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Andrea and Pauline were in the back seat of the car with there husbands in the front The two wives were asked to go bow hunting with their husbands and the long ride was getting to them when they pulled in to a rest stop so everyone could use the bathroom.

This was followed by some fast food and the journey continued for hours into the mountains with trees and the road was now dirt taking them deeper into forest to a small lake finally stopping. It was much cooler now so they pitched a tent and it was warm in the goose down sleeping bags where they all spent the night

In the morning there was campfire to keep warm but the weather became much warmer. After breakfast the following Donald’s suggestion the two women skinny-dipped in cool lake for few minutes while their husbands got out the bow and arrows.

As Andrea and Pauline were toweling off Charles and Don tossed them the tennis shoes and asked to put them on. They both were still naked with only there shoes when Charles said; “We are going to play a game today.” “Don and me are going hunting.” “There are a few deer out there so Andrea and Pauline you play the roll of the pray animals today.” Don took some insect repellent spray on both women spraying them all over and said, “That will keep the bugs away. Both the women looked at their husbands holding bows. Charles said, “The game goes like this:” “We will give you girls 30 minute head start before we take out after you.” “If you are able to get away from us you will freeze to death tonight.” “If we are lucky to find you, you will die sooner but quicker and the bears and wolves will have something to eat after we can fuck your freshly dead bodies.”

Pauline said, “I don’t want to die today.” “Why are you doing this?” Donald aid, “We don’t need you anymore.” Charles pointed in the trees and said, “Girls the clock starts now.”

Pauline and Andrea took off into the trees ducking under branches that scratched their naked bodies if they didn’t go under them or break them off. They were unable to make much speed this way and having to watch for rocks on the ground took their eyes off the tree branches would sometime hit them in the abdomen and come up under their breasts. They were both breathing hard and after 20 minutes made the decision to split up and try to get back to camp if they could but decided no to because they were naked and neither had a key to the car. Pauline had her diver’s watch and said, “Our time is up and they will be coming after us now. They decided to climb a tree and they each went up two different trees close to each other.

This was very hard to do naked because the their bare legs, arms and bodies had to Andrea made good time up the tree getting a place where she could see down. But her bare white body would be easy to see. Pauline climbed down to see if anyone was coming before going back up.

Charles and Donald were having an easy time just looking at the broken branches and where they shuffled through the pine needles as they were going up the hill. They were making better time than the naked wives and it was easy to follow where they walked.
The plodded along for fifteen more minutes and the trail went dead. They looked around thinking they split up or changed direction when Andrea jumped out of the tree hoping to cum down on Charles before he saw her but he heard the branches braking as he looked up baked up and saw his wife coming down freefall landing in front of him. She stood against the tree she was in looking at her husband. Charles said, “Donald, would you like the honors of killing my wife.” Donald came over to see Andrea standing next the tree and mounted and arrow and pulled back on his bow as Andrea closed her eyes expecting die now. The arrow came out and went through Andreas’ neck with the arrow firmly planted in the tree trunk behind her Charles looked at her eyes staring distance and assumed she was dead. He leaned over and grabbed one of her feet and held it up and said, “Donald you can give her a final fuck.” Donald put down his bow and quiver and dropped his pants and began fucking her as Charles backed up to watch his wife.

Pauline saw him under her and jumped to and came down on his head causing him to drop his bow. Pauline picked up the bow and grabbed a hand full of arrows, mounting one and hitting Charles as he opened his mouth to yell but the arrow went in his mouth through his brain killing him instantly. The arrow penetrated his scull coming out the other side. Pauline took another arrow and turned an pulled back bow and launched an arrow that went between his ribs through his heart killing her husband who fell down with pants pulled down holding the bow before he could release the arrow. Again the arrow came out the other side landing in the forest behind him. She found a knife and cut off his penis and balls before stuffing it in his mouth.

The arrow in Andrea’s neck did not hit her spine or any blood vessels but she was firmly nailed to the tree behind her. Pauline broke off her arrow at the feather side and pulled her back a little She took the knife from her dead husband and cut through the arrow on the tree side freeing Andrea with a piece of quarter inch wood cylinder in her neck. They found the car keys and went down the mountain where they able to dress before driving down the mountain until reaching paved road and taking that to a ranger station and parking. Andrea and Pauline walked in to find a ranger sitting at a desk where Andrea said, “I want to report two men dead in the mountains north of here.” “ I have an arrow in my neck that was shot at me by my husband’s friend.” “We were naked and given a 30 minute head start before our husbands said they would be the hunters and we would be the pray.” “When I asked my husband why they wanted to kill us he just said he didn’t need me anymore.” “He just said the clock just started.” “We both were naked having to run through forest until we were exhausted and climbed some trees to rest and hide.”

