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Fictional story about a long period of time
Candice was a nice girl. She always made good grades in school, and never got into any trouble. All of her family said she was the perfect child. Her 14th birthday was just around the corner, and she was very excited. Unbeknownst to her, her family and her boyfriend Sam had planned a surprise party for her. They would always do nice things for her. Her father was a very prominent lawyer in a big city, and her mother was an emergency room doctor at one of the university hospitals. Needless to say, they weren’t hurting for anything. No matter how busy her parents were, they always made time for their perfect daughter. With just a week until her birthday, they were especially busy with their careers and the party.

At school, she was a very popular girl, head cheerleader, and dated the football team captain. She was always getting stared at by all the boys because she had grown so much in the past year. Just last year, she had knobby knees and was flat chested. This year, she had blossomed. Her first menstrual cycle came during the summer. Her mother had rented a limousine, and had taken her to a very fancy restaurant and bought her a new wardrobe. “Now that you are becoming a woman, you need to act and dress as one” her mother told her. In the short 7 months since that day she has developed B cup breasts, and has slimmed down to that nice coca cola bottle shape. Her blonde hair is shoulder length and matches perfect with her bright blue eyes. Her appearance is very important to her, so she only wears name brand clothes and keeps her hair styled in the latest fashion. Even when she is in a hurry, she makes sure her hair and makeup is done. Lots of people have said that if they were to compare her to anyone, it would be Marilyn Monroe. Whenever she walked into the room she was always getting looks from all the boys in her class, and she even caught a teacher looking a time or two.

The week before her birthday party went by very quickly, and Saturday had come before she knew it. That night she was supposed to go out with her boyfriend to a movie and then dinner, anything she wanted. She chose to go and see the newest chick flick at the theater, and without a single complaint Sam sat through the whole movie, and actually started to enjoy it. This made Candice very happy. She had chosen to go to her favorite restaurant near her house, some small caf?hat served foreign foods and expensive coffee. On the way there, Sam made a wrong turn “by accident” and just happened to wind up very close to her house. He said he needed to stop and use the bathroom real quick at her house and she made no objections. It was cold that night as it was in November, so she decided to go in and get her sweater. When she walked through the door,

All of her family and closest friends jumped out to greet her. She was in shock and amazement as to how everyone could have planned this without her knowing about it. They all came up to her one by one to give her kisses and hugs and to wish her a happy birthday. Her friends all gave her the gifts they had brought for her and she opened each one with enthusiasm. Her favorite gift was the one Sam had brought her, that brand new mp3 player that she had been wanting. Her parents were the last one to give her their gift, a personal vacation to Australia all expenses paid. This would be her first time away from home by herself. She was so exited. Her plane would leave in two weeks during her winter break. After the party, she and Sam continued with their plans to go to the little caf?own the street. Her face was just illuminating with delight and surprise on the way there that Sam couldn’t help but to smile.

They arrived at the caf?nd went in to sit down. Sam had made arrangements for the staff to reserve her favorite table in the far back of the dining room in the corner. He had set up for them to light some romantic candles for their dinner. When they had made their way to the back of the restaurant, the candles were lit, and there was two wine glasses there with a bottle of sparkling grape juice in a bucket of ice. As they sat down, their song came on.

“This is so romantic” she said

He just sat there with a slight grin, as he knew that this was going to be one of those nights she wouldn’t soon forget. When the waiter came up she ordered her favorite dish. When they were done with their main course, they ordered dessert. Sam had gone down to the local bakery and had a black rose cake specially made for her with HAPPY BIRTHDAY printed on the stem. The waiter brought out the cake and she could barely contain her happiness. She loved the cake so much she didn’t want to even cut into it, however they did. It was her favorite cake, chocolate cake with strawberry icing dyed black to color the rose. After the cake, they ordered some Italian coffee to top off the meal and dessert. Once they were done with the coffee, they left the caf?o go for one more surprise.

