A teenage girl catches her father reading porn and wants to experience what she sees in his magazine.
His Secret Girlfriend

I can still remember my first sexual encounter with my father, we were home alone and both bored. My mother was working nights and there was a storm that going on had knocked out the cable TV so my father said he was going to go to bed and have an early night. I said I was going to listen to the radio for a bit, he told me make sure I turned everything off before I went to bed and then he went upstairs. I stayed downstairs for about another hour and then I also went up to my room where I changed into my nightclothes, which consisted of a long baggy t-shirt and of course my knickers. I then went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and to take the ponytails out of my hair. I stood in front of the mirror and lifted my t-shirt and looked at my tennis-ball-sized developing breasts. I sometimes wished they were larger because some of the other girls in my class had bigger ones but I didn't mind that much. As I was studying my breasts, I could hear the bedsprings squeaking in my parent's bedroom. I was curious to know what was making the noise so I opened the bathroom door and crept down the landing on tiptoes. The door was slightly ajar and when I looked in I saw my father lying on the bed, naked except for the underpants around his thighs, glancing through a porno magazine. I could see the picture he was staring at showed a colour picture of a young girl about my age with her legs spread obscenely on a bed with a man standing over her masturbating. I was slightly shocked at the sight because I had never seen pictures like those before. My knowledge of sex amounted to biology lessons in school, some mutual fondling with a few boys my age in the back seats of the cinema, and my own masturbation experiences. As I watched I felt a tingle of excitement in my pussy as I looked at my father slowly wanking himself off as he looked at the pictures. My father turned the page and it showed a picture of the girl smiling broadly with thick, white spunk covering her face, in her hair and dripping off her chin. As I watched my father slowly stroked his cock, I couldn't help staring at him moving his hand up and down his rigid shaft, his total concentration was on the picture of the girl in the magazine, her young pussy spread wide in front of the man seeming to enjoy being the centre of attention. His total concentration was on that picture of the young naked girl and he was so much into what he was doing with his cock that he didn't see or hear me. I just stood in the partially open doorway and watched. Although I had seen boys naked before, I had never seen a boy let alone a man masturbate. I felt a tingling between my legs and a strong need to touch myself there. I put my hand down the front of my cotton knickers but before I could put a finger into my pussy hole, my father turned and he saw me looking at him. "What are you doing Jenny " he asked me, quickly pulling his underpants up and over his swollen cock. "I should ask you the same thing" I said quickly. I could see that he was embarrassed and I was relieved as it appeared that this gave me the upper hand. The porno magazine was still open on the bed, "What are reading Daddy, show me, I want to see your book or I'll tell mum I saw you playing with yourself.." I said to him, I noticed a look of reluctance on his face in addition to the obvious embarrassment of having been caught. I think then he realized that there wasn't a lot he could do now that I had seen him. "Okay, but you have to look at it here in this room." I stretched out on my stomach on my parents bed, the book was on a pillow in front of me. The book was foreign but it was obvious from the pictures that it was devoted to sex between young girls and older men. I turned to the first page and I saw a full page picture of a young girl, her hands holding the lips of her young cunt open wide while an old man fingered her hole. As I turned through the book, I saw various sex scenes, I stopped on one page that had a picture of an adult male laying on his back, with a girl that looked about 13 or so straddling him, his huge cock was about three-quarters of the way up her hairless cunt. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed. A look of ecstacy covered her face. "Wow, Daddy his willy is so big. How does she get him in there?" I asked in amazement. "Well, when the girl gets excited her vagina gets all wet and this lubricates him." I had never thought of my father in a sexual way before, but laying here and looking at his sex book, remembering him wanking his hard cock had began to turn me on. I turned to the page where the girl had the spunk all over her face and responded with an "Oh, that's so dirty, I don't think I could do anything like that". The next page had a picture of a man doing it doggie style with a girl about my age. In the photo across from it, the man had gotten off, spewing his cum all over the girls smooth, young arse. "Now that isn't so bad, ", I said, staring at the picture longer that any of the others. "Have you ever done it with a girl as young as that before?" I asked my father, "No, but I have thought about what it would be like to have a girlfriend like that, I can't explain it I just like looking at young girls " he replied.

