On part 1 everything was based on the kidnapping of the 10 year-old boy, who was actually been kidnapped by a 14 year-old. Here comes the rape part
Well, I've been thinking about earning some dirty money by pornographyng this boy, so the first thing I did after the first 12 hours of sex with my bitch, was looking for somebody who would be interested.
It was just too was already 12 pm, and so a guy gagged me from behind with a handkerchief, put a knife on my neck (boy I thought this was my end).

"What a cute little boy we have here?"-he said mocking and was enjoying it- "Its just too dangerous for such a cute boy walking on streets at the middle night, without any shirt, shoes, not even with sandals! foolish wkid, this makes you an easy and irresistible target at the time!"- now what have we here (he introduced his hand into my pocket and..."What is this?!"-He threw me away and watch closely the photos of my little bitch-"Its my bitch, Sir, if you want those you can have them for free, I was looking for someone interested for having some money, you know, I´ve got like fifty more by know on my apartment"-I was just too innocent for saying that.

He wet his hanckerchief with some kind of alcohol, then he came slowly with his knife (I got stoned), and then he gagged me with his alcohol scarf, and soon after, I got into a large sleep.

I woke up like 6 hours after that, and I could see nothing, no matter how much I tried...I was already blindfolded, and appeared like I´ve got abducted (I couldn't actually feel my jeans, it appeared like they where gone too!).

I could listen a lot of people talking around me, they where not speaking English, -"]que marijuanadas son esas de tu perra "who the fuck are you amigo".- It appeared like they didn't like me so much-"I have no name, my parents left me on this city alone, and gave me only 100 dollars and then they ran away on their van. But I can make some money with that bitch I have, you know, if you please to, I can give you the 50% of the profits."-"They began to discuss about this-OK, we have a deal, you dirty little gay bitch, you work now for us. But before that, lets do what we came here for."-They introduced something big into my ass, and I started to yell.

AAAAAAAAHHH!, PLEASE!, I'm with you, I work for you!

They started to laugh and they got it more inside my ass, I could actually feel my pennis outside me. But even so it was rude, I couldn't cry because they gagged with something tasty and grabbed my head more inside it.-"DON'T STOP you bitch"-said an old man in front of me. Then somebody with the body of a woman started to make me a blowjob slowly. It was the first time I got raped (And I thought this was't funny, what an innocent boy I was). Each five minutes they got harder on me, more and more, until the three of them began to see some kind of white pussy on my ass, my pennis, and the one I had drank inside my mouth.

Here we got some images of you been tied, we'll publish them on our website-I was angry because of that but just say nothing, ´cause I had a chance to get the job, so I stayed quiet and listen as a good boy.-"We´ll post you as the stranger_fourteen, ´cause you have the feet of a thirteen year-old, the face of a twelve year-old, the matureness of a 16 year-old (boy) ,the body of a fourteen-year-old, but still the innocence of a 14 (girl) year-old, and stranger, because you say you have no name". And if you betray us, we´ll publish the video of you getting raped on our blog site for free and give this photos of you raping a younger boy to the authorities. (Damn they're smarter than me). They took me back home in a van,still bound and blindfolded (apparently they knew where I lived (but how, where my parents involved with them?)

An old man took me now hogtied, blindfolded, and gagged to my bed along with my little bitch hogtied and gagged, as well, and took some photos to us both being tied without clothes, and once he did finish, he put a note in my only desk, throw me some cut-off shorts.-"Your both mommy says you guys really look as cute as the other, good to know you both bitches blood-brothers are together." (Man I didn't actually know my bitch was my baby brother, perhaps this makes him more suitable for me, 'cause now I can ensure he really looks like me two years ago, this shall make a better pay, thought). The old man did only untie up my hands and then he got away. (Oh, well I had to untie my feet in order to do my job).

I read the note, and I was surprised about my new lab-top with a better camera and with a good battery. (Oh, boy, really I missed this kind of material).

I then went for a sandwich and cut it off into two halves, ate one, and then gave the other one to my brother, dear I wasn't sure if enjoying this so much knowing who he was now. (But he was my bitch anyway), so...
-Wake up bitch!, you have something to eat-the boy was crying, knowing that he was his older brother bitch, and so he stayed sleeping on the bed.-(I said WAKE UP!, you little BITCH!- I got angry, and so I went to my dirty-old bathroom, take an old man large mini paint brush, and introduced it into the kid's little ass.

NOOOOOO!, why brother!-Yelled the boy, and cried even louder as I got more inside-STOP IT!, PLEASE!, SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEEEEE!

"Now, you little bitch, start eating your sandwich or I'll use my knife by now." The boy began to obey my orders.

I left the paintbrush inside his ass, take a photo on his backside, showing his white legs and his little ass being fucked/another one to his front part, showing his little bound white hands on his back barely touching his little white hogtied feet fingers, as well as his little scared boy face eating his half sandwich face down hogtied in my bed, and once he did finished dealing with the sandwich, I turned him around, so he would be face up, and I so then tied his arms so hard he couldn't even move them, then I gagged him with some duct tape, and took another photo, now watching his cute abdomen, and his little pennis. And then I decided to turn him around again, so he would be laying face down to my bed, and I so put some coca in his pillow.-"Go ahead child, smell some, I wanna have a little bit more of fun with you."-The boy blew it away making sure that there was no coca in his pillow, which made me angry, so I kicked his little ass twice, which made him to fell down, next to the bed, on the floor. Then I put some more in front of him, but now I graved his head strong enough to convince him, but he anyway accidentally drugged himself with a very strong sigh. This thing caused an immediate effect on him (this made me feel quite better).

I began to record with my lab-top camera, looking after us.

I put him on the bed again, this time facing up the roof, then I untied his both legs and feet, and I decided to tie his left little white feet and knee, to my right thirteen year-old feet and knee, and so did I with both my thirteen year-old feet and knee, to his beautiful white twelve year-old feet and knee. Then I pulled the bloody paint brush out of his little ass, and so, I did introduce my pennis into his little ass, and I got inside so hard that not even the coca could allow the boy to get away from that pain (I could see this in his face)...I could actually feel his blood getting inside of me. Well, after a nice bloody hour I did decided to pull out my pennis, so I may introduce the paint brush again-"AH,AH"-whispered the being drugged boy while I was pulling my bloody pennis out of his little ass. But of course, this was not it yet.-"AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!"-Yelled the looking-like conscious back boy (damn!, the coca effects have ended), "STOP IT BROTHER!, PLEase!, IT REALLY HURtsss!"-cried the boy-"Aw, C'mon bro!, lets go for another hour"-I seduced my baby brother-"OK, but please don´t come more inside." The boy did convinced me this time, so I untied his/mine preteen boy feet/knees, and then I made a strong hogtie on him (once again), then I turn him around, so he would be laying face down to my bed. Then I opened my legs in front of his face, in a v shape, and pulled his little boy lips into my pennis and pulled him every time more inside, and after a half of an hour blowjobbing me, he asked me to blowjob him for another half of an hour (this was great he appeared to have began enjoying it, man, I was so happy that I actually spend an entire hour blowjobbing each ten minutes I got insider...and insider...and insiiiiidddeeerrr.

You know what I did actually blogged this video to, and it made us both my brother and I extremely much that I got thousand dollars in a single week! (it was really two thousand dollars, but the other half was for my narc-sponsors),This made me think very wisely about how much I would earn a week if I actually had a bigger apartment, and some more kiddies with me...

To be continued

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