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“Me and Judy Part 3”

For those who have not read my Judy stories; I’ll give you a brief recap of events starting with my first Judy story. You can read about Judy and Aimee in my previous stories.
My Roommate Judy, Me and Judy and me and Judy part 2. This is part 3 and will be my final Judy story.

Judy is a 43 year beautiful lesbian who had never had sex with a man until I got into her panties and may have changed her into a bisexual. With each story Judy gets more sexually adventures with me and her best friend Aimee who is bisexual and equally as beautiful. Judy and I have been having great threesomes with Aimee, we then invited Aimee’s friend Ben into our threesome and had a great foursome. Judy let Ben fuck her, which was a big accomplishment for Judy because she has and still feels as if she is a lifelong lesbian. These are the characters in my Judy stories. My name is Justice and I am a strait Male, Aimee is a beautiful bisexual female, Ben is also a strait male, and as you know Judy is a beautiful Lesbian. We are all the best of friends. Ben was brought into the story in my last story Me and Judy Part 2.

My Last story ended with us having a great foursome where the two girls had sex with each other, Ben and I took turns fucking both Judy and Aimee’s brains out; we also sandwiched each girl, Pussy and anal at the same time and we all loved it. I ended my last story with me saying.
What next ....... What can we possibly do to top tonight? And this is where I continue.

Judy and I are at home talking and sipping on wine and just generally hanging out together. Judy rents a room from me and has become a very good friend; she is about 5 feet 7 inches tall with brown hair, fair skin with big tits, she also has brown pussy hair and is very pretty. I said to Judy; you are amazing. Did you enjoy the foursome we had last night as much as I did? She smiles at me and answer’s I loved it and sometime soon we have got to do it again.

Since Judy and I agreed that what we do is casual sex and it’s not about a romantic relationship. It’s all about great sex. Judy feels free to experiment with her sexuality and put her lesbian lifestyle aside. After all she waited until she was 43 to have sex with me, a strait male.

While talking to Judy about our foursome; I couldn’t help it, but I did have a hard on, and I mean it was very big hard on. I made sure Judy knew. I used a little Psychology on her to see if she would go for it and she did. You see I was wearing sweats; and my nine inch dick was bulging. Judy did notice it and said, Justice; do you need a little lesbian pussy? I smile and the next thing I know…. Judy was ready to put out, she put her hands in my pants and began to jack me off as she smiles and rubs her big boobs against me. I began undressing her from the top; on down to her pretty pink bikini panties; her big tits are nice with pink hard nipples and jiggle nicely as she moves. I pulled her panties off. She has a beautiful pussy with a nice rounded pubic mound with a brown hairy pussy. I dropped to my knees and buried my face into her wet pussy and deep tongue her as best I can, I slid my tongue up and down through her pussy slit. I laid her back on the living room floor as I ate her pussy to both of our delight. My dick is 9 inches and thick; Judy being new at having sex with men has grown to love every inch and can handle all 9 inches as deep as I can go. I began kissing my way up to her face and position my dick at her pussy and slid my dick into her very wet gay pussy; she spread and lifted her legs so I can get deep Penetration. She grabbed my ass as she always does and pumps her pussy hard into my dick to both our delight. Since our first time she has gotten to be a wild fuck, and loves it more and more. After about 15 minutes I was ready to shoot and tried to prolong but it felt too good and I filled Judy’s pussy with warm cum as she climaxed at the same time. We just laid there as I went soft with my dick in her pussy until she tightened her muscles and smiled as she squeezed me out. I smiled back and laughed.

