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pregnant wife wants a threesome to help her get more cum.
My pregnant wife the cum slut
I want to tell you how my 22 year old slim redheaded wife Catherin went from being a honest loyal respectable wife into a cum slut after we found out she was pregnant,
when we first discovered she was with child it was great news and we wear soon out buying things for the baby to be, it was not long till her belly was swelling up and her boobs wear getting larger but the biggest change was her sexual appetite, we went from making love once or twice a week to fucking every night and some morning to, then when she was about six months pregnant and her belly was looking like a beach ball under her clothes we seemed to be having sex constantly I would get home from work to be greeted by her stark naked and masturbating on the sofa, we would fuck right away and then she would be back to her sex toys till I could get hard again.
By the time she was seven weeks pregnant I could not keep up with her and after a long discussion about her needs I agreed to another man joining us from time to time, this lead to the best sex session of my life. It was the first time I tasted the milk from her breast and revelled in how sexy she was when she orgasmed on my hard cock and as her climax peeked her milk spurted from her nipples and covered my face as her juices spurted from her pussy soaking my cock and balls causing me to cum filling her tight juicy pussy with my salty load.
The only problem with my life at this time was who do I get to help me out with her sexual needs, the answer came in the form of a work mate of mine called Gavin he was a bit of an animal, over weight and always drunk and seemed to have a different woman on his arm every other month so I thought he would be perfect, I asked him and he was well up for it so we arranged for him to call round the Friday coming,
Come Friday Cathy was so worked up that when I woke up it was to find her slipping a thin silver dildo up her pussy as she sucked on my cock I would have been happy to watch her bring herself to orgasm and cum in her mouth but she had other ideas, as soon as she realised I was fully erect and wide awake she got on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her up the arse, so getting behind her shapely arse I spat on her brown ring and nudged the end of my hard cock into her anus, we rarely had anal sex so her arse hole was still really tight and as I fucked her bum I could feel the dildo slipping in and out of her wet shaven pussy, it was really kinky and I imagined it to be Gavin’s fat cock rubbing against mine through the walls of my wife’s pussy, it was the first time I had thought of another man’s cock whilst fucking my wife and it made me cum so fucking hard deep in my wife’s bum hole, I pulled out and just sat back watching my fit pregnant wife fuck her pussy with a silver dildo as my thick creamy cum leaked out of her arse and ran down over her pussy lips lubricating the dildo as it was thrust hard and fast in and out of her gorgeous pussy. Then as she reached her climax and her pussy contracted around the dildo she broke wind blasting what remained of my sperm all over me.
That night I brought Gavin home, Cathy was dressed in a tight fitting black maternity dress with black stockings and black panties that covered her nice arse very smoothly and because she did not have a black bra her large 36DD tits wear free under her dress, the nipples poking through the thin material showing how sexually aroused she was. I could tell Gavin was happy with Cathy by the swelling lump in his pants,
After a few drinks and a little conversation Cathy was showing signs of impatience so I took her hand and placed it on my rigid cock through my pants and kissed her, this was all it took she soon had my cock out and as she stroked it I undid the zip on her black dress letting it fall to the floor giving Gavin his first look at her large natural milk filled tits and panty covered pussy. Gavin came over to join us and placed his hand straight on to her arse and as I slipped my tongue into her mouth Gavin slipped one of her nipples into his and started to suck the milk from her breast, Cathy was loving the attention and was soon helping me and Gavin to remove our clothing, when Gavin’s pants hit the floor I couldn’t believe the size of his cock it was about 8” long and as thick as my wrist and his balls looked like Easter eggs. Cathy dropped to her knees and held his big stiff dick in both her hands and started to kiss and lick the bulbous head of his cock, it was great to watch my lovely wife take that big dick into her mouth and my hard 7” cock was wanting to get a piece of the action so I knelt behind Cathy’s sexy little ass and put my cock between her legs so I could thrust along her love lips and feel the silky black panties rubbing along my hard shaft. I reached around her and took a large milky boob in each hand and squeezed her nipples spraying her milk all over Gavin’s big heavy balls & thighs, I started to thrust my erection between my wife’s thighs and was close to shooting my load from the start but I so wanted to feel Gavin’s cock in my wife’s pussy as I fucked her anus.
