She sucks my cock quite well
Intro: This story is real and actually happened not too long ago (MYFIRSTSTORY). About myself; I was 16 years old at the time, 5’8, 155 pounds, not bad looking, around 6’ average cock.. Ps – I love how people write these stories and lie about their cock size... because you guys are sad and have no life. Sorry if this was too long.

I awoke to the sound of my alarm one Friday morning. I was excited because it was the last day of school before April break. I showered and changed as usual, hop on the bus and was ready for school. I had no girlfriend at the time and wasn’t planning on one. My school is literary full of whores and sluts, which in most cases that is not a bad thing since I see juicy asses and big tits flopping by me.

During first period I had chemistry and I truly hated it. I had some friends from the baseball team in my class which we just crack jokes and talk about girls all the time. We would never get anything done and when it came down to finish a lab we would all just rate how nice our teacher’s tits were. We were not prevs since she was the hottest teacher in school and every guy if they had a chance would fuck her tight pussy. (A kid actually saw her masturbate in the classroom- not lying)

At lunch my buddy Alex asked if I wanted to hang later with a couple friends. Since it was a Friday night my parents were submissive of what I did because I had no school the next morning. Though I had practice till 6 I said sure. We continue talking about girls this time. He ask some girls to hang out with us and i was pleased because it seemed to me that every time we hung out together it would be either PS3 or PS3. I told him that I would try to get some girls from the local grocery store that I work at. He said that would be great.
Practice was a bitch as usual when coach made us do a campus run which gets annoying after a while when one of our teammates forgot to bring the team’s batting equipment. During practice I notice a couple girls watching us. Particular a girl that I like. I notice that she was watching me during batting practice and also throwing catch with a teammate. Her name was Tia. She was one of those girls who loved sports. She was also party girl who like to drink with her friends. Standing at 5’5 brunette, 16 yr. perfect 32 c tits and a nice ass. She wasn’t really sluty during school but during my practice she looked so hot. She didn’t have a boyfriend and I assume she was a virgin. After practice I was putting my glove away in my bag as I noticed Tia and her friends coming toward me. Since they were kind of popular I wanted to be cool with them. “I said hey what’s up?” They smiled and Tia said “you looked great out there.” I smiled back and said thanks. We were talking about school and how next year we were going to be seniors. Anyway i wanted to invite Tia to hang with my friends and she said sure. She smile and wink at me as she left.

I rush home around 7pm and took another quick shower, trim my areas, and threw on some clothes. I was excited that Tia was coming over. Alex told everyone to show up around 8 at his place.
We were all in the back of Alex’s backyard where he had a pool and hot tub. This wasn’t a party but just a hangout with 6 friends. When I told Alex about Tia he was amazed that I picked up a caliber chick.

(6 friends include – Me – Alex –Tia – Emma – Erica – Justin)

As everyone arrived I just couldn’t keep my eyes from Tia’s tits. They were making me so hard. I just wanted to fuck them. Tia came up to me and said hey and since I was really the only person she knew well, she wanted to chill with me. Alex also invited a girl that he liked. Her name was Erica. And others who showed up included my other friend Justin who pitches for our team and Emma, Erica’s friend. (Sorry if I confused you guys)

By this point it was getting hot for a day in April. We lived in Florida where our pools are open all year. Alex called for a pizza and since both of our parents were not home because of a concert, chances were that they weren’t coming home until really late. I went to go change in the upstairs bathroom, as I was pulling up my suit, Tia open the door and turned her head. I was so nervous as what she was going to think. She again winked at me as she went to go change. All the girls who came over were hot when they were in their bikinis.

The pool was so warm and I all I could think about was Tia. Her sexy body in a full pink bikini outfit was so attractive. We all were just talking in the pool about life in general. Alex and I wanted to play water polo so we played a 3 on 3 game. I wasn’t on Tia’s team but I wanted to show off my skills in front of her. To top it off, she was my man to cover. As we were playing I had the ball high in my hand while Tia was jumping all over me. Her wet tits were rubbing against my face. I couldn’t believe how big they were. I faked a shot as I jumped out of the water. As I came back down into the water, Tia went underneath me as she touched my dick for a couple of seconds before gasping for air. I looked at her with a smile and told her she played great against me.

We all ate dinner and went inside to play some games. I ask if everyone wanted to play truth or dare. They all nodded yes as we gather in a circle. At first the questions and truths were not tough. Then we started asking sexual things. My truths were easy such as how big your dick size was, would u cum on these girls tits or not. I had to be honest or my chances with Tia were slim. Alex did the un-expectable thing when he asked Tia if she was a virgin and love to give sloppy blowjobs. Her respond was that she was a virgin but her cherry was pop by her friends’ dildo. She also had given 2 blowjobs to the quarter back of our football team she explain. The last final dare was given to me. I had to choose the girl that I wanted to receive a blowjob from. This was a no brainer but the two other girls look so innocent and gave me a stare that they wanted to. As result I choose Tia. But there was a twist; I had to pick another guy and girl to do the same thing in the same room. Again I choose my best friend Alex and Erica. As we went to Alex’s room Tia started to pull my shirt off and my respond was to get her shirt off as well. I quickly pull her bra off and started rubbing and licking her tits. Our lips touch as we made out. She moan on how good it was feeling. Alex was getting blown by Erica who seemed like she was deep throating.

Tia guided me to the bathroom as we both wrestled each other to get our clothes off. She smelled so good and she asked if this was my first time. I nodded yes and my throbbing cock was growing as she kiss and lick the tip of it. I moan and she said you’re never going to forget this as she engulf onto my dick taking 4’ in. She kept a consistent movement with her lips riding my cock. I knew I was going to cum soon but I urge to resist it. Her warm mouth and her big brown eyes made it impossible not to cum on her. She took all 6’ in and choked on my cock. All the slobber salvia went all over us. It was a hot sex scene. I slapped her with my cock and told her to get on her knees. I Spitted on her wet pussy and started pounding it… Fuck me... Fuck my wet pussy she said…. Take my virginity she said. Pound Me …. Fuck Me … It feels so good… I couldn’t stand it anymore…. We switch positions and she lay on her back as I slap my cock a couple of times on her pussy…. She moan so loud as she reach her orgasm. I licked all of her juices up. She was now my dirty slut girl.

I knew I wasn’t protected and I knew she had the pill on... I kept fucking her so badly... She wanted my cock and i gave it to her…. She said I knew your cock would taste good when I saw you changing earlier… She took my cock and shoved it in her mouth. She look so innocent … I fucked her mouth until she wanted it back in her pussy... I want your cum … Give me your fucking cum so I can swallow it... I was going to blow... She open wide as I fucking blew a load in her dirty mouth… I moan so loud as cum squirted into her face and into her mouth. She swallowed it and she said it tasted like candy. She lick my cock like a lollypop just to make sure there was no cum left.

We clean up and she bent down again and sucked my dick 3 more times. I couldn’t believe how great it felt... One of the best nights ever in my book… She was right; I was never going to forget this.

First Story so no shit and it was real. I’m now her boyfriend now as a freshman in college. I’ll write part 2 of our sex if you guys like it.

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2010-11-07 08:09:47
The reason you probably mentioned that cock size thing is coz u probably are half the size u say u are,
this clearly isn't a true story either, so don't accuse people of lying you hypocritical cunt

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2010-11-07 08:09:29
The reason you probably mentioned that cock size thing is coz u probably are half the size u say u are,
this clearly isn't a true story either, so don't accuse people of lying you hypocritical cunt

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2010-09-02 19:04:38
Lead up was good but explain the sex better

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2010-08-28 06:40:51
quite a good start writ part 2

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