My summer of sin
It was the summer of my sophmore year and I was free from school and horny as hell. I was 16 at the time and still a virgin. I had many girlfriends up until then but they were all book worms that wore large chastity belts only to be taken off a year after marriage. I needed action and I needed it fast but nothing could have prepared me for what was going to happen the next couple of months.

It all started sometime around May when I met Christy. We started to talk during our classes together and grew fond of each other. She was short with brown hair, green eyes, and a cute face. She wasn't like the typical girl that fell for me. She smoked, got bad grades, had an attitude, and had been around the block a couple times which naturally made me infatuated. Needless to say, when my friends started to find out her and I were seeing each other they gave me the "you can do better". But I didn't care, I was falling for a rebel and it was fun.

One weekend my parents were away and I decided I should take full advantage of the opportunity. Christy called me and came over. We sat on the couch for alittle while and watched TV. She had her hair in pigtails and had a tight white t-shirt on. Everytime I looked at her I got a massive hard on and I had to cross my legs to make sure she wouldn't notice. We hadn't even kissed yet so the sexual tension was mounting by the second. Finally she turned to me and said "I want to kiss you badly." Within a micro second we were making out like crazy on the couch. She kissed me very deeply and her tongue went crazy in my mouth. As we went for a breath I couldn't help but say "Damn you kiss like a pornstar!" She giggled and looked me deeply in the eyes and said "Want to see what else I can do?" With that she reached down to my jeans and slowly caressed my throbbing dick that was almost ready to blast off. She could tell I was almost ready to cum in my pants when I let out a soft moan. She quickly got off the couch and sat on the floor facing me. She whipped out my dick, stuck out her soft tongue and gave it a big lick all the way from the bottom of the shaft to the tip of the head, then took it all the way down. Her lips were small and they kept a tight grip on my penis as her head bobbled up and down. She slowed down, looked me in the eyes and sucked on the head and then took it back down and up again. Seeing her beautiful green eyes stare at me lovingly was too much for me to handle. I could feel my dick filling with cum. When I told her I was about to cum she started to stroke the shaft with her hand while sucking on the head. I came harder than I ever thought possible and the amazing thing is she took it all in her mouth and swallowed like it was nothing. When it was all finished I felt exhuasted and let out a sigh. She giggled again and asked if I liked that.

We watched some more TV while holding each other and giving each other soft kisses. Then I said I really wanted to taste her now. She got wide eyed and excited. She laid down on the couch and I slowly took her pants off. I then touched her pussy lips with my fingers and gave it alittle petting. I could feel the heat and the moisture coming from it. I took off her cute little panties which had a "care bears" design on them. Her pussy was very pink in color and very sexy. I went down and kissed the inside of her thighs. Then, when she let out a high pitched moan I moved in for the kill. My tongue when straight inside her. She tasted wonderful and I couldn't get enough. My tongue flicked in and out of her. Then, when I could tell she was wet as hell I went for the clit. I sucked in her lips and played with the clit with my tongue. She kept on saying "oh my God" under her breath softly. I sucked on her clit for awhile then stuck a finger in her wet pussy. She was startled at first but then relaxed and let me put it in and out of her. As my finger got a rhythm going I went back down on her clit. My finger and tongue on her pussy was enough for her to yell that she was going to cum like crazy. She started breathing really fast, tensed up, gave out a big moan, then relaxed. I slowed down and gave her time to breath.

She put her pants back on and had a cigarette. She told me that was one of the best sexual experiences she ever had. After seeing her cum though, my dick was ready for action yet once again and I didn't hesitate telling Christy. I fessed up to her and said I was a virgin. She got wide eyed again and said "I've never fucked a virgin before, this could make things interesting." Now I got quite excited being that I thought the night's fun was over, but Christy had other plans. She told me she was on the pill which was a relief for me, so I led her by the hand into my room.

My bedroom was pitch dark so I lit a candle for us. The room turned an orange/red color and I saw Christy sitting on the bed. Her soft skin glowed against the candle light. I stood up next to her and she instantly went for my pants and took out my semi-hard dick. She pumped it in and out of her mouth, then spat on it and stroked it with her hand. Once my dick was as hard as can be she took off her shirt, exposing her small but perky tits. I went down and gave them alittle suck as she started to remove her pants. I could tell that she was very excited when I could smell her pussy. I decided to lay on the bed. With Christy's aggressive attitude I knew she would want to be on top. She straddled me slowly. She looked deep into my eyes while she stroked the throbbing cock directly below her. She gave it a rub against her pussy lips to tease me and then went down on it. Her pussy was burning hot with passion. I grabbed her breasts and gave them a squeeze while she kept going up and down on my cock. We both moaned like crazy and she told me my dick felt just right. We held each other as she lowered herself on me and I started to pump my dick in and out of her. I stretched her ass cheeks apart to go deeper. With each thrust we would embrace each other and give each other a deep kiss. She wispered dirty things into my ear. She started to breath deeply again and came hard. The passion was too intense for me to handle and I gave her a few deep thrusts and then I went as deep inside of her as I could and came deep in her pussy. I looked into her eyes and watched her face as my cock filled her body with hot cum.

The experience was the greatest nights of both of our lives and she told me it was the first time that she felt she was actually making love instead of just fucking. We made out together for alittle while longer and then fell asleep in each others arms. We were officially a couple now and nothing could break us up (at least I thought that at the time). Little did I know this was child's play compared to what I would be doing with the next girl that entered my life...


2006-11-26 13:07:24
one word for ya dude, next,,,, ya I want to fuck her too! you won't mind she has left you and many lke you by now.


2006-04-29 03:51:04
sorta short but wut u did write was good


2006-04-26 17:08:21


2006-03-08 04:15:13
simple as that u deserve it


2005-11-29 17:36:24
you need a better ending

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