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Heather woke up and almost forgetting where she was until she smelled the burned out candles and felt her hands wrapped in soft threads of rope tied to the bed. She looked around now that a small light of a half opened window lit through its holey curtain. She peered around to try and take in everything and felt refreshed from lasts night pamper yet overwhelmed by the whole fact Triston had taken her from her will. Heather feeling defeated by her experience last night shed a tear of dismay. Lying upon her dungeon bound bed and thinking how she wishes she could be home, lay sobbing and thinking of ways to get free. She heard a car engine approaching and then shut off then followed by a door slam.
She heard distant voices talking, one the voice of her abductor. Triston walked through the door with a brown bag carried in one arm and locked the door and let a small lamp on with his free hand. He turned and looked toward the bed to see his princess, her mouth covered and hands still bind. He smiled at her and set the bag down.
“Princess would you like some breakfast?” he asked pulling a sandwich from the bag.
“I hope you like egg and cheese,ill take your tape off but you have to be nice and no loud noises my roommate’s home ok?” He asked setting her sandwich on a tray with some orange juice. He went to the bed and sat next to Heather putting the tray next to her. He leaned forward toward a night stand drawer and withdrew a small pistol. Heathers eyes widened and fear struck her body.
“Don’t be too frightened this is just in case you do something stupid.” Triston untapped heathers mouth and the tape left a small red sticky look to her lips. Triston leaned in and kissed her mouth and smiled. Heather refrained from even speaking at this point in fear that HE would do something stupid. He fed her the sandwich and went to a cabinet where he opened a drawer and got out a pair of red high heels that looked about heathers footsize. He placed them on her feet and noticed it was a perfect fit and he thought they looked great on her.
“Now that you have eaten, say, should we have a little fun?” Triston placed a new slip of tape over her mouth and untied her hands from the rope. Heather started crying and yet knew nothing what would really happen. Triston rubbed his hands up heathers legs up to her thighs and back to her feet. He grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her closer to him until her groin area reached his. He stood at the foot of the bed and kneeled in to kiss her stomach, her soft naval made him quiver with excitement. She closed her eyes thinking what more could he want with her. Triston pulled her arms forward helping her up and faced the gun toward her.
“Now walk to the bathroom and remember princess no funny business, or else.” He said waving the gun slightly in her face to intimidate her. She tried to walk the heels didn’t help she staggered a couple times but made it to the bathroom. Triston shoved her softly through the rest of the door shutting it behind them and locking it. He removed the tape since the gun seemed to be doing most the work in keeping her obedient. Heather stood with her hands over her privates and across her breasts trying to cover herself.
“sit down on the toilet seat while I make you up a bath ok.” Triston leaned to the bathtub and turned the water on and poured a little bubble beads in to offer it a welcoming look. Triston felt the temperature of the water as it raised slowly, Heather thought this would be a good time to try to figure a way out. She stood up pushing Triston toward the tub, but he caught himself just before he plummeted all the way in and regained his balance and reached for heathers wrist yanking her toward him engulfing her into a manly bear hug.
“What the fuck babe, this is how you treat your lover? “He kissed her fiercely and she tried to pull her head back but he was too strong.
“Guess we will do this the hard way” he grabbed her and forced her to over the edge of the bath tub pushing her head forward and making her put her hands on the tub edge.
“Get your ass up in the air and don’t move or I will blast your pretty little head you got me.” He shoved the gun to her head. She nodded and complied hoping he would calm down. Triston removed his clothes keeping his eye on heathers ass cheeks the whole time. Triston laid his gun on the sink and turned the water faucet off. He grabbed a sponge from the wire rack and got it soaked with bubble water. He rang out the sponge over her back and around her beautiful ass getting her body nice and wet.
He rubbed her pussy with it cleaning her and then wiped down her legs until the high heels were soaked with bubbles. He threw the sponge back into the water and rubbed heathers back and shoulders gently and then moved her hair to one side. He leaned in rubbing his manhood up against her plush ass, instantly growing harder and harder for her. Heather whimpered knowing damn well where this was going to lead.
“Don’t move a muscle and I suggest you relax.” Triston grabbed the head of his manhood and played with the outside of heathers ass reaching the entrance. He prodded it gently at first and heather jerked nervously.
“Look princess this won’t work well for you if you move would you please stand still.” Heather knew to abide and stood as still as possible clenching the edge of the bathtub. Triston rubbed her ass cheek with one hand while he worked the head of his cock into her luscious ass with the other hand. He slowly inserted the head slowly pulling out and reinserting just a hint more each time. Feeling every bit of his cock heather stood crying silently drifting somewhere else with her mind, freeing herself of the pain.
Triston finally got all 7 inches in slowly fucking heathers ass.
He grabbed both her ass cheeks and pushed in and out her hole making love to her nice sweet ass. Moans and groans came and jolts pulled from his body, heather was noticing she felt wet, reacting to his feelings and erotic outbursts. She didn’t what to do so she gave in once more and played along. She reached from beneath and started fingering herself. She made what didn’t feel too good feel just that much better. She was getting hotter and more into
Triston ass fucking her and started pushing her ass back into his manhood. He tugged her long hair with one hand and grabbed her waist with the other moaning in ecstasy. Heather rubbed and played with herself knowing she was going to cum she rubbed faster and moaned a little louder, triston was now going to it faster and harder than before.
“Cum for me baby, that’s it make that pussy pop for me” he said and smacked one side of her ass. She finally got off growing weak to her knees she knelt forward allowing her breasts rest on the edge of the tub. Triston felt closer and closer until he let out his whole load right into her ass pounding it all the way in leaving it there as he shot his load. He too felt weak but didn’t let his guard down.
He grabbed his gun and two twisty ties and retied her up. He removed her shoes and told her to get into the bathtub.
“Now sit in there I’ll be back in thirty minute to fetch you out.” Triston walked out leaving the door ajar. Heather sat in the warm bubbles and relaxed knowing that she should have never gave in. She lay in the tub with her eyes closed until she drifted off in a nap thinking nothing feeling nothing.


2010-08-28 09:48:56
well this is just touching a subject some like..each chapter is different from the last...hang in there they get better...

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