Sam asked Candice to close her eyes as he drove so the surprise would be better. I know what you’re thinking; she’s only 14, so how is this guy driving? Well her mother met Sam and liked him so she let them go out. They have been together now for over 3 years and they are both still virgins. They made the pact to stay virgins until marriage, so it would be something special both could share. And as true love is, they have both stayed true to their vow, and neither has lost their virginity. While Sam is driving, Candice thinks back to how they both met and the night they both realized they were in love. As Candice is reminiscing, she begins to smile ever so softly. Sam glances over and sees this very sensuous smile and begins to think to the future. Secretly he is planning to ask her to marry him as soon as she gets back from her trip. He begins to smile as he pictures her face glowing from the rush of the past few weeks. As he pulls into the gravel road where her next surprise awaits Candice realizes that they have turned off of the main road and is wondering why. Excitement builds as they slowly pull down the path getting closer to their destination. Her eyes still shut, the car pulls to a halt and she hears Sam open his door. Next, she feels her door being opened for her, yet she keeps her eyes closed as asked. Sam leads her to a spot not far from the car. He tells her he will be right back and to keep her eyes closed and she agrees. She can hear water flowing to her left and birds chirping to her right. She feels the heat from the engine of the car in front of her and the cold chill of the November night behind her. Suddenly she hears soft music coming from the radio of the car and then Sam’s door shut. His arms wrap around her from the back and she melts into them. She asks if she can open her eyes and Sam agrees to let her. As she does she is greeted with the rush of her sudden eyesight being restored to her. As her eyesight is coming back to her, she notices where she is. This is the little spot on the river where they had their first picnic. With Sam behind her and his arms wrapped around her in a loving embrace, they begin rhythmically swaying with the music. She turns to him and they hold each other and kiss ever so softly. They are both caught up in the moment and fall ever so much more in love. They danced and kissed for what seemed like hours.

When they decided it was getting late, Sam led her to the door of the car and opened it for her as any gentleman should. She took her place in the car and waited for him to enter. Just as Sam was reaching for the door handle Candice heard the most disheartening sound she had ever heard.


This was the sound of Sam getting hit with an aluminum baseball bat in the back of the head. Just after she heard this, she saw Sam’s head come through the driver side window, shattering it to a million pieces. Whatever was happening to him just kept going. As he was sliding down the door, the same sound was resounding, with more and more force. She realized what was going on; Sam was getting beaten with that bat. She immediately began to let out the most blood curdling scream as she was reaching for her cell phone to call the police. As she was dialing 911 the horror that she didn’t know exactly where she was hit her like a ton of bricks. Just as she dropped the cell phone and began to open the door to run, she became aware that the sounds had stopped. She heard nothing at all in fact. She called Sam’s name, but he didn’t answer. She slowly opened the door and stood up. She looked around and didn’t see anyone, so she slowly walked around the front of the car to take a look at Sam. He was beaten very badly and barely hanging on to life. His breaths were bubbly and he was groaning from the pain. She looked for his keys, but couldn’t find them. They weren’t in the ignition of the car and not in his pockets. She told Sam to hang in there and she was going to get some help. Just as she stood and turned to run toward the road there was a searing pain in the left side of her head.

As she woke up, the horror of what had happened set in again. She began to scream as she realized that she didn’t know where she was. It was a dark room with cement walls and a very low ceiling. The floor was dirty with feces and what smelled like a combination of urine, blood, and vomit. She was wearing her sweater and white cotton panties. She had no idea where her pants were, but that was the last of her worries right now. Right now she needed to figure out where she was and how she could get away. Searching frantically for a door or window, she came across a metal hatch along the third wall. She was very disoriented as the room was almost pitch black. She felt the hatch from top to bottom and side to side and found no way to open the door. As she started to bang on the door, the door flew open and hit her in the forehead, sending her flying backwards onto the dirty floor. As she regained her bearings she caught the first glimpse of her assailant. She couldn’t make out any distinguishing marks, but she did see that he was approximately 6’2” tall and heavy, he had to be around 350 pounds. She could tell he was bald and he seemed to walk with a limp.

“Shut the fuck up and listen to me, bitch!”

She did exactly what he said.

“If you ever want to get out of this alive, then you will do exactly what I tell you and say nothing about it. Do you understand me?”

