An old mans love for his neighbours girls.
This is a story of a man who fills his desires to watch young girls.
It doesn’t contain sex.

I live in a three bedroom house alone, my wife died some years ago of cancer.

We used to live in a lane, surrounded by fields, but that all changed 11 years ago.
A property company bought the land, and planning permission was granted to build a number of first time buyer houses, small just 2-3 bedrooms.
They tried to buy mine, knock it down and on my piece of land build three more, but we refused to sell
We protested at first but the developer got his way, and so the building began.
My wife never saw the estate finished, she sadly passed away.

I was alone now, and spent a lot of time talking to the contractors. I used to walk around the site when they had gone home. The houses were tiny, and the garden almost non existent, where as mine was very large in comparison.
The garden I had measured 100 feet by 50 feet in width, unlike their 10 by 15.
I couldn’t imagine how a family with young children, would be able to sit in the garden, with the kids toys around them, the kids had not got any space for large toys such as swings or trampolines.

Where as my garden had plenty of space, I had already got a double swing and climbing frame in the garden, which my grandsons use on their visits to me every month.
I also have roses and shrubs, and a pond down one side with a waterfall and stream, which contains gold fish.
The other side also has a pond; this is for frogs that live in the garden, and the fields that used to be around my home.
But to help manage the garden now my wife had gone, I had grassed a large area of it, thus not having the bother of flowers.

The next thing I need to tell you is how I got interested in young girls, young as in 4-10 yrs of age.

Four years ago while in Dorset on a visit to an animal sanctuary with my daughter and grandsons I noticed a young girl about 7 years, she didn’t look well off, nor did her parents.
She wore what I would describe as a hand me down skirt, far too short for her, and some beaten up black shoes with quite high heels that were far too big for her.
It was probably hearing her walking in the shoes, the heels clip clopping as she walked, and that drew my attention to her.
I saw her several times during the day, on one occasion we stood close to each other watching some animals; she turned to me and said “what kind of animals are those”.
I told her, but then she realised I was not her parent, who she thought was stood beside and rushed off to be with them.
Has she walked away I looked once again at that skirt, just hiding her bum, and thought for a 7 year old she has a perfect suntanned pair of legs, although slim they were in perfect shape, her hair was shoulder length light brown.

During the rest of the day I would watch out for her, and watch her when I saw her.
In the afternoon my grandsons found a play park with swings climbing frames and monkey bars. My daughter and my self got a drink and sat watching them.
Then along came the girl again, she headed straight for the monkey bars, and was swinging upside down imitating the monkeys she had seen.
Of course her skirt was above her waist, and her pink panties were on show. We were sat too far away for me to get a good look, and I couldn’t get up and walk over to her without arousing suspicion, as my boys were in the opposite direction.
To go and look at her would have made it plainly obvious, so I just sat and watched.

When she had gone, I went over the view I had seen in my mind, I had found it strangely erotic. But at the same time I was a little ashamed of watching and having such thoughts about a 7 year old.

The day was coming to a close, we had seen all there was to see and was heading towards the exit.
The boys suddenly spotted another play park and were off to play.
My daughter was sitting watching them.
Further along the path was a cage with monkeys in, I walked off to see what they were doing.
As with all monkeys they are never still, and I got my video camera out and was doing a bit of video of them swinging and playing.
I had only been there for a short time, when I hear the sound of heels behind me. The girl was beside me, alone.
I looked up the path, and her parents were sitting on some grass eating sandwiches.

I looked back at the girl; she was watching the monkeys. Beside her was a barrier to stop people getting too close to the cage. She saw this and began swinging as she did in the play park. I forgot the monkeys and turned to watch her, video still running.
My video has a pull out screen so I can film with out looking in the eye piece, just look at the screen.
As I was filming her, she began to hook her legs over the bar and swing upside down. I now had a perfect view of her pink panties and her tight arse.
I looked at her and told her “you are very clever, just like those monkeys” pleased by my comment and unaware I was filming she turned upside down and hung there. I made sure the video camera was in the right direction and watched her.
I could make out the “camel toe” in the front of her panties, and the more I commented about how clever she was the more she would swing, and the more I would see.
I even asked her to try to do things that the monkeys were doing. And she tried to please me, still unaware I was videoing it all, on one occasion she hung with her legs apart, imitating the monkeys, her panties had moved slightly, and one of her pussy lips was open to my gaze.
I filmed it all.
Far too soon her father called her and she ran off. I was hoping for much more of her attics, and even more, to actually see her pussy uncovered, as I was sure would have happened had she carried on swinging as she was.
I saw her once more before we left and she smiled but said nothing.