“My husband was under me and I tried to jump on him to dislodge the bow he was holding but he heard me coming down and could only stand there expecting to die.” The ranger got up and walked around Andrea seeing the other end of the arrow sticking out the back of her neck and went to his desk to call for medical aid for her with the arrow that went through her neck that missed her spine and major blood vessels. Andrea said, “This arrow in my neck nailed me to the tree making it impossible to run or move.” Pauline said, “I jumped out of the tree while my husband was watching Andrea being fucked by his friend.” “I landed on him dislodging the bow he had and picked it up mounted an arrow and shot him dead.”
“I used one more arrow and shot my husband who was fucking her just as he was picking up his bow to shoot me he keeled over and died from arrow I shot at him and killed him.” I was so angry at my husband I used his knife to cut off his penis that was out and put it in his mouth.” “I went to Andrea and I broke off the arrow holding Andrea to the tree cut it from the tree and got the car keys from the pockets and walked down the hill still naked.” When we got to the car we found our clothes and dressed.” “I had the key in my shoe and used it to unlock the car we used to come here.”

The ambulance arrived for Andrea and paramedic went into the Ranger station and was surprised to see her standing and talking the arrow shaft still in her neck. She walked to the ambulance and sit in the patent area while she was undressed and put in gown that buttoned in the back when she got to the hospital Andrea walked in under her own power and she was put in wheel chair where the she was taken to MRI machine to get an image of where the arrow was. The doctor there was surprised to see the arrow went in just missing her spine and other nerve and blood vessels. He said, “Andrea this arrow missed hitting everything.” “The arrowhead spun as it entered missing the spine by the smallest margin cutting nothing along the way.”

Pauline guided the ranger up the hill where they were parked at the lake and she went with him up the hill until they came upon the dead bodies of two men one with his pants still down just ass it was described to him. Pauline killed both of them just as she told them one of the men had a quiver on his him that was empty of arrows many on the ground next to his body with bow in his hand.

The ranger called in for help getting the bodies out of mountain forest and he was assured they would be there in 30 minutes to transport the bodies out

At the hospital it was noticed that Andrea had huge scratches up her body from running through the trees and bushes naked with no protection from this because of her nudity on the trying to escape those that wanted her dead and being hunted like animals with no protection from anything on her naked body. Some of the cuts and scratches were deep enough to need antibiotics like what was used in her neck where the arrow came in passing through her neck. They also extracted semen from her vagina that she said came from her husbands friend who was killed by Pauline as he was picking up his bow to defend himself. He never got to pull up his pants when the arrow the ended his life came through his chest.

The police that showed up to help remove the bodies of the dead men needed to hear the explanation Andrea and Pauline gave to the ranger had to be explained to police who helped remove the dead men who were the hunters that became the hunted by 2 naked women who were given 30 minute head start and armed men going after them and it ended like this when the girls came out of the tree they climbed.

Andrea and Pauline drove home together not knowing what would be Charles’s or Donald’s home. Andrea and Pauline were next-door neighbors for 12 years. Was there some 19-year-old sex kitten? or what because it was clear they would not be the one’s expected to be coming home now. They were close friends after knowing each other for that long. Donald and Charles were close but they were dead.
When Andrea and Pauline were running naked in an unfamiliar place in the mountains with Donald and Charles coming after them intending to kill them or if they could not they would freeze to death over night or end up animal food and somehow they were alive and the Donald and Charles were dead. Under different circumstance if Donald and Charles were found dead in a traffic accident they would be missed and given funerals but this was different and they did all they tried to kill their wives and ended up dead and would not be missed.

