was full of some kind of pussy then, something wonderful came into my mind. (You know if he ws part of a pedophile ring, why not to make some money with him?) I made a hogtied the boy so hard that the boy began to cry (heheh), then I used some more rope to tie the child's arms strong enough to make it impossible for him to move, then I quit the blindfold on him, so that he could see who his captor was. He closely opened his little blue eyes...and so he began to fear. I took the tape , along with the camera, and began to tape, (´cause this was just so funny) then I put the gag off him, and I could clearly listen his angry voice.

"But sir, how could you do this to me, I trusted you!, more than I did with my own parents!"-And his cute eyes began to weep, with his little angry face boy-"You where the only one I have ever really trusted!, I loved you, like an older brother!"-I gagged him again this time with some duct tape-"You know kid",-said I-"You´'re quite an innocent lovely little ten year-old boy, thanks for liking me so much, because of that I promise I will maintain you alive for about five or six years.- The boy seemed a little happier-"as my little bitch"-I confirmed.

To be continued...

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2014-07-14 05:57:02
A little rushed and kinda confusing at some parts


2014-02-11 22:31:49
Loved the triology :)

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Ofzq5e Thank you for your article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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iSioVh A big thank you for your blog.Really thank you! Cool.

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2012-08-08 22:18:39
I agree, DEATH TO PEDOPHILES!! You admit? Your message is going straight to th cops :) Have a nice time in your jail cell, buddy!!

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