She nodded.

“You will eat when I say, you will sleep when I say, and you will fuck when I say. Do you got that?”

Again, she nodded, but this time she began to sob as she thought about how her virginity was sacred to her. Sam and she had planned to lose their virginity together on their honeymoon, and now that plan is ruined.

“I said, shut the fuck up! I don’t want to hear that goddamned sobbing bullshit!”

With that said he raised his hand, balled his fist, and punched her right in the forehead. The only thing she remembers is the bright light from being punched and the pain of hitting the floor very hard.

When she woke again, the room was dark. Darker this time it seemed. She began to stand up, but lost her balance and fell hard on the floor, landing on her right knee. Hearing the noise, the beast of a man went to the hatch and opened it, carefully this time. The light flooded the room and she winced at the pain it struck in her eyes. She dared not to make a noise or cry for fear of being hit once again. She had a searing pain in her head, worse than a migraine headache. Her eyesight was coming back to her and she was able to see more of this mammoth man. He was white, probably in his late twenties or early thirties, bald, and had a long goatee. Candice was trying to remember everything she could about this man for she was to tell the police whenever she got out of this, better yet, IF she got out of this.

“Do you know what’s happening?”

She shook her head yes.

“If you do as I say, you will eventually be able to leave here, and in one piece.”

Candice shook her head yes and looked to the floor, wanting to cry. She knew what would happen if she did, so she decided to just keep quiet.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“Candice” she replied.

“Well Candice, people call me Repoman. You might want to get used to calling me that, because you will be here for a while. Now let me ask you a question Candice, are you still a virgin?”

“Yes” she replied, with a whimper in her voice.

“I have brought you here to get you pregnant, and have the baby. My wife and I cannot have any kids and there are no babies in the system to adopt. We have been looking for candidates all over, and you caught our eye. You are smart, beautiful, and wealthy. Now if you behave, maybe we can eventually take you from this room and into something more suitable, but if you do anything stupid, that possibility will be lost. You will stay in this room for a while so that when and if you are to leave this room, you will appreciate where you go then and you won’t want to come back here. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Candice replies wearily.

“Well then, I guess the time has come for you to lose your virginity.”

Candice begins to cry. The man leaves the room and shuts the hatch behind him. Candice thinks about Sam and wonders if he is okay. She thinks back to all the plans and promises made, and it makes her fall deeper into depression. She thinks of ramming her head into the concrete wall over and over to try to kill herself, but decides that it would only knock her out. She thinks of trying to fight the man off and maybe he would just kill her if she was too much to handle, but she again decides against that as she wants to see her family and Sam again. However, she does decide not to give her virginity away without a fight. Just as she stops crying, the hatch opens yet again. She is shocked to see two people in the bright light this time. She sees the man called Repoman, and she also sees a woman. The woman looks to be also in the late twenties, with short hair, and probably 145 pounds.

“Candice, its time.” he says in a deep voice.

As Candice thinks about what is about to happen she gets sick to her stomach. Suddenly she vomits, and the man and woman laugh at her.

“It will only hurt for a few minutes.” the woman says.

“If you relax, you just might enjoy it, hell, I’ve never had any complaints.” Repoman says with a chuckle in his voice.

The woman snickers at this last statement.

“Trust me honey, he knows what he’s doing.” the woman says.

Just then, the man lunges for her, and knocks her to the floor. He begins kissing her and groping her breasts. Candice tries to push him away and turns her head away from him. She grabs his hands and tries to force them from her chest. She is no match for him. He overpowers her every move. He grabs her hands and puts them together then slams them to the floor and holds them there. He leans in again and tries to kiss her yet again, but she turns again. The hulk of a man seems to be getting frustrated and let’s go. Candice thinks she has successfully avoided the attack this time, but quickly learns otherwise as she is slapped so hard she begins to bleed. Shocked from the impact of the hit she stops resisting.

“I told you that you wouldn’t get hurt if you did what you were told, but you didn’t fucking listen. Stop fucking fighting it and let it happen. You might as well get used to it, because it’s going to happen on a regular basis before and after you get pregnant.” he screams at her.

