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The story of how I lost my virginity to my friend
This is the story of how I lost my virginity to my friend at the age of sixteen.

Within my friends and people around me there had always been a slight question about my sexuality. Most people however assumed that I was merely "camp" and although I may act loud and sometimes fall into the category of an extrovert I do not in fact "take it up the chuff" as my friends would so delicately put it.I was an average 16 year old, quite tall, jet black hair with quite a strong build (as I'd spent the past few months training at the gym) and a modest face. My friends were all very good looking but one above all was the best called Jason. He had avergae length gold hair and a stunning face, but these were minor details to those who had ever got a glimpse of his body. The hours he had put in at the gym had paid off and he maintained the build of a relatively averaged sized sixteen year old but boasted an extroadinary six pack complete with a light brown "snail trail" running from his belly button downwards... The first time I ever saw his cock was after a night out when he used my shower and another friend of mine who had stayed at mine thought it would be funny to take pictures of him... of course I was up for this but made out of course that this was for joking purposes only. His cock was superb... about 8inches in length with a perfect pink head on the end of it and trimmed pubes surrounding it, (although these were soaking wet at this point and were flattened down)... if I had a pound for every time I bust one off to that picture I'd be a millionaire.

When Jason and I were paired together for an english assignment however I could never have prepared myself for what we did when he came over to work on it. For about a year, as I'd been exploring my sexuality, I regularly watched gay porn, downloaded gay pictures and even chatted to gay men online if only for some dirty chat or to exhange intimate pictures. I was careful though to delete my browsing history so that my family would never find out... except for this day. I was downstairs getting the two of us drinks and had left my laptop with Jason to do research. However, when he typed in the web address of a revision website, he stumbled upon gay sites. If I'd have known at that moment that he had found them I would have ran upstairs with a million excuses... but with hindsight I'm glad I didn't because if I had what happened next would never have happened.

I came into my room to find jason sitting in my computer chair staring at me with a fixed gaze. I didn't know what to make of this and placed the drink next to him on the computer desk, leaving him with his thoughts. I then went over to my book shelf, unknowing, and began to search for my english books. Suddenly, he sprang from his chair and before I had time to question him he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me.
For about a minute, we were locked together - our tongues battling eachother both viciosly and lovingly at the same time. However much I may have longed for this situation, and however hard my penis was getting inside my skinny genes, I had to push him back, if atleast to question the situation.

"I found your interent files, Dave" he said to me, with a cock sure expression on his face staring down at the ever increasing bulgein my trousers " And I know how much you enjoyed that kiss"

I had no come back. He obviously had seen my internet history and it was becoming ever more apparent that i did enjoy it. In a momentary lapse of judgement, I forgot about everything in my life and lunged forward at him. We began kissing again but this time more sensually. I moved my hands from his waist and slid them simultaeously down the back of his jogging bottoms and his boxers until I had an entirely firm grip of his tense hairy ass... the one I had imagined myself pounding for months. As i gropped and squeezed his ass he unbuckled my belt and began kissing my neck seductively. I instinctively began to let out deep longing moans and this seemed to give him the driving force to apply more pressure from his lips and carress my neck all the more. Finally, my buckle came loose and he unzipped my jeans and they dropped around my ankles. At this moment we both stepped back and I moved onto the bed, lying on my back, now shirtless in my tight calvin klein boxers.

As I lay on the bed, my left hand down my pants fondling my erect penis, he performed a tease for me... forcing the pre cum to ooze out of my dick. He pulled the polo shirt over his head and stood with his hands on his head tensing his biceps for me whilst licking his lips at me. Then he pulled down his jogging bottoms in a quick move to reveal a pair of white boxers with his beautiful penis waiting inside for my mouth... I'd never seen his dick hard before (even through his boxers) but it was even more fantastic than seeing it soft, something I never thought possible. He then knelt down in front of the bed, still wearing his boxers, and grabbed me by the thigh on each leg and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. He started kissing at my penis throught the boxers before slowly peeling them down from the top and kissing my dark black pubes with the same lust that he had applied to my neck. Throughout this I contiually moaned with pleasure.