When I got home, I uploaded the video to the computer, it was good quality in focus and the girl was for most of the time central in the picture. I was amazed and pleased with the results. And it was soon transferred to a CD.
I have watched it many times on the computer, masturbating as I watch. But on the television is better.
I edited the part of the film that her pussy lips were on show, so it repeated for several minutes in slow motion.

Well that was my introduction to the very young girls.
I now look for girls of 5 to 10 years old where ever I go now, especially around the supermarket I look for them, and hope that some sit in the trolleys with their panties on view.
On one trip, a 5 year old was sitting in the trolley seat that attached to the back of the trolley, she couldn’t keep still, and as I followed her mother, she was waving her legs in the air, panties on view, and a couple of times when her panties moved I got a slight glimpse of her smoothness.
The last time I saw her, her legs were in the air, panties on view and the dress she was wearing was around her neck, exposing her panties and belly to me.
I masturbated in the car park after waiting for them to finish, watching the 5 year old wiggle about in her trolley as mum loaded the car.

I visit play parks and hope they have monkey bars, but I normally see a pair of panties on my visits even if they don’t.
I can’t stop long or look too long, without a child by my side; it’s a bit obvious what I may be doing. Things have been made very difficult for child watchers.
And of course I can’t use a camera of any kind, should I get caught and my computer gets investigated, and my monkey film seen I could be in trouble.

When the estate around me was nearing completion families began moving in.
It was only now that I realised a lot of the kids would be the age group I liked, 5-10 years.
I tried to be helpful to the new neighbours, by introducing myself and making coffee or tea while they unpacked.
And over the last three years I have become a respected member of our community.
I always make time to chat to my neighbours and especially the children, as I’ve mentioned my main interest is girls, but I can’t ignore the boys, although they don’t interest me in the same way as girls.
To ignore them though could cause suspicion if it were noticed I only spoke to the girls.
The children have name me Pops, and have all played with my grandsons one time or another. I think with this in mind the parents consider me as safe, having little ones myself.

And I am safe; my intentions have never been to harm the girls in any way, just to watch them or perhaps touch them in an innocent manner is all I want.
I love the feel of their smooth new skin, the way they laugh at jokes that aren’t funny.
I love the fact that they trust you; as long as you are kind to them they will trust you. And I make sure each is treated the same way, with kindness and consideration.
Each of the children gets a Christmas and birthday card from me, signed “with love from Pops.”
And I usually get a wet kiss when they spot me in the street.

A couple of years ago I spotted a girl chasing a frog in the street, I helped her catch it, she wanted to know what she could do with it.
I told her I had a pond in my garden that he could live in, and together we took it and placed it in the water.
She was looking around and saw the fish pond, and I gave her a few pushes on the swing I have.
Well that opened the flood gates, when one child knows something the others don’t, it’s not a secret very long.
Soon all the kids wanted to see my ponds, I asked the parents permission first. And one by one they would visit my garden.

Spring had arrived and the frogs had spawned, soon the tadpoles were out and about, the kids loved watching them.
By early summer I had decided to leave the gate open, and let them come and go as they liked. Now my garden had not only become somewhere to watch tadpoles but also a play park.
A parent of one of the girls told me one day. That her daughter loved playing in my garden and watching the fish and tadpoles as they grew.
I reassured her they were quite safe, and if I wasn’t there to watch them, the gate would be locked.
I didn’t want a small one falling in the pond and maybe drowning.
She seemed pleased with my concern; I also told her, the parents were welcome to come round if they wished.
This ended up around the neighbour hood; the parents knew that if they were worried about their children in any way they were welcome to check on them.
I think this helped to reinforce the feeling that I was not a paedophile, which I’m not of course, but being a girl watcher could be construed that I was.

Last summer my daughter informed me her ten foot inflatable swimming pool had a puncture, and she was going to buy a new one for her boys. I told her I would take it off her hands and try and repair it, so my young ones may get some pleasure from it.
My daughter admired my patience with them all.
I managed to find the leak and repair it,
The pool goes up in May, and stays up till the end of September, the filter keeping it clean and fresh, since then I have also introduced a sand pit, that’s been placed behind the gate, the reason for this I shall come to later.

My garden is now equipped to give the children pleasure, and the parents a little time to themselves, but above all, give me pleasure, by watching my young girls enjoying themselves.
I’m lucky in the fact that 80% of the children are girls, and they like to visit the garden, the boys though prefer to play football, I won’t allow football in the garden, so they play in the street.

So the situation is perfect.
The swings aren’t much good for anything else but swinging.

The climbing frame is good, it allows me to watch the girls climb while I sit on the grass, watching and viewing their tight bums as they climb and descend.
It also doubles as monkey bars, I stand in front of them as they hang upside down, not only to keep them safe but to fore fill my desire to look at their tight knickers pulled across the smooth virgin pussies.
They think it’s quite normal, why shouldn’t they, they have no knowledge of things sexual or my desires to look at their young bodies. All they are concerned about is that I am there in case they slip or fall.