My story gets very interesting at this point.
Several months have passed since that night; I have been going out with a girl named Kati, she is someone that I really like a lot and I’ve been seeing regularly for a while. Since I’m in a relationship; Judy and I have stopped having sex with each other. This is something Judy and I agreed on long before I met Kati. We had agreed; if one of us gets into a relationship we would stop our sexual relationship, but we remain roommates and still best friends. There have been many nights when I wanted to just give in and fuck Judy and Aimee, but Judy is really a classy girl and reminds me that the best way is to be true to my new partner and I agree. Kati knows that Judy Aimee and I have a sexual history together; I did tell her about the threesomes I had and how it all got started. She was fascinated to know how I was invited into Judy’s room for a threesome; she asked a lot about what the girls did to each other. She got quite hot listening to me tell the story. I assured Kati that we stopped as soon as one of us got into a relationship. Kati was relieved to hear it. Judy and Aimee have gotten to know Kati and seem to like her. Kati accepts the fact that Judy is gay and Aimee is Bi and the three of them seem to like one another and get along great. This is a relief to me because Judy and Aimee are my best friends; also Judy and Aimee are best friends with each other who have casual sex often. Kati and I hear them at night in Judy’s room having sex all the time. Sometimes the moaning can get a little loud and Kati being curios always asks me, what do you think they’re doing? I smile and say they are probably eating each other’s pussy out. Kati smile, she is fascinated to hear about the girl on girl stories that I have told her about Judy and Aimee. Kati and I have great sex on nights when Aimee and Judy are in Judy’s room making sexy noises. Kati’s imagination goes wild. And so does mine with envy. I Know Kati is curious about girl on girl. She is always asking little questions that give it away.

Kati is 35 years old 5’- 6” tall with great looking C cup tits, a nice ass and nice looking body. She is also very pretty. Her pussy is trimmed at the bikini line with blondish brown pussy hair. Judy always’ jokingly teases me that Kati’s too pretty to just be strait, Aimee agrees.
Judy has a great personality and is very likable. Kati has told me on several occasions that Judy is such a nice person, something I have always known.

One evening myself Kati, Judy and Aimee were sipping wine while sitting in the hot tub. Judy and Aimee are always fooling around; Judy has always liked putting on a little show for me because she knows I like to watch; now she does it for Kati and me. While we were sitting there talking and generally having a good time Judy pulled Aimee’s top off to show her nice sized boobs off and Aimee did the same to Judy, who also has nice boobs. The two girls were sitting there topless. I looked at Kati and jokingly said OK your turn. She smiled and started to take her bikini top off when I said I was only kidding with you. She smiled and said I don’t mind as she dropped her top to expose her beautiful nice size tits; Judy smiled and complimented her on her nice looking boobs as did Aimee then Kati complimented the two girls on their nice looking boobs as we sat there talking with big smiles . The three were talking girl stuff while I listened in. It seems that these three girls like each other, which I feel good about because I really like Kati and would like my relationship with her to work out. You can’t see under the water but I know that Judy and Aimee are playing around. I can see it in they’re faces. Kati smiles at the two girls and say’s do you two want some privacy. The four of us bust up laughing as Judy smiled and said maybe we should go up to our room. I smile and jokingly said how about Kati and I come in and watch. Kati’s eyes got big, I couldn’t read what that look meant and hoped I hadn’t stepped over the line. Judy Smiled and looked over at Kati. Kati smiled back. Judy said if it’s ok with Kati, you can come in and watch.

Kati looked at me with a big smile on her face and said hell yes. Judy and Aimee smiled at each other because when it comes to sex they have know inhabitations and are pretty much willing to do anything.
My dick was instantly hard. The four of us dried off and headed up stairs. The three girls stayed topless to my enjoyment, I whispered to Kati that I’ve watched before we had met and it’s very erotic. She smiled and kissed me on the lips as we entered the room.

Judy has a California King Size bed which is as big as they get. Kati and I got on one corner to give the girls enough room. Judy and Aimee always like when I watched it made things more interesting. Kati was wearing a skirt and topless with no panties.
Judy got on top of the covers as did Aimee and both girls removed their clothes, I was wearing a sweat pants with no underwear on. My dick immediately got hard and was bulging big time as I watched Judy and Aimee naked, this was new to Kati, but I could see she was very aroused by it. Judy lied back as Kati and I watch. She has a beautiful pussy with brown hair on it she is very pretty and her body is beautiful. Kati commented to me; she is so beautiful. I smiled and nodded yes she is. Aimee lied next to Judy naked. Aimee is also equally as pretty with big jiggly boobs and pink hard nipples. Her pussy also has brown hair and pretty pinkish pussy lips. The two girls embrace and kiss as we watch their boobs rub against each other Judy put her hand on Aimee’s pussy and began to finger fuck Aimee. Kati is immediately aroused and puts her hand in my pants and grabs my 9 inch dick. Aimee is moaning loudly with ecstasy while Judy fingers her and Kati strokes me softly. I position Kati in front of me sitting up with her between my legs so she can see the action better I moved her skirt up to her waist and started finger fucking her. Kati’s pussy was showing in Judy’s direction, she looked over at us and smiled as she stared at Kati’s pussy and watched me finger fuck her. Judy moved in between Aimee’s legs, spread her pussy lips to expose a lot of pink and started eating. Katie was so intrigued by this she leaned forward to get a closer look. Kati’s pussy was wetter than I have ever seen it. I said you like what you see? She said it’s hot. We got a little closer to the action and I said to Kati It’s only casual sex if you want to join them , you have my OK; Kati looked at me surprised while she panted, she was without a doubt turned on. Judy smiled at both of us and invited Kati in between Aimee’s legs; Judy moved and Kati was about to have her very first girl on girl experience