With this being said, he goes to kiss her again without restraining her, and is successful. He reaches out for her breasts and touches them with no resistance. He makes his way down to her white cotton panties to the soft pink mound between her legs. She winces at his touch, but does not put up any resistance. He sits her up and takes off her sweater to reveal her white cotton, b cup bra. He gets excited at the sight of the 14 year old girl on the dirty floor in nothing but her bra and underwear. As he is excited he feels the fabric of his pants holding his huge erection back. Candice glances over to the woman in the corner looking at what was happening. She was shocked to see the woman sitting in the corner with her pants around her ankles and her fingers up to her palm in her sopping wet pussy.

“Take off my pants, bitch!”

Candice reluctantly complies. She reaches out and grabs his belt and tugs at the buckle finally freeing it. Then she pulls at the button of his jeans popping it loose. Finally she reaches for his zipper and unzips it all the way down freeing his manhood. She gasps at the sheer size of it as she has never seen a real live cock before. Truthfully, it scares her to death because she knows that there is no way that thing will fit into her tiny virgin hole.

“Put it in your mouth. And if I feel any pressure or teeth, I will break your fucking neck, do you hear me!”

She nodded and opened her mouth as wide as it could go. She slowly put her mouth over the head of it and immediately started gagging at the horrible thought of putting his cock in her mouth. He reached down and forced her head toward him making her take it all in. She gagged and felt the bile and vomit come halfway up her throat. She pushed him backward and he let her so she could catch her breath. The thought of her chocolate and strawberry black rose cake all over his cock made her even queasier. At this thought she finally vomited all over the floor. He threw her a bottle of water and told her to rinse out her mouth and spit it on the floor then take a swallow.

Meanwhile the woman in the corner was watching intently and the thought of him making her take all of his cock in her mouth and down her throat made her cum. She rubbed furiously on her engorged clit and was ramming her fingers in her well lubed pussy. As she was ramming her fingers in as fast as she could she had an earth shaking, juice squirting orgasm. With pussy juice all over her hands and puddling on the floor beneath her glistening pussy, she sat there shuddering. Repoman looked over and saw what she was doing and went over and put his cock in her face. She looked up at him and took it in willingly with a hunger for his cock that would rival starvation in a foreign country. Acting like she had to have his cock in her mouth just turned him on so much that he was on the verge of blowing his load. The woman felt his cock swelling in her mouth and took him all the way down to his balls and began licking his balls with his cock down her throat. She stuck her index finger in her pussy to get it lubed up enough to slide in his ass with ease. Positioning her finger on the tight little sphincter she wiggled it in and quickly found his prostate. She began rubbing it in time with his thrusts and he pulled out his cock from her throat and let his kids go all over her face. She was gasping for air and holding her mouth open to catch all of the cum she could so she could swallow it and waste none. After he had spent his load, she looked at his cock and saw a little cum remaining on it and took it in again to clean him completely off. With this task completed he turned his attention back to the dirty little bitch on the other side of the room.

“Are you done puking now?” he asked.

“I think so” she retorted.

He made his way to the other side of the room and told her to open wide and she complied. He grabbed the back of her head and forced her face to the base of his cock. She gagged a little but he didn’t budge. He held it there for what seemed like eternity. When she was done gagging he began to move it in and out. You could see the bulge in her throat where his cock was moving in and out. She thought it was going in her lungs as they were on fire. He pulled out just as she thought she was going to black out long enough for her to get some air, and then he was back in fucking her throat. As she was squirming and gagging and turning red from lack of air, the vibrations of her whines was the icing on the cake and he shoved his cock as far as it would go and let his second load go. She had no choice but to swallow every drop as his cock was deep in her throat.