It was a long drive home but when they got there their was another car in each driveway and when they went to the front door it was unlocked and they both walked in to find Alice there who was more surprised to see them than they were to see her. Alice said, “My name is Alice Bonner and I live here and I am expecting Donald to come home.” Who are you? “My name is Pauline Cummings and I live here.” “Donald was my husband but now he is dead.” Alice said, “How did he die?” Pauline said, “I killed him.” “I also killed Charles who lives next door.” Alice said, “Did you murder them?”
Pauline said, “Andrea and Me were asked by Charles and Donald to come with them hunting north of here.” “When we got there we were naked with only shoes and they had bows and arrows and we were to be the hunted and Donald and Charles the hunters who gave us 30 minutes head start to try to get away.” “We were told if we could get away and they could not find us we would freeze to death at night and the animal, bear and wolves would eat our bodies.” “You have to imagine what it is like to run in the forest naked.” “We both climbed trees to try to fool them so we could get back to camp but we had no keys to the car being naked and all.” “Andrea jumped out of the tree to try to knock the bow and arrows form Donald” “”She missed and had her stand in front of a tree and shot her in the neck with an arrow that nailed her to the tree.” “Donald asked Charles to fuck her and lifted her leg.” “I jumped out of the tree and came down on Donald took his bow picked up his arrows and took one and killed him with it.” “I went to Charles who still had his pants down but was picking up his bow and I shot an arrow at him killing him.” Andrea had an arrow through her neck but it missed any thing important and broke off he arrow and cut if off behind her and we grabbed some keys to the car and came down to the car and put on some shoes and drove it the ranger station down he hill.”

“He called for help for Andrea who had that arrow in her neck “ Pauline pointed at Andre who still had that arrow in her neck but now had two stitches in the front and back where the arrow used to be.” Pauline said, ”They took Andrea to the hospital and I went with ranger up the hill where Donald and Charles were dead.” “I walked back down to the car and drove to pick up Andrea and we came home and you were here.”

“Alice, what is your story for being here?” Alice said, “I have had an affair with Donald for a month or so and he left a key under mat and I came here to wait for him but that is not going to happen.” “Donald never told me he was married but I found a lot of women’s clothing here and I had doubts about his story about not being married.” “I never thought he would take you hunting to hunt you and kill you but that is what he did.” “Bonnie Kelly is next door and she is there for same reason I am here.”

Pauline said, “Alice I want you to do me a favor and go next door and tell bonnie what I told you.” “Alice this is a three bedroom house with only me here now and I would like you to move in here if you want.” Alice said, “Thank you I would love to live here.”

Alice went next door to tell Bonnie everything she now knew and Andrea went with her to make certain the story was correct and meet Bonnie to see if her story matched what Alice said.

Pauline took off her clothes to look in the mirror and was surprised with the scratches all down the front of her. Her small breasts were also scratched across her nipple and making it clear that running hanging branches and smaller bushes all left their mark. Climbing tree naked also left scratches on her legs. She held another mirror to see her back and notice where she was sitting on branches naked and the wood slivers in her butt cheeks.
When Andrea got back they could pull the slivers from each other because she would have some in her too. Pauline thought Andrea was climbing trees naked just like her and they were both them were running through bushes naked like her.

While waiting Pauline put her hand between her legs to rub her clitoris and found it pleasant finally giving her an orgasm. . Pauline had not masturbated since college and she felt guilt then but now she was still angry with her husband for trying to kill her and Andrea so they could come home to the these younger women younger than their children. Donald was not honest with Alice saying he was not married and doing what they did to attempt to kill both Pauline and Andrea. If anyone deserved to die, Donald and Charles for conspiring to kill there wives and leave them to be eaten by bears would be at the top of anyone’s list.

Pauline went to her computer and began to type the details of the men hunting their naked wives. She started with loss of desire for sex but she went out of her way to make her vagina available to her husband without complaint. Pauline’s marriage to Donald was not without problems but she did not dream of him ever wanting to kill her and leave her body in the mountains for the bears to eat. They had been married for 26 years and one son and one daughter both married and living thousands of miles away. Pauline always made a point of staying out of the sun and she looked very good for a 45-year old woman. She had light brown hair without one white hair and her breast did not hang down too much and she had good complexion. Now she had scratches from head to toe from her desire for self-preservation that made her ignore the pain of her ordeal.

Donald never gave any clue that he would on one day make her a hunted animal but she continued to type about her love for her husband that lasted until she was released naked on a 30minute head start with Andrea. Pauline expected to be dead in hour or so at that time. She would never forget Andrea with an arrow through her neck with her body against that tree being fucked by Donald. She wrote about her feelings about being hunted like an animal and watching Andrea standing and expecting her life to be over in seconds but Donald was aiming for her neck to kill her but be attached to the tree.