Aimee smiled at Kati as if saying it OK and Kati put her face in Aimee’s pussy and started to eat pussy. For the next 15 minutes or so Kati and Judy took turns eating Aimee out while I got to watch my girl friend have her first lesbian experience . Kati turned and said thank you to me, then Aimee laid Kati on her back and said enjoy this as she spread Kati’s pussy lips and began eating her out. Katie has dirty blond pussy hair, and a beautiful pubic mound. her crack is nice right on down into her pussy hole and all that pink. Aimee had her mouth and tongue buried deep in Kati’s pussy as Judy played and sucked on Kati’s tits. The two girls switched and Judy began to eat Katie as Aimee kissed and sucked her very nice size boobs. Katie put her hands on the back of Judy’s head and pulled her face in as she pumped her pussy into Judy’s mouth and tongue. She moaned louder than I have ever heard. Kati was having a great girl on girl experience and I could not be happier. Aimee actually deep tongue kissed her and Kati kissed her back; it was hot to watch. Aimee moved Judy on her back, Smiled at Kati and the two girls began having sex with Judy; she held onto Kati’s head and pumped her pussy into Kati’s mouth and tongue. When she came up for air Aimee took her turn eating Judy’s pussy. Kati’s face was wet with pussy juice as she turned and kissed me on the lips, it was a wonderful sight to see and taste. I pulled my short off and had Kati straddle me as I pushed my nine inch dick into Kati’s pussy. Judy and Aimee decided to join us; they wanted to make sure that Kati has an experience that she will never forget. Judy began ringing Kati’s ass hole with her tongue while Aimee got a finger on Kati’s clit as I continued to fuck her. Kati climaxed over and over and got louder and louder with every passing minute. The three of us teamed up on Kati to give her the fuck of her life, and the best sexual experience she has ever had; I came deep in her pussy as Judy and Aimee took turns doing things to Kati that only girls know about. When I was exhausted and pulled out Aimee and Judy placed Kati on her back, spread her legs and took turns eating cum out of her pussy.

The four of us lay exhausted on Judy’s bed; we were all smiles as Kati looked at all of us and said thank you, then said what we were all hoping to hear. This was without a doubt the best sexual experience I have ever had. She then said; Justice you can continue to have casual sex with Judy and Aimee as long as I’m in on it as a threesome or foursome, I smiled and kissed Kati as Aimee and Judy hugged each other we all agreed that our threesomes and foursomes would continue and possibly more.

Kati and Aimee had gone home and it was just me and Judy taking our showers and getting ready for bed. It’s been an amazing evening, what happened tonight was not planned, it just happened.
Judy said; you know Justice; the more I think about it; I realize that you are a bad influence. I smiled at her as she smiled back and I knew exactly what she was getting at, because I had thought about this myself. When I first met you I was a devoted lesbian, since then I have had sex with you, my very first male. We had our first threesome then a foursome where I allowed you and Ben to take turns fucking me and now Kati has her first lesbian experience thanks to you. I said I don’t know what to say other than I didn’t plan it. It just happened the way it did. I said Judy since I met you I have had the time of my life and you and Aimee are my very best friends. Judy gave me a good night kiss and a smile as she walked into her bedroom and said to me I wouldn’t change a thing and flashed her pussy at me as she walked to her room.

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