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This is a true story. And it's my first time actually writing it. Be nice.
My name is Jason, and I am seventeen. I am about 6'1 and 170 pounds. Most of it is muscle, but I have a slight belly. I have short black hair and blue eyes. I am the one girls go crazy for. All of my past girlfriends have said my eyes draw them to me. I don't have a girlfriend now, and I don't really want one.

Anyway, I was just getting done with my shift at the store when I noticed him. A man in his late twenties, short brown hair, and brown eyes. He was smoking outside the door, but he was walking me very closely. I turned to look at him and he gave me this weird smile. Pervert. I ignored him and continued walking to my car. It was about twelve at night and it was hard to see. The store parking lot had only one lamp post, which didn't give off enough light. But I managed to make my way to my car.

I was just about to open my driver side door when I was smashed up against the side of my car. “Do not make a sound,” said a rough voice next to my ear. I felt something hard and cold being pressed against my throat. A knife. “Please, take my money. Don't hurt me,” I begged. This made the man laugh. “I don't want your money, boy.”

“What do you want then?”

“You.” I shivered. I knew what he wanted. He wanted to rape me. “I-I-I'm not gay,” I said. “And I don't care. You're gunna do what I want you to do, or you will get seriously hurt.”

With that, he threw a punch to my stomach and I doubled over. He then wrapped an arm around my waist and started dragging me away from my car. I was trying to breathe, but him holding me made it hard. I was scared. This guy was holding me up, so he must be capable of some dangerous things. After a minute or so of being dragged, I heard door open and I was thrown into the back of a large van. I quickly oriented myself and glanced around. No windows, and no side door. Just a large flat surface, and my only escape which was blocked by my now shirtless captor.


I just looked at him. “You heard me! I said STRIP!” I did as I was told. I slowly took off my shirt and jeans and set them aside. His lust filled eyes roamed my body, licking his lips as he glanced at my crouch. My stomach turned and I felt the need to gag, but I held it. “Boxers too,” he said. With shaking hands I took off my boxers and placed my hands over my crouch. He shook his head no and I removed my hands. He smiled at my flaccid four inches.

“Get over here,” he said. I slowly slid myself across the van until I was within a foot of him. He started undoing his jeans and I got a look at what I was going to be dealing with for the next who knows how long. He was shaved, and very large. I guessed he was about nine inches long, three inches or so wide. I felt my eyes widen as I tried to accept my fate. He laughed. “Suck me.” I didn't move. He moved so fast I couldn't even blink. His fist connected with my left eye and I saw stars. I was knocked back and next thing I know this guy is forcing his dick down my throat.

“You better make it sloppy or else it's gunna hurt when I stick it up your ass.” I barely heard him through the blood pounding in my ears. But I listened.

His taste wasn't all that bad. A little salty, but he tasted good. I sucked and twirled my tongue around the head. I heard him moan and mumble something about me doing this before, even though I haven't.

After a few more minutes he left my mouth and I was turned over unto my stomach. I started freaking out at this point. There was no way he was going to fit inside of me. It wasn't possible. I felt his breath on my neck and then his lips made contact with the hollow beneath my ear. I moaned involuntarily. He laughed. He kissed his way down my back and stopped when he reached the small of my back, just above my crack.

“Don't scream,” he said just as he plunged himself deep into me. Despite his order, I screamed. The pain was unbearable. Fire ripped through my asshole as he buried himself to the hilt. His hand was over my mouth in an instant. “You fucking bitch! You're gunna pay.”

He pulled all the way out of me and then pushed back in. I screamed again, but it was muffled by his hand. He continued this until I could no longer feel anything. He fucked me hard, but I was numb. I could feel my own blood running down my inner thighs though, and that scared me. He ripped me open, and I hoped I wasn't going to bleed to death.

After about twenty minutes of this he began moaning louder and louder. I felt his hand tighten its hold on my mouth and on my arm. He was going to cum in me. I began struggling, despite being numb from the waist down and completely exhausted, I managed to elbow him in the stomach and dislodge him. I was paralyzed for a second from the pain of his huge dick leaving me but I soon regained my body and tried opening up the back door. It wouldn't open!

Just as I spotted the latch to unlock the door I was grabbed in a choke hold and thrown back unto my stomach. My rapist grunted then forced himself back into me. I was still numb so I didn't feel it but the pressure was very unsettling. I gasped and clawed at his vice-like grip, but he didn't show any signs of letting up. With every thrust, his arm tightened around my neck. Black spots appeared in my vision and I knew I was going to die. I couldn't breathe, and this guy was fucking me to death. I reached my left hand back and dug my nails into his thigh. He groaned but didn't seem to care. His pace and breathing quicken and I felt his muscles once again tense up. He moaned as he came deep inside my bowels. He flattened himself on me, his stomach filling up the contours of my back with his every breath. He finally loosened his grip on my neck and I sucked in deep breaths. He was heavy, but I got in enough air to where the black spots disappeared.

He rolled off of me and I saw him glance over at me. “That was amazing,” he said, looking deep into my eyes. He really was cute. I could only respond with a smile. “Who knew my little brother played such a good bitch.”

I breathed a laugh. “Who knew my big brother could be a good rapist...”

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2013-07-19 02:05:51
Ooooo plot twist!! XD nice work

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2011-12-02 05:37:40
SEXY :) Im a chick, and an only child... but all I want for Christmas is my very own 'rapist big brother' Good story. xoxox

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2011-07-06 01:40:53
Wait... I'm confused.... Roll play?

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2010-08-26 13:18:11
I don't like violence, but I love to suck and to be sucked.

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2010-08-26 12:35:34
I like it. Needs some more detail but it was pretty good :)

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