Here is part 2
I woke up early that morning, Kirsten had left the couch, good thing i thought, i would be killed if we where caught. I noticed my underwear was still off, so i put them back on. I got up to check the time, it was almost 10 in the morning, i was relieved to find out everyone was still sleeping. I decided to lay back down on the couch, maybe get some more sleep. I layed back down and i started thinking to myself about last night. I had done it, i wasn't a virgin anymore, and i did it with an angel, i've never met anybody as beautiful, but then i started thinking to myself, what if it was all a dream, what if that never really happened. But then i wondered about my underwear being off, and my blanket wasn't wet, so it wasnt just a wet dream. I passed out again and woke up with my friend standin over me,
"yo dude, wake up"

"eh...oh...hey" as i looked at him, i felt so bad, i had broken the friendship rule, and i would be happy to break it again.

"yo, its almost noon man, me and my friends are meetin down town, lets go"

"umm...yeh..right.....okay" I got off the couch and headed toward the bathroom, someone was in there and i think i knew who. (knock knock)

"hold on!" that sweet voice yelled

" up....its me" the door quickly flung open and she pulled me in, she was wearing a red laced thong and a matching bra. "hey....about last night...umm..did...we..uhh"

"yes, we had sex" those words made me shiver. It really wasn't a dream. She quickly grabbed me towards her and our tongues locked, her sweet sweet taste was running through my mind and through my mouth, my hand came up to meet her tit, when suddenly, she stopped. " it for tonight" and with that she walked out of the bathroom.

Me and chris went out and met up at one of his friends houses. We came in and i saw all the familiar faces including katy. Katy was amazing, being only 14 with a hefty b, maybe even a c, she had the works, but i would take kirsten over her any day.

We sat down and popped in "zoolander", a personal favorite of mine, and we popped some coronas one of the high schoolers bought my friend. Katy was a girl who could take her alcohol, out of the 24 longnecks we had, 4 of them went to her, and the rest split between the rest of us. I hadn't built up much of a tolerance, but after about 3 i wasn't feelin much, but i could tell katy was. She was getting more talkative, and i wished i could have just taken that mini off of her and dove into her pussy.

We exchanged glances, i could tell that she was makin a move on me. We watched about half the movie until we all got bored. "hey how about we play spin the bottle" zack, one of chris' friends, said. "sounds good to me" i said without hesitation. We all agreed and pulled over the table and took one of the empty longnecks to spin with. We had 7 people, 4 guys and 3 beautiful girls.

"Always let the guest spin first." Brendan, another one of chris' friends said. "dont mind if i do" i answered back. "okay, first lets start with french kissing" chris said, we all agreed. Meanwhile Katy kept popping glances at me. I grabbed the bottle and gave it a good spin, it went round and round until it landed on stacy, who was an 8.5 on my book, Katy was better, and compared to Kirsten, she looked like a walrus, but she was still b eter than 95% of girls i've seen. We came together and our tongues tangled together, her tongue was warm and tasted of alcohol, i felt her take my hand and start sliding it up her leg up toward her mini. "okay, okay you two, break it up, its only round one" with that we tore apart, both sharing smiles with each other. "okay chris, your turn." after the guys went it was the girls turn, since nobody had landed on katy, they decided to let her spin first. She gave it a good spin and it rolled...and rolled....until it slowed down and stopped.......pointing at me.....we quickly jumped up and went for each other furiousely, our tongues clashing, she tasted so good, my tongue must have been moving at 100 mph our, she began softly moaning, until chris and zack stood up and forcefully pulled us apart. Katy and i just looked at each other, craving more. Stacy spun and landed on zack and then Allie, another one of their friends, spun and also landed on zack. "round two fellas!" chris announced "we gotta spice it up a bit" katy said, looking at me. "come here girls" she said. After about 10 seconds of whispering she came out and said "okay, girls spin, and whoever they land on, they get head. "agreed" the guys said in unison. "but, there is an odd number, so one girl has to give double head." katy said "how would that work?" chris asked. "well, the three of us get a beer, its a chugging contest, the fastest chugger gets to give double" "sounds good" i said instantly. The three girls each grabbed a beer, katy looked at me and gave me a smile, knowing that having 2 of us would be a better chance for me being one of them. "Ready.....GO!" The beer quickly started to run down of all the girls bottles, i looked at katy putting everything she had into it, stacy pulled out, she couldnt handle it, it was down to katy and allie, Katy took the bottle out of her mouth 'Done!" she said with a big smile on her face. "okay katy, since you get 2, spin twice." She gave her first rolled.........and rolled.....then stopped, i front of chris......They exchanged smiles and katy grabbed the bottle and took a long glance at me. She gave the bottle a good spin and it rolled..........and rolled.......until it stopped....i looked down to see where the bottle was pointing to....all i saw was a big hole in the bottle and landed on me.

The three of us jumped up and ran upstairs into one of the bedrooms. "you guys are gunna love this..." katy said with a big smile on her face. chris and i looked at each other, waiting for what comes next. Katy quickly took off her top to reveal the twins, they where amazing, almost perfect, nice and juicy. She was pretty skilled, she took both of our pants off at the same time and qucikly got to our cocks, my eyes closed as i felt her cool hand going up and down on my dick, by the sound of it, it seemed like she was working on chris. Then i felt her shift and felt her nice warm tongue on my head, she flicked her tongue over my head and kissed it a bit, then took my almost full hard dick into her mouth and began to bob up and down. She then moved back to chris after about a minute. She continued to rub my hard, moist cock with her soft hand, up and down with a rhythem. She then moved back to me and took a lot of my 8 inch cock into her mouth, she was incredible. "mmm..." she softly moaned. This continued on for several minutes un til she pulled off and said "stand up" we stood up without hesitation. "each of you stand to one of my sides." we sandwiched her in and the sucking continued, this time getting more intense and she was goin deeper and deeper with my cock. "mmm....oh...this is great...mmm..." she softly moaned in between sucks. " gunna cum soon...ugh..." chris moaned, i was feelin the same way. "hit me in the face" she said, stopping momentarily. "oh...oh cumming......oh god " i opened my eyes and saw her furiousely sucking chris' cock, really fast back and forth, givin it all she had. Chris pulled out and sent a long stream of cum across her face and into her mouth, he was cummin non-stop and the sight of her just totally covered, sent me into orgasm. "oohhhh.....ohhhh god im cummin too....oh god.." she turned around, face smeared with cum, right as she managed to swallow chris' cum, i sent my load onto her, sending a long stream down her throat and onto her face. "oh baby...oh god.." i moaned. I felt my final drips go and saw her swallow my load.

We got all cleaned up and left to go back home, it was about 7 o'clock at night. We got home and watched some tv, and both fell asleep.
"zach....zach..." i heard. sleepily, i opened my eyes and saw kirsten there wearing nothing. "hey sexy..." she said.............................

Continued in part 3............

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2009-05-28 04:19:53
dont b a fuck head. 14yo's with 8 inch cocks. arn't that hard to find.


2005-01-31 20:51:12
that was a nice story


2005-01-06 22:26:06
dude u could have made it a bit longer.. fucking asshole.. making ppl wait like that.. PUNK BITCH.. i gay fuck ur ass and then get ur mom pregnant


2004-07-06 15:52:28
nice story!

what's up with people who also write trying to badmouth other writers?

Zeppelin cough cough


2004-06-30 10:24:03
it was alright, u must be more descriptive about the give u 7/10, be luck if u get 8

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