A Son Finds His True Love ... His Mother
When I turned 18 I thought I knew everything but the only thing I did not know was the practical side about sex. Which I would learn soon enough from the most beautiful woman I know… my own mother. My mom showed me and was the one who truly made me a man and I loved every minute of her lessons.

My friends and I had talked about sex many times but none of us had really done anything of the sort to really know how it felt. I was versed enough in the oral exam but still lacking in the practical. One afternoon after school I had some friends over and we chatted about a sweet 19 year old latina in our class named Selena. We discussed who thought they had a shot at even getting her. We talked about how we would be to make love to her and make her moan and groan for us. Our conversation got so intense that we got a little loud and my mother overheard us. Soon after my friends left my mother came into my room. She said “I overheard your conversation about the girl in your class.” I “well… well…” I started to mumble and making all kinds of excuses but she came over and gently placed her index and middle finger on my lips and said “not to worry son, I understand how it is when your a young man and how it is to be a virgin.”

She asked “you are not sexually active yet are you? I am not wrong to presume you are a virgin right?” I was so embarrassed talking to my mother about my sex life or lack there of but with my face redder than a beet I answered. “Yes I am still a virgin!” She asked “have you ever kissed a girl?” I admitted “yes I have” but I said to her “please don’t get mad!” “Why? Why would I get mad?” “Remember when I turned 16 right?” “Yeah?” “Well truthfully I had my first and only kiss then at my party” “really? But the only girls there were your cousins Jennifer and Melanie.” “Yeah that is the problem. I kissed Jennifer” “Really? You kissed your then 21 year old cousin? I can’t say I am ok with it but at least you had your first kiss.” She smiled and said “I know how awkward it can be growing up and if you don’t mind I would just love to help you through it.” I said “dad already had the birds and the bees talk with me and that is how I know about sex.” She laughed and said “He only told you but I want to teach you.” I was curious and said “great” not knowing she will be my first and finest woman I would ever have. She said “you are so handsome and soon some lucky little girl will want you make her feel like a woman.” She continued “I will show you things and teach you things that no one else can teach you and every time you are having sex you will be a truly great lover and remember I was the one who taught you what you know. You must promise me that you will never and I mean never discuss what I teach you and it is only between the two of us.” By this time I was more than curious but not knowing what this beautiful woman was going to do I agreed.

It was only about 4:30 in the afternoon and my father would not be home until after 8:00 so I had enough time to learn and she was ready, willing and able to teach me the practical side of sex. She said “son I am going to take my time and show you things you have never seen before.” She asked me to take all my clothes off, which I hesitantly did. I was about to leave on my underwear but she shrieked “underwear too.” I said mom “Really mom? You want my underwear off?” “Don’t worry honey I will undress too.” With that she began to undress. She said “it is time for you to truly see how beautiful a woman really looks and really show you, what you and your friends talk about.” After I saw her begin to undress I started to feel so tingly between my legs and my cock started to rise

She removed her top and had a small white bra on and she asked me to unbuckle the clip in back. When I did she removed it she released 2 of the most beautiful b size breasts. Although she was in her late 30’s her breasts were still firm and her nipples were standing up hard and firm. My cock responded and I forget that this beautiful, perfect woman standing before me was my mother. She looked at me and saw my hardon and she smiled oh so sweet, but oh so sinister. She said “honey don’t be ashamed of getting turned on looking at me, I would only be worried if you were not turned on.” She continued to remove her clothes and finally pulled her pants off and standing there with only her black lace panties that gently hugged her beautiful ass and pussy curves. I could see through her panties a little and noticed that she was so clean cut. I was really turned on and so hard my cock literally jumped out to look at my woman. I had erections many times before but this one seemed to be the biggest one I had ever had.

My mom stood back and looked at me and I turned and really looked at her. My mom then said “I see that you are really a man now!” She put her right hand in front of me and held my throbbing cock. She then removed her hand and said “calm down and don’t worry I have seen you naked before.” I said “yeah when I was really young and I’ve changed a lot since then mom.” She said, “You are right, you sure have grown up since I last saw you naked and I do love what I see.” She reached down and stepped out of her panties and as she did I got a full view of her beautiful slit. It was so clean that when she raised her leg up to step out of her panties her pussy spread open and I saw her sweet pink lips. I was almost cumming as I stood there looking at my mother. She said “lay down on the bed and calm down, I want you enjoy this as long as you can. I am going to show you what a woman looks like up close and soon enough you will be ready to become a man for your mommy.” She lay down next to me on my bed and told me to lean over and she would show me things that will blow my mind.

My mother soon reached down and spread her slit with her fingers. She explained, “See, this is my vagina what you boys call a girl’s pussy, it is all pink inside and has two sets of lips like my mouth. She asked me “do you think you are ready touch it?” I nodded and reached down and felt the soft wet warmth of her pussy for the first time. She told me about her womanhood were and she jumped a little when I played with her clit and started to moan with my touches. I invaded my mother with my fingers and soon felt her juices flowing. She encouraged me to suck on her breasts. I took her left nipple into my mouth and suckled it as if I was a baby again and I could hear the moans of pleasure my mom was having as I felt her body tremble next to me.

Then my mother reached down and took my cock in her hand again and slowly stroked it. She asked “have you ever masturbated?” I nodded. She said “how would you like to cum with your mother’s touch?” I pulled away from her sweet nipple, took a deep breath and said “I would love to.” She slowly stroked my cock and it felt fantastic. My cock was throbbing and she could feel it. Her stokes became harder and faster and soon enough I was cumming. I was moaning with the feeling of pleasure my mother was giving me. Soon with the sight of my cum, the woman placed her mouth on my cock head and started to drink the juices that were flowing from me for her.