I could feel the sexual electricity in the air, I was turned on but I wasn't sure what to do because I was so excited by the book and what I had seen my father doing. I said "Do you like me daddy?". He said "Of course I do honey you're my daughter and I love you". I wasn't sure if he had misunderstood what I had meant or if he was trying to move the subject away from sexual matters so I decided to just ask him straight if he ever thought of me in a sexual way. "Daddy, do you ever think about me the way you do about the girls in your books". He looked shocked and looked away, "I mean after all I'm just like the girls in your books aren't I?, I'm about the same age as them, do you think I'm as sexy as they are daddy?" I was still laying on the bed and I looked over my shoulder at him, then he looked back at me and then his eyes dropped and I could see that he was staring at the shape of my cute round knicker covered arse. My legs were slightly apart and bent up at the knees so that he could see the smooth white of my inner thighs. I said "It's okay daddy, I don't mind you looking at me, you can touch me as well if you want to". He said "Are you sure honey" I looked over my shoulder and smiled at him and nodded my head, he slowly reached out and placed his hand on the inside of my thigh just below the crutch of my knickers and softly squeezed. When I didn't pull away or tell him to stop he began to gently stroke my arse through the fabric of my knickers. I had only ever let one boy touch me like this before and I felt tingles in my belly and pussy. I moaned gently and told him I liked what he was doing, his hand inched it's way down and between my legs so that he was now just an inch from the crutch of my knickers. I looked over my shoulder at him again and I could see that his penis was hard because the end was sticking out from the top of his underpants. I looked at his cock and knew him touching my arse and thighs was really turning me on so I decided perhaps we could both have a little fun. I looked back at the pictures in the book and so some photos of a man wanking himself off over a young girl caught my eye. I showed him the pictures and told him that I wanted to see him him to play with his penis like the man in the book and I laid on my back on the bed and I lifted my T shirt up and pulled my bra off exposing my small firm breasts to his gaze as I watched him pull his underpants down. I looked at his penis and it was pointing straight from his body up as he began to gently stroke himself. I said "Wow Daddy your cock is so big" my father said "It's you that has made it like that baby, you've made it hard because seeing and touching you is so exciting for me". I couldn't help staring at his cock, I had never seen a real penis up close before let alone seen a man wanking and it fascinated me, I then opened my thighs so he could see my knicker covered crutch and he knelt between my open legs and began to stroke his hard cock. I had to stop myself from reaching out and grabbing hold of my father's penis. He smiled at me and said "I've seen you turning into a young woman right before my eyes and you're so beautiful, I've dreamed of doing this honey so many times". The mental image of my father wanking himself off whist thinking of me was such a turn on but it felt a bit strange to actually have my own father kneeling between my thighs rubbing his penis just inches from my pussy. His cock looked so hard and I knew that what we were doing was wrong but I began to get really turned on by it and I told him I wanted him to shoot his sperm all over me and I lifted my skirt so that my knickers were fully exposed to him. His wanking strokes quickened and I began to feel very wet between my legs as I watched him stroking his hard cock. I told him I wanted him to come all over my knickers, he told me to open my legs wide and he moved right between my thighs until his penis was just inches from the damp crutch of my knickers. He began to rub his cock over my crutch and thighs as he wanked and I could feel his hot, hard cock through the thin cotton fabric covering my pussy. He was pushing at my crutch with his cock, I think he was actually trying to push it inside me through my knickers and it felt wonderful to have his cock so close to my young teenage cunt. I moaned " I hope that you are going to cum soon Daddy, I know it's naughty but my pussy is all hot and wet thinking about seeing you squirting all your sperm over my knickers". He said "Oh honey you're such a naughty girl your making your daddy want to do dirty things to you" and he began pushing himself hard against my crutch with his cock. I saaid "Oh daddy I hope your not trying to put your willy inside me, you know that's very naughty, whatever would mummy say if she knew you tried to fuck your own daughter, " this must have drove him over the edge because he let out a cry, closed his eyes and then I felt a wet splash on my thighs, I looked down and I could see a thick line of warm sperm over my thigh just below my knickers, I looked up and saw his penis throbbing in his hand and then another thick silvery grey streak of sperm splashed up over my belly. I squealed with delight at the sight and feel of my father's cum spilling over me and said "Oh Daddy that feels so nice and dirty, soak my school knickers, soak your naughty little girl with your sperm ". He then pointed his cock at my knickers and continued stroking his cock and I watched as his spunk squirted out of him again and again, I could feel the heat from his semen as he coated my knickers with lots of his slimey warm cum, most of it went over my thighs and knickers.Slowly the flow of semen from his penis stopped and I was streaked with long sticky ropes of sperm. I couldn't believe how much semen he had squirted over me, I was a mess, I ran my fingers through the spunk that was still sticking to my young body, it felt thick and warm and I felt incredibly dirty. He asked me if I had liked watching him wanking, I said yes it was lovely. He reached down and rubbed all the spunk into my knickers, I felt a heat stirring deep inside my teenage cunt and I knew I had to play some more of these sex games with my dad..