Taking Gavin’s cock from her mouth Cathy told us it was time to move to the bedroom and taking hold of my cock as well as Gavin’s she walked us to the bedroom and told us to remove what clothing we still had on, Gavin wanted my wife to keep her black panties on so the only clothing being worn in that bedroom was my wife’s stockings and knickers, Cathy took my cock into her mouth this time and as she bent over to suck me Gavin got behind her and pulling her panties to one side he pushed his 8” cock deep into her juicy pussy and started to fuck her with long deep strokes making Cathy have her first orgasm of the night with in minutes. And Gavin loved the way her milk sprayed from her thumb like nipples as she flooded the gusset of her panties and his balls with her pussy juices.
I told them both what I wanted to do and they were fine with it so Gavin lay on his back on the bed as Cathy climbed on top of him and impaled herself on his massive erection, I got myself into position spat on her anus and eased my cock into her arse hole, it was better than I could have ever imagined every time Gavin thrust into my wife I could feel his cock push along the length of mine through the wall of flesh that separated her ass and pussy, it was only a few minutes till I started to cum and as I emptied all my sperm in to her welcoming anus Cathy started to have her second orgasm of the night. I Pulled out of her ass and sat back to watch my cum drip from her anus and run down onto his balls as he fucked up into her well used pussy, this sight alone was enough to keep my cock hard and soon i was getting it sucked as Gavin got her from behind and she was bent over the bed, Cathy was loving it and we soon lost count of the number of times she would climax on Gavin’s big hard cock or mine then Gavin warned us he was going to cum and that he wanted to shoot his lot over her bulging pregnant belly & swollen tits so Cathy quickly lay on her back and Gavin just jerked his cock a couple of times before it erupted the biggest cum load I have ever seen all over her preggy bump and milk filled tits some even shot right over her and landed on my hard cock which I quickly gripped in my hand and started to slide my hand up and down my shaft using his cum to lube my strokes till my own ejaculate sprayed over the opposite side of her pregnant belly,
Gavin turned out to be a one shot wonder and was fast asleep within a few minutes of his big cock ejaculating over my wife and having cum twice myself I was not going to be much use for an hour or two and luckily Cathy was satisfied for the first time in ages from just being fucked, but she had one more surprise in store for me, she wanted me to clean all the cum of her belly and tits mine and Gavin’s, and the worst thing is I was happy to do it, I licked and sucked all the cum from my wife’s pregnant belly and let her have it in numerous spunky kisses, before she fell asleep in my arms.
In the morning I was woken up by the bed bouncing as Gavin fucked her hard and fast in the doggy position this time shooting his load deep into her juicy wet shaven pussy before he thanked us and left, as soon as he was gone I made to have a go at her arse hole again but Cathy stopped me and told me I was getting nothing till I made her climax with my tongue which meant I would be once again taking Gavin’s cum into my mouth, but worse than me just licking her pussy she decided to straddle my face and let Gavin’s sperm run out of her pussy and drip into my waiting mouth, Cathy soon climaxed on my face probably because of the kinky act of eating another man’s cum that I was doing, when it was over I slipped my cock into her tight anus and fucked her as hard as I could till I shot mu sticky cum load deep into her bowels and we lay there interlocked for ages till my cock flopped from her ass and my cum ran down between her legs and onto the bed,
Gavin as expressed his wish to come round again soon and I have no problem with this if Cathy doesn’t…x

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2014-02-21 03:38:53
Why is it ok for a guy to eat out a woman after the woman has fucked another man? Thts messed up. Idk how a woman enjoys tht. Or a guy for tht matter.

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2013-11-01 15:01:49
Read fine good job

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2010-08-29 23:28:51
my wife loved to have me eat her pussy out after another guy came in her.

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2010-08-28 13:24:19
nearly impossible to read, next time space your paragraphs out plz

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