Donald possibly thought she was dead when he was fucking her while holding her leg up to get in and fuck the dead woman who was the neighbor’s wife while Charles was under her making him a target for Pauline to gamble and try to dislodge his bow and take his arrows before he could kill her. Pauline realized she was lucky to land on Charles so she could pick up his bow and arrows so she could kill him before he killed her. Pauline was only three feet from Charles when she shot him in his mouth. She was 30 feet from Donald when she aimed at his chest as he was standing with his pants down holding the bow but he did not have any arrows to shoot at her because he was standing on them. She wrote of her anger and cutting off his penis and putting in the mouth of her dead husband

Pauline had everything in detail including her feeling at the time. She doubted if she would be arrested for killing Charles and Donald but she did not rule that out they were doing some kind of investigation of the men hunting their wives and having it come out backwards

Alice and Andrea came back with Bonnie and Pauline let them in forgetting that she was naked. Alice said, “Wow did you get all cut up like that.” Pauline said, “Alice imagine having to run though bushes and trees running as fast as you can and then climbing a tree and doing all this naked.” Andrea took off her clothes and looked similar to Pauline with scratches and cuts on her abdomen breasts and legs. Pauline looked under her cheeks and she had more cuts and slivers there. Pauline found some tweezers and carefully pulled out the slivers from Andrea and Pauline gave Andrea the tweezers and she used them to pull out the slivers from Pauline Bonnie and Alice took off their clothes to show off young bodies without any cuts or scratches. Alice and Bonnie our bodies look more like yours but we had to run for our lives naked and climbing trees naked.

Bonnie went to Andrea and spread her legs and using her tongue and two fingers Andrea gasped from the pleasure. Alice did the same for Pauline Gently spreading Pauline’s legs and putting her face there to use her tongue and fingers to give her pleasure that soon exploded into an orgasm. Andrea lasted longer but could not help from having an orgasm the two women paid back the favor to the younger women.
Bonnie was 23 years old and had nearly black hair and brown eyes. Her breasts were classic with her nipple pointing up at an angle. Alice was 22 and was tall at 5’10 and slim with natural blond hair and blue eyes. She had long tapered legs and small breasts
Pauline was 44 years old and 5’8” with blond hair and blue eyes. She always was slim. Andrea was a redhead with blue eyes and 5’8” Andrea was 43 and was 5’7” and at 133 lbs she was never concerned with loosing weight. Her small breasts still painfully flopped around when she had to run for her life. Bonnie and Alice shaved there pubic hair but Pauline and Audrey shaved their legs and underarms but now would expand that to shaving their pubic hair after looking at the two younger girls. Alice had a razor and shaving cream with some scissors to cut the hair short before using the shaving cream and razor to rid Pauline of any hair down there.

Andrea told Pauline that Bonnie had the same story Alice did. Before they came here they never met but became fast friends after meeting only today.

Alice and Pauline became friendly with Alice only here for three days with Alice preferring to be naked most of the time. Alice had agreed to be Pauline’s sex slave and Alice did all the housework and would mow the lawn and keep thing watered outside wearing clothes only in the front yard.

Pauline was notified that her dead husband was now at the nearby funeral parlor and she was asked what she wished to do and she chose cremation because she looked forward to flushing her husband’s ashes down the toilet. The good news was from an insurance agent calling to make an appointment for life insurance policy her husband that would pay Pauline $500,000. Pauline chose a settlement offer to pay her over 20 years because interest would be paid on the balance and give her $42,000 every year She learned that her husband had no idea she would be collecting his life insurance. He had token out an insurance police of $400,000 on her life. She wondered if he could collect anything if she was simply missing having been eaten by some bear. Perhaps they would leave some bones behind that would have her DNA. Pauline could not imagine her Donald and Charles getting away with killing her and her friend Andrea. They deserved to be dead.

Andrea got a settlement from life insurance that she didn’t expect. When contacted about what to do with Charles’s body she made the same decisions to get him cremated and flush his ashes down the toilet. Bonnie was still there and after talking to Pauline Andrea had her doing housework naked and providing Andrea with sexual favors when ever she wanted. Bonnie seemed to enjoy doing this because Andrea would pay back the favor.

The article Pauline wrote was published in the local paper and got a lot of reaction from readers. Most thought the men should be dead but some thought Pauline committed murder and should be jailed. Alice and Bonnie were happy to serve their new masters.

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