I reached down and gently stroked his softening cock, it throbbed as I wrapped my little hand around it and his spunk ran slowly down my body to my crutch when I sat up and continued rubbing his sticky penis with my hand. I told him he could touch me if he wanted to, he reached out and began to stroke the front of my cum soaked knickers and rubbed his sperm into the thin cotton fabric covering my young vagina. It felt really nice as we laid there on the bed rubbing each other then his fingers slid beneath the leg band of my cotton knickers. I could feel the moistness of my vagina as his finger gently caressed my pussy lips, 'Mmmm... That feels good!" I said softly as I read the book. My father started to pull down my knickers but I pulled away from him and told him to stop it, "But they're just in the way!" he protested "Daddy I don't mind having a little bit of fun with you but I am not ready to do it... like you know... all the way yet, especially with my own father". He seemed disappointed and to tell the truth I was tempted to let him take my virginity there and then but something stopped me. "We don't have to do it all the way, Jen. Just tell me when to stop if it hurts or anything". "Uh, well, I liked what you were doing before, you know, when you were feeling me down there". He reached out and pushed his hand down the front of my knickers, I opened my legs and let him push his fingers into me and we started to kiss passionately. We were both kissing passionately and fondling each others genitals, he rolled me onto my back and pulled my knickers to one side and stared at my pussy mound from the front. He began to rub the almost invisible patch of soft, blonde pubic hair growing just above my soaking crack. I stroked his big cock, rubbing it's hot length against my thigh, he put his mouth over one of my small teenage tits and took the whole thing in his mouth, teasing the nipple with his tongue. He continued his fingering of my cunt, I moaned loudly and thrust my hips up and down causing his fingers to go very deeply into my cunt. I felt a sharp hot pain as his fingers sank into my depths, it hurt but I didn't care, I pushed myself hard onto his fingers sending them deeply into my body. It didn't really hurt at all and I wondered what a cock would feel like inside my vagina, my father seemed to sense this and placed his rigid cock against the opening of my hole. Before I knew what was happening I felt myself begin to fill up and stretch and I looked down my body and saw that my father's penis was between my legs and realised that my virgin cunt had swallowed half of his cock inside it and I could feel that he was trying to push the rest of it right up inside me. I could see and feel that it was already half way inside my tight pussy and it felt wonderful to have his penis inside me but it also felt sort of kinky so I looked into my father's eyes and said "You must stop it Daddy, we're not supposed to be doing this, I'm too young and it's naughty, you know you shouldn't fuck your own daughter, what if mummy caught us?" He looked directly into my eyes and said "Don't worry baby, mummy won't be home for hours and I won't tell her if you won't, this can be our little secret, I'll stop if you want to but I think you want me to fuck you don't you honey". I nodded my head and then parted my legs until they were obscenely spread so that he could have full access to my vagina. He rubbed the head of his cock along my soaking teenage pussy lips and then he pushed the end back inside me and slowly sank the full length of his cock deeply into my young tight vagina. As I felt myself fill up with his penis my feet went up in the air and I lifted my arse off the bed and cried out. His cock felt wonderful, it was deep inside my tight pussy and my arse began humping back at him in response to the strokes of his cock. as he began really hammering it into me, I could feel his heavy balls slapping against my bare arse. The sperm that he had shot over my body stuck to us both soaking us as we ground our crutches against each other. He whispered "Your little pussy feels so nice and tight on my cock, do you like it honey?" I gasped "Yes it feels so big inside me, it hurts a bit but I don't care, please keep fucking me daddy, fuck your little girl hard". This seemed to spur him on and he began slamming his penis into me so hard, deep and fast that it really hurt. He began to bite my small breasts hard as he fucked me and I put my hands on his buttocks and tried to pull him deeper inside me. Our bodies were slapping against each other as he fucked me hard and