"Ever had a guy suck your dick before?" he asked me casually.
I shook my head to which he gave a chuckle and unleashed himself upon my cock like a wild animal. He grabbed the 7 inch dick and spit all over the head pulling it up and down until my dick was wet from tom to bottom. Then he shoved it into his mouth and began deepthroating it forcing all seven hard inches
to the back of his throat each time creating a large gagging noise which only spurred me on to continue. I placed my hands onto the back of his head and began thrusting his head down upon my penis with all my might, his choking sounds increasing each time till eventually he moved his head off my cock for air.
He then began to, instead, lick my penis and then to my hairy balls which he both licked and sucked on for several minutes.

He eventually stopped at which point he stood up infront of the bed his groin now level with my head. The hardness of his dick was so immense through his boxers that even the veins on his dick were visible through the thin maaterial. I poured my tongue out onto his snail trail as I'd always wanted to do and descended downwards so that I was eventually carressing his pubes in a similar way that he had done to me. But it was the cock sucking that was the amazing part. A cock so long yet so thick which bursting thick veins travelling through it and a very low pair of balls danging from it's base. I did this for minutes, as i was doing so, reaching round to his ass with my hand and trying to slide a finger into his tight asshole.

When this was done, we both knew what was coming.He forced me onto my back and lay ontop of me kissing me passionately. He then said lustfully: "You ready to have your first cock inside of you?"
I gave a slow nod and then spread my legs open wide whilst he went over to his bag and pulled out a packet of lube and a condom. I watched lovingly as he rolled back the extra large condom onto his perfect cock immensely turned on by the knowledge of where that cock was heading. He then stooped down low and before applying the lubricant to my ass hole, began licking it with his tongue and spreading it to its limits (which were very minimal) with his fingers. Between licks he would urge me saying
"you like that dont you?" to which I would scream "yes!" in reply. His tongue felt so amazing rimming my tight ass hole and it was obvious that he'd done this many time before from the way he mixed it up between stroking the hole with his tognue delicately and actually putting it onto my hole and liking it out.

Then he ripped open the packet and poured the lube onto his fingers and began applying it to my ass hole. My dick was so hard at this point that it felt like it would explode. He looked down at me and asked "are you ready?". I nodded at him anxiously.The first feeling of his hard dick entering my ass was so painful I thought I might cry. His immense dick struggling my ass hole from it's initial tightness to a wide entry for his dick, was killing me but after he began motioning it in and out this feeling turned to absolute pleasure as he repeatedly rammed my ass making me scream the house down with my loud moans. He started to go faster, at this point lying on top of me kissing me through my screams of pleasure. I began to dig my hands into his arse and squeezed it tight depending on how much pleasure i was recieving (meaning i was squeezing as tightly as possible). He roared at me to say his name and so through my load moans I would pant the name Jason and tell him he's the best. This continued for what was the best 4-5 minutes of my life.

Then he said "Oh god I'm gonna come" and pulled his dick out of me and pulled the condom off. I sat up on the edge of the bed, my eyes closed and opened my mouth as he jacked off his massive cock in front of my face. The 20 seconds or so that it took him to come were so hot - the waititng for it to hit my face were amazing. Then I felt the splat of the hot come hit my face and go into my mouth. He unleashed so much that it felt like my mouth was full. I looked up at him with my come filled face and swallowed the warm come, much to his delight. We then switched positions and he began to jack me off at a ridiculous speed. Before I cummed he wrapped his lips around the end of my cock so that no come would be wasted and as i moaned with pleasure at releasing my load I watched his face as it poured into his mouth. Before spitting or swallowing it though, he stood up (with his mouth still full of cum) and we started kissing again, cum spewing out of our mouths onto our chests and swapping between each mouth.

For the next few minutes we just lay on the bed together kissing... we both knew what we had done was wrong but god it just felt so fucking right.

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2016-08-23 20:44:25
Enjoyed the story and although I prefer sucking a good clean cock t ill it shrinks back to normal, I occasionally like to have my ass fucked and a good load installed and then have the guy bend down and lick up what he left and then a good tongue smooching to end a great evening. really like that hot cum.

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2014-09-13 15:50:44
Loved your story very much! Left me so horny wanting a hard cock in my ass. I love the feeling so a big hard cock deep in my ass or mouth but prefer it in my ass thou! It has been at least two years since, I've had cock in either one of my holes sure do miss it. I'm a married bi male in my early 60's love pussy but every so often, I want a big thick hard cock in my ass.

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2012-02-12 15:33:03
not into butt fucking but I will suck a cock in a heartbeat

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Liar you said you didnt!!!

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2010-08-29 19:17:23
How about continuing the story by you fucking him

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