My mother then told me get on top of her and she spread her legs and took my cock and guided it so it could find its place at her hole. She told me to go ahead and put it inside her. My cock was throbbing with a little pain as it was my first time but it hurt so good. I let my cock slide inside my mother’s sweet, wet, hot hole and I could feel my mother making herself comfortable to take me. As she moaned she moved one of her hands and stroked my cock. As she pumped felt so unbelievable invading the hole that I came from and now learning from it. I began pounding it into her pussy as I got harder and could feel my cock ready to cum inside of her. My mother leaned up a little so she could see my cock sliding in and out of her, as she moaned, I felt her pussy begin to pulse and throb all around my cock. With that, my cock exploded and gush after gush of my cum up inside my lover, as she moaned again and said “I love the way you feel son, PLEASE DON’T STOP,” as her pussy griped my cock and milked it. As my cock went limp and as soon as we were able to catch our breath we lay there for a while and cuddled and kissed for about half an hour. When we really finished with each other we talked about what had just happened. She asked me “so did you enjoy what just happened?” “Oh yes mom, it was the best thing I ever felt. I loved every moment of pain. I must say you are a better kisser than Jenny was. I love you mom.” “I love you too son.” And we kissed a little more.

After our kiss broke she said that “son although this was your first time, you screwed me like a real pro, this was the best sex I ever had. You were 100% better than your father. You gave me so much more pleasure than he ever could. The only thing we missed was you eating your mama’s pussy”
We had a second round before dad got home and it gotten even better. I soon moved from having my friends over to making sure that my mother and I could have our sex time. Over the next year before I went off to college every time we had sex I made sure I would eat her pussy good and hope when I penetrate her that I would hopefully get her pregnant but to no avail I could not make her the mother of my children. Also she introduced me to the Karma Sutra so I could pleasure her even more every time we were having sex.

When I went off to college I made sure to be home every weekend. Most weekends my mother and I would be home alone the best thing that could happen to us. We both knew that my dad was cheating but we could care less because my mom and I were having the best sex ever and she was more of my lover than my mother. Her stupid husband did not even know what he was missing nor did he know that I was pleasuring his woman as she was pleasuring me.
In college I met the future my wife and mother of my children and the lessons and passion my mother and I shared was put to good use as I made that girl feel so special.
No matter what happened between my mother and I, we may not have had children but every chance we get my mother now in her late 50’s and I now in my 30’s still have mind blowing sex and enjoy every moment of passion. I learned to love my mother when I was 18 and I love her so much more now than I did back then, even though I am married father of two beautiful daughters.

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I'm Tom age 12. Dad said it's time for our father/son talk about the birds and the bees. He surprised me by saying him and mom don't love each other anymore. That they will be getting a divorce soon. He said he and mom had told each other their sexual fantasies a few years ago. Mom told him she wanted to have sex with young boys. Dad said if you want to fuck your mother it would probably be easy to get her in bed. After a long pause I said I wanted to fuck mom since I was 6. But I figured it wouldn't happen. He showed me what turns her on and how to make love. He said hurting a woman during sex gives them strong and back-to-back orgasms. He said mom likes that kind of sex. He said grab her by the hair and shove your dick in her cunt and asshole. Talk dirty to her like she's a whore. The next night I did what he said. Now we are fucking like minks on our garage roof during a downpour. Before fucking her I whipped her cunt lips with a stick. Mom was happy dad got us together. :)

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I'm Jim age 12. Mom was crying dad didn't make it home for dinner again. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. I hugged her and said I love you to the moon and back. I nibbled her ears and caressed her breasts. I said he will never change. There is no reason to keep waiting for it to happen. want you and he doesn't. I will give you the love and passion he isn't capable of. She said no you're my son. Yes but who decides who can love who? Whose rule book are you playing by? There is no one else here. Make your own rules. Still she resisted. I kept at it all night long. I slipped into the shower with her. She tried to push me away. I got on my knees and licked her beautiful pussy. I led her to her bed and made mad passionate love to her. Finally she said she wasn't going to wait on him anymore. Tonight we are making love in the trunk of our car parked in the parking lot where dad works. No one thinks to look in car trunks, in bushes or under porches. :)

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I'm Rick age 12. I have 4 little sisters Kelly 7, Candy 6, and Amy and Cindy 4. I have my sisters tied tight in the fetal position with heavy hemp rope. I blacked their eye, bloodied their noses and split their lips. I blindfolded and gagged them. I shoved small hammer handles in their cunts and assholes. I applied pain clips in all their most sensitive places. I whipped them with a lamp cord. I shoved pins under their fingernails and toenails. Mom is teaching me how to torture my sisters. I'll let them go in about a week. Now I have to do all this to mom, my school teacher Angela, school principal Margaret, mayor's wife Angie and the wife of the police chief Millie. When I get them all fucked up I'll hang them from the rafters in the garage. They are pain addicts. But at least I get some fun out of it. I get to fuck their kids until it's time to let the ladies go. Millie's four year old triplet girls could suck all the rust off a battleship. They are horny 24/7. :)

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Loved this story, I actually came , with out jerking. Been there, done that. But, quite a few years ago. Memories, oh my. Thanks.

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oh man i want to fuck my mom hearing this wish every mom let her son to fuck..

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