fast, I could feel the sweat on his back as he ground his penis into my tight teenage cunt. He moaned "Oh baby I've been wanting to do this for so long, you're such a horny little thing, I've had so many wanks imaging how hot your tight little pussy would feel on my cock and now I can't believe it's mine". I couldn't believe the things I was hearing my father say. I found it such a turn on to hear him say he had been fantasising about fucking me, his own daughter, it really turned me on know that he had been thinking about me when he was wanking himself off. He told me he would have to stop soon because he was going to cum and I looked up into his eyes as he started to pull his hard cock from out of my body and I knew that I wanted him to carry on and go all the way with me so I wrapped my long young legs around his back and I could feel my father's penis deep inside my belly. I cried out in lust "Please don't stop Daddy, I've let you take my virginity and I want you to go all the way, I want to feel you coming inside me so just keep fucking me and give your little girl all your spunk daddy, give it to me now ". Only the tip of his penis was inside me but he began to stab it deeply into my belly, I felt his cock hitting my cervix as he fucked me and and I began squeezing my father's penis with my vaginal muscles, I pulled him close to me and he moaned "Oh baby you're such a naughty girl, but if you want it honey here it comes, here's your Daddy's spunk, Oh yes take it baby it's all for you" and he began to shudder and shake and I could feel his cock beginning to throb and then it started pulsing wildly as he reached his climax. I looked into his eyes at his point of eruption and I felt all hot inside as his sticky sperm came spewing out of him and into my young teenage body. I felt wad after wad of his hot cum squirting deep inside me and I could feel the end of my father's cock pressed up tight against my cervix. I thought about the risk of becomimg pregnant and I visualised my womb being filled and soaked with my own father's cum. But I didn't care, in fact the thought of having my father's sperm swimming around inside my body actually brought me off and I felt my own orgasm explode inside me and my tight young vagina began to squeeze down hard on my father's throbbing penis milking it and I pulled him tighly to me until I was certain that i had managed to get every last drop of his thick spunk deep inside my young body. Eventually he stopped shaking and I felt his cock begin to soften inside my semen soaked pussy, I looked up into his eyes and said "That was very naughty wasn't it Daddy, I was a virgin and you know it's wrong to fuck your own daughter and you definately shouldn't have gone all the way with me because now I can feel all your sticky spunk swimmimg around inside my pussy " I felt his soft cock stir within my body at the mention of the words spunk and pussy and fuck. I sat up and his penis slipped out of my body and I looked at my vagina, it was very red and soaking wet and I could see my father's semen begin to trickle from within my belly and out onto my thin pubic hair, I reached down and rubbed the sperm leaking from me over my open pussy lips with the end of his cock. I wrapped my legs firmly around his waist again and pulled him close so that I could feel his cock pressing against my well fucked spunk filled pussy. We lay there, arm in arm, for some time before either of us spoke. "I guess we'll have no secrets from now on, will we?" he asked. "Only one daddy, from now on I will be your secret girlfriend".

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great story chapter two please and get her pregnant and it got me so worked up i am now fuck my daughter for the very first time and her young virgin cunt is so tight round my cock i am beginning to think i am never going to pull it out in fact and it will not be the last time i will be filling her with my spunk. maybe i will get her pregnant as well.

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It's crotch not crutch. A crotch is where your genitals are. A crutch is something you learn on when you're legs don't work right. Also, too many run on sentences. Learn to use periods more and comas less. And for pete's sake, use paragraphs!

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really cute 19/m/wash st. ,green eyes 6ft 195lbs long n really thick , i posted a couple storys lol (not very good) i like role play and talkin bout taboo wit nawty lil gurls call or txt 360 689 4926 females only plz

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