The pool is also good for obvious reasons; the girls are in their swimsuits.
Very often they come with just their swimsuits, towel and a pair of panties their mums have given them. They swim, I take off their swimsuits, and I dry them, and then I put the panties on them.
It may sound strange I am allowed to do this, but as I have said they trust me to look after their off spring, and I have never betrayed their trust.
Of course kids being kids, they will want to go back into the water, they cant wear a wet swimsuit, and they cant wet their panties, nothing to wear when they go home, so they have to strip naked and swim. All very normal for them, nothing to worry about, and really good fun swimming naked.
But I am in paradise when I have my young ladies naked in my pool, and I don’t know which way to look first.
Then I have to go through the ritual once again of drying their lovely bodies.

The sand pit as proved to be a hit with them as well, I wont allow them in there with wet swimsuits, the sand sticks to them and ends up in the pool, so they have to be in their play clothes or naked.
The ideal situation is, when a girl has been in the pool, and then wants to go in the sand pit.
The sand will stick to her body, as she isn’t allowed to take the sand to the water I have to brush it off them.
Most of the sand can be brushed off, and I have a soft brush for this purpose. They always end up in fits of laughter as the brush tickles them.
Some of the sand needs picking off with my fingers.
Quite normal for them, give them a reason why you are doing something, and they think its fine.
That’s why the sand pit is behind the gate.

Parents can come and go as they please, and picking sand off a young girl’s body is pains takingly slow, pussy lips have to be moved and de-sanded as they would get sore if the sand is there for too long.
A logical reason for doing it and they understand fully

I can now with the girls consent remove every particle of sand from their sweet smooth pussies, and they don’t bat an eye lid. But the parents would, so the sand pit is behind the gate, I can see them entering, and go back to brushing the sand off, and not picking it off grain by grain with my fingers.
Thus I won’t get caught doing things I shouldn’t be doing.

My photo album of naked girls grows weekly; you may ask how I can take photos without the parent’s knowledge.
I have two cameras; one has pictures of butterflies, frogs, bees and caterpillars on, taken in my garden long ago.
This camera comes out and I pretend to take photos of the insects. The girls get curious and ask what I’m doing. I show them the photos of the insects.
Then I ask would you like your picture taken, the answer is always yes.
I take 3 or 4 facial pictures of them posing in the garden.
Then I take more that they won’t see, posing legs akimbo, naked bodies, any pose I want them in is ok with them, they have seen the pictures I am taking, and what’s sex any way, they don’t know.

I have photos on the laptop of my naked beauties in every pose you can think of. Naked upside down on the monkey bars legs wide open, close ups of them naked on the grass, any pose that you can think of I have.
All with the girls knowledge and permission.

Of course when they get home they will tell their parents I have taken photos.
So before they go home I take them through to the laptop, and show them the facial photos on the first camera, then print the best.
I will take my young lady home with an armful of photos to show their mums.
Now if they say Pops has taken photos of us, they will think of the facials I have given them, and occasionally I will take a new one for them to take home.
This has been so successful that some of my photos have been given to grand parents, and a few I believe are on show in their homes.
My lovelies never worry about nudity, its normal.
They love my garden, and I love them being in there.
The parents are more then welcome to come and find them any time they like, so how can I be up to anything I shouldn’t.

I will say, that I will never penetrate one of my girls with anything, be it a finger or some small object.
I shall and do touch their pussy lips when I can, and maybe rub their tiny lips for a while under some pretence, but I will never penetrate them.
I love my girls, and I will not have them scarred for life by something a man did long ago to satisfy his desires.
All I want to do is innocently touch them, and have naked pictures of them. But even this is against the law.
There are always new ones joining my clan, some parents move away to better them selves, a very sad time for me when one of my lovely girls moves away.
But others will take their place, some of the mums have got pregnant while living in our community and a new clan member is born, though not always a girl.

So am I wrong?

The girls love me and my garden; they have a play park on their doorstep, also a small swimming pool.
Perhaps next year I may add a trampoline.

So am I wrong in taking a few photos and having a gentle touch now and then as payment for the things they enjoy.

Comments welcome.

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2010-08-29 14:59:09
Nice story. You're still a paedophile though. Ask any police officer. (mind you they are all thieves and liars anyway)


2010-08-28 23:32:40
I loved your story. I thought it was beautiful especially if it's really true. You're one lucky man! I love those ages too. How do you keep the girls from noticing your erection? - you must get hard playing with these girls!

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2010-08-28 19:48:17
so un-enchanting.... it has left a bland taste in my mouth. please no more or improve

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