Once he was done raping her throat, he turned his attention to the sweet little cherry between her legs. He called his wife over and reminded Candice that if she did anything stupid that she would regret it. She got down between her legs and began licking the thin fabric of her white cotton panties. A wet spot formed at the spot that was her virgin entry hole. When she had enough of tasting her panties, she moved them to the side and tongued her sweet clit. The taste of her juices and the smell of her innocence were too much to bear. She then began to lick up and down like she was eating an ice cream cone. Candice began to moan a little and grind into her face with every lick. She then stuck in her pinky to get her ready for more fingers, moving it in and out slowly. Once she had relaxed a little, she pulled out her pinky and stuck in her middle finger. Still licking her clit, she moved her middle finger in and out and round and round. She found her hymen about halfway in, and confirmed that she was still a virgin. This brought a grin to her face as she was thinking what her husband was going to do to that tight little pussy once she had her primed. She searched for the g spot in the tight little honey hole. She finally found it, and began rubbing it furiously while licking her clit and outer lips. It was too much for Candice to bear and she had her first orgasm. Pussy juice flooded her tight hole and ran down Repoman’s wife’s hand and down her butt crack and wound up on the floor. This made Candice very upset to think that she could have an orgasm at a time like this and she began to cry again. That didn’t sway the couple’s intentions not one bit. The woman stood up and looked at her husband, smiled and then went over to him and kissed him very deeply. He could taste the juices in her mouth. He grabbed her hand and began sucking her fingers to clean off any remaining juices that were left. His cock was standing at full attention after watching his wife just make a 14 year old virgin girl have her first orgasm while being raped.

He headed her way, and Candice knew what was going to happen next. As he knelt beside her, he reached for her panties and she shied away. He grabbed her leg and pulled it violently toward him giving her the meanest look she had ever seen. She knew he meant business.

“Open your fucking legs bitch, or I will hit you again. I’m losing my patience with your stupid ass.” he yells.

He reached down and grabbed her panties by the crotch and yanked them hard away from her. With a rip and a scream they were torn away revealing her luscious virgin pussy. He couldn’t wait to get inside of her. He leaned his head toward her pussy and welled up a spit wad, and spit on her pussy to get it wet. He rubbed the head of his cock on her wet slit to make it just a little easier to get in, then positioned the head at her tight little young virgin hole. He slowly slid the head of his cock in and it wouldn’t go any further. He pulled it out and slid it in a little more intently this time and made no progress. Feeling frustrated, he pulled out and shoved it back in with force. He went about halfway in and it stopped. There was something blocking his passage, and he knew what it was, it was her hymen. This brought a smile to his face. He reared back and shoved his cock in with all of his force. Candice let out a horrified scream from all of the pain and burning in her pussy and he ripped her hymen to pieces. As she was screaming, Repoman began laughing and then pulled his bloody cock all the way out and rammed it in to the hilt. She was screaming still from the fire in her no longer a virgin pussy. She thought back again to what she had planned with Sam, and realized now that all that was lost, forever. She began crying again and he slammed into her repeatedly. His cock was ramming her so hard she was slowly sliding across the floor. She could have sworn that the head of her cock was hitting the bottom of her stomach.

As all of this was going on the woman in the corner had gotten a chair from outside the hatch and turned it upside down and began riding the leg of it. Seeing her husband take the virginity from this vulnerable little girl was turning her into a sex maniac. As she was riding the leg of this chair she began feeling those intense waves of pleasure again. With the leg of the chair squeezed into her wet pussy she was moving up and down as if she was on a pogo stick. She was going into the first of many orgasms with the chair in her, and as this first orgasm hit her she began slamming herself down on the leg of the chair. This just sent her overboard and a wave of multiple orgasms flooded her body. She began shuddering and shivering as she was overcome with ecstasy. Once the wave of pleasure had subsided she sat there for a moment regaining her composure. She slowly slid herself off of the leg of the chair. There was a small trail of pussy juice and traces of blood running down the side of her leg. She found the torn white cotton panties, sniffed them, and then proceeded to wipe the juices and blood from her leg and pussy.

Repoman could take no more as the tight wet pussy that surrounded his cock began to spasm as Candice had her first intercourse orgasm. She let out a few quiet moans between the loud sobs of sadness. He felt the wetness from the orgasm and let out a long loud groan as he spit his seed deep into her womb. He shuddered as he spent his load into the deflowered young girl. He pulled out his cock and let the pool of pussy juice, blood, and semen pool on the ground beneath her. Candice just laid there taking in all that had just happened, still sobbing and crying.

