ok true story i suck spelling and grammar take it for what it is dont be jerks

so this story is about me right now im 27 years old this took place at about the age or 6 or 7 like many boys i had sexual experience with a boy next door dont ask me how it started he was 3 years older then me. one of my first memories is me sucking his cock.

we used to go into the bush behind our houses i remember taking off our cloths and he would lick his hand get it really wet with his spit and then jerk me off. then he get on his knees and suck my cock. oh Darrel could suck cock really good. he circle his tongue around my little cock and i would grab his head force it all in his mouth.

then it was my turn. i got on my knees and he put his cock into my mouth he fuck my face while i griped his ass he just pumped in and out until he got soft we did this everyday for years

here's where things get awkward Darrell dad got a divorce from his mom a couple years before now i was so close to Darrell and his younger brother that i didn't knock on there door i just walked right in Darrell and his younger brother were visiting there mom and there dad was watching porn i saw the screen i saw Jeff and i froze i didn't know what to do i did have a raging hard on and i was waring track pants so it stuck pretty good

jeff took one look at me and saw my hard on i dont know what made him say this but he did "chris have a seat" while he was still jerking his cock. i sat down i had never seen porn before it was ginger lynn and amber lynn eating each other out he looked at me and said take your dick out and do what im doing. so i took out my little cock and started jerking off jeff said chris do you like what you see i said yes he laughed and as the seen ended a guy started to get a blow job

jeff had no idea what was going on with me and his boy so he didn't know i sucked dick before but he said to me do you want to try that i looked at him and then at his cock which was huge compared to his sons and i said yes he got up and walked over to me looked down at me and said put it in your mouth i watched the screen as i sucked his cock following the girl on the screen he just said thing like yeah suck my fucking cock and good boy

when the girl was done she turned around her face on the ground and spread her ass cheeks i followed suite he just gave a little laugh and got his cock in my ass i loved it so much it stung but but felt so good he didnt fuck me hard or anything but nice long strokes until he came in my ass after he pulled out his cock he looked at me and said you tell anyone about this and i will kill you

i said i will never say a word he just smiled and said lets go for a quick swim i said i dont have any shorts he said i dont need them after we jumped in the pool he we swam about a min before he ask me would you like me to suck your cock i said i would love that and he sucked my cock so good and he slipped his finger in my ass while he did it best feeling ever

after i dried off i got dressed wen home and waited for the next time which was the next day after school i went next door like i always do i walked in and jeff was sitting there he looked at me and smiled he said come here Darrel and Cody are up stairs playing video games he pulled out his cock and told me to suck him off a bit i smiled got right to work i sucked him off as fast as i could after about 6 or 7 mins he shot his load in my mouth i didn't know what to do he told me just swallow it i swallowed it all down he asked me if my ass was sore and it was a bit so i told him so he sorry pull down your pants he put my cock in his moth and sucked for a mis the told me to turn around and bend over he then jerked me off from behind and then licked my ss he got his tounge right in my ass i loved the feel of it as he snaked his tongue in and out of my ass i let out an oh fuck it was the first time i remember swearing

then we hear the boys coming down the stares i pulled up my pants so fast i it jeff in the face i looked over just in time to see darell look at me and say come on up as he turned to go back up jeff just smiled at me when we got up stairs cody was in his room and darrell closed the door he came right up to me and said chris please suck my cock sucked his cock better then ever 3 mins later and for the first time darrell came in my mouth

darrell who fell to the bed said oh my god that was amazing i swallowed his cum and said my turn he got in front of me to suck my cock but i said no take off your pants and get on your hands and knees he did and i slipped my cock in his ass which i lubed with spit as i fuck him from behind all i could think was i love butt fucking i fucked as hard and fast as i could but never did cum i guess i was to young as soon as pulled my cock out Darrel turned to me to say something and i shoved my cock in his mouth and face fuck him a while that felt so good after i was done that we herd jeff say dinner time i pulled up my pants and said see you tomorrow

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2013-09-20 11:05:54
Can relate to this one. When we were 12, my best friend and I used to get together and fuck each other's arse, and suck each other off. Our cocks were exactly the same size, which was really cool. I had my first ever orgasm with him, in the bush near his house. I still think about us together when I jack off, even though it was more than 30 years ago.

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2013-02-25 09:58:09
I really loved it. When i was thirteen, i had a friend named drake. We would skip out on Sunday school and suck each other off. He had a thick, long Dick. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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2013-02-25 09:57:45
I really loved it. When i was thirteen, i had a friend named drake. We would skip out on Sunday school and suck each other off. He had a thick, long Dick. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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2012-12-31 08:47:17
I once had a girlfriend who was addicted to sucking on young boy's cocks. She did a lot of babysitting and sometimes she'd call me and ask me to visit her while she was babysitting some little boy. I'm a grown woman now, but I remember how excited and wet I got watching her suck on some young boy's cock. There was one little boy of about 3 who had a very large dick for being that young, and seemed to love her lips on his cock. This girl was very gentle and loving with the boys she baby sat and I honestly don't think she did them any harm, but I'm just a normal woman so I don't really know about that. Of course I never tried such a thing but I never told on her either. She and I became lesbian lovers too. She was a gorgeous girl and grew up to be very beautiful. In high school she started sucking off boys on the football team and swallowing their cum. I started doing it with her and I love sucking a clean circumcised cock of a healthy gentle man more than anything now.
Sucking cock yum

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2010-09-02 19:33:42
I love men sucking younger cocks, hell, I love watching men sucking cocks period! I'm female, but was sexual very young, so I remember seeing the boys sucking each other, and I would let them put their cocks in me. Fucking is a natural, normal act. And we're all bi, until we decide it's gross or something. When I was little we girls would finger and lick each others pussies too.

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