As he got up, Candice slid over to the corner and pulled her knees up to her chest and put her head down between them. He walked over to his wife and told her how good she was, and this in turn, turned her on yet again. She reached down and grabbed his cock and told him that she needed it, hell she craved it.

“Get your ass over here you little bitch!” the woman yelled out.
“I want you to eat my pussy while he’s fucking me. Lay down and put you head between my legs and lick my pussy just like I did to you.” The woman instructed.

Candice did as told. The woman straddled her face, and squatted down to make sure Candice was able to do what she was told. She then bent forward so that she was on her hands and knees, and started licking the fluids from Candice’s pussy. As she was leaning forward, Repoman came up from behind his wife, and slammed his cock into her. She let out a moan so deep he could tell she really needed it. He began slamming into her just like he had Candice. She began moaning and writhing, and grinding into him like a bitch in heat. The more she did that the harder he slammed her. From time to time he would pull his cock out and force it into Candice’s mouth and down her throat. His wife began to get louder and louder and was breathing so hard she was almost panting. He knew she was almost ready to cum. He pulled out his cock and placed it at the opening of her asshole and slammed it into her. She let out a scream loud enough to wake the dead. Candice winced as the scream pierced her ears. Repoman just looked down and smiled as he knew what was about to happen. He pulled out and slammed back into her with a vengeance, and his wife just grunted this time. She was adjusting to the size of his cock nicely. As he was reaming her ass with his huge cock, Candice was licking furiously at the growing rosebud that was turning red at the top of the wife’s pussy. With all the action going on, Repoman’s wife was at the top of her climax chain. As he rammed his bulging cock into her one more time, an explosion of passion was going on. First the wife let loose a spray of pussy juice and drool, and then Candice came furiously with her fluids leaking out onto his wife’s tongue and the dirty floor. Next, Repoman couldn’t stand it anymore and he blew his load half in his wife’s ass and the rest on Candice’s face. Surprisingly, Candice was licking the remainder out of the reamed anus and whatever was dripping across her pussy. Once all was done, Repoman stepped back and his wife got up, and they slowly grabbed their clothes and made their way back to the metal hatch leading to the hallway, shutting and locking it on the way out. Candice was left on the dirty floor, naked, shivering, crying, and in disbelief. She drifted off to an exhaustive sleep thinking of all the things she had just been a part of.

When Candice woke up, the first thing she noticed was the smell of dried blood and semen in the air. While she was sleeping, she didn’t seem to move from the spot where she had passed out in. She slowly sat up and was quite dizzy. As she slowly regained her steady feet, she stood up and all at once she felt some kind of fluid running down her leg. She reached her hand down to get a sample and brought her hand to her face. Upon first inspection, she didn’t know what it was, but later figured that it was semen. She couldn’t believe how much was draining from inside her. All she could think of was the amount had to be gallons. She found her sweater over in a corner torn to shreds, and used it to clean herself as best as she could. Once she was done, she made her way to the chair in the corner that was used for something that was way away from what it was supposed to be used for, flipped it right side up, and sat down. As she sat there, there was a rush of what had just happened a few short hours ago. She began to think about how she was forced to suck cock for the first time, and how she was raped by a woman and a man at the same time, and sadly how she kind of liked it. She was shocked by this realization.

“Oh my god, what have they done to me? They have made me into a whore.” She thought to herself.

How could she ever explain this to Sam and her parents?

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2016-11-05 06:02:10
You had a good idea for a story but your writing is not very fluid. It kind of reminds me of how a person talks who is out of breath after running along distance.

On your next story, try reading it out loud and you will hear what I mean. Please keep working on the story, I like what you're doing with the characters. :)

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2012-07-03 18:10:28
Im Sam's father and just to let you know .. Repo man was tied to the railroad tracks around the curve as was raped by an NS westbound grain train yesterday.

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2011-06-28 00:30:21
It was the worst story ever it fuckin sucked asshole

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I liked it please put up part two

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